Wireless Network Definition

Mobile computers, such as notebook computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs), are the fastest-growing segment of the computer industry. Many of the owners of these computers have desktop machines on LANs and WANs back at the office and want to be connected to their home base even when away from home or en route. Since having a wired connection is impossible in cars and airplanes, there is a lot of interest in wireless networks.

Wireless networks have many uses. A common is the portable office. People on the road want to use their portable electronic equipment to send and receive telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail, read remote files, login on remote machines, and do this from anywhere on land, sea, or air.

Wireless networks are of great value to fleets of trucks, taxis, buses, and repair people for keeping in contact with home. Another use is for rescue workers at disaster sites where the telephone system has been destroyed. Computers there can send messages, keep records, and so on.

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Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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