Mask Defog Gel or Spray?

Scuba diving, like other hobbies, is one full of decisions. Just about every piece of equipment brings with it options for you to pick from and unfortunately the decision often isn't easy.Items like BCs or dive consoles should be researched because of their price tags. But even with small ticket items, like a dive knife or sea snips, you want to get what's most appropriate for you. Well today, I'm looking at one of the small items you're likely to buy — mask defog.

I'm a fan of defog. Sure clearing a mask is pretty easy, but why futz with that if you don't have to? And yeah some divers think it's cool to use saliva, but I haven't found that to work very well. So you're left with mask defog in either spray or gel form. Defog spray seems to be more common, but which is better?

Mask Defog Spray

  • Super-easy to apply — just spray it in the mask.
  • Bottle can leak.

Mask Defog Gel

  • You've got to move the gel around your mask for good coverage.
  • Doesn't dry as quickly once you've applied it. This gives you more time to get the mask to water for a quick rinse.
  • Seems to last longer than the spray.
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  1. I've always found that gels are much more useful. I've bought several different brands and the best bang for your buck is Paquin's Defog. They used to be around back in the 70's and my dad used their products. They recently started selling their gel again. Its a 2 oz bottle of gel that quickly applies and you just wipe it with a clean cloth. One application seemed to last for ever. Even in a busy season you aren't going to use a whole bottle.

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