Casinos Strategies to Trick People Into Gambling More

For years casinos have been using strategies to trick people into gambling away their money and not even realizing that they're doing it. The brilliance of these tricks is that they are in the face of the players, but they still somehow go unnoticed most of the time. Whether casinos that take your money and allow you to gamble it away or bitcoin casinos that accept deposits in the form of Cryptocurrencies, all of these casinos use tricks and strategies to get people to gamble more. So, you have to be a bit careful as well.

Disconnected From The Real World

From the second you enter a casino, its design and architecture are strategized to make sure that you are completely disconnected from the real world and that you gamble away your money as much as possible without even realizing that you're doing so. This begins from the moment you enter a casino. 

  • Once you've entered a casino, all you'll see are blinding lights and feel-good music to keep you happy. Such a thing also helps make sure you do not get tired of gambling. 
  • Another thing you will notice is the absence of clocks in casinos. There are no clocks to give you an idea of the time you've spent gambling. Losing count of the hours spent gambling leads to losing count of the money spent gambling.
  • Casinos are devoid of any landmarks that can help you find your destination. Instead, they have alluring machines and tables that demand your attention.
  • Some doors are coated with window tint so that you're even more disconnected from the outside. If you're on the inside of a casino, there's no way for you to know what time of the day or night it is unless you consult your phone or watch.
  • The painting, carpets, and the lights in a casino give it an appearance of constant daylight.

If you've been to a casino, you will realize that walking around in a casino feels like walking in a maze where every corner has a tempting new game that you can try. You can roam around in a casino looking for a washroom or an exit, but at the end of the hour, you realize that you instead stopped at some tempting game and did not find your destination. What is more intriguing is that exits are almost impossible to find in a casino. There's always some game to convince you to stop and try around on a machine or a table. It can be a video Poker machine that you throw a dollar in or a Roulette game. The designs of almost all casinos are intentionally labyrinthine.

Free Alcohol to Keep You Happy

Another trick to keep you rooted to your spot in casinos is free services. These services range from free booze to free room and board. For a casino, a heavy drinker is the best source of income. Alcohol lowers a person's inhibitions and also clouds their judgments. This leads to more gambling and losing track of time and money. Alcohol is also consistently served at your card table, slot machine, or in front of your horse-racing screens. Also, apart from a tip that you pay to the server, your booze is free. Even though Alcohol is free, it's costing you so much more money in a different way.

Free Room and Boarding Services

Another free service offered is that if the money you've spent at a casino is high enough, they offer you free stays and complimentary meals at the adjoining hotel. The main goal of casinos is to keep you disconnected from the real world for as long as possible. So, if you get your basic needs such as food and rest from the casino hotel only and never step out of the casino, you're bound to go back to gambling with your money.

Making You Believe In Your Luck

The chance that you might hit the jackpot on the slot machine or go on a hot streak at the Roulette or the craps table is not all that high, but you still believe in your chances. This is because casinos put up magnificent celebrations for the rare big win that someone hit. Blinding flashing lights and loud blaring music are employed dutifully to make you believe that even you have a chance of hitting the jackpot. So, you keep gambling despite the hefty losses. Even though someone else's big win has zero effect on your chances of hitting the jackpot, it instills a false sense of belief and confidence in you. This can be highly engaging and motivating too.

The slot machines sometimes even offer you losses designed to look like almost wins. This keeps you rooted on the machine to reach for that almost win. You keep putting your money into the machines thinking that you are close to the jackpot, but the machine is just teasing you with the near wins, and it keeps you appeased with tiny payouts. You might win prizes by this almost winning that makes you feel like you're winning, but in actuality, your loss is beautifully designed to look like a win.

A False Sense of Control

Another strategy that casinos use to trick you into gambling more is giving you a sense of control. Many games in a casino are specifically designed for this purpose. When during Craps, the player is allowed to roll the dice or when during Keno, you are allowed to choose your digits. Another example is when during card games like Blackjack and more, the player is allowed to decide the move they will make after the dealer has dealt the cards. These instances give the player a false sense of control that makes them believe that they have a hand in the chances of their winning. This sense of control can keep them trying one more time, every time and thus, gambling for much longer than they can anticipate.

Winding Up!

These tricks and strategies are how casinos make people keep gambling their money. From the blinding lights to the feel-good music and free Alcohol to the celebrated big wins, they leave no stone unturned. The near wins to the sense of belief and control over your wins lead a player to keep on feeding their money to the dealers and the machines. The chips do not help much in this matter, as betting a chip sometimes makes you forget that you're betting real money. This helps the casinos in their ultimate goal to keep the players gambling their money away without realizing that that's what they're doing.

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