Republish Old Posts for WordPress

Real-Time Find and Replace Plugin


The Republish Old Posts plugin, inspired by the now defunct and no longer available Old Post Promoter, helps revive old posts by resetting the publish date to the current date. This will push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds.

Why would you want to do this? Here are a few reasons:

  1. New visitors to your site haven't seen your old content. This will help them discover it.
  2. Old content won't show up in date-based searches on search engines, but resetting the date can make them look fresh again.
  3. People like to share and link to new content and they determine that by looking at the publication date.

This ideal for sites with a large repository of evergreen content.



This plugin is straight-forward to use, but I have a few recommendations:

  • Consider republishing content that is at least 90 days old. You don't want to upset current users by making them see things they'll remember they've seen before.
  • A randomness interval can make the republishing seem more natural. Not mandatory, but those with tinfoil hats may appreciate this feature.
  • The frequency of republishing should depend on how much content you have. The more you have, the more frequently you can republish without running into a situation where you run out of old content.
  • Review your posts for those that shouldn't be republished. This includes those that are date specific, not really content (like forms), are that just aren't worth republishing. Filter these by category or using the custom field available in the pro version.

Pro Version

The pro version of this plugin has a number of features worth pointing out. These features include:

  • Additional minimum intervals: 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 days, 3 days, and 7 days.
  • Additional randomness intervals: 0 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.
  • Additional post age options: 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 28 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 240 days, 365 days, 730 days.
  • Ability to filter out any posts of your choosing so that they are never republished. This provides more fine-grained control than just selecting a category.
  • Choosing whether a random post or the oldest post that otherwise meets the criteria should be republished.

The following screenshots are a little out of date, whereas the text above is more up to date, but they highlight the areas that are different in the pro version.

Before you buy, please note that you:

  • Unlike most plugins, you are buying a lifetime license. You do NOT need to pay yearly or ever again.
  • You need to deactivate the free/trial version of the plugin before activating the pro version.
  • One (1) license is needed per site. Additional installations on ‘localhost' do not require a separate license.
  • You should receive an email with a download link and your license within 10 minutes of completing your purchase. If you don't, please leave a comment below.
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  1. I have used the free version for a long time, but I just purchased the pro version. Now, when a post is republished, it puts the post into a "pending review" status instead of just republishing. Why is it doing that? I now have to go into my dashboard daily and manually "publish" the posts sitting in a "pending review" status.

    • I don't know why that would be happening. The method of republishing in the free and pro versions is the same. The pro version just has more options.

      • I bought two licenses of the Pro version and installed it on two different sites. It is happening on both sites. The posts that should be republished are not actually "publishing" but are going into a "pending review" status. Both websites are set up similarly, with the same plugins and theme. It must be a plugin conflict of some kind.

        • You actually posted a comment back in 2020. You wrote the below. Are you using the List category posts plugin?

          "It appears that another plugin that I use to list posts by category is conflicting. I use a plugin called List category posts Version 0.81 | By Fernando Briano and when it is active it won't allow the republished post to go live. This is strange because I was using the same plugin with the Free version of your plugin."

        • Also, what options have you chosen in the pro version that you didn't choose in the free version? For example, are you using "Trigger a publish event when republishing"? I could see other plugins interacting with my plugin if that option is checked.

  2. It's a nice plugin. Maybe more filters will be good for free version

    • Plenty of additional filters are available in the pro version for a low, one-time price vs. other plugins that charge more and make you pay every year.

      • I can't seem to reactivate plugin after domain change. Can you please help me?

        • Post your license in a comment here so I can look up your record. Comments are moderated here so no one will see your license.

  3. Hello,

    The plugin doesn't work :

    Can you help me please ?
    Thank you,

    Have a nice day,

    Best Regards,

    • The link requires me to login. Please send info that I can access without a login.

  4. Hi, can I set this to republish specific posts every month?

    • I'm not sure what you mean by every month, but to restrict republishing to certain posts you could create a special category for those posts and then exclude all other categories from being republished.

      • I mean, can I set it to republish repeatedly every month? So a post would be republished on the first of January, February etc automatically.

        Ok, so it's not possible to choose to republish a specific post, it's only by category that I can include or exclude?

        Thanks for your quick reply before!

        • Republishing based on age of the post and not on date that you can specify.

          There's no way to specify just a specif post to republish.

  5. Hello
    Could it be possible to select tags please ?
    Thank you

    • I doubt I'll be adding that feature anytime soon.

      • Ok thank you, It could be game changer for me, I have several sites.

        • If it's a game-changer, consider hiring a developer to modify the plugin. They can then submit the code to me for review and then I can post it to Others have done that with one of my other plugins when they wanted a feature that was important to them.

  6. Hey, will it work on LiteSpeed hosting? I hope we will get a free update.

    • I don't know anything about LiteSpeed hosting.

  7. Hello, I am considering purchasing the pro version of your plugin. Is there a possibility to republish at set times (for example every day at 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., for example)
    Thanks a lot

    • No.

  8. Dear,
    I've installed your plugin but It doesn't work with our Recipes. It doesn't update our recipes contents.

    • Your recipes probably aren't standard posts which is what the plugin works with.

  9. Hi, I bought the pro version but did not get the email with the download link. The paypal transaction ID is [removed].

    • Email re-sent. You should have it by now.

  10. On the posts republished, I have the setting `Show Original Publication Date At Top of Post?` and `Show Original Publication Date at Post End?` set to `Yes` and would like the resulting date be formatted to be bigger text size to make it clear it is a republshed post.

    Which setting or part of the plugin core do I need to edit to make this happen?

    • There is no setting for formatting. And you shouldn't modify the plugin. You're better off adding a custom CSS entry for the dates either through the WP admin or by a custom theme file.

      • And what Custom CSS entry would that be?

        • CSS is hierarchical in its nature and so it would depend on what styling has already been applied by your theme i.e. it'll be specific to your theme. If you're using a premium theme, there's likely a support forum thread about custom CSS for it.

  11. Hello,

    I Just noticed that the dates on all of my posts are off quite a bit lately. for example todays post show September 30, 2023, but today is October 30,2023. Furthermore it seems that other previous posts dates are off as well. I have purged all of my Caches and still have the same problem...

    • It looks like you published or republished a bunch of content on September 30. The fact that it's October 30 today is just a coincidence. You can see that Google's Cache of your homepage shows the same dates and that cache is dated October 29.

      I would check the plugin settings to make sure you're re-publishing on the right schedule. And, you might as well check that your site has the correct date set under Settings->General.

      • Hello Marios, I have had this plugin working correctly for over 1 year + without any issues. I only repost a max of 3 posts/day and I haven't posted anything manually for weeks if not months to the website.

        Somehow a batch of posts have had the dates changed to September 30 . I also see another batch of posts for Sept 10 th. I would never post that many in a single day.

        I also just saw a "new" repost that just happened "BARRACUDA ENCOUNTER DIVING BIMINI’S EL DORADO SHOAL" and it has a date of September 30,223 as well. This was just reposted by the plugin since I wrote this post a few minutes ago.

        Never had problems before.. so not sure what changed.


        Thanks :)

        • I would start by reviewing the plugin's settings. They may have changed although it would be odd for that to happen. If you want to send a screenshot of your settings maybe I'll notice something unexpected.

        • Ok,

          I have verified that the website's time is set correctly. Also, I haven't changed any settings anywhere on the website for quite a while.

          I didn't know how to to send you an in image but I cut and pasted the settings below:

          WARNING: If your permalinks contain dates, disable this plugin immediately.

          Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing: 12 Hours
          Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval): Upto 4 Hours
          Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing: 120 Days
          Republish post to position (choosing the 2nd position will leave the most recent post in place): 2nd Position
          Show Original Publication Date at Post End? No
          Show Original Publication Date At Top of Post? No
          Select Random Post? Yes
          Omit from republishing posts with the following custom field: rop_ignore
          Custom field value that should match to omit republishing: true
          Force republishing posts with the following custom field: rop_force
          Custom field value that should match to force republishing: true

          All other setting snot set/used


        • Your settings look fine. I have no idea how there are multiple posts showing up within a second of each other on a particular date. It looks like the problem goes back to December 2022 where I'm seeing more than 3 posts with the same date. That's obviously more than just a hiccup and suggests some sort of incompatibility with your site (i.e. a conflict of some sort with other plugins or theme), but I have no idea what that would be.

          I'm going to put your settings on a test site and see if the same thing happens for me.

        • Hey Marios,

          I have an idea of what may be happening … I believe that whenever I have updated a post ( manually changing the date) apparently a batch of other posts may be getting updated somehow behind the scenes.

          I came to this conclusion by watching my Facebook page and when I re-posted there as I frequently will manually update the date of a given ( single) post then.

          Assuming I am correct - Is there a way to restore the previous or original dates for each post?


        • Any post that has been republished by my plugin has a custom field associated with it called rop_original_pub_date that holds the original publish date.

  12. That download link does not seem to work. It goes directly to this page.

    • Check your download folder. The link goes to the file, not a page so there's nothing for it load in the browser. The file should download automatically.

  13. I posted earlier about not being able to find my licenses. I just found the rest of them. Had them saved in an old file. How do I download the Pro version?

    • A new download link has been sent. You should have it by now.

  14. Just now I purchased pro version post activating my permalink is exactly changing as post title.

    I am not using date permalink.

    My site is using Hostinger Litespeed.

    Kindly suggest any specific requirement like memory?

    • There are no specific requirements. If your permalinks are changing, I'd guess it's due to another plugin. With the default settings, when my plugin republishes, all it changes is the date which shouldn't affect the URL if the URL doesn't include the date. If you've selected the Trigger Publish Event option, then something is stepping in (perhaps and SEO plugin) and changing the URL. One thing you could try is creating a new post, setting the URL to something other than the default, and then publishing the post. If the URL changes to match the title, then it'll mean something is changing it other than my plugin.

  15. A few questions

    1. Does the pro version have a feature where new posts can be republished after 2 days?

    2. Does the pro version have a feature where the permalink changes after republishing?

    • 1. Yes, there is a 48 hour option.

      2. Sort of. If you set permalinks to include the date, then the permalink of the post will change when it's republished since the date will change.

  16. Hi,

    I need the premium version but it is only re-posting 1 post at a time.

    Can you please add the feature of re-posting multiple post at the same time

    • Have you tried reducing the Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing? You can have it republish every 10 seconds.

      • I only see minimum interval 15 mins, there is not 10 second interval option

        • Oh I thought you were already using the Pro version. It's the Pro version that has the 10 second interval.

        • Hi,

          I have purchased the pro version, but I have some problem with below function

          Custom field value that should match to omit republishing - I want this to be blank as I want all the posts to omit from republishing that have that particular custom field. The value of the custom field will be different in different posts, so I want to omit republishing post that have particular custom field, not particular custom value.

          Can you please help me.

        • Sorry, the plugin was designed to look for a specific value in a specific custom field and not just the existence of a custom field.

        • Okay if that is not possible.

          Can I republish post only with the particular custom field and value and it will ignore republishing other posts.

          I am using the below features but it is republishing other posts also

          Force republishing posts with the following custom field:
          Custom field value that should match to force republishing:

        • If you omit all categories from republishing, you can then force the republishing of other posts by using the custom field and value.

      • In the free version that I have, I can select minimum interval as 24 hours, and it is showing 15 mins if you are pro users.

        So can you tell me the minimum random internal time in pro version please.

        I think you should update the free version to avoid confusion.

        • In the pro version:
          - The lowest value for Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing is 15 seconds
          - The lowest value for Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing is 0 minutes

  17. Can I use 1 license in my main site and sub domain site?

    • No. A license is needed per site.

  18. Pre-purchase question - Is the license fee lifetime or monthly basis?

    • Lifetime.

  19. Good day. I have reviewed your website and need help following up on the Republish Old Posts plugin. I created a specific post I want to have republished one year from when the post was initially published.

    So, if I create a post today, June 23, 2023, I want to have that post republished on June 23, 2024. How do I do that with your plugin? I only want specific posts to be republished, not every post.

    Thank you for your time and assistance. If this is easy and possible, I will purchase a pro license for this plugin.


    • Your needs are probably too specific for my plugin. You can apply many filters, but the plugin isn't really a scheduler, but rather a tool for resurfacing old content after a particular age.

  20. Can I use this plugin to only republish one specific page, daily?

    Regarding this page on my site:

    thanks in advance

    • The plugin republishes posts, not pages. If the item in question is a post, yes it can be republished daily (more or less) by matching the title or by using a custom field that will mark it for republishing while at the same time excluding all categories.

  21. I really disappointed. Today only I purchased and applied re-publishing but what your plugin did it changed entire my post permalinks to title one.

    I don't have a backup now and don't know what will happen.

    • Could you provide an example of an old permalink and a new permalink? The plugin doesn't modify permalinks unless they include a date.

  22. Hi, I want to report only a few categories which option I need to select? Also, what is the meaning of "Force republishing posts with the following custom field: rop_force"

    • You EXCLUDE categories by checking the box next to the category name in the list of categories below the settings. Unchecked categories will be included.

      If you add rop_force as a custom field to a post and set the value to true, that post will be considered for republishing even if the other settings would normally kept it from being included. So you could exclude a category, but then force a post in that category to be included.

  23. Hey,

    I bought a new license and applied also but when I chose my setting and tried to save "update options" getting an error like below.

    Please buy/activate a license for this plugin. A license is required per domain other than localhost.

    • Everything looks fine from my side and the license is active. Are you still having problems?

  24. I want to buy this post but am unable to see "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing: = 1 day, or custom time" can I get the same in the Pro version?

    • The pro version includes 1 day for "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing".

      • Thanks, Is any discount offer running or coming in future? I am a newbie and do not have much budget. It will be very helpful if I will get any offer sir.

        • Nope.

  25. a few months ago I bought a license but the domain has expired, how do I install the license to my new domain?

    • Deactivate the license and remove the files from the site. You can then re-use the license.

      • Same case. But I can't save and activate the license on the new domain.

