Scuba Diving Class – Day 2

The second day of scuba training ended a few hours ago. This weekend course is certainly intense. A lot has to be packed into 3 days to make it equivalent to the 3 week and 6 week versions. The discussion portion of the training remains straightforward. Reading the instruction manual, watching the DVD, and doing all of the knowledge reviews beforehand has certainly helped and I do recommend that approach.

The in pool training was a lot of fun. The most surprising activity was the simulated controlled emergency ascent. I didn't expect to be able to blow a steady stream of bubbles for as long as I did. And I'm fascinated by the idea that as you ascend there will actually be more air in your lungs due to decreased pressure such that at 15 feet it'll feel like you've taken a breath and filled your lungs.

The toughest task was the fin tilt. This task is intended to instill in the student the impact of inflating and deflating your lungs. I actually managed to do it well before the instructor was ready for me. And of course when she was watching, I botched it. Oh well.

The most frustrating task was alternate breathing while swimming/surfacing. It isn't easy staying super close to your buddy while trying to swim. Especially when you're both newbies.

Overall I'd say the second day went very well and I'm feeling a lot more confident with my skills. Clearing my mask and dealing with regulator issues all seem pretty easy. Mind you, being in a pool and being 60 feet underwater is different so only time will tell just how well I do in the real world.

On a sad note, one of the students discontinued her training. She just couldn't get past the anxiety associated with breathing underwater. And a weekend course doesn't provide a lot of time to get comfortable with things. I believe I heard that she'll be trying again with a longer course which is good to hear. I wish her luck!

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