16 of the Best Animal Photo Captions You'll Ever Read

I love it when I come across things that appeals to me on multiple levels. Such is the case with Despair Inc.'s Demotivational posters. They combine animal photography with cynical, anti-establishment one-liners that make me laugh.

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  1. Lmfao! thos pics wer funny as hell!!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!That's soooo funny!!!!

  3. Excellent

  4. It's great to see these "motivational type" posters with a new angle!

  5. Just before I am going to bed, I found this website and had myself the most wonderful chuckle.
    Thank you so much for affording it to all of us who see it.

  6. Seolyk / Shoe,

    I give credit to Despair Inc in the first sentence and clearly state that these are their posters. In addition, each image retains the Despair.com URL.

  7. It would be nice if you gave credit to despair.com, rather than implying that these were your own creation.

  8. why'd you just steal these from despair.com?

  9. These are the most sincere captions i've ever read.. and quite humourous too.. ;-)

  10. I enjoyed this very much and so much of it is true.

  11. Very nice, very funny.

  12. It's great to see these "motivational type" posters take on a new angle! - I can't stand the traditional "If you think it it will happen" crap.

  13. Photo and words make a perfect match that tell you what they mean.

  14. What a great pairing of words to the photos.

  15. Thank you!! awesome collection, the perfect remedy for those hyper perky motivation posters!

  16. LOL. Despair.com for the win.

  17. Thank you! The perfect salve for a rotten mood. :)

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