The Optimal Setting for Ducted Air Conditioning


In summer, most people argue over the central air conditioning remote than the TV remote, often becoming more heated due to the weather (no pun intended). The debates aren't just about comfort either, they are often about money, too because each time you lower that popular thermostat, you increase your electricity bill. So, what is the optimal setting for ducted air conditioning systems? Well, it all depends on if you care more about keeping cool, or keeping the electricity bill down. Luckily for you and your family, a happy balance can be achieved.

For optimal energy efficiency and cooling, keeping your house at a constant 78° F when you are at home is ideal. A programmable thermostat makes it very easy to schedule your cooling needs, however, if you don’t have one, play around tweak it manually and experiment until you are happy. As a guide, try using the following temperatures:

  • 78° F when you are home
  • 85° F when you are out or at work
  • 82° F when you are asleep during the night

People that can tolerate the heat more than others can afford to experiment with the temperature to see how it affects their overall comfort and budget. On average, you can save around 3% on air conditioning costs for every degree that is raised. If you don't find 78° F comfortable, then be sure to lower the temperature one degree at a time.

Other ‘Cool' Ways to Beat the Heat

No matter what air conditioning unit you have, it is much easier to keep the temperature at a constant and comfortable level if you prevent the heat from entering your home in the first place. Usually, there are three main sources where heat comes from; the most obvious being outside, household appliances and finally incandescent light bulbs. Not to mention the heat coming from the light shining into the home. Be sure to keep counter these areas where possible during the hotter months for more effective cooling.

During a summer heat wave, try avoid using your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and most importantly your oven when applicable. Also, try use the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen when you are taking a shower or cooking. Better yet, take this opportunity to invite some friends over for a BBQ!

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