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RSS feeds remain an important way to distribute a site's content. People continue to use readers (both online and on their desktops); aggregators and monitoring tools the rely on feeds continue to pop up; and even search engines make use of feeds to discover the latest content a site has published.

And while the RSS feed support in WordPress is quite robust, it's missing one feature that many want, particularly those using WordPress as a CMS: how to include pages and custom post types (e.g. products from WooCommerce) in RSS feeds? By downloading the RSS Includes Pages plugin, that's how!

Usage Tips

If you encounter any problems, please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Before you do, please read these bullets as they cover most of the problems people have:

  1. When you look at your feed make sure it isn't a cached version. Clear your cache or wait for the cache to be updated.
  2. The publish date of the pages you want to see in the feed MUST be recent if you're also including posts. The plugin gives you control over whether to include posts, pages, or both.

Pro Version

The pro version of this plugin includes the ability to have just pages in your feed. In addition, you can specify post/page IDs to include or exclude.

Include Pages in RSS Pro

Before you buy, please note that:

  • Unlike most plugins, you are buying a lifetime license. You do NOT need to pay yearly or ever again.
  • You need to deactivate the free/trial version of the plugin before activating the pro version.
  • One (1) license is needed per site. Additional installations on ‘localhost' do not require a separate license.
  • You should receive an email with a download link and your license within 10 minutes of completing your purchase. If you don't, please leave a comment below.
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  1. when I setup the pro plugin on my site but it did not include my pages in the RSS feed.

    • Two things to check:
      1. Make sure your feed isn't cached.
      2. Make sure the date of the pages is newer than all the posts. Items are still sorted by descending date.

      • Yes I have checked my pages are build in elementor is it show on RSS feed?

        • Sorry, I don't know anything about elementor.

  2. Yours is the first WordPress plugin I have actually purchased. And a huge part of the reason is that it is a lifetime licence at a reasonable price, rather than a subscription. THANK YOU for not requiring me to sell a kidney for your work. Now I can have an RSS feed which includes the products of my humble shop where I sell my art.

  3. Hi Marios
    Many thanks for creating this fantastic plugin, I use the Pro version on my site to publish my custom posts to my RSS feed and it works a treat. I want to add the Pro version to my new site to do the same. Can I just clarify, do I need to purchase a separate licence for this?
    Many Thanks
    Dan - Attractions Near Me

    • Yes. A license is needed per site.

  4. Hi.
    I really like your plugin - currently using free version - but interested in upgrading to Pro.
    Only issue is that it will be painful and time consuming to include/exclude pages and other CPTs by post ID - could you implement a checkbox when editing each post/page plus the ability to bulk include/exclude on the all pages screen?

    • Can I? Yes. Am I going to for a single sale? Nope. :-)

      • Thanks for the fast reply.
        I understand you can't do it just for me but had hoped you would see it as a valuable suggestion and feature for everyone.
        I understand you have to decide what will benefit everyone and sorry it won't make the cut.

  5. Hey Marios,

    Thanks for the plugin, I just bought the pro version
    The plugin works fine, I just have one question. I don't want the author's name to be displayed in the feed in this line ""

    Is there an option to Enable/Disable or Exclude ID author name, or is there a custom function to change or overwrite this field?

    Thanks for advice

    • The plugin doesn't have options for what specific fields to include in the feed. There are other plugins however that let you customize RSS feeds that might also work with my plugin

      • Hey Marios,

        Thanks, in the meantime I figured out how to solve it in a simple way by changing the user nick name through WP Daschboard.


  6. I get this error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rssip_plugin_meta() (previously declared in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/rss-includes-pages/rss-includes-pages.php:48) in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/rss-includes-pages-pro/rss-includes-pages-pro.php on line 163

    bummer - doesn't work for me.

    • Deactivate the free version first and all should be good.

      • I post on youtube and wordpress blog posts are created. im trying to get those custome post types to be recognized in my RSS... and it for some reason they arent?

        • I'm not familiar with the process of posting on YouTube and having WordPress blog posts created so I'm not sure why such posts don't show up in the list of post types in my plugin.

  7. Hey Marios,

    i just bought your plugin. unfortunately it doesn't work. i followed the instructions exactly. what am i doing wrong? Do I have to make some other settings within Wordpress?

    Cheers Stephan

    • The plugin is pretty straightforward. Assuming you have an RSS feed and pages, it should work. What's your RSS feed URL?

      • Thank you for the swift reply. I guess I have one, as it is a word press site:

        • The URL you provided doesn't show an RSS feed. It looks like it redirects and loads the homepage.

      • Exactly this is what I also figured out. Any advices?

        • Sorry, no. My plugin adds to an existing feed. It doesn't create or enable a feed. If my plugin doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll issue a refund.

  8. Once I have installed the PRO version can I safely deactivate and uninstall the free version? Thanks

    • Yes.

  9. Hi,

    Will a page be included in the RSS feed only when it is newly published or even when it is updated? I guess it is the first situation. Is there a way to include a page every time content changes in it?


    • RSS feeds are date-based so they will include the most recent items. If you want something included, it needs to have a date that is more recent than other items.

  10. I bought it on Friday, April 9. I downloaded RSS Includes Pages Pro
    from the web page.
    I have not received an email with the download link for RSS Includes Pages Pro. The site is under renovation.
    I have received the mail from PayPal.

    • My logs show a download of the plugin on August 9th from IP Is that not you? Do you share an email account with someone that may have downloaded the plugin for you? I'll resend the email now as well.

  11. Pre-Sale question: Can you name a plugin that will include images in my rss feed as well? If I can combine your rss per page plugin AND have the rss also include images, it will save me a LOT of time in terms of a specific need I have.

    I'll give you the $10 for pro version whether it applies to my need or not for the advice / lead on said plugin.

    ( If you do NOT wish to give said plugin any free press - lol - but you DO have the answer? Please email the answer to me )

    Thank you for your time,

    • I don't know of any such plugin.

  12. Hi,

    I have purchased a RSS Includes Pages Pro license and paid using PayPal.
    But I did not receive a license key and no download link for the pro version

    Could you please check!

    Thank you and best

    • Thanks for your very fast, nearly immediate support!
      I received your email with license number and download link!

      I really appreciate your phantastic support!


  13. I just received an email about licensing.
    RSS include Pages is the only plug-in that meets our requirements for RSS distribution of fixed pages.
    We will continue to use it,thank you.
    From a Webmaster in Japan, Best regards

  14. Hi, I just purchased and installed the pro version but the specific page that I wanted to include is not showing up in /feed. I have cleared the cache via Litespeed purge all cache, but it is still not showing up, only the blog posts are there. The ID of the page is 1250 . In terms of dates, the page has the most recent date of all of the blogs and Job Search page, so in theory it should be first in the feed list? The number of items to show in the feed is set to 10.

    In the RSS Includes Pages settings, I have ticked the Posts box, ticked the Pages box, plus entered 1250 in IDs to include. Nothing else is ticked. Your example on this page show pages box being ticked when ID is specified so I think I have set it up correctly?

    The feed is the page url that I want included is


    • Thanks for the great detail about what you've tried. It sounds like you've got all of the right settings. When I look at your feed, I see the page you mentioned. Access your feed using this URL which should force a cache refresh:

      • Awesome, I see it included now too. Thanks Marios.
        Regards, Nicola

  15. I cannot install the pro version with the wp-uploader and would preferably not have to resort to FTP manual install. Could you assist with this? I have already paid for the pro version and would like to get it working asap. thank you.

