Belize City Scuba Diving

Belize, the country, is awesome. Belize, the city, can be skipped. But if you do find yourself in Belize City, look up Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection. Assuming there are enough divers, they'll take you out to sites around Spanish Bay Caye. Hugh Parkey's is a little pricey, but they have the newest equipment I've used and their boats are fully equipped. Service is above average too — they'll even tighten your fin straps for you on your way off the boat!

The two sites I went to were:

Ray's Wall
A good site for green moray eels. Lobster and a huge hermit crab also made an appearance.

Gallows Point
Plenty of brittle starfish on this one. You can pick these guys up without harm, but it's better if you don't as they really live up to their name of being brittle.

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