Taking Your Lifestyle Services Online Successfully

If you provide lifestyle services like personal training, hair and beauty, cleaning, etc., you may not have explored the ways you can take your business online. But even if you provide these services face to face, there are ways you can use online tools to make your business easier to run, while also securing more clients.

Taking your business online will bring a lot of benefits. Take a look at how to take your lifestyle services online successfully and watch your business grow.

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Create a website that showcases your services

Having a website will make a big difference to your business. It will give potential clients somewhere to find out more about your services and what you do, and it will help you provide more value to your existing clients. 

Making your own website doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. Some of the main principles of good website design include usability and simplicity – they need to find what they need quickly and easily, which means you can create a simple website that simply supports your business. It doesn't need bells and whistles to make an impact.

Add a booking system and a price list

One of the first things a new client will want to know is how much your services cost. Having this information displayed could help you secure more clients, who won't need to take additional steps to find out this information. Remember to keep your information up to date and to use your page to display promotions and special offers too.

Meanwhile, an online booking system like the one offered by SuperSaaS will make it easier for both you and your clients to manage appointments, simplifying the process for you and giving your clients more flexibility when scheduling your services.

Set up online payments to make things easier for your clients

People expect flexibility when buying products and services. Even if the majority of your services are face to face, online payments will help your clients pay using their preferred method, and it could help you bring in more revenue. Online payments can be useful for deposits and upfront payments, as well as gift vouchers and more. Using an online payment processor is simple and can make a big difference to your business. Be sure to promote this service to your clients to help them take advantage.

Provide additional services that could help you make a passive income

Your website is a great place to showcase your services, but it can also be somewhere for you to provide additional services. Online tutorials, video-based classes or consultations and even e-books and guides can all enrich your offering, giving your clients a little something extra, while helping you make a passive income.

There are a lot of passive income ideas you can pursue to help you make a side income alongside your main offering. You can also use your website as a place to market some affiliate links and advertising space to help you make further income without having to put in a lot of work!

Promote your services online

Having a website gives you somewhere to direct your services, making it much easier for clients to find out more about you, purchase your services and get in touch. It also makes it easier to promote your services online, allowing you to benefit from digital promotions that can help you push your services quickly and affordably.

Promoting content through social media will help you attract new customers to your services. An ad campaign through Instagram or Facebook can be an easy way to target people in your local area, helping you get the most return on investment for your promotions. Developing a following online can give a big boost to your business, especially if you have some online-only products and services to offer. Creating a strong social media strategy and content schedule can help you get the most out of your promotions, bringing the best results for your business.

Taking your business online isn't always easy. Your time can be focused on delivering your services and running the business itself, but it's hard to ignore the benefits it can bring. If you take your services online, you'll be able to make your business easier to manage and pre-plan your promotions and communications to get the best results. Starting with a website or some social media accounts, work on getting your business online to help you take your business forward.

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