    • The only other way I can think of is via your control panel's file explorer.

      • Hello,

        I managed to get the plug-in installed, and I have specified that it only includes pages in my exported feed (although I have excluded the homepage, contact pages, and the like, according to their page ID's). The only problem that is persisting is that not all of my published pages are showing up in RSS. Maybe 10/30 pages. What are the possible reasons for this, and how can I fix it? - is it just a matter of waiting a bit longer (its been several hours at this point).

        Thanks in advance.

        • Check that the value set on this page matches the number of items you want in your feed: /wp-admin/options-reading.php

        • Ok, I expanded the number of syndicated posts.Typically how long does it take for this change to be reflected in RSS?

        • It's typically immediate unless you're caching your feed or using a third-party to handle your feed. In either of those cases, I can't say how long before the feed is refreshed.

  16. Hi Marios - Clicking the "Buy Now" button takes me to a page indicating that my cart is empty (and no apparent way to purchase the pro plugin).

    How do I buy the Pro version?

    • Some people are reporting that problem, but I don't know what the issue is. I'm hoping there'll be a fix for the plugin I use to handle sales. In the meantime, some people have had luck with a different browser or using incognito in Chrome. Some people are able to buy without problems.

      • Thanks for your quick reply Marios. I appreciate it. I tried clicking the button a few more times - and on the last try, it actually brought me to a page the had the pro version in the cart. I was able to check-out successfully via PayPal.

  17. Hi,

    Just purchased this and installed it without any problem but the rss feed doesn`t seem to be showing the images.

    Take a look here -

    Any suggestions?


    • How are the images associated with the pages? Are they inserted via URL? Featured? Do regular posts in the feed have images showing?

      • Its a listing thumbnail

        • I don't know what listing thumbnail is. So I'm guessing it's a non-standard way of associating image with a page and WordPress' feed-building mechanism doesn't know to look for such images and include them.

  18. Hello,

    This was on your free plugins download page, but I don't see a free download link. All I see is a pro version offer. Where would I download the free version of the plugin??

    • All free plugins are housed in the official plugin repository.

      • I see. Near half negative rating for your plugin there. Doesn't look to good.

        Before I even consider upgrading, I always look how the free version is performing if there is one available. That tells me a lot.

        • Yeah I'm at the mercy of people who don't like the idea of paying for plugins. On the other hand, 20,000 active users and only 4 "upset" users isn't bad.

  19. We wish to inquire whether your WordPress plugin, RSS Includes Pages Pro, is compliant with the new European GDPR regulations with regards to collection and storage of any personal or personally-identifiable information by use of your software on our website. If not, will your software be compliant by the end of May as required by GDPR? Please reply as soon as possible.

    • I believe it is since it doesn't collect data.

  20. Marios,

    I bought the pro version and only want to include pages. I clicked "Pages" in settings and left all other boxes unchecked. I purged my cache, and still not getting pages in my feed.

    Here's my URL:

    Feed URL:

    • I think I'm seeing pages in your feed. Isn't this a page?

      • Sweet Marios...

        I guess I just needed to be patient.

        This plugin will be a lifesaver for me. I've wanted to apply to submit my RSS feed to Flipboard for some time, and now will be able to.

        Great stuff and I appreciate the fast response!

        Thanks :)

  21. Hi there I just got your plug in BUT it's not doing what I want.

    I have published a sample page named; Test 3 - added the page ID to exclude off RSS feed yet it shows on feed burner

    I have published a sample page named; Test 4 - added the page ID to exclude off RSS feed yet it shows on feed burner

    Iniatally these 2 pages also showed on

    I did the re-sync - clear cache on feed burner for all the above feeds yet the pages still stayed on the feed for the top two. For the no posts show at all - even post that had been published months ago.

    I have also cached my browser - Chrome aswell and the problem is still there

    I have tried the feeds in firefox and the problem still perists

    Can you help with this?

    • I find FeedBurner to be problematic when testing because it caches things and there's no real way to be sure that you're looking at the current version of your feed. Are you able to temporarily disable FeedBurner so you can access your feeds directly by appending /feed/ to the URL?

      • Yes sure - I disabled feed burner and today when I have published some test pages that I have used the exclude button for - The excluded pages have stayed off the main feed

        So does this mean the problem is with feed burner?
        Do you know of any alternatives o feed burner that I could try? (Preferably ones with option for people to subscribe via email to - like f/burner has)

        Thanks for you help

        • I'm glad to hear it worked when you disabled FeedBurner. I think the issue with FeedBurner is that it doesn't update as quickly as most people would like. If you wait, it should eventually reflect the changes to your feed. It could take a day or more though. However, it's been a while since I've used FeedBurner so there may be new issues I'm unaware of.

  22. Hi
    We have installed your premium version.
    We want to be able to feed only FAQs to our knowledgebase.
    We have selected FAQ's in the settings and left all other categories blank. However all categorires are still being fed to our knowledgebase.
    We have tried to exclude our blog articles also by puting the page ID in the exclusions - no luck!
    Wondering if its our version of wordpress that is making the plugin not work.
    Hope you can help.

    • When you say "categories" do you mean "post types"? The plugin doesn't work with categories. Are your FAQs a post type? Also, do you use any caching on your site? It's possible that you're just not seeing an updated version of the feed.

    • Yes we do mean post types. We have ticked FAQ's which is one of the options, but left all the rest blank e.g. posts.
      With regard to caching we made the changes last week, I have refreshed my browser/deleted browsing history etc but no luck. The feed is picked up by snapengage which is unfortunately showing all of our post types incl blog posts etc, notwithstanding we have your pro version installed. I did see some warning that the addin is not tested with our wordpress version?

      • The WordPress version shouldn't matter. Those alerts are common because WordPress updates so often and if I don't edit a file to include the latest version number then the alert is displayed.

        Can you access your feed directly? For example, if you go to your home page URL and append /feed/ to the URL do you see your feed? If so, does it look correct?

        • Yes we can, and it does look correct i.e it only has FAQ's. However it only shows a dozen or so items - i.e if it listed out everything I think it would probably show blog articles etc that we want to exclude.

        • OK. So the feed is correct on your site. That's a start. Check the settings on this page to confirm that you've set the correct number of items you want in your feed:


        • Him, that seems to work. i.e when I change to 140 items all of them are the FAQ which is correct.
          However still not working in snapeenage which is picking up all pages. I wonder if it is because url eneteretd into snapeenage is as oppose to . . ./feed. Note snapeenage will only accept without the feed.

        • I'm not sure what SnapEngage is doing, but if I had to guess it's "remembering" what it has previously "seen" rather than what WordPress is generating now. Perhaps you could ask their support team about how to refresh what they display in their version of your feed?

  23. Hi!

    I have a couple of feeds - for each category one feed. The blog is siloed. For each feed I want to include a different page depending on the category to maintain the silo structure. How can I do this using your plugin? Does it assign the page at the moment of publishing the feed or is it an evergreen setting?

    • I don't think my plugin does what you're hoping to do.

  24. I have purchased the Pro version of the pluggin -- so I could include Knowledgebase articles in the RSS feed.

    It is installed -- configured -- cleared cache -- still not in feed

    • Does the Knowledgebase post type show up as an option in the type of posts to include on the plugin's setting page?