        • Send an email to the support address you received with info about which license you're talking about.

  26. Need a single license for a site and a subdomain or buy two licenses?

    • One license is needed per site. If the subdomain is another site, then it needs license.

  27. I have installed plugin and have several articles replublished on same date. Woulld like to:

    - Republish on the same date original article was published, but on this year.
    - Program the republish.


    • All the settings are on the plugin's admin page. There are no hidden settings to do more than what's shown on the admin page.

  28. Hi Marios,
    I would like to request a small list of features for this awesome plugin. I would love pay extra if you could make these happen.
    1. Being able include custom post types like "Product", category pages and pages in republishing
    2. Just updating the "last-updated" date of the post and not the "post-published" date. The Yandex leak showed that old posts with a fresh "last-updated"-date perform better in search
    Thank you for reading

    • Item #1 is a good idea.
      Item #2 is fine, but it'd need to be a toggle. Some people (and themes) rely on the published date.

      However, what I generally advise people with such requests is that they hire someone from one of the gig sites to make the changes and then I'll incorporate the final solution into the plugin. This is basically because most folks don't really have the budget to afford what I'd charge.

      • Hi Marios,
        thanks i figured it out myself.

        #1 is just adding post and product to the sql query like this:
        WHERE ( post_type = 'post' OR post_type = 'page' OR post_type = 'product' )

        #2 is just replacing (nearly) every post_date with post_modified and post_date_gmt with post_modified_gmt

        easier than expected

        • Hello,

          I tried it like you did and it works, but there is a problem that it only works with 1 post type. While I want to work at the same time with other post types. Do you have a solution for this problem.?

          Thank you for replying.

        • The plugin works with the "post" post type only.

  29. can i republish my old article ? because my article old in 3years ago. if can i want buy this tools bro

    • I don't understand your question.

  30. hello,
    i have bought for my new domain, it is saving but not activating

    • Send a screenshot of the plugin's admin page to the support email address you received.

  31. Hello,
    I am setting up the pro plugin. not sure of all the setting available. the first questions are about "Trigger a publish event when republishing" and "Update post GUID upon republishing". What is being triggered? And why update the GUID? I'm not an expert AT ALL in this stuff-- that's why I like wordpress. But isn't the GUID, like the unique fingerprint of a particular post? Why would one want to update it? I think I am missing something around the idea of republishing a post.

    My use is actually that I want to republish a specific post (the same one) each day. It has dynamic content embedded (using another plugin) that changed each day. I just want to repubish that one post. (Maybe a "post ID's to republish" field could make things more specific in a case like mine, as opposed to the "key words" in the post title.

    • The "Trigger a publish event when republishing" will make the plugin behave as if you just pressed the Publish button on a new post in the edit screen. All of the actions WordPress and other plugins take when this button is pressed will be triggered.

      Some external systems that monitor content on other sites will look for a unique GUID to then indicate that something is new. For example, RSS aggregators may not show a new post if the GUID is the same even if the date is current. Unless you have a specific need, I wouldn't change the GUID.

      If you put the post you want to republish in a category without other posts and then exclude all other categories in the plugin, you don't have to match the title.

  32. I already have the plugin and license, but can't activate it. help

    • I don't have your email address on file so I can't look up your purchase.

  33. Hi, the plugin worked successfully for a while but seems to have stopped republishing old posts. No settings changed, and there are 4600+ posts with 1 per day, so I don't think it's run out of posts.

    It published a post on October 7, then nothing until October 31, and nothing since then. Any idea what might have gone wrong?

    • No idea why it would stop assuming posts continue to match the criteria you've specified. The plugin hasn't changed so it should continue to work unless another plugin is conflicting with it now.

  34. Can I Use 1 License For 1 Domain, But Used In Multiple Subdomains

    Can I Use 1 License For 3 Subdomains Like The Example Above?

    • 1 license per "site" whether that's a domain or subdomain or folder.

  35. Hi,
    after activating the Republish Old Posts Pro, where can I see the plan for re-publishing posts? According to my settings the republished ones should be published with a 72 hours gap between but I cannot find them anywhere as "planned for" or anything like that...

    • There is no "plan". A post is republished when it qualifies for republishing based on your criteria. At any given time a post qualifies or it doesn't. There is no plan created.

  36. Hi. After republishing the list of old posts how do we set the plugin to start republishing them again, or can this only republish articles once?

    • Posts will continue to be republished whenever there are eligible ones based on the criteria you've specified. There is no limit to the number of times a post will be republished. It just needs to meet the criteria.

      • It seems not all social media autoposting plugins will continue republishing after the first round. Do you have a plugin you could recommend that would continue publishing to social media that works well with this plugin.

        • No I don't.

  37. can this plugin be used to republish products from woocommerce?

    • No. It only republishes posts.

  38. I think there should be an option of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Days in Post Age because After 1 day the direct option of 7 Days is available for post eligibility.

    You are requested to make available this option in your next update.

    • Or can you let me know how can i customize with my own?

      • You can hire a WordPress developer to add the features you want.

  39. I've installed republish old posts pro, I've entered the license pin and activated it. I've also put in the options of which posts should be republished and how often the pushed the update options button, but nothing has happened. Posts are not being republished. Is there a step I have left out or something that I'm missing? My site does not use permalink with dates.

    • Do you have posts that are old enough to qualify for republishing based on the settings you specified?

      • Can i get a copy of republish old posts version 1.26?? It publishes down to 10 seconds I have 164000 blog post and would like to refresh faster than you 15 minutes thanks.

        • You can buy the latest version using the Buy Now button on this page.

        • But could I get the one that will publish down to 10 seconds I would highly appreciate that

        • The latest version has all features.

        • does it have where you can repost to 10 seconds??? your photos only show 15 minutes

        • The photos are old and some features have been added since. I did update the text description though.

      • Again does it have the 10 seconds to post?

        • It has the 10 seconds minimum interval, but unless your site is frequently visited (i.e. at least once every 10 seconds), the republishing won't happen as fast as you'd like. This plugin relies on a WordPress feature called WP-Cron which only runs when the site is actively serving pages.

  40. The plugin not working for the pro version. It was working while i was using the free version, but stopped working immediately i uninstall the free plugin and installed the pro plugin.

    Please i need you assistance here

    • The free and pro version have the same core functionality so if one works then the other should too. I would double-check the settings and make sure that they result in posts that qualify for republishing.

  41. can I re-publish by adding a sitemap xml file?

    • My plugin doesn't look at sitemap files.

  42. The plugin does not appear to be doing anything at all. Nothing has been republished as far as I see. Not sure what is happening. It recognises all the categories of the posts (I haven't selected anything to omit). I tried forcing reposts with a custom field. I tried lots of different timescales but no re-publishing seen for any of these options.

    • That's odd, but a possibility as there might be a conflict with other plugins. Your PHP error log may provide a clue, but not everything triggers an error. If you're otherwise sure that posts qualify for republishing based on your settings, there isn't much else you can do.

  43. Hello,

    Does the pro version have the option to automatically republish articles made by a specific author + category?

    I am looking for something that can republish the posts from a specific category and written by a specific author.


    • No it doesn't have that feature.

  44. Hi there,
    I've been using your plugin for years and just noticed that it's not posting in order from oldest to newest. It appears to be republishing old posts random. I have checked the plugin settings and 'select random post' is set to 'No'.

    Any advice? Thanks!


    • Thanks for letting me know about the issue. I believe I found the problem and I've corrected it. You should see a notification for a new version to on your plugin admin page.

      • That fixed it! Thank you very much.

        • Thanks for taking the time to confirm.

  45. I have installed the pro version, but after a few posts, It won't work.
    I have another question, is it possible to republish the old posts? like the beginning? for 5 or 6 years ago?

    • It shouldn't stop as long as posts meet the republishing criteria you've provided.

      I don't understand your other question. Based on the criteria you provide, the plugin will identify which, if any, posts are eligible for republishing and then republish 1 of them. This process will repeat as a long as the plugin is active.

      • Thank you for your reply. I want to republish my oldest posts. Like from 8 years ago. for this option :
        Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing: ( I want this option, be 3000 days ) for example. Is it possible?

        • There is no 3000 days option. The largest value is 730 days. Anything older than that would be included in the pool of posts eligible for republishing.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Is there possible to do this?
        Change the code or something?
        because I really need this. to 5 or 6 years or more.

        • Is it technically possible? Yes. But I'm not currently working on adding features to the plugin.

  46. Hey, I'm a Republish Old posts user and have an unique requirement to extract all Original Date of Posts along with the Modified date and the title of the posts. Is this possible?

    • Yes, this is possible if you are familiar with the WordPress database.

      • Yes, I am. If you can send me where the information is stored, please -as the wp_post table still shows the modified date as published date

      • Great. I have tried wp_posts to extract info but the Published date is same as modified date (although on the website, the original date is shown at the end of the content). Could you direct me to the table where the info is stored?

        • The original publish date is stored in the post meta table with the field name rop_original_pub_date.

  47. hello, I'm a Republish Old Posts Pro user. I want to ask why my posts always republish more than 4 hours.

    For example, my old post was originally published at 10:22:39. by using the plugin you are always published at least 14:22:39 or more.

    is there something wrong with my setting this:

    please help to get published on time. thank you

    • The first I'd check is to check your timezone settings. Go to Settings -> General. Make sure the timezone and local time are correct.

      Second, remove the Randomness Interval if you're trying to get your posts to post at the same time.

      • Is the timezone setting like this correct according to your plugin?


        Please help

        • I can't tell you if your time zone and local time are correct. That would depend on where you are. Are you in Jakarta? Is the local time 19:38? If yes to both, then your settings are correct.

        • Yes, that's right, I live in Jakarta and have set the timezone correctly.

          and for the plugin settings it is according to what you suggest >

          we'll see tomorrow if it's on time or is it just more than 4 hours


        • hello, I want to tell. after I followed your advice regarding settings to be published in a timely manner as shown below:

          And the result is still the same. article published after more than 4 hours.

          is this the basic settings of your plugin? even though I have turned off Randomness Interval like the picture above.

        • Your settings look fine to me so I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. If you'd like a refund, let me know.

  48. I did set that updated post-show stay 2nd position (Republish post to position (choosing the 2nd position will leave the most recent post in place): but all my recent content are not in place but its previous post that are claiming river this new ones , please why?

    • Check your posts in the admin. You should see the republished post with a date that is older than the most recent post. If you see that, then the plugin is working as expected.

    • my recent post is not showing at the top I'm still seeing older post, can I know the recommended settings , so I know which to implement. tho I changed it from 120 day to 240 day that shouldn't affect it right?

      • The only setting that affects 1st or 2nd position is the one you already mentioned in your comment. The other settings have no effect on the position.

        • oh! but all my recent post dont show, what can be done please?

        • The plugin should work without too much difficulty. If it isn't working as expected, perhaps there's a conflict with another plugin or an incompatibility with your theme. If you'd like a refund, let me know and I will process it.

  49. Hello , I’m trying to purchase but it’s say cart is empty and it has not been add to cart , No items . Please kindly check

    • Just try again. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you.

      • okay, it works now, but now I'm having issues paying. please what alternative payment method can we work out.

        • You can send US$9.95 to I will then process your order. There are no other payment options available.

      • or alternative can I purchase from this website [site removed] I also see that the plugin is live on this site, can you confirm whether you are afflicted to the above-mentioned webpage or they are scammers. I'm having issues paying with Paypal with my card can I pay directly or can you create a payment gateway that accepts card payment or another alternative?

        • This site is the only site. Downloading the plugin from another site puts you at risk. And, of course, you won't get updates.

      • With this plugin is it possible to update ALL (all Blog post) WordPress blog post every after 24 or 48 hours daily. if so please what are the setting to be applied

        • No it isn't possible.

  50. why not work on my website?

    • I don't know.

  51. Hi,

    Is it possible to set this to auto republish every single post on my site every set interval?

    I have a very unique use-case, i want the URL of my posts to change based on date in the permalink, so always having a new unqiue link for each pst every 12 hours.

    I just need a plugin that can autorepublish all my posts and change all the dates so it reflects in the permalink.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

    • No my plugin doesn't work that way.

  52. Hi,

    I can't use it anymore

    the errror message :
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rop_plugin_meta() (previously declared in /home/entreprexk/www/wp-content/plugins/republish-old-posts/republish-old-posts.php:57) in /home/********/www/wp-content/plugins/republish-old-posts-pro/republish-old-posts-pro.php on line 79

    Thanks for your help

    • Deactivate the free version and this error will go away. The free and pro versions can't be activate at the same time.

  53. is it possible without the new version to choose an exclusive category from which the posts shall be republished?

    Currently, I can only exclude categories, so all posts that belong to more than one category get never republished if one of the additional ones is excluded.

    • No the behavior of the category exclusion is set to work one way.

  54. Anyone able to get this to work with Zapier - so it triggers a zap as a new post is published? Doesn't seem to work and I've tried going through their trouble shooting (eg. enable XML RPC and so on)

    • I have both trigger a publish event and update post GUID turned on as well.

  55. posts are not appearing on blog pages or in the sidebar - have i not set it up properly

    • The plugin doesn't control where posts are shown.

  56. Greetings, my posts are republishing as pending. Is there someway to get them to republish as published?
    Thank you very much...

    • The plugin doesn't leave things in the pending status unless something isn't working right or something is blocking the republishing process. Perhaps there's a conflict with another plugin, but it's hard to tell without an error message or some more information. If you have other plugins that interact with the publishing process (e.g. posting to social media sites automatically), I'd try deactivating those to see if the republishing works.

  57. I want to know that what is the mean of "Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing"

    Is I set this time of 24 hours than x post will be republish daily after 24 hours? or it means that there will be a gap of 24 hours between two republishing posts?

    • It means there will be a gap of 24 hours in between two republishing.

  58. I can't seem to reactivate plugin after domain change. Can you please help me?

    • Email the support address you received when you purchased the plugin. I'll need to know your license number or the email address you used to make the purchase.

  59. Hi,

    Is it possible to republish multiple posts at the same time and is it possible for you to add manual auto republish.

