Scuba Diving Photos: The Best of Flickr

Ever wonder what you might see if you went scuba diving? There's just no way I can describe what's under the water. The marine life can be so different than anything on land that you'd think I was making things up. So rather than use words, I scoured Flickr for what I thought was the best. I'll add new images as I find them. Enjoy!

A caveat for the new diver with a camera. Most of your shots will be overly green or blue and lack the color that you see below. As with land photography, part of the equation of a good photo comes down to the quality of your equipment. Not only do you need a good camera, but you'll need good lighting in the form of strobes (aka flash). While the human eye is good at adjusting to color casts like you see underwater, cameras don't have the same ability by default.

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