    • Actually I just looked at your feed and I see what appears to be a Knowledgebase URL. Isn't this one one of them:

      • that is one -- we have a hundred or so -- only about 30 are displaying as the "category" must be checked to display on the site --

        • I'm not sure what the issue is then. The plugin is include the type of posts you want it to include. Is it just that you want to see more of them in the feed? That's a WordPress setting you can alter on the Settings -> Reading page from within the WordPress admin.

      • we want all of them included 0-- the WP settings have been played with -- default is 10 - we are now set at 999

        im not seeing anything in the feed

        • Try refreshing the page in your browser or use a different browser entirely. I'm see 472 of them in the feed. Are there more than that?

      • awesome! they are there now -- magic!

        thanks for the prompt replies :-)

  25. Hello, how do i install the pro version?

    • Your receipt includes a link to download the pro version. Once downloaded, you upload it to your site using WordPress' built-in plugin upload feature. Once uploaded, activate the plugin, but be sure to deactivate the free version first as only one can be active at the same time.

  26. Hi ,
    i also want to show the catgeory name with feed , can i do the same with your plugin . If i can do that please email me so i can do the same for my website . still my website is not showing the category name . it is showing just post name and nothing else.


    • I don't understand what you're asking, but the plugin doesn't have many options so if it isn't showing what you want, you probably can't do what you're asking.

      • i am asking about to show the catgeory name with feed. can you let me know how we can do that .

        • The plugin doesn't control the individual elements that appear in the feed. It just lets you determine what post types are included in the feed.

      • i am using list_item post type and i want to show the category name with post feed,
        like as : "The post "post name" in catgeory "catgeories name " appeared first on TicTic."
        You understand what i am saying . if you have the skype that will be good for us.
        please let me know the skype name so i can tell you exact problem . i am also a developer if you can help me little bit it will be good for me.


        • My plugin doesn't control that sort of thing. It sounds like you need something that modifies what is included in the feeds.

  27. Does post and page is the default of this plugin. Do i need to configure what to include what to post on my feed. And by the way. how can i found those post/page ID

    • I don't understand your first question. The ID can be found in the URL when you edit a page.

      • If i buy this plugin does my post/page/ custom post will be included in my page. Check screenshot.

        Job listing and wpbd listing is only a custome page.. if i check that setting does it automatically get the feed of that 2 pages on my rss feed. Or i need to do more configuration by specifying their ID.

        • By checking the post type you'll be telling the plugin to include those in the feed. Sometimes things don't work exactly as people hope because custom post types can be set up differently. For example, some people hope that the custom post type's image will show in the feed and it doesn't because it's setup in a different way. Also keep in mind that the feeds are date-based so they'll always include the latest entries.

  28. Hi -- Just purchased the pro version -- trying to get things set up but can't seem to get it going.

    In the "Include these Post Types" checkbox section, I have checked to be included in my RSS "Catablog-items" (these are listings in CataBlog). I have also added the ID -- 17112 -- to the "Include ID" field.

    This is the URL I am using for my RSS:

    But it doesn't seem to work; I get an error saying the feed is down. I have cleared the cache a few times.

    I need to have RSS's for several different catablogs. Can you tell me what I am doing incorrectly?

    Appreciate the help!

    • I start by clearing the value in the include field and then check the main RSS feed at /feed/. This will at least confirm the plugin is working with your set up.

  29. Hi Marios :) so here is the original post again!

    we bought your nice little plugin and we rly like it so far, but cant use it, because it does what it should ? let me explain that…

    We create on our site Game-Hubs with a lot of single pages (Forum, Review, Preview, NEWS, PICS, VIDEOS, and so on.) When we use your plugin, all pages will be in the feed. But we dont want that – we just want the Review or Preview page in the rss feed. So we disabled the pages option in the settings and wrote only the page id of the reviews… in the include field – but the site wont be published in the feed because we disabled the pages option. Is there a way to get only specific page in the feed?
    I hope you know what i mean ?
    THX in advance
    Cheers Manuel

    Hm, i am glad to hear that´s possible to do that at all. But i am sad, that´s it not part of the plugin. Is it possible to change that with a little script, or do you need a hardcore change? ?

    • I may be able to add this functionality... How would you prefer it worked? Would you want to select just Posts and then specify IDs that are included regardless of type?

      • You are awesome man ;) thx for your help.

        We just need the possibility to select the id of the page we created. We could put the id in the include field. Most confortable way would be a checkbox in the page settings (Checkbox - publish in RSS? or something like that) but the the way with the include field would be fine enough.
        You know what i mean?

        • I updated the plugin. You should see a notice for version 3.5 in your plugin admin. There is now an option under the field for IDs to include that allows you to force inclusion of the IDs even if the Page type isn't checked. Check it out and let me know if it works as you expect.

        • Hi Marios,

          first of all, thank you so much for your great support. i updated the plugin, but when i check the new box, my whole feed is empty. We want to have the articles (posts) in the feed + specific pages with the function of the include id.
          thx in advance
          Cheers Manuel

        • Ugh. Serves me right to try and rush a feature. I've undone the changes. You should get a notification for version 3.6 which will put you back to where you were. Sorry, this'll take longer than I expected. Not sure when I'll have it done.

        • Hi Marios,

          thanks anyway. I am sry to get you some work :(
          Hopefully you could do it sometime.
          Great service btw :)

        • Hi Marios,

          any status-update in terms of our issue?
          Thanks in advance.
          Cheers Manuel

        • No progress yet.

        • Hi Marios,

          is there a way that you will create this version for us and we give you some extra money?
          Thx in advance
          Cheers Manuel

        • I have in the past accepted customization work. It does help me prioritize the plugin ahead of my regular work which pays my bills. You can email me at support [at] infolific [dot] com if you'd like to discuss your budget.

          Also, have you considered the exclude option? So rather than trying to include certain posts, exclude the ones you don't want?

  30. Hi Marios

    Your plugin works beautifully.

    What I would like to do is feed the content of widgets as well as posts.

    I discovered this doesn't work, in fact it stops any feeds from working.

    Do you have any suggestions on how this might be done?


    • Could you explain which widget you're referring to? I don't quite understand what you mean by "feed the content of widgets".

      • On my home page Genesis Featured Posts widget displays the posts. They show up in the site’s RSS feed.

        Other widgets on the home page include a text widget and feed aggregators such as RSS Just Better. I am hoping for a way to also put this widget content in my own feed (the same as happens with my Featured Posts widget).

        I have retrieved the widgets IDs and added them for inclusion without success.

        Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

        • The plugin includes pages that actually exist on your site. If your widgets are displaying content from other sites by pulling in their respective RSS feeds, then I'm guessing those items aren't actually being created in your WordPress database. As a result, they won't be included in your site's RSS feed.

  31. OK probably real dumb question but after I activated the plugin and selected my Options where is the actual feed located. is there form before but I cant see this new feed please help.

    • The feed location doesn't change so you're looking in the right spot.

      Make sure you have pages that are newer than your posts. Also make sure the feed isn't cached via a plugin or if you're using a service like Feedburner.