    • Posts are republished whenever something matches the republish settings provided, but you can't specify that at that time more than one should be re-published.

      A manual republish button isn't something I'll be adding anytime soon.

      • So for example if i have 20 posts that match the settings provided, the plugin will only still republish only 1 post at a time. Am i correct here?

        Is it possible to republish more than 1 post at a same time? Can you please add this feature, this will be very helpful.

        • Correct.

  60. Hey guys. great plugin!

    just one thing I'm perplexed about. Everyday I want 1 article republished from each category enabled. The plugin is republishing 2 and sometimes more articles per day, at the exact same time of day. This is a problem I don't know how to fix yet.

    Please help, thanks!

    Pro User.

    • Assuming your settings are correct, the plugin won't publish 1 article per category enabled (unchecked), but rather it'll publish 1 article from the combined pool of all articles that qualify for republishing as determined by the criteria you've provided. NOTE: Checking a category actually excludes it from being considered.

      If you have the minimum interval set to something greater than 24 hours, then only 1 article should be published on any given day.

      And items will be published more or less at the same time everyday unless you've included randomness interval.

      • Hello, I have the minimum interval programmed every 15 minutes on one website and on the other license, that is, my other website, every 30 minutes and in both cases it publishes 2 or 3 posts each time, I have not put a random interval in any. How do I fix this? I only want one post at a time

        • It looks like you purchased the plugin in 2017 so was it working fine until recently?

        • I'm answering you here because I can't reply to your comment, I don't see the button. I bought one license in 2017 and the other last week for my second website. Both have always worked the same, what happens is that now I need to only launch one publication at a time, before I did not care, but now I have other goals

  61. Hi, I just purchased one license of this plugin to try on a site that I really don't care about before I purchased another 8 for the sites that I do care about. I noticed something that might be unusual. I reposted some articles great but it put a publish date of 9/11/2018 for like 10 of the articles but todays date for the top one. Is this how it works? I am confused with some of the options that you can selected from.

    Also as a general question. I share my articles to all social media platforms. Will those total number of shares be carried over in the republish of the articles? I really need to know that before going forward with additional purchases.

    I just want to make sure this is doing as expected. Is there some documentation about how to set the settings.

    • Republished articles get the current date and time. The URL doesn't change upon republishing so shares should carry over. There is no manual. Just the descriptions for each setting on the admin page.

      • so can you explain why the articles I originally published in 2013 all republished to 9.11.2018? This is confusing to me. thanks.

        • I have no idea how that would happen. I suppose if your server clock is wrong, that could do it. But I imagine you would've noticed by now if your server clock wasn't properly set.

        • So I was actually wondering if it was something to do with the settings I set?
          OR because I installed the free copy and that worked for one post perfectly.
          Then I purchased the pro version.
          deactivated the free one and installed the Pro.
          Could this have caused it?

        • The free and pro version are compatible. The pro version just has more settings. So I'm not sure why you're getting the results you've described.

        • I just deactivated and reactivated the plugin. And it is still giving me that date. How can I get a screen shot to you?

        • Send it to the support email address that was in the email you got with the license key.

  62. Dear Friend

    Till i find a better solution, i'm forced to stop using this great plugin. The reason is that when it republishing some old posts,
    it changes the slug words into greek ones fetced from the title like the example:

    This is something that i dont want because of the xml sitemap produced of it.
    Please advice me if i can do anything about it because i loved this plugin

    Thanking in Advance

    • This isn't something I'm able to reproduce so I'm not sure why it's happening on your site. Perhaps there is a conflict with another plugin. I know there are other plugins that modify the slug and maybe upon republishing such a plugin triggers the change.

  63. I have used the free version of the plugin on many websites for the last few years. It has always worked great. I purchased the PRO version for a large website with many posts.

    I have noticed that the PRO version is changing my post URL when it republished. The free version has never done this to me. I have several hundred posts that the URL was changed and had to spend several hours fixing the issue.

    It seems that it is pulling the 'slug" which is set to the title which is not what the permalink is set to.

    Original post permalink is being changed to the slug. Very FRUSTRATING. I am going back to the free version.

    • The free and pro version republish the same way. The pro version just gives you more options. Neither version has any code that alters the slug. If the free version works on the same site where the pro version somehow results in the slug being changed, that would certainly indicate there's a bug. Have you had time to confirm that the free version works as expected on this large website with many posts?

  64. Hey I want to keep a certain post as the latest published post. The way i have the site up featuring the post will not achieve this. Although your plugin only allows posts 30days or older to be re published. Is there a way to change this so that posts even only 2 days old can be re published?

    • The pro version allows for the post age for republished to be as recent as 6 hours. However, you'll need to take another step or two to ensure that only 1 post is republished such as assigning it a special category and exclude all others from republishing.

  65. Hello, because when I tell the plugin that Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing: 90 Days, post me post up to 11 years ago? Isn't there a way to get the date I tell you right?

    Thank you!

    • Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing is a minimum. So setting the value to 90 days means 90 days or older.

      • yes but .. publish post older than 90 days ... post post from 2015, 2009, do what you want ... don't you think there may be a problem with WP Fast Cache?

        My permanent links do not have dates ...

        • I don't know what you're asking. I don't think there'll be a problem with WP Fast Cache since it'll eventually update the cache.

  66. Hi, I have the Pro version 1.21. I was wondering if there is an option to add the number of posts, a field where you can add "1" or "2" or "3"?

    Sometimes in my blog, 1 post is needed per day, or 1 every 12 hours, or 1 every 4 hours

    The version Pro re-post 2 at time.


    • There is no such option.

      • Can this be integrated into the updated version? Let me know

        • I'm not working on new features at the moment.

  67. Hello Marios,

    Great plugin, but I wish to apply the repost function only to certain posts, not all of them. Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks :)

    • You could assign special category to the posts you want republish and then block all other categories from being republished. You can also use the "force" and "ignore" custom fields on individual posts.

  68. Does this work with Zapier?
    I need republished posts to be posted on my facebook page and Zapier does this but I'm not sure if it works with ROP's pro?
    I have Trigger a publish event when republishing and Update post GUID upon republishing both turned on.

    • I don't use Zapier so I can't say.

  69. Hello Marios,
    I have a pro version.
    I want to republish one article in particular. It worked the first time with the option "Must contain this phrase in the title to be republished e.g. word will match word, keyword, words".
    Since then, there's been no way to republish the article. Do you have a solution? Thank you

    • There is no limit on how many times an article can be republished so the option you used should continue to work. My guess is that the other criteria you've set are excluding the article from being republished.

  70. Is there a way to republish all articles NOW and not have ot wait for articles to be 30days old?
    Once active I can't tell how to get plugin to work/run for 1st time

    • There's no "all" option, but you can reduce the age threshold to 6 hours and increase the republishing frequency to 10 seconds.

      • Is that a Pro feature? all I see is
        Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing: 30 days
        Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing: 4hrs
        I have free version, but if I need to buy to get those feature I will np

        • Yes it's a pro feature. I assumed you were asking about the pro version since you're here rather than on the forum where the free version is housed.

      • I tried plugin on one site and it worked, so I deactivated it, uninstalled it and installed it on the site I want to use it on permanently, but now it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? I set it up with options you mentioned, but it hasn't reposted anything?

        • Sorry I can't say without knowing more especially since you said it works on one site and not another. Common problems include people checking categories to excluding thinking they're including them or setting age criteria that excludes their content. If you send a screenshot of the settings to the support address you received, I can look for anything that might "off".

  71. Is there any way to republish specific posts from certain tags? I am not looking to publish articles from specific categories but I will set a tag to those articles that I want to republish.

    Please let me know if this possible. I will buy the plugin if yes.

    • No there isn't any tag-related filtering.

  72. Hi Marios. There is a new version after 1.19? Thanks

    • The latest version is now 1.22.

      • I have the license, how can I download the current version?

        • I sent you a new download link. If you don't have it by now, let me know.

  73. Hi there. I just bought your plugin and I'm trying to republish old posts on Sun to Thur nights at 10pm. It doesn't look like this is a possibility is it?

    Also I don't quite understand this: Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing:

    I'm trying to republish every night an older post going back to 2012. Not sure what that means exactly.

    If you could let me know both of those questions that would be great.



    • There are no date options for restricting when publishing happens. When a post qualifies for republishing and the specified time since needed between republishing has elapsed, the next post is republished.

      Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing means that a post has to be at least as old as the value you've specified before it is considered for republishing. So if you set it to 1 week, only posts older than one week will be considered for republishing.

      • Hmm okay thanks.

        It might be cool to have a feature where people could set the days and times for it to republish. For example, I'd like to republish on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed nights at 10pm Pacific.

        Is there a way to accomplish this with your current settings I wonder?


        I'm going to be adding more posts that I'd like to get added eventually to the republishing schedule. It seems like I can't currently turn off the option of having a post republished on the same day I add a new piece of content is there?


        • The plugin doesn't monitor what's being published manually and will republish based on the criteria you specify in the plugin's various settings.

  74. I have the dates in some of my URL and titles. Would I need to change both of them before using your plugin?

    • If you have dates in your URLs they will change to the current date every time a post is republished. This can confuse search engines. It's up to you if you decide to do this or change your permalinks to not include dates.

      • Thanks Marios for your reply.

        I've removed the dates from the slug AND the titles.

        We have around 650 posts going back to 2012, would this plugin be able to cycle through all of these (they're all in the same category in Wordpress) and republish them? Thanks!

        • The plugin doesn't have limits on how many things it can republish.

        • Isn't it 720 days?

        • I don't know what you mean.

        • From this text above

          "Additional post age options: 120 days, 240 days, 365 days, 730 days."

          it seems to me that I can only republish posts that have been originally published in the last 730 days. I guess I'm reading that wrong?

        • Ah got it. That setting sets the minimum age that a post must be. So if you set 730 days, then anything older than 2 years will be included in the pool for reposting.

  75. I had my client purchase the pro version of this plugin because it appears to offer everything he needs. I am setting up the plugin and testing. This is an inspirational-quote-per-day type of site, so each day should see a new post.

    There are already 365 posts on this site, and I unpublished all but seven of them, so they show in Draft status now.

    I then asked the plugin to look for posts that are more than 7 days old and begin reposting them one per day. I have "Select Random Post" turned off for this test.

    What is happening is that the plugin is publishing, at random, the posts that are marked as draft. Without a publish date, I figured that the plugin would not recycle the posts that are in draft.

    How can I set up this plugin so that posts that are 365 days old get reposted? Right now the plugin does not sufficiently repost items that are only 7 days old.

    • What you've described is unusual behavior. The plugin specifically looks for posts that have a status of "published" and so it shouldn't consider anything with any other status.

      To control what is published, set the value of Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing. If you want something that's only 7 days old to be republished, then this value needs to be set to something less than or equal to 7 days.

      • Marios, thanks so much for your quick reply. I am using the setting exactly as you recommend. The dropdown box labeled "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing" is set to 7 days.

        This is what confuses me. The settings all seem pretty straightforward to understand, yet the plugin is not working as expected.

        Any thoughts?

        • Yours is the first report of draft posts being republished so I'm not sure what the issue could be. I did take a look at the code earlier today to make sure I hadn't somehow undone the check for published status and it is as I remembered. I can't think of what might be different with your setup that would cause what you're describing, but there are also a lot of plugins out there so a conflict is certainly possible.

          I can take a look at your set up if you're willing to send me a login. If this is of interest, use the support email address that you got with the license. If you'd prefer a refund, I can do that too.

        • Marios, thanks again for the quick reply. After my last post to you, I went back to take a deeper look at the plugins that the client had installed before my arrival on the job. The following two plugins jumped out to me:

          * Bulk Edit Publish Date
          * Duplicate Post

          I deactivated both while leaving your plugin active. If this test fails, I will simply deactivate all remaining plugins and continue the test.

          I will reach back out to you in a few days to let you know if I need further help. If so, we can go the route of having you take a look.

          Thanks again for being one of the most responsive people I know to tech support questions.


    • Any updates on this one?

  76. You will update this plugin. It hasn't been updated in a long time. I would like to buy this pluign.


    • There are no bugs to fix, but yes the plugin is actively maintained when necessary.

  77. Hello Marios,
    I am a big fan of Republish Old Posts Pro. Keep up the good work.

    Now I have 2 suggestions/requests for future versions, which might be interesting for you:

    1. Add support for custom post types. I fixed this for myself with some little php tweaks, but other users might be interested in being able to also republish pages, products etc.

    2. Add an option to only update the dateModified of the posts. In the long run it is a little weird to have a new datePublished every 3 month. Only refreshing the dateModified would be enough for most websites and is more in line with the google webmaster guidelines.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the ideas!

    • Hi Markus,
      Can you tell me how you modified PHP files for page support?
      Thnk You

  78. I am in the process of re-branding/re-launching my family, home & garden lifestyle blog. The vast majority of my posts are seasonal - literally...given that my content is about doing things outside...growing plants, raising animals, doing family activities, etc. ... all reflected of the time of year...month and day. For example, a post I wrote in March of 2015 about pruning Azaleas will be as pertinent in 2025...10 years later.

    That said, I'd like to be able to order my posts so that they are sorted my month and day...ignoring the year that they were published. So for instance:
    - Post #1: January 25 (2014)
    - Post #2: January 20 (2019)
    - Post #3: January 17 (2017)
    - Post #4: January 16 (2020)
    - Post #5: January 10 (2018)
    - Etc.

    I'm reaching out to you because your software seems to offer me a potential solution. Does it? If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Doug

    • Sorry my plugin doesn't quite offer the level of control you need.

      • Thanks for your quick reply, Marios. If you have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Take care, D.

  79. I have been using the free version for a long time. I just purchased the PRO version. With the PRo version, all the republished posts have a pending status and I have to go and change the status to publish them. This is not what the free version did. I have checked the settings but I don't see anything that says "publish immediately"

    Is this normal? I can't go to the website every day to publish posts that are pending. I need the plugin to republish the post.

