15 Funny Animal Signs

I had a revelation the other day that there are probably some funny signs out there related to animals. Sure enough, the wonderful users of Flickr were already on the case. Here's a collection of my favorites.

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  1. HAHA. That made me smile :)

  2. omg! too funny!

  3. It is a shame that they have to put up signs to stop the stupid from throwing things at animals.. I am disgusted with the human race. What a bunch of morons, then there are the liars, thieves, con artists, rapists, murderers and politicians....

    The good, smart people mind there own business, work hard, obey the law and just keep getting ripped off....

    Sorry for venting,,, but things have gotten pretty bad in my opinion.... I say take down the signs and let the stupids jump in with the gators

    • It is a shame that humans keep animals in cages for their own enjoyment. I am disgusted with the human race.

      • It's a shame you're so naive to not understand the incredible advances zoos and aquariums have made to increase animal's welfare in captivity. Animals have been in captivity for thousands of years, at least now we're doing what we believe and making the captive situations better. Most of these animals wouldn't make it in the wild anymore since nearly all of them were born in captivity.
        Blame your ancestors.. not the present zoo keepers.. we're making it better for the animals.

    • Calm down it's just some funny signs. Most of these were made as a joke to be humorous in the Zoo. I used to work in the Houston Zoo and there are signs like these all over because it causes a nice little giggle because staring at animals isn't a huge attraction to people any more.

  4. good show! the first (beaver) is classic. loved them all.

  5. that monkey 4th from the bottom looks like it has a hang over

  6. Those signs are crazy.

    Very funny.

    I hope you keep finding more and post them.

  7. Excellent collection of signs, I love the bear one:)

  8. Damn, these signs got me cracking up, whoever made them has either a great sense of humour or is being too serious and not realizing they wrote something funny.

  9. Haha! That's an awesome collection that I had unfortunately never saw before. Thank you so much for posting these.

  10. but a good thing, you can find 'em, the bear that is, if child has a locating device;-) we have 'em cheap. click on my link.

  11. Ha-ha! That's funnier than anything I've seen this week. Believe me,I've seen some funny stuff this week.

  12. Please do not bring in such laugh provoking stuff. My stomach is still acheing .

  13. The Mountain Lion sign cracked me up irl.


    Me vs Mountain Lion, who's gonna win?

  14. I liked the rhyme in this comment " Tress passers may be swallowed"

  15. My favorite is the penguin one. It makes me giggle. :]

  16. great signs. If only we could have signs like these on the roads.

  17. I love animals

  18. I work at the Park with the hippo and ppl used to take pictures of him spinning his tail because it was cute until all of a sudden.....! The sign actually only slowed down the picture taking!

  19. Hey Man,

    The cougar sign is for real. Posted at Lake Cushman campground in Washington State. The cougars walk through that campground and have attacked packers and bicyclists in the area. It's OK to still camp there. Feeding your children to the cougars is just part of the nature experience.

  20. hahaha, the one about mountain lions is hysterical. "pick up children without bending" LOL, the guy is picking up his child by his head

  21. LOL...really funny,Splatter Zone is my fav,thanks for sharing !

  22. These were great! I needed some smiles in my day and these signs and photos certainly did the trick! Thanks for the post.

  23. I like the sick monkey throwing up in the toilet..hehe.
    Nice shots.

  24. haha..funny signs. I like the way they express it!

  25. if you fall animals could eat you and make them sick. hahahha. okay, so I should be worried about their tummies rejecting my meat! haha!

  26. Great signs. Love the mountain lion where you pick up your kids without bending over. If not I guess both of you are toast.

  27. i like the 'could eat you and that might make them sick' one especially :p and the beaver one :D

  28. I'm a huge fan of visual irony - that beaver sign almost made me pee my pants!

  29. I think the biggest wtfs for me were 'the grizzly bear keepers' their THE isn't capitalized..

    And.. 'If you fall animals could eat you and that might make them sick' .. Lol.

  30. There's a sign at the Greater Vancouver Zoo when you get onto the train that goes around the zoo. It says something like "Those who fail to keep hands and feet inside the train will be fed to the lions during our noontime show"

  31. Jake, it's not because the people are stupid (That's a given) it's because of the insurance policy. If it weren't for that, I'd say leave the signs down and let the problems take care of themselves!

  32. these are funny signs, but in fact, they were probably necessary. People are kinda dumb, in general, about animals, and will do dumb things, if left to their own devices.

  33. Haha. LOVE the beaver one. That's awesome.

  34. Avatar photo

    @Mike and @Lisa



    I think DeviledEgg is spot on. It's the same as us people eating fish that have been exposed to mercury. Fish may be healthy, but the mercury will harm us.


    I think the monkey sign is particularly good. It speaks the language of some of the older kids.

  35. I think the sign about not feeding the monkeys (with the monkey being sick in the toilet) is at Paignton Zoo in Devon, UK. If not, there's a very similar one there.

  36. Because vandamonium....Kids eat candy and Mcdonalds and crap like that...And all that crap can't be good for the bears.

  37. Great signs, but, why shouldn't bears eat kids?

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