      • I have modified one of my listings to todays date and it has updated but there is no image being shown

        • The plugin basically "tells" WordPress to include pages in the feed. It doesn't modify how the feed is assembled or control what is or isn't shown. So if the feed previously showed images, it will continue to do so. If pages have images added to them in the same way posts have images added to them, then the images should show for pages too. I know there are plugins that add images to feeds either by looking for an image in the content or by looking for the featured image. One of these might help.

      • Its my intension to use this feed through Zapier to update my Facebook page with new listings when they are addedd so the main featured image is essential ??

        • Sorry, but I don't know anything about Zapier.

  32. Hi, just bought this, working great.

    Feature request: would be awesome if you add a setting to define the length of the excerpts shown in the feed.

  33. Hi Marios

    My home page is set as post but I have other content and incoming feeds there as well which I want to provide outgoing RSS for.

    Only the blogs are showing up, not any other content. Is there a way to include an id for the other content in Pro version?

    Hope you can help me.


    • The pro version allows you to include posts and/or pages. You can also indicate an ID of a post or page to always include in your feed.

  34. I would like to know how to include de URL feeds that I need in the free version.

    I do not understand how to include the urls that I need based on this single explanation: Upload the rss-includes-feeds folder to the '/ wp-content / plugins /' directory '

    Can you send to me some examples?

    Thank you

    • The free version doesn't have any settings. Once it's activated, pages are included in your RSS feeds.

  35. Hi.

    I purchased the plugin. I'm using Wordpress as a CMS for my Website. For RSS I use only static pages. The Problem is that in pages embedded pictures not shown in the feed. What is my problem? The header picture of the page is shown in the feed.

    • Do images show in your feed from posts?

      • I'm use there the original RSS feed. So, I don't know.

        • I need to confirm that the way you're adding images matches what the regular RSS feeds expect. If not, my plugin won't be able to show images either.

      • Hi Marios.
        I'm not use RSS Include Pages Pro in my blog. So, I can't say something to that case.

        • I check this with different browser. the RSS Feed Reader from Internet Explorer have the problem with pictures.

        • Hi Marios.
          I solve the problem. There was a http link to the pictures and the RSS feed was called by a https link. I change the link for the pictures in the pages to https and everything was fine.

  36. Hi, in my free version under settings there is a selection for "products", which is grayed out because it says pro version only.

    I assume I have the products option because I have Woo Commerce plugin as this WP site is a store, so if I buy the pro version, will the product pages show up in the feed?

    • Yes, the pro version would include products in the feed. However, not all elements of the product will be in the feed. The feed will include the elements common to a product and other post types such as the title, URL, etc.

  37. Can i include my Categories themself in the rss feed with this?

    • I'm not sure what you mean.

      In case you don't know, all categories have their own feed. Just add /feed/ to the end of the category URL.

      • No, i wanted to know if there is a way to let new made categories appear in the feed them self?

        I i create category i want it in the normal feed. (i need this because i use categories as landing pages)

        • I don't think you're using categories in the way that I'm used to seeing them used. So I'm guessing the plugin won't do what you need.

  38. Hi Mario,

    We are trying to get the free version of your plugin working with our 'Church Hope' theme, where we are using only Pages that we want in our Podcast, but this is not working.

    Do we need to get the Paid version, or can you give us some tips on how to get this working?

    Thank you.

    • The free version of the plugin doesn't have much in the way of settings. When you activate it, it does its thing. If you're not seeing pages in your feed, the first thing to confirm is that the date of the page you expect to see is recent enough that it would be included in the feed. Feeds are date-based and include the most recent posts from your site. So for a page to be included, its date must be recent enough to come ahead of the posts.

  39. Hi Marios,

    I purchased the plugin thinking it would also include my portfolio items (a separate post type in my taxonomy). However, this does not seem to be working. For posts it works just fine.

    Do you know of anything I could do to make it work?


    • Check out the latest pro version of the plugin for custom post type support. You should see an update notification in your plugin admin.

      • It works! Awesome!!! Thanks for the swift support, this rocks.


  40. Is there any email where I can contact you!

    I have page that is updated frequently (once in a few weeks), and our customers needs to be notified for each update when it is updated. For this we tried your plugin, but I didn't get how do I get RSS feed for a particular page?

    For example:

    is a page that is being updated every few days. So the page RSS feeds should be refreshed. But I don't get where can I found its RSS feed!

    I tried checking at and - but both of them giving me 404 Page Not Found.

    Kindly advise on the same. If that works, we're happy to use Pro plugin with option to include only certain pages in RSS.


    • With WordPress you can add /feed/ to the end of URLs and get a feed for whatever that URL represents. If adding /feed/ doesn't work, then perhaps the URL you're looking at isn't part of the WordPress core? For example, are you using a plugin to generate different types of content?

      • Hi Marios,

        Thanks for super fast response.

        I think you're right. It's a custom post type. Here is the code for custom post type, can you please check and inform me what is wrong! So I can get it fixed.

        [code snippet removed by staff]

        Once again, thank you for your awesome support.

        • Sorry, I'm not familiar with this particular setup. I can say that my plugin has been designed to work on posts and pages, not every custom post type that someone might use. My guess is that it won't work for you situation since you're not dealing with either standard posts or pages.

        • Hi,

          I actually didn't found it working on default pages! I just checked it. Can you give me URL where I can see it working, may be on your site's pages or somewhere else, so I get actual idea how it works! And then I will focus on getting it works for our site my self!

          Once again, thank you for your super fast response!

        • If you check out the feed for this site you'll see that the /all-downloads/ page is shown in the feed. This is a page, not a post.

        • Hi,

          Okay. Got it.

          But the page itself doesn't have feed! If you check -

          Is there any way to get a feed for particular page?


        • Feeds for individual posts/pages just contain comments for that post/page. The page I used as an example doesn't have comments.

        • Hi Marios,

          I guess then I can't use it, because this doesn't solve my purpose. Is there any other plugin you suggest to achieve that?


        • Not that I know of. Good luck!

  41. Hi, there is a question: if i have custom post type "port" and want to complete it with post type "page" in your plugin, how can i get it?

    • I'm not sure what you mean, but the plugin doesn't distinguish between post types. When the page is requested by the user, the plugin kicks in and executes the find and replace rules you've specified.

      • so, i wont, that your plugin shows posts, pages and my custom post type together. Right now i find a way, that it shows post and pages, OR post and custom post type.

  42. Hi Marios,

    I have created a new rss feed url with the following format: as I do not want to use the default feed url

    Your plugin automatically injects pages into the default rss feed url (i.e. /feed/), but I would like to inject pages into my new feed url (i.e. /feed/custom/).

    Can you please let me know how I can achieve this? How can I change the default rss feed url to the new feed url?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Greg. Offhand I don't know. I'd have to look into custom feed URLs as I haven't used them.

  43. Mario,

    I'm a WP newbie. I can't seem to get the plug-in to work on my site. I've read all the comments on this site, and followed the previous recommendation to others. I updated a page last night (editing the "published on" data to be the current date and time). In addition, I made sure not to update any posts. Twelve hours later and the the page never showed up in the feed. I tried this approach while on WP 3.9.2 and now 4.0 (my site updated automatically because I'm on a WP Managed site). Is there a way to force the page to the feed? Are there other settings in WP that need to be made (aside from those under "Settings -> Reading" page)?


    • There are no other settings for the plugin. It's either on or off. It sounds like you tried the trick with having a recent date so that's good. And the time you waited should mean that if your feed is cached by Feedburner that a new version would've been fetched. Are you by any chance running a caching plugin like WP SuperCache?