    • No this isn't normal. The free and pro versions have the same "core" with the pro version adding some additional options. So the republishing part should work the same way. I'd say most people start with the free version before upgrading so what you did is very common. Were you using the free version on the same site for which you installed the pro version? Are you using the "Trigger a publish event when republishing"?

      Also, feel free to use the support address that you got in the license email if you want to attach a screenshot of your settings.

      • It appears that another plugin that I use to "list" posts by category is conflicting. I use a plugin called "List category posts" Version 0.81 | By Fernando Briano and when it is active it won't allow the republished post to go live. This is strange because I was using the same plugin with the Free version of your plugin.

        • The pro version includes the "trigger a republish event" feature. This changes the behavior and would explain the problem you've encountered and also why the free version didn't have this problem. Try unchecking that option if you're using it.

  80. Why is my license no longer working? I can't update the plugin or settings.

    • Licenses don't expire so yours should continue to work. My guess is you're using it on a site that is different than where it was originally registered. I see the current registration includes /staging/ in the site name. Did you perhaps work on it on a staging site and then deploy to the production site and are now trying to use it on the production site? Registrations can be updated, but I'd need to know the correct domain.

      • The current domain is I guess I should have deactivated the licence when moving the site and reactivated it. The staging site is gone now, so I can't. Please change my license to my live site. Thanks.


        • Change made. Try activating now.

  81. Hello,

    I was wondering if it's possible to add 180 days as an option. For me, 120 days is a little too short, but the next option of 240 is long so 180 would be perfect. Thank you!

    • Done! You should see an update notice on your plugin admin screen.

  82. Hi,

    If i purchase pro version for, will it usable also for it subdomains (, etc...)?

    • One license per site i.e. each sub-domain will need its own license.

  83. Hello. I have a few articles on my site that are 1-2 years old. The plugin is not republishing them with new dates. How can I fix this? Thank you.

    • It's hard to say without more details, but my guess is your criteria are either excluding those posts or there are older posts ahead of the ones you're hoping to re-publish.

  84. Hi

    its not changing the date .in new wordpress

    • Check the Find rule and confirm it matches what WordPress is outputting. The new version may have changed HTML.

  85. Hi, How can I limit the posts that are being published to no older than certain date?

    I saw the option "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing:" which is great, but I have many old posts that are 5 years or older that I don't want to publish because they're really poorly written.

    Is there a way for me to set the range with pro plugin?
    for example, say I want to repost articles that were published between 90 days to 5 years ago, but not before that.

    • Also is there a way to repost articles that only have a featured image? Some old posts don't have a featured image and so they show up as broken on the homepage. Thank you

      • The plugin doesn't look for the existence of a featured image before republishing.

    • The plugin doesn't support a range, but posts can be excluded individually by using a custom field or excluded by category.

      • I have 200 posts that have been published before 2015 that are poorly written. I still want them on the site and plan on fixing them, but I don't want to repost them. Otherwise I end up with something like this, old posts with broken featured images >

        You are already filtering and limiting posts by most recent publish date. Can you add a field that says don't publish posts that are older than 3 years or older as a dropdown like you do with other fields?
        I have a client who I want to recommend the plugin, but they have the same issue. They won't want to use it unless they can only repost articles that were done within the last 2-3 years because their old posts are terrible.

        Also limited individual posts is not an option. They're just too many of them.

        • What you've described is technically possible, but I don't have plans to add such a feature to the plugin in the immediate future.

  86. Can you Transfer to another site you own without buying a license. I'm using the free version and I like it. However I may be switching the active domain that I would want my SEO to recognize. Just questioning if I should buy now or put off until I've switched to get the pro version

    • You can transfer a license.

  87. I would gladly purchase this plugin if it republished pages like it does posts. Let me know if you'll consider adding this feature

    • This isn't currently in the works so don't wait for it.

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Marios. I'm curious, is it much more challenging to do for pages?

        • I haven't really thought about so I can't say how much work it'd be. Every significant change does require testing which always takes a good chunk of time to ensure existing users aren't negatively impacted.

  88. I already set Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing: to 5 minutes
    Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval): Up to 5 minutes

    but i dont see any republish post published for almost an hour now. I already checked all the categories

    • What do you mean that you already checked all the categories? If you check the box beside a category name, that category is excluded from republishing.

  89. Looking at your plugin. I see you can use custom taxonomy. Will that allow me to republish from onr tag?
    Also will you be offering and Agency version instead of me paying 10 bucks each time?

    CJ Boston

    • The plugin republishes posts only. I don't know what an onr tag is.

      • sorry I only want to republish from one tag

        • The plugin doesn't work with tags.

  90. This is a great plugin! The only thing I'm experiencing is that instead of republishing ONE post (according to parameters set), I get TWO republished posts everday, both at the same identical time. The minimum interval is set to 24 hours.

    How can I limit the republishing to ONE post per 24 hours? I've checked all the parameters and I think I've set it up correctly.

    thanks for your reply

    • Are you republishing to the second position? And, if so, are you sure that both posts are previously published posts? Some folks have the republish to second position set and don't realize that the republished post is given a date/time that is just prior to the most recently published post making it look like 2 items have been republished.

  91. I install last webb the pro plugin of republish old post but doesn't work, when I was using free it works all fine. Why?

    • The both do the same thing, but the pro version has more options. So the pro should work if the free version did. Use the support email address to send a screenshot of your settings.

  92. Does your plugin work with WP Job Manager reposting old jobs?

    • I haven't used WP Job Manager so I can't say either way.

  93. I'm trying to see if this plugin is what I'm looking for in terms of functionality. With this plugin, is it possible to have the oldest post moved to the most current post position ONLY if there is no new post within a certain number of days of the most recent post?

    Example: If we are scheduling posts to be released each week and for whatever reason do not schedule a post say within eight days of the most recent post, we would want the oldest post to move to the newest position automatically.


    • The plugin doesn't have the functionality you've described.

      • Thanks for getting back so quickly. Is this a possible feature in future versions?

        • I keep a list of ideas that people propose, but I don't have a schedule for when I'll be adding new features.

  94. Hi there, I have been struggling with a multitude of 404's on both my sites and I have just managed to workout that it appears to be your plugin that is causing them.

    What is happening is I am creating a post which auto-populated a URL, then I shorten the URL to something sensible. When republish old posts pro republished that post it reverts back to the original long URL leaving all the links on pinterest etc that point to the shorter URL to 404.

    For example I wrote a post but I shortened the URL to and saved it and published it. I was re-published yesterday and the URL is now back to and all the /growing-cabbage? links are 404ing.

    Is this a setting that I have wrong? (it is happening on both my websites)


    • That's a strange result. The plugin doesn't have any code to modify the URL so I'm not sure why that's happening on your sites. All the plugin does is modify the publish date so that a post looks new.

      • It is weird I know, but it is definitely happening with each post that is republished through the plugin.

        • I'd be curious to hear what happens when:

          1. You edit a post, change the date, and click on Update.
          2. You edit a post, change the date, change the status to draft, save, and then click on Publish.

          The above is more or less what my plugin does.

        • None of those things will force the URL to change... I have had it change on me when I have updated the title in the past on one or two occasions, but I cannot make it do it now.

          I tried the 2 options you suggested with both the plugin activated and deactivated and could not get it to change the URL, but the posts that it is republishing are definitely the ones reverting to the pre-populated original URL on both of my blogs.

        • Thanks for trying out my tests and reporting back. I don't believe I've seen any other reports of that particular problem. And while your testing strongly suggests my plugin is to blame, there's no code in the plugin to modify the slug. Only the publish date is changed and, depending on the settings, the post status is flipped between draft and published for the briefest amount of time possible. The post's guid may be changed too if that option is selected, but that's not visible to users and only shows up in RSS feeds.

          Do you have any other plugins that work with permalinks or slugs? Are your permalinks set to something like %postname%?

        • Thank you for your reply!
          As far as I know, none of my other plugins can modify the URL
          I have my permalinks set to : Post name

        • Is it the Beginner's Guides that are reverting? I'm seeing a few have short URLs while others have long ones.

      • I have about 60 posts that it has happened to, I have a plugin redirecting them all, the latest was the beginners guide to growing cabbage that republished on the 2nd, on the 1st the short url worked, on the 2nd it 404d.
        Hope that helps?

        • I did some searching and the only similar issue I found was described here:

          At the top of the page there are 4 steps where a URL change made via Quick Edit followed by an update of the post results in the slug reverting to the full version. If you follow these steps, do URL changes get undone?

        • I followed the steps, but the URL was fine it stayed what I changed it to in the quick edit option, and after doing it all I have changed it back to the correct URL and it has stayed fine too.
          They must have fixed that bug?

  95. I use pro version and have a question regarding Zapier. Will this plugin enable Zapier to publish posts on facebook pages? Typically this can be done as a post is published but I wonder how it works with this plugin as the posts are already published and just get republished. Any answers appreciated.

    • I don't use Zapier so I'm not sure. You could try using the "Trigger a publish event" setting and also the "Update the post GUID" setting to see how Zapier behaves with each.

  96. What I have on my site is a daily list of birthdays, currently I have to write a new post ofr every day and every year.

    What I would like is one post that is republished once every year and I assume setting this program to one specific category (births) and frequency to Older than 365 Days I should be able to achieve this?

    The question I have is what happens on leap years? Will it then put the repost one day out of sync?

    • Yes it'll be out of sync.

      • Is it possible maybe by a custom field to specify an actual calendar date for it to repost every year instead of 365 days?

        • The plugin doesn't have that functionality at the moment.

  97. does republish old posts plugin suitable for the next:
    lets say I have 100 posts all is created in the same day
    the list of posts sort is 1 then 2 then 3 ,,,,,,,,, etc to 100
    I want to change the sort to be 100 then 99 then 98 .... etc to 1
    and to reverse the process again to be from 1 to 100 each specific time then reverse it again to be 100 to 1 and thus
    is that possible
    thanks you

    • No I don't think you can achieve what you've described.

  98. All of a sudden it posts two posts every time :-( I have set up 24 hrs between posts and 0 minutes randomness. Haven't changed anything in my theme or site.

    • Do you republish to the first or second position?

      • First

        This is what the setup looks like:

        • Strange. There have been a couple of other reports, but I haven't ever been able to reproduce this problem and so I don't have a fix for it.

  99. I've got a site with 1800 Categories and I want the plugin to republish only from one category, but after selecting to omit about 1600 categories (phew!), it won't let me select the rest. What happens is that I select and save and it just doesn't save. Any idea how to work around this so I can use this excellent plugin?

    • It's possible you've exceeded the number of form input fields that can be saved. If this is the case, increasing the value of the max_input_vars setting in your php.ini file should fix things.

      • Same here, i have a website with 3000 categories and i want to republish only one category.

        Is there any easy way to republish only the one category without selecting to omit 2999 ?

        Can you add an option to republish only from one category, and have a scroll menu to choose the category we want to republish from?

        Thank you.

        • There are browser plugins (e.g. for Chrome) that make selecting checkboxes quick. You could select all and then uncheck the one of interest.

  100. Every time the plugin republishes a post, it gets the date from the previous new post. Like in this screen shot:

    Even though I have set the interval to 48 hrs + 12 hrs randomness:

    Have I missed something?

    I want the republish not to be on a date and time of an already published post.

    Thanks :-)

    • What have you set the "Republish post to position..." option to?

      • 2nd position

        • It's that setting that is resulting in the date matching. To publish an item that appears in the second position, the plugin needs to figure out a time that falls in between the first post and the third post. At the moment, the plugin ads 1 second to the time of the third post to guarantee that the republished post falls into the second spot.

          The frequency and randomness settings control when a post is republished, but not the actual date assigned. The assigned date is either what I've described above or the current date/time if you choose to have the republished item in 1st position.

        • Thanks, I'll change that to the 1st postition to see how it changes

  101. The option "Trigger a publish event when republishing:" - what does that actually mean?

    • Anything that normally happens when you first click the publish button will happen if this option is checked. Some plugins "listen" for the publish event so this is a way to alert them that something has been republished.

  102. Hi Marios

    Managed to find where to translate :-) So I went ahead and bought the pro license.

    Is there a way to schedule the republication with respect to original publications?

    I usually publish my original content at around 9-10 in the morning, 2-4 times a week.

    Then I would like the republish to publish like 24 h after the publication of original content - on days when I don't publish original content.


    • Specific scheduling of posts isn't possible. The posts that qualify for republishing are put into a pool and one is selected for republishing as soon as the frequency criteria you've set are met.

  103. Dear Marios,

    Great plugin, however I wish to apply the repost function only to certain posts, not all of them. Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks :)

    • You can restrict republishing to certain categories, titles that contain a particular word, or by setting a custom field name + value. Most people use the category option.

      • Can't find where I restrict by particular words - pro version?

        • Word restriction works on the title only. Yes, the pro version has that feature.

        • Could you please tell me where (in theme or plugin file) I can change/translate the wording "Originally posted 2008-11-18 14:48:32." at the bottom of the post.

          Thanks :-)

        • I don't think changing the code of a plugin is a good idea. The choice is entirely yours, but I can't give it my implied support by providing instructions.

  104. Dear Marios,

    I 've already purchased your republish old posts plugin and i want to know what to do with my problem:
    I have about 3000 articles since 2014. Your plugin offers 700 days republished post date.
    Is it a good way to change the republish date directly from the mysql database?
    Is there a better way to do this?
    And finally, if i manage to change the date, would i be able to have them republished by your plugin?

    Thanking in advanced

    • The 700 days is the minimum so anything older than that including posts from 2014 will be considered for republishing.

  105. Αγαπητέ Αλέξανδρε,
    Dear friend,

    Is it possible for pro version to re-publish only posts with featured image inside?


    • There are no filters that are based on the existence of a featured image.

  106. Hi there! I think your plugin is great! However, I am having some issues with the pro version. The plugin continues to republish TWO posts at a time. How can I make it only republish one at a time?

    • Try deactivating and reactivating. Doing so clears a setting that might be causing this problem. None of your selected settings will be deleted from deactivating the plugin.

