Global Warming and Investing: True or False You Can Make A Buck

I thought it was time I go public with my opinion on Global Warming. I've never believed in man-made global warming. Perhaps its easy for me to say that while I watch a late-April winter storm that has lasted a week. I'm sure some of the believer's of man-made global warming will even say it's global warming that is in fact causing this unusually late winter storm. I still don't buy it. Global warming may indeed be occurring, but I don't buy the “man-made” part.

Man-made global warming is the biggest lie ever sold to the public in the 21st century. It's funny how everyone watched a single documentary by a former politician and instantly believed the science to be gospel (people believe it like its a new religion!). The documentary is so absolutely flawed and filled with lies that I don't dare mention its name. I find it even funnier that some powerful groups wrote that they wanted to use environmentalism and global warming to tax the food we eat and the air we breathe. Then, after Gore lost to his buddy Bush in the election, he went on to create the documentary that carried out the aforementioned plan. Gore was worth about one million dollars when he was running for President. After he lost he made a single documentary and now his net-worth exceeds $100 million.

Carbon dioxide has been chosen to be the enemy of mankind by Gore and the elites. Oh how funny it is. He didn't choose air pollution or water pollution or any harsh unnatural chemical that we (as humans) are actually guilty of spewing into the atmosphere. Instead, the elites chose a naturally occurring chemical that can never be reduced to zero so that we can never declare we have won the war on carbon dioxide and man-made global warming. Carbon dioxide is essential to life on earth – without it there would be no life. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants would not be able to carry out photosynthesis without carbon dioxide – in other words there would be no plants and as such, no life on earth. Furthermore, the ocean and volcanoes produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide that make man-made carbon dioxide look negligible.

If carbon dioxide is so bad, why does it occur naturally with no ill affects on our health. The planet naturally creates massive amounts of it (much more than we do!). If you still believe carbon dioxide is the worst thing since Hitler, than perhaps you ought to boycott carbonated soft-drinks… Yup, the pop we drink has CARBON DIOXIDE in it. Oh my, I can't believe we are still force feeding such a dangerous chemical down the throats of our youth! //end sarcasm. I don't see bans or extra taxes on pop yet, but I'm just waiting for people to make the connection (and realize pop has CO2) and ban Coke and Pepsi in an effort to curb global warming. That would make me laugh. At least we can laugh about it, right?

As for the global warming part… there is scientific evidence that every planet in the solar system is warming up. We can't blame the martians for driving cars around and warming up their planet nor can we use carbon dioxide to explain why all the planets are warming. We can use sun activity to explain the warming. Who would have thought the reason we are heating up could be due to the sun warming up? What a revelation! The sun just entered a new solar cycle and has been exceptionally active and has a plethora of sun spots for us to watch. Solar flares are also increasing. THE SUN IS WARMING. When my house gets too warm, I don't blame my bad gas and heavy breathing (exhaling CO2) for warming it up due to an excess of CO2 in the house. I go check the furnace. Perhaps the sun is the first place mankind should look to when Earth begins to get a little hot? A little common sense could go a long way.

If I was to time travel back to the last ice age and go to the exact same spot I'm sitting at now, I would be under several hundred metres of ice (under a glacier!). In order to melt that glacier that covered where I'm at now, we didn't start up our vehicles and begin belching. The Sun melted the glaciers from the last ice age. You see, there are natural cycles in the world, just as there are natural cycles in the Universe. The Earth has periods of warming and cooling, due to… drum roll…. the sun.

Now that I've debunked man-made global warming, I think it's time to say I'm 100% against polluting, including air pollution and smog. I hate all the waste that goes on in the western world. BUT carbon dioxide is not our enemy.

There have recently been riots around the world, all about food. You see, the prices for different food crops have skyrocketed in the last year or two. Why? One of the reasons is increased demand from ethanol. Many crops are now being turned into a fuel that will pollute less than gasoline and diesel. I find this funny. If we were serious about reducing our footprint, we'd all switch to electric vehicles and we'd put all our money into inventing a more efficient battery technology so electric vehicles would have a longer range. Instead, we are now taking food and converting it to fuel, which increases the demand and price of crops. Not only that, but this ethanol is so inefficient it actually uses more energy than it creates! The poor from around the world are getting squeezed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford FOOD.

I said it earlier, Global Warming may be occurring. But it isn't man-made. It's selfish for us to think we have such a huge affect on this planet that every action mother nature takes is a direct result of us screwing with her. Go fly a plane. Look down. See how minuscule we really are. The Sun is causing the warming. The man-made global warming myth will lead to many politicians implementing new taxes on carbon (carbon is the building block of life – they are taxing it now) and carbon dioxide. This myth is also causing food prices to soar and the poor around the world to starve even more.

It's not all bad. Pollution will be reduced due to so many new-found environmentalists. They may be targeting carbon dioxide, but in their efforts they will reduce all sorts of real pollutants. It will push us to look to new energy sources beyond oil. This is all good. I've talked about Kyoto in the past. It was flawed and would never work. Want to do your part? Invest in solar, wind, geothermal, battery technology and electric cars. Then go recycle, reduce your waste, buy some solar panels, an electric vehicle, and start composting and growing some of your own food in a small backyard garden. With any luck, and a little carbon dioxide, your plants will continue to do their part in providing clean fresh air and good nutritious food.

Want to make money due to this man-made global warming myth? Think about all the timber companies and how much of a carbon sink their forests are. If carbon credits become a reality (I hope not, they are dumb as hell), then all these timber companies stand to make a fortune. Carbon credits would be wrong, and I've outlined why in my old article “Kyoto is Lame”. Let's just pray carbon dioxide is still around (lol, as if we could stop it!) so the forests don't die. In fact, I sort of want to go out and make a PRO-CO2 fundraising dinner in an effort to save the forests… I'm just kidding, as we don't have to worry, the Earth will continue to spew out CO2 from the oceans, land, animals and volcanoes and there ain't a damn thing we can do to stop it. That doesn't mean we can't use the new green movement to do good things and make plenty of money!

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