      • Hi Marios,
        No, I'm not running a caching plug-in. Maybe it just won't run on my site.

  44. Hi

    I have downloaded the plugin on a multisite.It is activated in the network admin but does not show in the individual sites. My podcast feed is not validating and the sermon manger plugin I am using recommended using your plugin

    • Sorry, but I don't use multisite so I have no way to confirm the plugin works properly within such an environment.

  45. Marios,

    I started to take a look at downloading your plugin. However, I was given a warning about the plugin not being tested with my version of WordPress. WordPress has the version information listed for your plugin as:
    Version: 1.4.2
    Compatible up to: WP 3.4.2

    I'm running on WP 3.8.1

    Any updates in the near future?

    Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.

    • No updates are needed for WP 3.8.1. The plugin works fine -- it's in use on this site. I could update the package to reflect that, but that would just make existing users think they need to update the plugin. When there's a bug fix or new feature, I'll be sure to update the compatibility info.

  46. This plugin works great, but it has a major flaw – it publishes the full page contend instead of a summery. This is an easy way to get your contend duplicated all over the web by scrapers.

    • Are you sure you have set your blog to show just the excerpts in feeds? Also, have you used the more tag in the page to indicate where the summary ends? I've got the plugin enabled and it's just showing the first sentence or so.

  47. The plugin works fine for new added pages, really great.
    But is there a way to get even only updates pages on my rss feed ?



    • The plugin is date-based in that it pulls the latest pages into the feed. If there are no "recent" pages then they won't show in the feed. If you want older pages to appear, you'll need to update the date on those pages.

  48. Great plugin! It's totally works, I am really pleased to find it and use it!! Keep doing good work!

  49. I use your plugin since years together with the Google Feedburner and it works perfect for my pages.
    Now I changed my abo function to the jetpack blog abo.
    There is no action???
    Did you tested it together with jetpack?

  50. I am using your plugin and would like to display the full content of one of my wordpress pages in a feed.

    I have full content selected in the reading settings. Only displays comments This feed doesn't show comments but it doesn't show content either only the page title

    Any ideas on how I can get a feed of the full content?


    • Hi Morgan,

      The plugin just adds pages to the RSS feed and doesn't control whether it's full or partial content. I'd guess that there's some other plugin or setting that isn't properly set. I would start without my plugin and make sure things are working as expected and only then switch on my plugin.


  51. Cool plugin, but one question. I'm not particularly keen on the idea that the plugin copies my entire page and pastes it into the feed. I'd much rather have a new page added heading, with a link to the page. I understand that is the idea for the posts, but is there anyway around this for the pages?

  52. Sorry, I'm a total hack. I installed your plugin (there was no need to exclude any pages) and activated it. I just don't know where to look to see the feed. Is there any RSS or Subscribe button that I have to add anywhere?


    • You don't have too look anywhere special. Just look at your RSS feed. If there are pages with dates newer than posts, the pages will appear in the feed. Typically your feed can be accessed by going to

  53. Hello,

    Since we've installed the plugin, our posts have disappeared from the homepage of the blog : do you have an idea of what happens ? (actually all the content disappeared excepted the main banner of the site, leading to the pages) Thanks !

    • I haven't heard about that happening with anyone else. The plugin is active only when the RSS feed is requested so there shouldn't be any impact to other page types such as the home page.

  54. Awesome Plugin. -- Update on how to exclude pages or posts from feed

    I use three plugins
    1. RSS Includes Pages
    2. Ultimate Category Excluder
    3. Post Tags and Categories for Pages

    How I do it ...Lets Say I wanted To Hide All PAGES in Privacy Category.
    After I install and activate RSS Includes Pages, I clean the browser cache. The plugin perfectly includes pages along with posts.

    I add a privacy category.

    Than I install and activate Post Tags and Categories for Pages plugin. It adds categories to my pages as well as posts. I then add Privacy Policy pages such as earning disclaimer, other disclaimer pages to Privacy Category.

    In Ultimate Category Excluder setting , check exclude from feed. Clear your cache and reload the browser.

    Add pages and posts that you dont want in th feeder to a category, then hide the feed for that category in the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin.

    I got a lot of helpful information from this site so I just thought to share a few things with your readers.

  55. Just letting you know that this is a great plugin addition to any Wordpress website. I was looking for a suitable solution to include pages in rss feed for a long time. I'm surprised that Wordpress does not include such option out of the box.

    As a feature request, it would be really nice if your plugin allow to omit certain pages from rss feed, like About Us, or Contact Us pages. I just don't want to install another plugin for this purpose.

    • You can keep select pages out of the feed by setting the date of those pages to be older than other pages. The feed includes only the most recent pages so if a page has an old date, it won't show. I hope that helps!

  56. Hi,

    Thank you for this fantastic plugin. Is it possible to add CPT (custom post type) too. If yes, how can I do that?

    Thanks a lot!


  57. Basic Question: How do I get the button to show on my site. Ive activated it but......



    • Hi Rosemary,

      There is no button. The plugin just does its thing when you activate it.

  58. Thanks for the plugin! However, I've been getting some feedback that it doesn't update the RSS feed when there's a change to a Page...only the new addition of a page an new addition of a Post...but not updates to an existing page. Is there a way to make that happen?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Scott,

      This plugin is entirely date driven. If the date on a page is more recent than other content on the site then that page appear in the feed. If the date of the page is older than other content on the site, it won't appear in the feed.

      I'd look for a plugin that updates page dates automatically when you update the page's content to make things easier.

      • Thanks...good idea. I'll look into that.

      • Hey Marios,

        I have one question. Can you please let me know how can I add more pages to the feed. I mean the feed is showing only 10 pages whereas the website has more number of pages. How can I include all the pages of the website in the feed.

        Waiting for your feedback,


        • Setting the number of entries in your RSS feed is done through WordPress settings. Go to the Reading options under Settings in the WordPress admin.

  59. Very useful plugin, thank you!

    v1.3 works out of the box with WP3.2.1.

    Could you please add a means to exclude some page from the feed (eg: a custom field "RSS include" could be set to "no" on only those pages we want to exclude from RSS)

    Thanks again!

  60. Hey, great plugin. I have and issue however, is there any way of viewing just pages in my feed rather than posts and pages?


    • Avatar photo

      Sorry, Phil. The plugin just adds pages to the feed. There's currently no way to have it just show pages if your site also has posts. It's a good idea though!

  61. Hi Marios,

    I really love your plugin and to a certain extent it still works with WordPress 3.1.1 .This is the plugin I really need and I was just wondering if you are planning to make any updates for it as it only includes 10 random pages of my site(s).

    Thank you!


    • Avatar photo

      I recently upgraded to WP 3.1 and the plugin worked for me on two sites. I don't expect the minor WP 3.1.1 will change its behavior. And unfortunately I don't know why some folks are having problems with 3.1. The good news is that the plugin doesn't make any permanent changes so you can always disable it.

      As for it showing random pages for you, you mean they're not the pages with the latest dates?

  62. First of all, like the plugin... thanks!

    I just upgraded my WP site to ver. 3.1 and my feed disappeared. When I deactivated your plugin my feed came back. Just letting you know because something they did with the WP upgrade isn't compatible with your plugin.


