Transacting with Neteller at Online Casino

Neteller is an exceptionally reliable payment option which was launched in 1999. At first, the company was based in Canada, but later on, it moved to the Isle of Man. From that point onward, it has greatly improved its services, and today, it's one of the most used payment options online across the globe. Both private users, as well as merchants from over 200 countries, endow their money to this platform as it provides a safe and quick means to transfer money online.

It is accepted in many online casinos and stores as it is deemed as one of the best payment options. This payment option has a loyal base of users who use it all the time as it offers them the capacity to send funds privately and above all, safely. Neteller is an e-Wallet, a stored-value online account that allows you to perform different activities, for instance, depositing, transferring, and withdrawing.  In particular, we trust this payment method, and we are confident you would like whatever service it offers you. Then again, this is only for online casinos and not applicable when playing free slots no internet. You will find out why if you read on.

Making a Deposit

Neteller is a popular method with regards to the payment of funds at online casinos. If you need to make a payment via Neteller, you have to sign in first and check your account. Search for ‘Cashier' and select ‘Deposit’. Using this payment option, click ‘Deposit now.' Here, you'll have to enter the amount of funds you are sending and the casino bonus code, if you have any. Once the request is confirmed, the gambling site will quickly approve the transaction, and the money will immediately reflect on your account. All deposits reflect immediately after using this platform.

Make a Withdrawal

If you want to make a withdrawal using Neteller, you likewise need to take the same general steps. Now, the fundamental steps required to make a withdrawal your money will rely upon your preferred gambling site. Generally speaking, withdrawals can be made by signing into the account and clicking on the ‘Cashier' area. Once you're in the Cashier area, just select ‘Neteller' and then ‘Withdrawal.' You'll be taken to another window where you will put the amount you are withdrawing. In specific gambling sites, you will have to confirm your identity using a ‘Token Number.' Once verified, all withdrawals requested will be released within 24 hours. 


Registering with Neteller is free of charge, and anybody can complete the process in a minute. Though the registration is free, however, using it attracts certain charges. As an online casino gambler, you should know the fundamental costs that might be incurred against your account. For instance, uploading money into your Neteller might be charged a specific amount. The fee is denoted as a percentage of the aggregate amount paid. The standard charge for this transaction is 2.5%. 

Withdrawals from your Neteller to your bank account or using money transfer will likewise accompany certain charges. If you are withdrawing funds to your bank account, you will be charged $10. The fees are often removed when transferring funds to and from the Neteller account. when you are making withdrawals from an online casino to your account, expect a minimal charge or none at all.


This platform parades its military-grade encryption for the transmittal of all sensitive data as an exceedingly secured network. Comparable protection techniques are used to keep customers' transaction history carefully stored. Also, personal information is not shared when transactions are done. This payment method is fully licensed and authorized, so you don't have any worries using it.

If at this juncture especially, you have chosen to utilize this payment option as your number one choice, then you are at peace to gamble as you like! The deposit method has the absolute best services when it comes to restrictions placed on countries and even speed and times of transactions. On another note, if the deposit method's all-around service is crummy, best case scenario to you, at that point it is time to look somewhere else.

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