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Div'Ocean Bonaire

Experienced divers, with strong customer service skills, own and operate the Div'Ocean shop (PADI-certified). We rented gear (BCD, weights, computers) for a week, diving 2-3 times a day, without incident. A small tear (no real danger) was immediately replaced. In advance of our arrival, we emailed questions regarding their night and ostracod dives. We received prompt responses to all of our questions.

As we hadn’t gone diving in 4 years, we arranged 2 guided dives on our first day. Daan, a well-seasoned dive master, was very helpful in reviewing with us the prep involved in shore diving. He selected easy shore dives to re-familiarize us with the entry/exit protocols. And we greatly appreciated how he skillfully pointed out all kinds of interesting sea life during the dive.

In addition, we had 2 days of boat diving (2 dives each day). The boat captain, Peter, was very thoughtful in his dive site selections based on the wind conditions. Both days we dove off of Klein Bonaire, a small island a short ride away so even though I’m prone to motion sickness, I was fine. It also meant that we had those particular dive sites to ourselves. A treat! The crew was courteous in assisting anyone with prep, changing air tanks, entry/exit from the boat.

Finally, we went out on 2 night dives — an ostracod and a regular night dive. The ostracod dive was simply spectacular. Our guide took us to a specific dive site he had researched and, once we were at a sandy area, we all knelt next to each other in a line. We all turned our lights off except for the guide. He swam all around us with his light to activate the ostracods. Slowly the ostracods began to react with their luminescence. Over time, the effect multiplied and eventually we were surrounded by ostracods lighting up in the dark. While I had no idea what to expect, and was a little hesitant that we needed to turn off our lights, the guide’s approach was sound and effective. It was a truly memorable dive.

For the regular night dive, our guide selected a dive site that was relatively shallow yet active at night. It was a great choice as we saw Spanish lobster, long-armed and tiny octopuses, crab, turtle, huge tarpon, lionfish, etc. The entry/exit was relatively flat, minimizing tripping in the dark.

All in all, I had a great experience and highly recommend them.

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