  63. Hey there! :-)

    I used your plugin on my site above - but with the new wordpress update the pages just vanished from the feed... Do you plan an update?!
    And: Is there a way to support you? Like a donate button or something?! ;-)



    • Avatar photo

      When I upgrade to 3.1 I will see if the plugin works or not. If not, I will update since I use it myself. Not sure when I'll be upgrading though. I typically wait so that the plugin developers have a chance to fix their plugins and so that WP can eliminate the inevitable bugs that a release always has.

      Any mention of my site and or plugin(s) is a good way to support me.

  64. Wonderful plug-in: you have fixed a problem I faced for 1 week!

    I selected static pages only to build the site & of course nothing was sent to the rss feed.

    Thank you very much,

  65. With your plugin installed, my rss feed shows what I would expect (last 10 items, for example, including pages). But the rss2 feed only shows the last item. Just one item instead of the 10. If I turn off your plugin, then the feeds are identical (showing just blog posts as expected).

    Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


    • Avatar photo

      The plugin doesn't have any options so there isn't anything for you to configure. I run my feeds through Feedburner and to be honest I'm no sure if Feedburner is pulling RSS or RSS2 so I don't know if what you've noted is a bug. Something to add to my to do list I guess.

  66. Hello Marios,

    I just love this plugin, as it is exactly what I have been looking for. Just one question : Is there a way to control the order in which the pages are output ? Is it just the date of publication, or can I define any other criterion ?

    Thx in advance,


    • Avatar photo

      Hi Tom,

      The date is the only way I know to control the order of items in RSS feeds.


  67. Hi, is there a way of showing a page in the feed when it is updated? So far, if I understand it well, it shows only pages when they are created.

  68. I love the idea of the plugin, I was looking for somethig like this. Unfortunately, there's a big problem. When I check my feed with it spits out an error message, it's not a valid feed. When I deactivate the Include Pages in WordPress plugin, this problem doesn't exist anymore, and the feed is valid.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks :-)

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Bob,

      My feed validates just fine. Not sure what might be wrong with yours. Do your pages include any non-standard content like HTML or code tags that could be messing things up?

  69. Does this work with the latest WP, that is RSS include + Stealth Publish. I have followed the instructions above, but there are still pages with "stealth-publish" set to 1 that is showing in the RSS...

  70. Hi,

    Love your pages in RSS feed plugin for wordpress. Now that wordpress 3.0 has hit, is there any chance you could extend it to also include custom post types in the RSS feed too?

    I've hacked it for my latest website, but it would be amazing if your plugin could do it automatically.

    Thanks again for your life-saving work!


  71. Marios:

    I like the plugin very well! I have added the RSS icon to my menu. When you click it you only see the first of the articles I have published on my site. I am using Wordpress 2.9.2 as a CMS. The entire contents of the article is there. I want Feedburner to display the first few lines of each article. Thanks for your help!


    • Avatar photo


      My plugin doesn't affect whether an excerpt is shown or not. Excerpts are handled by WordPress settings as well as some excerpt-management plugins you can download.

  72. Great plugin, I follow the instructions and exclude some pages. But I found a small problem: inside of my feeds there are now pages but I do NOT see posts!! Still use 2.9.2. What to do??


    • Avatar photo

      Does at least one post have a date that is newer than the pages showing in the feeds?

      • Hey Mario, it was my mistake, but thx for your reply. I forgat that my pages where newer than posts. When I make a new post, it shows up in RSS. The script is working great, even in WP 3.0. Too bad we cannot find a way to add ALL pages and posts into RSS and make a navigation at the bottom.

        Or it might exist such a script??? Let me know if it is...


  73. Great plug-in for "CMS-like" Wordpress website.
    How can i change the SQL to sort by "post_modified" and not "post_date" (creation) date ?
    Thank you !

  74. Is there a way to include only certain pages/subpages in the feed, similar to categories/subcategories for posts?

  75. Thank you for this great plugin. However I have an issue :
    I'm using WP as a CMS so with only pages in it. The homepage is set as "static page".

    The problem is : i only see this static page in the Feed... Any idea where it comes from (i'm running the new WP 3 version)

    Thank you for your help and this great plugin (i'm sure we'll find a way to make it work ;-))

    • Avatar photo

      I haven't tried the plugin with WP 3.0 yet. Every major release of WP is followed by a bunch of bug fixes and that's what I'm waiting for before upgrading. Once I do upgrade, I'll be able to confirm that this plugin works or fix it if it doesn't.

  76. Hi there,

    I also came to this web page to find out if there was a way to exclude some of my world of warcraft leveling guide sites back end pages from my RSS feed. I installed the "RSS Includes Pages Plugin" which works great - However it includes ALL my pages. (in-fact, ALL posts AND pages) Some of these sign-up pages I prefer to remain hidden. It would be really great if you could manually choose exactly which posts and pages to include into the RSS feed. What is the stealth plugin and would it work in my case?


  77. I came to this website to find out if there was a way to exclude my privacy policy and contact page. I followed Stuarts instructions and the stealth plugin works perfectly indeed! Thank you for sharing Stuart. I also hope this feature will just be incorporated into the Wordpress to RSS Feeds plugin.

  78. Is there a way to exclude pages/posts from the feed?

    • Avatar photo

      There's another plugin that can be used to exclude posts/pages. I don't remember the name, but it's mentioned elsewhere in the comment thread here.

  79. When I click on the RSS subscribe icon in the URL bar I get this message:

    Not Found, Error 404

    The page you are looking for no longer exists.

    Perhaps you can find what you are looking for by searching the site archives

    Any suggestions?

    RK Mitchell

    • Avatar photo

      That's a new error for me. The plugin modifies the existing feed so it shouldn't do anything that completely eliminates it. Does the feed work without the plugin active?

  80. Your RSS Include Pages has a SERIOUS problem. Any Javascript on the page will appear in the RSS feed. I use Javascript for Stat Counter.

    • Avatar photo

      The plugin adds pages into the RSS feed. It doesn't attempt to figure out if you put something into the page that shouldn't belong in the feed. I suspect you'd have same the problem if you included JavaScript in your posts too. I think most people put counter scripts in their theme files or as widgets to avoid having some content part of the actual post/page content.

  81. The plugin seem to work fine for RDF/RSS 1.0 feed, RSS 0.92 feed and Atom feed but does not display the pages in my RSS 2.0 feed. Since there are no settings I am not sure what the problem could be.

    Any help would be great!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Charles,

      I checked you RSS 2.0 fed and it looks like pages are appearing in it. I'm guessing what you were looking at was a cached version created prior to the plugin being activated.

  82. Hello,

    Wanted to ask that is there a way to add more pages in to feed. Can I control the number of pages that are seen?

    • Avatar photo

      You have the same control over as you do with posts-based feeds. That is, you can adjust the settings for feeds in WordPress by going to Settings->Reading. This plugin doesn't have any settings of its own.

  83. I actually discovered a really good way of achieving exactly what our friend D4 wants today (I was looking to do the same).

    So, rather then stroll on by, I thought I would give a bit of good karma back to the world and share how to do it :-)

    Here you go Step By Step:

    1/ Install Marios "RSS Includes Pages" plugin.

    This will include then include all the pages. However what bugged me what that I don't want things like my about page in the feed (like the guy above I guess). So I needed to find a way to have the pages, but exlude the pages I don't want in the feed.

