Technology Definitions

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Technology, in all of its forms, is tricky enough to wrap your head around in part because of the crazy acronyms and new words that are created seemingly on a daily basis. I know that when I first started out I was always looking up definitions for technology terms — I'd read a magazine article and need to look up a word or two. Eventually I started to get a handle on the lingo, but then my parents started to ask me what things meant!

Eventually I started to write my own definitions for terms and posting them on the web. I've got five glossaries now, but rather than have one long list, I've grouped them. I hope you find something useful.

  1. Computer Dictionary
  2. Internet Dictionary
  3. Project Management Definitions
  4. Project Team Roles Definitions
  5. Network Dictionary

Or you can seek out individual definitions of interest by looking at the list below.