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We've all heard that money doesn't buy happiness. So why is it that we spend most of our lives trying to make it? My answer has always been that while money doesn't guarantee happiness, it makes happiness easier to achieve. After all if you don't have to worry about the basics like food and shelter, you can worry about everything else.

This section won't attempt to solve the greater mystery of what makes a person happy, but it will cover things like how to make the most of the money you've earned. The emphasis here is on the stock market in general and exchange traded funds in particular. In addition, if you're interested in planning for your retirement, there's some information on that too especially around figuring the various types of accounts like 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, and Roth 401K.

In closing, please feel free to pose a question about anything we've written. There's so much to cover and we can't always be sure we haven't missed something. Good luck!