    So, after 1, you then do this.

    2/ Go here and install the "Stealth Publish" plugin.

    It clearly hasn't been updated in a while, and it doesn't even seem to have a page on Wordpress. But you can download the plugin direct from that page.

    I just installed it on 2.9.2 and it works fine. No problems.

    Once that has installed then on any page that you DON'T want in the feed. You do this.

    "For posts that you do not want to be featured on the front page and feeds, assign them a custom field of “stealth-publish” with a value of “1″

    I just tried this exact procedure on another Wordpress site of mine. And it works like a charm :-)

    I guess the only 'upgrade' would be if Marios integrated the functionality of 'stealth publish' into RSS Includes Pages. Which seems logical to do.

    But nevertheless the above procedure works fine, and actually gives you an enormous amount of control over what you choose to feature in your RSS Feed.

    Enjoy Everyone! :-)

  84. mmm sorry should be more specific

    i installed using fantastico from host gator

    it installed version 2.9.2

    im not a newbie with plugins , i have installed other plugins succesfully

    and yours on 2.8.6 actually works fine, but on 2.9.2 doesnt work.

    • Avatar photo

      There are no settings. Once installed the plugin does its thing. I'm using it with 2.9.2 and it works. Do you have a page with a date that is recent? The feed is still date-based so for a page to be included it must be as new as at least one of the posts that are being included in the feed.

  85. Hi Mario, this looks like a great plug-in and I had a question. I see how from reading the comments you can control which pages appear in the feed by changing their dates. One notable aspect about WordPress is that when you change the content of a post, its date doesn't change - but when you change the content of a page, its date does change.

    I also know that RSS aggregators that follow my site use the post GUID within the feed to determine whether they have a new/unique post. The GUID is typically the non-permalinked URL to the post on my site.

    So my question is, with your plug-in does it work the same way? I.e., if I go and update a *page* that's already in (or was in) my RSS feed, it will change the date - but does it keep the same GUID?

    I'm hoping it does, because I wouldn't want all those RSS aggregator sites to think I created a new page/post when all I did was change an "and" to an "or"... Thanks!

    • Just an update - I realized why when I modify a page it always shows the new date on my site - because the page.php in my theme uses the_modified_time(), whereas everywhere else in the theme (in single.php etc) it uses the_time() - created time.

      So I take it then that your plugin also uses the created time? (which is set once when you create the page but manually adjustable from the WP Admin control panel)

      • Avatar photo


        The logic for checking dates remains with the WordPress core. This plugin just adjusts the process to include pages.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi JBR,

      The original GUIDs are not affected.

      • OK great, thank you - I think that means the following things, please correct me if I'm wrong:

        1. The order of pages and posts in the feed is determined strictly by their creation dates, not by their modified (last-changed) dates.

        2. With your plugin, if I tweak content on an existing page. it won't reorder the page in the feed unless I *also* change that page's created date in the WP Admin panel.

        3. Only newly created pages will appear "new" to an existing RSS reader, so just tweaking content on an existing page won't cause any change to the page's GUID or status in the feed.


        • Avatar photo

          1. Not sure. It's been a while since the plugin was created. However, whatever date field the core WordPress code uses to generate feeds is what this plugin uses.

          2. Content changes don't matter. Only date changes.

          3. This plugin doesn't modify any data related to posts or pages.

          I hope that helps!

        • Yes it does, thank you very much!

  86. I'm using your RSS includes page plugin and find it very useful. I have only one problem. I have pages that don't show on my menu and I would like to exclude them also from the RSS feed. How can I do that with your plugin as it includes all pages.

    • Avatar photo

      Set the date of the pages you don't want included to be older than other pages/posts you do want to include. Feeds only show the latest xx number of posts so as long as your pages are older, they won't be included.

  87. i like this but i just want to add one specific page and it's content there. any ideas?

    • Avatar photo

      You could use the Old Post Promoter plugin to keep the date for the page current and then my plugin to have the page included in the feed.

  88. Hi,
    I installed this plugin and have just added a new page but it did not pick it up. I am using 2.9.1. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Avatar photo

      Are you using Feedburner? If so, you have to wait until Feedburner gets the latest version of your feed which can take a while. Alternatively, you can check your feed directly by going to

      • Thank you for the reply. Yes, you're right, it has now showed up. I guess I was just being impatient. This is a great plug-in.
        One more question - does this mean that now when I add a new page it will get pinged out like the posts do? That would be great.

        • Avatar photo

          If you're using Feedburner's pinging feature then the page will be included since Feedburner doesn't know (or care) that you included a page and not a post.

  89. Is there a way to create a separate RSS feed for pages only? I am also looking to add only specific pages to the Pages RSS Feed. Can you help with this or point me in the direction of another plugin that can?

    • Avatar photo

      This plugin won't do what you're looking for. I've accomplished something similar for this site by using two WordPress installs. I didn't plan it that way. I tacked on a blog to this and then migrated the other part of the site to WordPress where everything is a page (no posts). This gives me two feeds.

  90. Cannot get it to work on a new install of 2.9.1. just fyi

    • Avatar photo

      Works fine for me. If you can provide more info, I can try to diagnose the problem.

  91. I have 2.9.1 , and is not working for me, why?

    • Avatar photo

      Can you tell me what you see in your feed?

  92. Can't get this to work with wordpress 2.9.1

    • Avatar photo

      I just upgraded to WordPress 2.9.1 and the plugin is working for me.

  93. Thanks for this great plugin, works perfectly!

    Is there a way to exclude certain pages from appearing in your feed? e.g terms of use page, privacy page etc

    Thanks for any help!

    • Avatar photo

      There are no settings with this plugin, but you can set the date of the pages you want to exclude to be older than whatever you want included in the feed.

  94. Your plugin is awesome. But one problem I see is that if I spilt a page into multiple pages using nextpage tag, the link to the next page does not appear in the feed.

  95. I have 180 blogs on a WPMU installation. Can this be installed in the mu plugin directory. I installed it in the regular plugin directory , but there is no option to distribute it to the other 179 blogs?

    • Avatar photo

      Sorry, I have no experience with WordPress MU so I don't know what's necessary to get this plugin to work with it.

  96. I try this with 2.7.1 and 2.8.4. Anything happens. What's up? It (shoud) takes all old Pages too, ok?

    • Avatar photo

      If the pages are dated such that they're part of the latest 10, 15, 20, or whatever number you have set to show in your feed, then they will show. If instead the pages are older than the posts, no pages will show.

  97. Hi this looks great and just what I need but I have a problem with it in that I have tried it on several sites that has no posts, pages only and it does not show those pages in the RSS feed page. Is that because the pages are older than the plugin?

    • Avatar photo

      The main part of this (i.e. not the blog) is run by WordPress and doesn't have any posts. In addition, the most recent page is from May 12 so I don't think your issue is date related.

      Are you using and other feed-related plugins?

  98. As efishinsea stated, this plugin needs some way to include/exclude pages from the feed. I would recommend adding a metabox to the admin page for pages with a simple checkbox. Or if it's even possible, just add this checkbox under the Attribute metabox. thanks!

  99. Hey.

    Would it be possible to add the ability to exclude pages?

    I'm thinking of pages that are forms, etc, that you don't really want in an RSS feed.


    • Avatar photo

      Maybe in the next version, but I'm not currently working on adding features at the moment. For now, all I do to exclude a page is give it a date older than other pages I do want displayed.

