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Earlier this year I took a trip to California. The first part of the trip included 3 days at one of the premier national parks in the United States — Yosemite. I had heard a lot of praise about the park and was quite excited about finally having an opportunity to see it first hand.

The wildlife viewings can be as impressive as the scenery which is great for those who enjoy nature photography like I do. Sightings are unfortunately rare, but even so I saw two bears, deer, squirrels by the dozen, butterflies, and numerous birds.

A great description of what the park looks like comes from Our National Parks book by Reader's Digest. “A spectacular showcase where wooded groves boast some of the world's largest trees, pageants of wildflowers strew color over ice-sculpted canyons, alpine gardens nestle at the foot of glaciers, and roaring waterfalls leap from the shoulders of enormous granite cliffs.” That's about as a good a description as you're likely to get in one sentence.

The most popular are of Yosemite National Park is Yosemite Valley. “Yosemite Valley is a grassy, tree-dotted stone corridor, dominated from end to end by a commanding procession of granite battlements. Rising more than 4,000 feet, these cliffs have been honed into a variety of mesmerizing shapes: knobs and spires, rounded domes, and angular monoliths.”

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