Bluetooth Definition

Bluetooth is a transmission specification for digital data exchange between 2 or more devices over short-range. This data can be anything including documents, images, and voice and the devices include PDAs, phones and desktop devices. The specific is an open standard allowing any one to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Unlike other wireless transmissions technologies, Bluetooth is intended to be used by devices that are close to each other. For instance, a PDA could transfer data such as a phone number to a cellphone. A laptop could transfer data such as e-mails to a PDA. With this technology, the need for wires and proprietary file transfer software could be eliminated.

Some examples of bluetooth applications are:

  • Wireless networking between desktops and laptops.
  • Bluetooth peripherals such as printers, mice, and keyboards.
  • Bluetooth cell phones have been sold in large numbers, and are able to connect to computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and, specifically, to hands free devices.
  • Certain mp3 players and digital cameras to transfer files to and from computers.
  • Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones.
  • Bluetooth car kits that allow users with Bluetooth-equipped cell phones to make use of some of the phone's features, such as making calls, while the phone itself can be left in a suitcase or in the boot/trunk, for instance.
  • For remote controls where infrared was traditionally used.

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