  100. Works great, thank you

  101. hi, whether this plugin works with 2.8.2 ? any plans of upgrading this plugin ? I badly need this plugin .. there are not many, in fact almost none, available which do a similar job. It would be a great help I think .. regards

  102. I have downloaded and activated the plugin, but where do I get the feed from?



    • Avatar photo

      The feed URL is the same as what it you normally get from a WordPress install. This plugin adds the pages to that same feed.

  103. Hello,
    Very useful plugin. There is one small error I do notice tho. A client of mine wanted pages to be included in his RSS feed, and he uses a static page as homepage of his blog. The weird thing is that in the feed are listed only the subpages of that static page, but not the rest of the pages. Have you notice this bug?

    • Avatar photo

      I haven't seen this particular bug. Is just the home page that doesn't show or all top-level pages?

  104. I installed the plugin because I use pages exclusively in WP. I'm using RSS Submit to submit to the aggregators. I tried to validate the feed through RSS Submit and the page came back saying:

    This feed does not validate.
    * line 16, column 16: lastBuildDate must be an RFC-822 date-time: [help]

    The page is here:

    How do I fix this please? I know almost nothing about code.

    Thank you for your help,


    • Avatar photo

      Plug-in fixed!

  105. This plugin doesn't work with Wordpress 2.7.1. Any plans for an upgrade

    • Avatar photo

      The plugin works fine for me. I used it with 2.7.1 and now 2.8.1. The feed for this site is my proof that it works.

  106. Hi,
    Does this work with WP 2.8? I tried it, but I could not see any pages showing up. Is it suppose to show up in /feed?

    • Avatar photo

      Yes the plugin has been tested up to 2.8.1.

      • any plans to upgrade this any further?

        It was recommended to me but does not work because I am on 2.8.3

  107. Marios,
    Great plugin. Just what I was looking for. I was wondering if there is a way to exclude certain pages from the feed. For example I make a page for a redirect from an autoresponder confirmation, I may not want it to show in the feed.

    • Avatar photo

      There is no way to what you ask via the configuration. But if you make sure the page you want to exclude is older than the other pages it won't be picked up by the feed. The feed only shows your recent posts/pages.

  108. The plugin works great and it's just Activate and working. I had some pages excluded from the index, but they show up in the feed. For this site it's fine, but I have other sites that I'd love to use this plugin on that I can't have excluded pages show up. You should have a little check box or something on pages that will be excluded from the feed.

  109. Hello,
    i was so happy when i found your plugin, it was exactly wat i was looking for.
    But infortunately it looks like it doesn't work... maybe it is because i'm on wrdpress 2.7.1?
    my rss feed is sadly empty...
    can you do something for me?

    • ouououps!
      forget everything i said!
      i'm stupid, everything works perfectly!
      you cans even delet my comment :)
      but keep in mind that i'm really happy with your work, you did what i really was wainting for and it works!
      thanks a lot!

    • Avatar photo

      The plugin works fine in 2.7.1 as that is the version I use. I'm not sure why it isn't work for you. Have you tried publishing a post to see if your feed is functioning properly?

  110. Wordpress 2.7 differentiates pages into private and public ones. If I publish a private page, this one should be excludes from the RSS Feed. Is there any opportunities to do this?

  111. Avatar photo

    Your suggestion is a good one, but the functionality doesn't currently exist. Perhaps in the next version...

  112. Great work - I've been looking for this feature quit a long time, since I'm using Wordpress also as an CRM. Thanks a lot for this great plug-in. And it's easy to use!


  113. I used this for our Wordpress MU install and it really does the trick. Thanks alot for making it so easy (just dropped in MU Plugins).

  114. can't thank you enough for this one, was exactly what i was looking for and does the job perfectly.


  115. Can we manage to have a rss feed for child pages that belong to one page parent?

    • Avatar photo

      Sorry, but the current version of the plugin doesn't have the feature you're describing.

  116. Is there a way to include just one page in the RSS feed?

    • Avatar photo

      There's no really easy way. However, if your pages are all older than your posts, then you can include just one page by setting its create date to be newer than the posts.

  117. Avatar photo


    Thanks for posting your tweak!

  118. Scratch that. I worked it out. If anyone else is interested, you just modify the query $replace variable.

    $replace = '('. $table_prefix . 'posts.post_type = 'page')'; // add OR post_type 'page' to the query

    Lovin' it!

  119. Top work! Can it be modified to just list pages?

  120. Thanks for this one. It works great!

  121. I know wht you mean, most of the extra features the big players do, are not essential for us novice writers, so I believe wordpress suffices atleast for the time being. And so long as people like you support us with various plug-ins, I guess we'll not regret.

  122. "I'm now using WordPress as a content management system "

    I seen the advantages in this last year. Like you said, not quite up to scratch with the full cms systems but a great way to migrate with simple control and functionality.

  123. Avatar photo


    Sub-pages are showing up fine for me.

  124. It seems to include only top level pages in the feed, if I have a page nested under another page they do not show up in the feed. Any way to get around this? I want ALL pages in the feed.

  125. Thanks you very much for the tip, yeah i think is very important tu be include in RSS.

  126. Avatar photo


    The plugin piggy-backs off of the existing WordPress RSS feed functionality which is set up include just the latest posts based on the date. If you were dealing with posts and not pages, I'd suggest that you create a special category for the posts you want to appear in the feed and create a feed specifically for that category. But I don't think you can assign categories to pages.

  127. Hi Marios,
    Thank you very much for creating this plugin, it is just what I've been looking for.
    Is there a way to include "older" pages other than changing their publishing date?
    The dates are there for a reason, and I don't want to change them.
    Thanks in advance and again: a wonderful plugin!

  128. Avatar photo

    The feed should include the last posts/pages sorted by date. If the pages are older than the most recent posts, then no pages will show. So if you want pages to show up, you will need to update the published date. There's another plugin that I've modified to update the date of pages -- Post Shift by Dagon Design. By default it only works on posts, but I've tweaked it to work on pages as well.

  129. >>> The plugin should work transparently with anything that Feedburner does. The plugin "steps in" to modify the feed output as it's being created by WordPress resulting in a feed that looks the same to third parties

    <<< Hi Marios - thanks very much for the info :) I have installed the plugin but no pages are showing up - that is probably because they were published some time back - that said it appears that the publish date(s) may need to be changed to get them to show up? Aside... The FB Feedburner plugin will create custom feeds based on categories, but, alas pages do not have categories... have to see if maybe can be done via tags... but I am kinda pushing the edge of the plugin anyway - pages are important on my site but I do a lot of posting as well - thanks again

  130. Avatar photo

    The plugin should work transparently with anything that Feedburner does. The plugin "steps in" to modify the feed output as it's being created by WordPress resulting in a feed that looks the same to third parties.

  131. Hi - I found your plugin on my WP admin page in the plugins section - it looks interesting and certainly useful for some people - thanks.

    Has the plugin been tested for compatibility with the Feedburner plugins that redirect the site feed to a Feeedburner feed and / or any of the Feedburner Site Stats / FeedFlare plugins? (Feedburner Site Stats / FeedFlare plugins enable Feedburner to collect stats on your site and display Feedflares in the posts. If you want to see the plugins I am talking about that I am using look on the home page in the footer follow the design credits link. thx

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