Author: Dylan Bennett

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My name is Dylan Bennett. I grew up in a small town, gardening with my mom and making things at home. I didn't really become interested in homesteading, though, until my final years of university where I was introduced to dumpster diving and the current hippie/bohemian culture. When I graduated I moved to Toronto, Canada, where I kept up with making food, experimenting with canning and other crafts, and dumpster diving.

In 2011 I did a 6-month internship on an organic farm, ManoRun Farm. Being there sky-rocketed my interest in self-sustainability, teaching me loads of hands-on information and giving me the freedom to explore the art of fermentation. Since then I've WWOOFed, played around with my own creations, made loads of wine, and taught some of my friends how to get things started for themselves. Now I'd like to pass on my information to you.

Homesteading is a term that refers to growing food, self-sustainability, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and all that jazz. It most lends itself toward using organic methods, but could be adapted to non-organic ones as well. Ultimately, homesteading is about becoming more independent, exploring what works and what doesn’t, and finding fun and creative solutions to problems that don’t just involve going to the store and buying something. Homesteading is about expressing yourself and fostering community, while at the same time proving that you can totally do anything you put your mind to.

My posts on Infolific provide some background knowledge and ideas for projects that you can do yourself, in your own home. They are meant to be fun and educational, and can be done by anybody.