  107. Hello Marios,

    Great plugin! Thanks!

    Sorry for a noob question. For some reason I cannot detect the pattern or find the answer in the documentation. What order are the posts re-published in? In other words, does the plugin start with the earliest post and then work its way to the most recent? Or is it random? Or is there some other formula?

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

    • By default the plugin selects a random post from the pool of posts that qualify for republishing. You can change this behavior by changing the value of the Select Random Post option.

  108. Mon 17 Dec 2018, 9:59 am


    Republish Old Posts is essential to the operating strategy of my website. Because of that, I anxious about the upgrade to Wordpress 5.0. I have read some comments that the plugin is buggy after the upgrade. I would be grateful for some comments from others who have upgraded to 5.0 about their experience.



    • The plugin works fine for me on WP 5.0. I've only received one comment that it doesn't work with WP 5.0. Where are you seeing comments that it doesn't work?

  109. Hello,

    Is it possible to schedule individual posts (or maybe posts in a designated category) to to publish at specific times or intervals (such as weekly, monthly, on Saturdays, every 10 days, etc.)? I would want this to operate independently from the default republish scheme for all the other posts.

    Tks for your help.


    • Not at this time.

  110. We bought this one but doesnt seem to be working our for us - the free version to large delays to test with.

    Can you make an update on this such that

    if custom taxonomy : Day of the week ( Monday,Tuesday etc)
    Republish posts on that day as per the taxonomy.


    • It's an interesting idea, but I don't have any plans at this time to implement what you've suggested.

  111. Hi,
    Been using your plugin for most of the year. Does a great job. It appears however that it's no longer working. Probably due to incompatibility with WordPress 5 after the latest major upgrade....

    • I just upgraded a site to WP 5.0 and the plugin republished 2 posts 4 hours a part so it looks to be working for me.

      • Well, it may be working for you as the developer, but here as your customer...your pro version is not working anymore and hasn't for weeks now. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Been hoping for some update to your pro version, but appears only the free version has been updated

        • Unfortunately I would need more info (from say the WordPress error log) or to be able to see a problem myself to be able to fix the plugin. I have it running on multiple sites and I haven't done anything special to get it to run. But there could be a combination of plugins that causes it to fail.

          As for the free version, it hasn't been updated aside from changing the version number indicating that it works with WP 5.0.

  112. Hi
    Additional randomness intervals? What does it mean? And seem my plugin don't active

    • I don't understand your question. As for your plugin not being active, did you download the pro version and enter the license? If so, did you get an error message?

    • I use your plugin version free. And i see plugin not working, just pro version then plugin working?
      My plugin: WP Content Crawler, WP Super Cache, Rank Math SEO. If pro version make plugin working, I am very available

      • At the core both plugins are the same. The pro version has some additional filters. If the free version doesn't work on your site, the pro version probably won't either.

    • Does conflict plugin? Or do you have a solution?

      • I don't know why it isn't working for you. One thing to check is that you're not looking at a cached version of the page.

  113. Hello Marios

    I use Geodirectory which has default Custom Post Types of 'Places' and 'Events', would it be possible to modify the application so that it also identified and republished custom posts which meet the criteria.

    Many Thanks Dan

    • It's possible, but I don't have any plans at this time to extend the plugin to include other post types.

  114. Hello Marios

    Your plugin is fantastic and helps save me a lot of time by automatically republishing posts for me. The challenge I face is that I publish a lot of offers which are time-related when the offer ends I prefix them with EXPIRED. The PRO versions currently has the following option 'Must contain this phrase in the title to be republished e.g. word will match word, keyword, words:'. It would be a massive help to me if you could also add the reverse of this rule 'Must NOT contain this phrase in the title to be republished e.g. word will match word, keyword, words:'.

    Regards Dan

    • Thanks for the idea. However, I can't provide a timeline for doing this. Perhaps there's some combination of excluding a category or using a custom field to force an item to be excluded?

      • Just create a new category 'exclude' or whatever, set the plugin to exclude posts in that category. Then, when you add a new post tic 'exclude' in the category list.

  115. I just purchased the PRO version. How do I install it to replace the free version?

    • Download the pro version using the link you received. Upload the pro version, but before you activate the pro version be sure to deactivate the free version as they both can't be active.

  116. i just installed the Pro version. I dont see the extra fields in my posts. How do I initiate a full set of scheduled republish (site has been stale for a while and need to start re-publishing)

    • I'm not sure what you mean by extra fields in your posts. Which fields are you expecting to see?

      • In the setting:
        Force republishing posts with the following custom field: rop_force

        Where do I see the rop_force custom field?

        • Ah. Not many people use that functionality. To use it, select Add Custom Field in the post edit screen. Give it the same label and value as is shown in the ROP plugin settings page. Once you've created the custom field, it'll be available in the custom fields drop-down on the post edit screen so you just need to provide the value.

      • ok - i have removed those values - but so far nothing has been re-published - is there a way to 'jump start' the plugin so that old stuff starts queuing up?

        is there a queue or is it run on a timer? is there a way to see what WILL be republished?

        • Have you confirmed that you have posts that are old than the max age? Make sure you haven't checked categories that have the posts that qualify. Also, if you want to jump start, just set the post interval to a low value and then put it back the normal value after the first item republishes.

  117. Hi,

    Do you have some screenshots about this fonction please ?

    "Omit from republishing posts with the following custom field"

    I've try it, but it's not working, I must miss something.


    Kind regards.

    • I don't have a screenshot, but I use the feature myself. It should just be a matter of making sure the post has the correct custom field and value associated with it. You can use the default values the plugin has or make up your own.

  118. Hi,
    Would it be possible to use tags in order to determine whether to republish a post? The reason I ask is that I already use tags to indicate if an offer is active and if news articles are featured so I can easily identify them in some of my other plugins.
    Many Thanks Dan

    • The plugin doesn't currently use tags.

  119. Hi, I own the Pro version, and I'm struggling with my specific application. I hope someone can help:

    I have only 1 specific category that I want to republish. It's a "daily message" that goes out as an RSS broadcast everyday at 7am using Mailchimp. The RSS broadcast link in MC is set to get the latest post of the specific category feed.

    I have about 500 daily messages already published under the category "Daily Message". I want to start re-posting them automatically now. They will get sent out with MC, one every morning at 7.

    I'm having trouble understanding the Pro settings. I'd like to re-publish posts that are more than 240 days old, choosing randomly, but not repeating the ones already posted until they are at least 365 days old (ideally).

    I don't understand what the "Randomness Interval" does exactly, as well as "Select Random Post".

    Can someone please help me achieve my desired result? Thanks!

    • It sounds like you want to:

      1. Exclude all categories except Daily Message.
      2. Set the interval to daily.
      3. Set the minimum age to 240.

      Unfortunately, you can't have a minimum age of 240 and another value of 365.

      The Select Random Post setting determines whether, from the pool of posts that qualify for republishing, if what's selected should be random or, if not, select the oldest. My guess is you don't want random.

      The Random Interval is a way to have republishing time not be the same everyday. If you want the same time (more or less), set the Random Interval to 0.

      I hope that helps!

  120. Hi, can u make the "Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing:" to 5 minutes?

    • More intervals are on my list. No release date yet though.

  121. Well, I deactivated my PRO version because it's ruining my site. A few months ago, I duplicated posts that had URLs that Google didn't like. Then I redirected the old long URL to the new post (same content, new URL). Over the summer, as this plugin republished posts, if it had anything to do with either the old one or the new one, it erased the new post. Thus, I ended up with a TON of 404s that I didn't know about until a reader emailed me. I just spent 2 hours putting in new redirects because those posts are gone and the redirects apparently with them. I know it's not the redirect plugin because it's working fine and it wouldn't delete posts.

    It was a huge mistake for me to buy and depend on this plugin. HUGE! Not only did I lose out on traffic, every 404 raised my bounce rate and told Google that the page wasn't there so I've slipped in rank.


    PS I also think it screwed up the code when it republished. All my Amazon code showed as code and not as ads. I had to fix those too.

    • I don't believe my plugin is able to do what you've described. The most it could do is change the status of a post from published to unpublished. There is no way it can actually delete a post even in the worst case scenario. It also doesn't modify anything in the post other than the publish date. It might be good to look into the issue further as it may still exist on your site and could cause you problems going forward.

  122. Hello,
    I can't buy a "pro version. I have the message "Checkout - Your cart is empty." Thanks

    • Someone else had the same problem. They retried and it worked. I don't know what's causing it though.

  123. Good morning, I have divided my site into multiple installations on the same domain. Now the republish plugin old post is activated only on the first installation metre on the others not.

    • Each license is for one site.

  124. Hi,

    lately, Pro is republishing two different posts at the same time. It used to only post one at a time.

    Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing: 7days
    Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval): 0 minutes
    Select Random Post? Yes

    Any suggestions?


    • I haven't seen double posting before. It might help to deactivate and reactivate as this will reset the saved value for when the last re-publishing occurred.

      • Hi,
        I have the pro version and I'm having the same issue as well. I tried uninstalling the plug in and then reinstalling it 2 days later, but still had the same issue. My setting is to republish a post every 24 hours with 0 minutes of randomness. Thanks for any ideas.

        Also, when you publish a new version of the pro plug in, will it notify us in Wordpress or how do we know to update? Thanks!

        • I'm not sure why it isn't republishing anything for you. However, for the settings to be deleted, the plugin needs to be deleted and not just deactivated so you could try that if you haven't already.

          Updates will trigger a notification within your installation of WordPress in the same way that other plugin updates are displayed. Once there's an update notification, you can update from within WordPress too.

      • Thanks for the info on updating. The issue I was referring to was the double posting. When the plugin activates, it publishes two posts for some reason. I deactivated and deleted the plugin, but that didn't change it. Do you think it would help if I manually deleted the plugin directory after deactivating and deleting the plugin from within Wordpress? Thanks for any advice.

        • Manually deleting the files shouldn't have any impact. Deleting from within WordPress triggers a deletion of a setting that I thought might help.

  125. Must contain this phrase in the title to be republished e.g. word will match word, keyword, words:

    Does this mean if I use the keyword "evergreen" in all the posts I want republished, then it will only republish those posts? Thank you, Tina

    • Yes that's how it would work. But you could achieve the same thing by creating an Evergreen category and excluding all other categories. Adding "evergreen" to your titles may be confusing to your readers.

      • Thanks for getting back to me but I use multiple categories so I don't think that will work. What if I use the word "evergreen" in my tags? Will it then republish those posts?

      • I use multiple categories so I don't think that will work. What if I use "evergreen" as a tag? Will it then republish those posts? Thanks, Tina

        • The plugin doesn't work with tags. How many posts do you need to mark as "evergreen"?

      • I am sorry for my multiple comments below. I didn't realize they both went through. Anyway, I have quite a few evergreen posts. Relevant posts for years to come. So I am not sure how to do this... Instead of omitting categories, for me it would be better to "include" the checked categories. Then you could just have all the posts fall into an Evergreen category, as well as whatever other categories are related. Just a thought. I bought the pro version, but am not sure how I will use it. If you have any ideas, let me know :-) Thanks!

        • There are a couple of approaches. Which one is easier will depend on how many evergreen or non-evergreen posts you have.

          1) You can use the custom field to exclude posts.
          2) You could exclude all categories and set the custom field to force inclusion of a post.

          Both of these will require adding a custom field to some of your existing posts so the decision will probably be determined by whether you have more evergreen or non-evergreen posts.

  126. Does the pro version allow you to republish other content types besides pages? I wanted to use it to republish my Product pages so I can automatically repost them to social media.

    • Both the free and pro version republish posts. Not pages or other content types.

      • Ah, that's too bad. Have you considered adding the ability to auto-republish other content types or happen to know of another way to do this?


        • Yes it's an idea on my list. I always have to consider the effort against the potential return especially for a feature that I don't personally need :-)

  127. I purchased the Pro version and don't see where to activate it on the already installed plug in. Can you help please?

    • You need to download the pro version using the link provided in your license email. The free and pro versions are different plugins (restrictions imposed by force me to do things this way). Then upload the zip file to your site. Deactivate the free version and activate the pro version.

      • Hi Marios,
        I have the pro version. I have uploades the zip file, but I was not asked for the license at that moment. Then I activate the program and now I cannot save the settings, because the license is missing - but I do not know, how/where to "install" the license.

        • The license is entered in the box at to the top right of the plugin's admin page.

  128. Hi,
    My reposts are occurring around 4:00 pm every day and I would like to reset it to Noon. I went in to my plugin settings at noon the following day, changed the options to 24 hour interval with 0 Randomness Interval, and saved the settings hoping that would reset the plugin to post at noon each day. So far, postings are continuing to post around 4:00 pm. Is there any way to reset the posting time that the Pro version plugin rules follow? Thanks!

    • Setting a time is a feature I've wanted to add for a while, but I haven't had a chance. One thing that might work is deactivating the plugin and then deleting it entirely. Deleting it should remove the last publish time so that when you reactivate it starts at the current time.

      • Thanks for your reply. I tried this and it worked! I did want to pass on a slight issue that occurred though. When I reactivated the plugin at the time I wanted, that was apparently all I needed to do to make it work. Instead, I reactivated the plug, but then I verified my variables and then clicked "Save" to save my options. I started having TWO old posts republish at the intended time instead of just one. I'm assuming it's because I activated the plugin AND then saved my options. I'm going to test it again tomorrow to see if it works like I expect, when just activating the plugin. Thanks for your help.

  129. Hi, I had the free version of old posts promoter and for years it was working amazingly. Then it stopped working. I later found out it was no longer supported. I downloaded the free version of republish old posts but it was not working. So I bought the pro version yesterday, set the post age to 6 hours and it's not working. Any ideas as to how?

    • Can you send me a screenshot of your settings? You can use the support email address provided in the email with the download link. Most issues are with people setting the republishing settings such that nothing actually qualifies for republishing e.g. posts have to be older than a certain date, but there aren't any actually that old.

