Moon Pictures

A full moon looks bright to the naked eye, but to a camera it's actually a dark object. I say that from the perspective of requiring a shutter speed that is too slow to allow for hand holding of a camera with a zoom lens. Because of this, a tripod is necessary.

I also discovered that the most interesting part of moon pictures is not the big, bright area that is parallel to the camera's plane. Rather, I prefer to look at the texture that appears from the shadows on the side of craters that are only visible at an angle.

The first four pictures here were taken with a digital camera on a tripod. At the time, I didn't have a good zoom lens and so detail is lacking. The last moon picture was taken with a digital camera that was hooked up to a microscope. This microscope wasn't a high-end model so like the other shots, this one lacks some detail. However, the crater texture comes through a little better I think.

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