Author: Clayton Schug

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What you won't find much here in the way of camera, camera accessories, or software reviews. There are plenty of sites that already do that quite well. Not to mention that I don't have the budget to keep buying such toys. Instead, you'll find my particular view on the world of nature photography along with the occasional tutorial describing techniques I've learned chasing critters around while holding a digital SLR.

As a hiker, I come in to contact with the natural world quite frequently and I try to keep my camera handy for such encounters. More often than not though, I carry my camera around for hours without finding anything to take a picture of. But sometimes I get lucky. It is those lucky times that have resulted in the photographs in this section of Infolific.

My current camera is a Canon EOS 40D. It's a digital SLR and it is fantastic. Since purchasing it, new models from Canon have been released and by the time you read this my camera will probably be several generations behind.

I have three lenses: 100-400mm L IS USM, 24-105 L IS USM, and 17-40mm L USM. All have served me well and make for a good set. I don't use much in the way of filters except a B+W polarizer and UV filter (more for bad conditions to protect the lens than to cut out UV)

I hope you find something of interest and feel free to post a comment or question at any time.