  130. Hi.

    I’m interested in this plugin. Below I explain some details of my needs so you can confirm if I can do it with this plugin.

    I have thousands of old published posts, I need them to reappear in the WordPress Feed Rss modifying the publication date to a current date. Can be done? If the publication date is changed, will the posts return to the Feed?

    I would need the Feed to be updated with a new post every 10 minutes, not all at once. It’s possible?

    WordPress cron I have it disabled in the wp-config file, I use the cron of the server to activate the WordPress cron every so often. This would be a problem?

    I do not understand very well what it's for: Additional randomness intervals. What is this exactly for?

    Thank you.

    • The plugin works by resetting the publish date of a post. It should reappear in the feed since the feed is set to show the most recent posts. You can set a minimum time between republishing although the closest interval is 5 minutes or 15 minutes. The plugin doesn't rely on cron, but it does rely on there being visitors to your site.

  131. I am trying to RePost and have wordpress send out an email to my email subscribers. I set up the settings for one of the posts I want to repost, but nothing hits the email. How do I "trigger" the event?

    • Are you seeing posts republish? Your settings look good.

      • Perhaps I don't understand. How can I see if they are re-posted? Am I supposed to be doing something on the Post page or settings?

        • A republished post should appear at the top of your site's RSS feed or at the top your archive page.

    • What plugin are you using to send emails? I'm wondering if you should also enable the option to generate a new guid. If the plugin you're using to notify users of a new post is relying a unique guids then it may need to "see" a new unique one when republishing.

  132. Thank you so much for this plugin! I love it - simple, lots of options, and does what it says it will do! I had a question about the random feature. Will the plugin go through re-posting all of the posts once before repeating the posts a second time or could it choose the same post twice in a row? Again, thanks for an excellent plugin.

    • It'll select from the pool of posts that qualify for reposting regardless of whether a post was recently republished.

      • Thanks - so if I choose the non-random option, the plugin will just go to the oldest post and use that one?

        • Yes.

  133. Hi, I'm not sure what the "Trigger a publish event when republishing" option does or means. Would you please clarify that and tell me what will happen if I check that box?

    • Some other plugins monitor for when a post is published for the first time. Checking the box makes it look like the post is being published for the first time so that those plugins will be alerted.

      • Thank you. I'd like for MailChimp to be notified. I'm not using a plugin, I just entered the rss/feed page in my MailChimp account. Will that be enough for them to be notified?

        • I can't say as I don't use MailChimp.

    • I don't see this box in either Free version or ProVersion. I want to be sure that email's are triggered like a normal publishing event.

      • It's only available in the pro version. Make sure you have the latest version.

  134. Hi! I have buy pro version becouse is very nice plugin but I have a question: I have a blog with 5000 posts and 5 catagories but I need to republish always the same post every day. How can select single post for to do this?
    Thank you

    • You could assign a special category to that one post and then exclude all other categories from republishing.

  135. Hi! I'm the one who posted on the free forum.

    I bought this pro version, but how do I enable it on my WP site? I can't find any field or keys to enter.

    • You have to download the pro version using the link in the confirmation email you got. Then upload the pro version and activate it and you'll see new fields for the license. If you still have the free version active, it must be deactivated first. The free and pro versions are actually different plugins. I wish I could combine them, but has restrictions the prevent me from doing so.

      • Well, I have my PayPal receipt but I don't have the confirmation email. Can you please just email me the link? I paid for it on May 9.

        • I just sent it again. I used the email address you used for your comment here rather than the one you used for the order. Perhaps the one you used for the order flagged it as spam?

  136. Hi again Marios,

    Can you explain what the force republishing posts with the following custom field does?

    • When a post has the right custom field and the right value, it is included in the pool of posts that the plugin considers for republishing regardless of the date or any other criteria.

      • Oh I see, so this will override ignore...

        Could I humbly request a couple of functionalities based on the forced republish? It would make your plugin very powerful!

        1. Add the ability to add several force republish based on custom fields criteria.

        2. Options for when to run the above criteria. Ie
        I. Always
        II. Date range (without year)

        Best regards

        • You can always request things. When they get done is another matter :-)

  137. Hi, I’m using the pro version and it doesn’t see to work with the social media publish plug in I’m using (wp to buffer). I’ve activated the trigger publish event... but no joy. Do I need the update guid option as well?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Sorry, but I don't know anything about how the WP to Buffer plugin works.

      • Hi, I found out more about the WP to buffer plugin. The publish_post hook is what WP to Buffer uses. Does Republish Old Post Pro use this hook?

        • If you have the trigger publish event setting checked then what happens is the post is momentarily unpublished and the published. The change from unpublished to published should alert and "listening" plugins like WP to Buffer. However, if the listening plugin is also "looking" for duplicates, you also need to force a new GUID to be created so that the republished post looks new.

        • Thanks Marios...

          It seems like WP to buffer only works with manual publishes... not sure why.

  138. 4 Questions...

    1. If the permalinks I have for my older posts have the date in them, is it *not advisable* to use this plugin or will it simply not work? I can always go back and take the dates out of the permalinks.

    2. Does this work for podcasts? My iTunes RSS feed is through Feedburner and comes from a category on my wordpress blog. It seems like this could be done so people that are subscribed to my podcast can get new episodes of archived content on a more regular basis is this correct?

    3. Is it possible to add some word like ARCHIVED in front of it (on the podcast player or in the title) so even though it's new content, people know it's older?

    4. Currently we have 500 plus episodes. Can I release 5 episodes per week and then will it start over again from the beginning?

    • 1. It isn't advisable because republishing will result in a new URL for every republished post. So links from other sites will break. And traffic from search engines will undoubtedly decline.

      2. The plugin republishes standard posts. It may work with podcasts or it may not as I don't know what type of content they are. If they're standard WordPress posts then yes it'll work. Try the free version to find out.

      3. No that option doesn't exist.

      4. You can set the plugin to republish posts that meet a certain criteria based on age of the post and when the most recent item was republished. It'll keep republishing as long as something qualifies based on the settings you've selected.

  139. My posts have not republished since February 2nd. What can be the issue?

    • Do you have posts that still qualify for republishing i.e. that are old enough?

      • Hi Marios,
        Yes I do. Similar to another poster I found all my posts either have publish dates of either February 2nd, or January 31. It's almost as if the plugin performed a mass republishing of all my posts for those two days.

        • That's a strange one and I'm not sure what the issue might be. I made a tweak and deployed a new version of the plugin (version 1.19). Can you install it? Depending on how you update, make sure the plugin (the plugin itself, not the license) goes through the deactivation/reactivation steps.

  140. I have used the Pro version on one of my websites and it works great. I purchased a license to use it on a second website and installed it there and set it up to publish every seven days. I did that yesterday. So far, it has not started to republish any old posts. What might the problem be? What should I do?

    • Can you try with a shorter period? Since you selected every 7 days, it could be a week before it republishes.

      • That seemed to do the trick. Here's a suggestion: add a "republish one old post now" feature.

      • I am a computer novice so please forgive in advance if my questions are simplistic.

        I have a WordPress Blog Premium Business version.

        I would like to set it up so that each of my 1600+ post automatically re-post "Annually."

        Can your product do this "Annually?"

        It appears that all of my current posts have "permalinks." Is there a way to get rid of the permalinks without losing the post itself.

        Thank you

        • You can sort of do annual republishing by telling the plugin to only publish things that are at least 365 days old. If you have multiple posts that need republishing on any given day then you would set the plugin to publish hourly or whatever value makes sense for your site. However, you can't indicate that the plugin should publish today only things that were published exactly one year ago.

          I don't understand your question about permalinks. Permalinks are fine as long as they don't use the date in them. If dates are used, don't use this plugin.

  141. Some of the republished posts appear to have changed their titles. I'm using the change GUID and activate publishing event settings in the pro version. Is this what's causing it?

    • The plugin doesn't make changes to the title.

      • I did not mean the title of the post, I meant the URL. The URL has been actually switched to the post title when republished by the plugin. I disabled the create new GUID and the activate publishing event and it seems to have fixed it. That’s why I was curious which setting might be causing it.

        • That's strange. The slug which is used for the URL is different from the GUID which is what my plugin modifies. What are your permalink settings? Maybe I can reproduce the issue if I use your settings.

        • Currently set to:


          If you are not able to reproduce, maybe it's a conflict with another plugin. What does the 'activate publishing event' do?

        • I use that same slug so that's not likely the issue.

          The activate publish event quickly sets the post to unpublished and then back to published. This change tells WordPress to do all of the things that it would normally do when something is first published. Some plugins may also be triggered by this as well. For example, I know some people use a plugin to publish to social media sites and this notifies those plugins to push the post out to social media sites. When this setting is off, only the post date is changed which WordPress and plugins don't "notice".

        • Thanks for looking into it. I am trying to decide whether it is worth further investigating for myself or just leaving it as is for there any benefit to using either the update GUID or active publishing event settings?

        • Some RSS services need to see a unique GUID to show a republished post in the RSS feed. That was the original reason that feature was added.

          The republish event is for those people that have plugins similar to what I described in my previous note.

          I can't say whether or not either feature is useful to you in your situation.

  142. My site have 700 post.

    My setting is
    Minimum Interval Between Post Republishing: 10 Seconds
    Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval): Upto 5 minutes

    Why I saw it only repost around 2-3 post /hour only ?

    • The way WordPress works is web pages need to be accessed by people (or some automated process) for plugins to execute so if there's very little traffic, the plugin won't be triggered as often as you've selected. Most sites don't have a problem with that unless they're really new and there aren't people, search engines, or other bots accessing the site regularly. Is your site new?

      • yes, its new site.

        are there any way to make it work without relying on visitor ?

        can make changes to cron job at cpanel ?

        • The plugin didn't use cron because of potential incompatibilities with some systems back when it was first created. Things are better now with cron being better supported and enabled, but the plugin still doesn't use it. Until your site is getting more traffic, you could use something like (free) which will access a URL on your site every 5 minutes to see if it's still running. That access should trigger the plugin too.

  143. For some reason a few months back Re-post Old Posts stopped working. I bought a new license a few days ago just in case my old license had expired. Still no re-posts.

    I have the latest WordPress version, your plugin is the latest version.

    This was a great plugin. Please assist.

    Ray Plumlee

    • Licenses don't expire. As for why yours is no longer working, I'm not sure. Any chance that you no longer have posts that qualify for republishing? It sometimes happens that people have republished everything and the posts don't meet the criteria.

      • I will play with the settings and see if that is it. The last auto republish was Feb 15. Was there a revision after that date?

        Thanks for the very prompt reply.

        • I believe the last update was January 20, 2018.

      • Still no auto posts. Below is a link to a screenshot of the settings I last tried:

        [link removed]

        Hope this gives you an idea.


        • Marios, something I just noticed all my posted articles are showing as posted 2018/01/25. 146 out of 147! The last post I published is showing the correct date. A couple of days ago I started getting emails for new posts. I would go to the website and look and see that the publish date of 2018/01/25 was the last date. So I wasn't sure if it was re-publishing or not. That's when I realized all my posts are published 2018/01/25.

          Is there anyway your plugin is stuck on 2018/01/25?


        • That's very strange behavior. I don't know how it would get "stuck" like that. Basically every time it republishes it adds the interval to the current time and then waits until that interval elapses.

          Could you send me a list of the other plugins you have? Maybe there's a conflict.

      • List of activated Plugins:

        Akismet Anti-Spam
        Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler
        BMI BMR calculator
        bodi0`s Bots visits counter
        Child Themify
        Code PHP in Widget
        Display Posts Shortcode
        Easy Code Placement
        EasyAzon - Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin
        Enhanced Media Library
        Favicon XT-Manager
        File Manager
        Footer Text
        Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)
        Jetpack by
        List category posts
        Meta SEO Pack
        Molongui Authorship
        Page Views Count
        Profile Builder
        Republish Old Posts Pro
        Share Buttons & tools to grow traffic by
        Shortcodes Ultimate
        Text Replace
        Theme Check
        User Role Editor
        Visual Table Formatting Lite
        W4 Post List
        Wordfence Security
        WP Article Order
        WP Database Backup
        WP Fastest Cache
        WP referrer spam blacklist (Ghost Spam in Google Analytics)
        WP Rollback
        WP Tabel Tag Gen
        WPFront User Role Editor

        • The Blog2Social plugin looked interesting, but in the end I didn't seem to be the one that is causing problems. None of the other plugins jump out at me. No other reports since you've mentioned yours so I'm still inclined to think there's something specific with your set up, but I don't know what it might be.

        • I want to thank you for your efforts and agree it must be something unique about my configuration. I tried another repost plugin and it seems to be working fine so I am going to leave it active.

          I want to compliment you on your customer service! I have encountered non better and want to again thank you for your efforts and that I understand you did everything you could.


  144. Hi, I still have the same problem : I have 2 replubication at the same time :( I've uptdate the plugin, saved, and also desactivate him during a week but the pb is still here. Can you check that please ? Thank you.

    • I haven't heard any other reports of this problem and I don't know how to reproduce it. So I'm not sure what I can do especially since the plugin previously worked for you.

      • I have this issue since a long time, I've already repport it to you. I take any kind of suggestion...

  145. Hello,

    I really like the tool, however, it does not fulfill one practical use case.
    Normally tweets have an actuality, that means I like to retweet maybe once or twice.
    The tool currently only supports and endless loop of retweets.
    Am I missing something or is it possible to retweet a post after 12 hours for instance?
    Also would be it possible to get the interval 36 hours as I intent to attract different geographical locations?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Note: I use the tool in combination with a social media plug-in.

      • Please reframe your question in the context of republishing posts and how you'd like them to be republished. The plugin doesn't do anything with tweets.

        • Hi Marios,

          I use Wordpress to publish scheduled posts and push them also onto my Twitter account.
          The republish plugin takes older posts and reposts them according the selected duration by modifying the date. Is it possible to republish posts only once? As far as I understand the same post will be again (n times) republished after the selected duration has been reached.


        • There is no limit to how often a post will be republished. All that is considered is whether or not it matches the criteria specified by the user.

  146. There is a free version available in the WordPress plugin repository that you can test with.

    • It has too large delays

      Do you provide support with the plugin

      If so, I'll just buy it rn.

      • I do provide support, but I don't necessarily customize the code for a single-license buyer if that's what you mean. The pro version works the same way as the free version so if the free version functions on your site, the pro version will too. The pro version just provides more options like, as you mentioned, more intervals.

  147. It's a nice plugin. Maybe more filters will be good for free version.

  148. I have noticed that my database got huge. Most posts have multiple instances of same table (with some random numbers added to their names) and I am wondering if your plugin is creating a new cloned table every time it reposts?

    • It doesn't create copies. It just updates the existing post. It sounds like you've got a problem with WordPress revisions and / or autosaves.

  149. Hi, since 2 weeks the plugin is reposting 2 posts at the same time. Do you know why and how can I change that please ? Thx a lot.

    • That's a strange one. Is the republishing interval very short? Have you tried re-saving your settings?

      • Yes they are republish at the same time...
        I will turn it off for a week and try again...

  150. My custom field for expired posts is re_post_expired, I placed it in the "omit from republishing posts...." section of the settings yet expired posts are still being posted. How do I not have expired posts republish?

    • Once you configure the field name and value, you have to also assign that field name and value to the posts. Have you done that?

      • It seems to be working now. I just needed to put "false" instead of "true" underneath "omit from republishing posts..."

  151. Hi - not sure if the email replying to yesterday's request worked so I thought I would send you more info.

    That is a screen shot of my settings and it just published an article about 5 weeks old. It has been active for two days so it was not in the initial set up period.

    Thanks - love the plugin but need the 365 day aging exemption to work.

  152. Hi. Purchased pro and set it to not be eligible for 365 days but it has already published a post only one month old. Do some things override that setting? I want things to republish in the same month the next year - as some things are seasonal. Also, I am using custom fields if that is helpful as some posts are not allowed to be republished. Thanks

    PS: If I can get that issue worked out I will be purchasing more licenses.

    • The post age requirement is pretty "strict" so I don't think you'd be able to override it easily with other settings. The one thing I can think of is maybe a post republished upon activation of the plugin. Now that you've saved your settings I wouldn't expect more to republish that don't meet your requirements. If you want to send me a screenshot (send to the support address you got) of your settings I can see if you've somehow set up conflicting requirements.

  153. Hi there,

    I'm using your Republic Old Posts PRO, can you be more flexible on the Settings by including minimum interval of 60 seconds, 150 seconds before 5 minutes please?

    I already bought three PRO licences which I am using on three of my sites. A lifesaver plugin by the way.

    • It's on my list of things to do. I actually want to switch to an input field so people can enter whatever value they want as the list of predetermined intervals is getting rather long.

  154. Hi,

    I have just installed your plugin (free version for now) to see if I can get it working ok.

    Could you please tell me when the plugin actually runs and checks for posts that need to be republished? Is it once per day/night and if so at what time? Is there any way to control when/how often it runs?

    Many thanks

    • It's constantly checking if the interval between republishing has passed and if any posts qualify for republishing.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        I have just created a test post and set its published date to 30 days ago. I have set the minimum interval to 4 hours and the Post age before eligible to 30 days. So after 4 hours I should expect to see my test post republished?

        On another subject, I noticed in the Pro version there are now "Force republishing posts with the following custom field:" and "Custom field value that should match to force republishing:". Does this mean that you can just add a custom field to the posts you want to be republished and the plugin will ignore all other posts without this field and value? This would make things easier for me since I only want a few posts out of several hundred to be republished.

        • If you have no other posts that are candidates for republishing, then yes in 4 hours you should see the post republished.

          The "force republishing" fields put posts into the pool of posts to republish, but it doesn't mean that other posts won't automatically also be considered unless they've been filtered out somehow. In your case, I think you'd want to exclude all categories and then add the custom field to the handful of posts you want republished. These will then be republished based on the other settings you used.

      • Sorry in addition to my previous reply... I've set the Post age before eligible for reprocessing to 30 days. This won't republish ALL posts of 30 or more days old will it? If so I need to disable it as I don't want all posts republishing!

        • At your interval point all posts that are 30 days or older will be put into a pool. Then one post from that pool will be republished. When the interval comes around again, another pool will be put together and one post from that pool will be republished, etc.

      • Thanks for your help, it worked fine. I need to buy the Pro version though so I can do as you suggested.

  155. My wife's website ( was republishing every week faithfully for the quite some time, all of a sudden it stopped republishing things. Any idea why?
    What's the recommended way to get things going again?

    • I haven't changed my plugin in a while so I can't say with any certainty why republishing has stopped. I would take a look at the settings and confirm that they aren't resulting in no posts qualifying. Some folks have ended up republishing everything such that nothing was left that met the age threshold.

      Also, I would review any recent plugin, theme, or WordPress updates and see if any of those changes may be conflicting with the plugin. And did your hosting company upgrade or migrate your site as part of some maintenance?

      • Hello i have the same issue, the plugin was working for a while now.

        But it just stopped republishing since yesterday.

        Even since i have a lot of posts qualifying for republishing.

        How can we fix this ?

        Thank you

        • I have deactivated / reactivated licence and i think it is working again.

  156. Hi there,

    I just installed and attempted to activate your Republish Old Posts Pro plugin but it threw fatal error: Cannot redeclare rop_admin_scripts() (previously declared in /home/ticks/public_html/wp-content/plugins/republish-old-posts/republish-old-posts.php:478) in /home/ticks/public_html/wp-content/plugins/republish-old-posts-pro/republish-old-posts-pro.php on line 863

    For your information, I am using a similar plugin - Revive Old Posts which I use to publish my Old WordPress Posts to Facebook automatically.

    But the function of your plugin is to republish my Old Posts on my site.

    Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Are you using the free version of the Republish Old Post plugin? If so, deactivate it first before activating the pro version.

  157. Hi,

    I don't understand how is working the section : "Omit from republishing posts with the following custom field"
    Do you have a tutorial about this part please ?

    Thank you very much

    Kind regards


    • This option allows you to add a custom field to a post to prevent it from every being republished. You can decide the label of the custom field and the value you want to use. Then, on the post edit screen, at a custom field with the same name and value. Once you do that, that post will never be republished.

      • Hi thank you for the reply. I understand what is the point but how and where I have to put the custom field on the article please ? I didn’t understand how to manage this part of the process... thank you.

        • On the post edit screen you should have a section called Custom Fields. If you don't, look for the Screen Options drop-down at the top right of the post edit page and check the Custom Fields checkbox.

  158. hello, i have installed on 2 of the top blogs that we manage... and for some reason its not working... its not re-publishing old articles into fresh dated ones... i tried doing it manually and it worked (changed the date and post jumped to front page, but the plugin is not doing that for me...) any help? using free version

    • It's hard to say without digging in more. It could be there's a conflict with another plugin.

      • maybe wordfence?

        that is the only clue i could think about... have you heard anything dealing with security plugins not allowing the republishing?

        • No I haven't heard of security plugins stopping the republishing from happening. Are your sites brand new i.e. do they get at least a few visitors daily?

  159. With the free version how long does it take before the post start republishing?

    • Typically a post republishes right away. After that it shouldn't take any longer than the interval between republishing that you set.

  160. I have set up on my site daily readings as posts. One new reading for each day of the year (365 +1 leap year). Instead of manually changing the year on each of the 365 posts from 2017 to 2018 so that they can repeat each year (2019,2020,2021, etc)
    Will your pro version do this for me automatically. For example, on the 31st December, could I change all posts with a year of 2017 to 2018 (or every six months)? My site's main page shows the last 10 days of posts with the latest at the top ( If it can, is it a major job? Do I have to set 365 of them up manually for it to work into the future or is this to an automated process for the pro version?

    • My plugin works by looking for posts that meet the criteria you specify such as how old a post needs to be before it is republished and how frequently to republish an article. It then updates the date of a post that meets that criteria to the current date. It sounds like you may need a little more precision than my plugin can promise.

  161. Hello! I am really interested in your Pro plugin, but I absolutely need a way to republish custom posts, because my recipes blog uses this kind of custom posts. Is there a way to use custom posts with your plugin, please? Thanks

    • Try the free version. If it works, so will the pro. If not, the pro won't work either.

  162. Hello and thank you for your plugin.

    Could you please add on your next update Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing 3/4/5 days ?

    If not if i add those lines on the extension code :

    ' . __( '3 Day (1 Week)', 'republish-old-posts' ) . '
    ' . __( '4 Day (1 Week)', 'republish-old-posts' ) . '
    ' . __( '5 Day (1 Week)', 'republish-old-posts' ) . '

    Will it give me the option of 3/4/5 days of Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing ?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the suggestion for the next update. As for the code updates, you can of course make any changes you like. I'd have to refresh my memory as to the code changes needed so I'm not sure if what you wrote is all that's needed. I have 12 plugins so there's a lot for me to remember :-)

  163. Hi, I have a couple of presale questions:

    1) Would this work for PAGES, if I use the custom field feature? Or is this only for posts?
    2) Any way to set custom Post Age?

    I specifically wish to republish a Page on a nightly basis...


    • The plugin doesn't work on pages, just posts.

  164. How to I enable the Pro features. I just bought it but not sure how to enable the pro features.

    • Use the link in your receipt to download the pro version. Upload the pro version, deactivate the free version, and active the pro version. These steps are necessary because of how works.

  165. I set Republish Pro to - posts over 90 days (and I've been blogging for several years, so there are a few hundred), every 72 hours, 30 minute randomness, random post. I have a tag that I've added to the ones that I don't want to republish. I've checked and double checked. When I first ran it, it republished two posts back to back, and now it's been 5 days and it's done nothing.

    How do I trouble shoot this?

    It would be really nice if the plugin could tell us WHICH post it was going to republish next, or the next couple of posts, and when it would go live.

    • You could try turning on WordPress' debugging logging to see if something unexpected is going on. Sometimes people misread the category exclusion section and end up excluding all categories thinking they're including them. Any chance you've done this too?

      • No ... "Select posts to omit" seems pretty clear to me. :)

        I've realized that instead of republishing, it's changing the date and putting them into Pending Review. So it's UNpublishing my posts! LOL But hey, it's picking the ones I want.

        There doesn't seem to be an option that I could have misunderstood to make it do that.


  166. Hey Marios,
    first, thank you for your great plugin, it was really worth the money! I am using it for a while and I wonder if it is also possible to pick a specific url for being republished? That would be really great!

    Regards, Franziska

    • Do you want to republish one and only one post repeatedly? If so, assign it to a category without any other posts. Then exclude all other categories.

  167. Could you please add Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing 2/3/4 Days on your next update ?

    Thank you for this great Plugin

  168. I have just bought the Pro version, and it looks good, although it would have been better for it not to start reposting as soon as I activated it - I had a few things to undo! - a switch in the settings would solve this.

    Also, like others that have posted here, I want just one category reposted every year, which I can set fine, except that it will get a day out when we have a leap year. Could we have a 366 day option as well as 365 (easy to add I would suspect), or better, a 'one year' option (more work to add I can see).

  169. Because I get this message in my version that I have a while ago??

    "Please buy/activate a license for this plugin. A license is required per domain other than localhost."

    • I looked up your account and it still shows as being active for the domain you provided. Have you changed anything or moved your site to a new hosting company? Have you tried deactivating and reactivating your license?

      • Hello! I changed plans within the same hosting ... The change was made today and from that moment I can not republish ....

        • Try activating the license again. If it works, the button that reads Activate should change to Deactivate. I don't know why changing a hosting plan would alter the plugin's behavior.

  170. Hello, your plugin is already great but it would be godly If you added a timer when the republish starts and finish through the day.
    Example : republish posts from 8am to 8 pm.
    The option would be like :
    Start hour : Hours:minutes
    End hour : Hours: minutes
    Thank you !

    • Thanks for the idea.

  171. Hi Marios,

    I don't know what happened to my first post about Republish Old Posts suddenly stop working. However, I think I found the problem and wanted to pass it along. I think the problem was that I ran out of old posts. When I changed the setting from 90 day sot 30 days, the old posts started publishing again! Excellent!

    • Your other message was pending approval. It wasn't lost. I'm glad you figured out the issue you had.

  172. When you update could you add to "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing" 1 hour? At the moment its 6 hours.

  173. Hello, i am using pro version of this plugin. here are few suggestion which i need for my website. plugin shuold detect the deadline inside the article and posts a post untill his deadline. After deadline the post will not post again until new year has been started. if the some deadlines are acording to 6 month so there will be option to deal with them. or if the publisher just change the date the plugin can detect deadline auto from post. if plugin can not detect the deadline from article, than before publishing the post you can add the deadline bar where we can insert the deadline, but when new year started the plugin change the year auto and start reposting agian. these are suggestion and it will maek your plugin perfect to repost again and agian

    • Thank you for the suggestions.

  174. Hi,
    Since last update (Pro version) the "trigger a publish event" doesn't work anymore.
    It was working nice until end of July.
    That was the main reason to buy the pro version for me, i.e. to be sure to have a really working solution.
    Could you check ?
    Thanks in advance,

    • I see in another forum that the problem isn't related to my plugin. Thanks for checking into it. And I hope you find a solution.

  175. Hi, I bought 2 copies of your pro version bc I <3 it. I have a Q though. I notice that on republish it the iframes for my Youtube videos (and other iFrames like Flash content) is getting stripped out. Please advise. Thanks!

    • That's an odd observation. The plugin is effectively just changing the date of the post to be the current date. Nothing else is changed so I don't see how anything could be stripped out. If you take an only post and manually change the date and resave, does it work as expected?

      • I've been going in and adding the iFrames back in after they are stripped out. I just did a test on the latest post and set it's publish date back to yesterday -- the content did not disappear.

  176. I want Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing to be less than 30 days, like 7 days ?
    How can i do it ?


    • This option is available in the pro version of the plugin.

      • What post is choosed to republish when i DONT select random post ?

        • If multiple posts meet the criteria, then the oldest one will be selected for republishing.

  177. How can I use this republish with woocommerce products, I am already use pro version.

    • The plugin republishes posts. I don't think WooCommerce products are considered to be posts.

      • Hi Dick Leung, did you manage to use with woocommerce?

  178. Are the rop_force and rop_ignore custom field names just arbitrary names, or can I use anything to force and ignore?

    Could I just setup one custom field called "republish_old_posts" and use values of "force" and "ignore" (and blank) to accomplish the same thing coupled with the category ignore feature?

    Cool little addon!!!

    • They're arbitrary names. You can use whatever you want. I suppose you could use the same variable name for both.

  179. What is the significance of "Trigger a publish event when republishing"?

    • WordPress and some other plugins will do things like ping external servers when a post is initially published. This checkbox allows you to determine if these same actions are taken when a post is republished as well. The most common use I've heard from people is to enable this so that republishing triggers another plugin that sends the post to social media sites.

      • Got it! Thank you! Without checking this box, the RSS feed is still updated to show a "new post"?

        • Yes the RSS feed will show the republished posts regardless of this checkbox.

  180. Hi, i'm using the pro version of your plugin but it doesn't republish any articles and i don't know why. Is there any way to debug that behaviour?

    • You could turn on WordPress's debugging and then look at the entries in the error log.

      • How to do that - it worked before i upgraded it to pro.

        • The free and the pro version are essentially the same at the "core". So if the free version worked, I'm not sure why the pro version wouldn't.

          There are instructions here on how to activate debugging for WordPress:

  181. I activated the licence key still it is not republishing my posts. Please fix the problem.

    • If I had to guess I'd say the settings you have set are resulting in no matches so nothing is being republished. If you can email more detail to the support address provided in your receipt I can try to help.

  182. Hi Marios ,

    I found this one very helpful for my need. Just couple of questions before purchasing:

    1. Can i schedule specific posts for republishing in the interval of say 7 Days
    2. What if the post is assigned to multiple categories and i omit of the assigned category? Will the post publish when it is coming under both ommitted and non-ommitted categories.

    Looking for your revert.

    • It doesn't sound like this plugin will work for you.

  183. Hi, I have a pro license and it was on one domain but I deactivated it on that domain and then tried to reactivate it on the new domain, but it will not activate. When I click activate nothing happens, the button still says activate.

    • Not sure why it isn't working, but I can take care of it for you. Email me the new domain along with your license and I'll update your account.

  184. Hi,

    I tried the repost, but old posts like this here are not updatet:

    Its from august 2014.

    How can I do that? I have the pro version.


    • According to your sitemap ( the post has been updated. Perhaps your theme is displaying the original creation date? Can you check?

  185. Hi,

    "You are required to buy one (1) license per site/domain. Additional installations on ‘localhost' do not require a separate license."

    Does localhost mean the same server?

    Help me to understand clearly.


    • You can install the pro version on localhost without paying for a second license.

  186. I'm sorry for asking this question, but I do not speak English and I want to know what the function of the field is: Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval). And what difference does it make: Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing.

    • The randomness value will add a random amount of time to when the post is republished. So if you have it set to republish every 24 hours and put in a randomness interval of 1 hour, then the republishing will have every 23 to 25 hours.

  187. Hi

    We have many posts on our blog which provide details about religious events and International Days (for example World Health Day).

    Currently these have all been published on the appropriate date.

    We would like them all to be reposted at exactly the same time every year and preferably at exactly the same time of posting. They all share the same Category (called International Days).

    Could you tell me if this is something your plugin can achieve?

    Many thanks,


    • No it won't. The plugin assumes that the oldest post the meets the criteria is the one that should be republished regardless of when it was originally published.

      • Ok. Thank you for the quick reply Marios.

      • Hi Marios,

        If I purchased the Pro version could I use the Post Age option (365 days) to trigger a yearly republish?

        So there may be 1 - 3 World Health Day posts which were published on the 7th April 2016. These posts would be in the International Days category.

        Only posts the which should be repeated would be in the International Days category.

        Would that work?

        Or are you saying that once the trigger date is reached then they will keep republishing from that day onwards and not only on the 7th April?

        Many thanks,


        • The plugin looks for posts that match the criteria you've specified and continues to republish as long as posts meet the criteria. If you exclude certain categories then you can restrict what posts will match. The yearly republish is based on 365 days so during leap years things will drift a day.

  188. Plugin has stopped working. We have the latest version

    • I have to assume that another update is now causing a problem. I haven't changed the plugin recently so it shouldn't just stop working without something else having changed. Did you make any other updates?

  189. Hi,

    I'm interested in using this plugin as a way of re-publishing posts on a very specific schedule. Each post would need to be reposted at *exactly* the same time every week (i.e. no randomness interval). Can this plugin do that? I would like to just set a 7 day schedule for each post and then let it run on it's own. Willing to buy the pro version if it can do that. Thanks.

    • The randomness can be set to 0, but there's a chance that the publishing time will drift. And there's currently no way to specify the time to republish so you're kind of stuck with whatever time the plugin is first activated.

  190. Can this plugin be recoded so that I can keep auto reposting the same post? I have a post that I want auto reposted daily as it has an API that pulls in new content daily.

    • You could try assigning this post to a category to which no other posts are assigned. Then exclude all other categories from being republished.

      Or use the title match field so that only this particular post is republished (assuming it has a unique title).

      • Thanks, I will give that a try.

      • The "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing:" is set a 30 Days. I need this to be like under 23 hours. Would I have to change the code to enable that?

        • You can change the code as you see fit. Or save yourself the trouble and buy the pro version :-)

  191. Hi :)
    Republished posts won't trigger push notifications. In this case I'm using one signal plugin. Do you have any solution?

    • What's a push notification?


        Those notifications you see on corner of desktop:

        • Thanks for the explanation. That's not something I've worked with before so I'm not sure what would be needed to get the my plugin to work with that other plugin.

      • Ok, thanks anyway Marios. I will get help from onesignal team, I will let you know the result, thanks man :)

      • Hi Marios :)

        Here is their reply:

        This post works by changing the post date of a post. Our WordPress plugin is not compatible with this plugin because we detect changes in a post's status. As long as a post status does not change, we cannot pick up the post changing. Sorry, but Republish Old Posts is incompatible with OneSignal.

        You will most likely be able to find another plugin that does what you need. I also looked at the Pro version description, and it does not change the post status, so you will have to find another plugin.

        • Their explanation makes sense.

        • Yeah, so you can make compatible your plugin? Because it's not about their plugin, not possible to use any push notification plugin for this :)

        • It's possible, but I doubt I'll get to it anytime soon.

    • You can't add it till 1 month later? :(

      • You think it's possible till that time Marios? I hope you can.

        • I don't understand what you mean.

        • I mean, can you make compatible your plugin to push notifications till 1 month later?

        • I'm not actively working on any updates to the plugin. I meant it's technically possible, but I don't know when I'll make the updates.

  192. I create new Name: field rop_ignore What goes into value field?

    • By default the value you would put is TRUE to indicate that the post should never be republished. However, from the setting page you can change that value to be anything you want e.g. YES. You need to settle on a value beforehand so that you don't have to update things afterwards.

  193. Is there a way to set a custom frequency for eligibility to be republished? I have a 4 week workout program so I need every 28 days if possible.

    • Since you're a user of the pro version I'll add 28 days as an option. I'll release an update later today or tomorrow. You should get a notification within WordPress when the update is available.

  194. Hi there, we are looking for a solution that allows us to re-post NEW blog posts on a hourly basis. We have built a buddypress community and we are looking for ways to keep the activity stream engaging and current - just like your facebook feed sometimes includes the same post on refresh we are looking for a way to re-target certain items in the activity stream so they re appear.

    We have enabled site wide tracking so blog posts are included in the stream but they may quickly become lost as the stream is a live feed of site and community activity.

    We think your plugin is quite a close fit for making this possible - any suggestions about how we could make it work?

    • There may be a combination of settings that will suit your needs, but off-hand I can't be sure. What you've described is very specific to your particular setup.

  195. Which version of PHP does republish old posts? On my server were versions of PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. switched off. The current version is PHP version 5.5.38 nmm2.

    • I don't test against different versions of PHP. No one has complained about PHP version issues yet.

    • Hi of Marios. Uses the tool cronjobs on the server? Must be cronjob on the server enabled or approved?

      • Cron isn't needed.

  196. A question before purchasing: I have 3 years worth of daily posts. I would like to cycle through the 3 years of posts, posting daily. Is it possible to do this with the pro plugin? If I set a post for January 1st 2017 will it repost on January 1st 2020?

    • You set up criteria for what posts qualify to be republished, but then this plugin will select a post from those that meet the criteria. So the post chosen may be the one republished exactly 3 years ago or it may be another one that meets the criteria.

      • Is there a way I can select 3 years to be the criteria? Looks like the limit is 2 years.

        • Your are correct. 2 years is the current limit.

        • Can I change it to 3 years editing the plugins code? Any instructions on this? Also, when the post is republished, will it be sent to RSS feeds for a daily RSS email to my subs?

        • The code is editable, but I don't support changes made by others. Also note that your changes will be overwritten if you upgrade the next time I put out a new versions.

        • Is there anywhere I can make a feature request for a future release? Such as the 3 year condition?

        • I've done custom work for others, but most people aren't willing to pay much for my time. If you email (support at infolific dot com) me with what you'd be willing to pay, I can tell you if it's worth my while.

        • Marios, if my post is January 1st 2016 and I set it to 2 years re-publish, will it post on January 1st 2018 and then January 1st 2020 and so on? How does the plugin deal with years that have 366 days instead of 365?

        • The plugin looks for any post that meets the criteria you set. So if you say that any post has to be 2 years old before it can be considered for republishing, as soon as it meets that criteria it'll be republished. You don't set the criteria at the individual post level, but globally so that all posts are checked against a single set of criteria.

      • How about years with 366 days instead of of your normal 365?

        • A year is assumed to be 365 days.

        • So what will publish on February 29th in leap years? A post scheduled for march 1st or will no post be published? My posts are date specific.

        • The plugin looks at a post and adds a certain amount of time (minutes, hours, or days) that you've specified. If that calculation results in it meeting the criteria you've specified, it is republished. From what you've described, this plugin won't work for you.

  197. Hi Marios,

    Awesome plugin, thanks. My posts are republishing as they should but I have a problem with my backup plugin "Updraftplus." It doesn't perform scheduled backups and says the reason for it could be because my Wordpress scheduler might not be working... So in troubleshooting this, can you tell me if "republish old posts" uses the wordpress scheduler to republish posts? Thanks P.S. I know the problem is not related to your plugin.

    • The scheduler isn't used by the Republish Old Posts Pro plugin.

  198. Hi, according to the change log at 1.7 there is the option in the pro version to republish a post that is 1 day old. Is that correct? The screenshots doesn't show the option for a 1 day old post and when installing the free version there also isn't a greyed out option for 1 day that says it's only in the pro version.

    • Yes there are now options for 1 day, 12 hours, and 6 hours.

  199. Can the pro version update the publish date on pages instead of posts?

    • The pro version still just works with posts and not pages.

  200. I'm looking to reschedule exactly one year later (January 7, 2016 12:01 republishes January 7,2017 12:01). I've tried the free version and it was pretty random. I need it to be precise, because the posts are designed for each of the 365 days, give or take Leap Year Feb 29.

    Will this do what I need?

    • No this plugin won't do what you're asking.

  201. Hello, I recently purchased the Pro version and never received a license key. I paid 2 days ago and was wondering when I can expect to receive it. Also, how would I go about adding the license key to the plugin on Wordpress? I don't see an option.

    Thank you.

    • Your order was stuck in a "pending" state. I've corrected it and you should've received your license now. Sorry about the delay.

  202. I have bought the PRO and not even one post is being reposted????

    • Have you changed and SAVED the settings to make sure at least one post qualifies for republishing? What is your republishing + randomness interval and did you wait that long?

  203. I recently bought the Pro version of this plugin and for some reason I cannot get it to work. Do you know of any specific plugins that may be conflicting with this plugin? I tried setting the minimum interval very low and it seems like it is not working at all. Please help!

    • I don't know of any specific conflicts. Can you confirm that there are posts that are old enough to meet the criteria? For example, if you've indicated that posts need to be at least 120 days old then nothing will be republished until there's a post that is that old.

      • Yes, I have posts that are 5 years old that should be publishing. What I did was create a category for all the posts that I want to republish, then flagged each of those posts with that category. Then I excluded all categories except that one. Would that make a difference?

        • Ah yes, that's the issue. If a post is in a category that's excluded then it will be excluded. The plugin selects all the posts that qualify and then asks "are any of these posts in a category that's excluded?"

          I have included a feature that allows you to override this behavior, but it's a little cumbersome to use. How many posts are you looking to allow to be republished?

        • OK...then how do I force those posts labeled with that category to publish? In the Pro version there is a code to put in a custom field, but I don't know how to do that.

        • 1. Go into the post edit screen.
          2. Scroll down the page until you see a section called Custom Fields.
          3. Click on Enter New.
          4. Put in "bte_opp_ignore" as the name and "true" as the value.

          For other posts, you may be able to select the field from the drop-down rather than having to type it in each time. The value should always be "true".

          If you have a lot of posts, test the above with just a few to make sure it works as you expect before you spend too much time on the process.

        • Thank you! I'll give this a try!

  204. hi I just need to constantly rotate posts on sites that have evergreen content - will your plugin do this and turn around a single post from the back to the front every 24 hours?

    • Yes that's essentially what this plugin does.

      • What I would like to achieve is the post is recycled taking the oldest and re posting as new complete with time date changed to reflect that?

        I have installed the basic version though there is no way of running a test to see if it actually works other than just waiting. I understand you are saying that is 'essentially what it does' but I need to be 100pc sure, paying is not an issue the solution is paramount to me.

        Many thanks

        • With the plugin you specify the criteria for which posts to consider for republishing. Then one of those is republished at an interval that you also specify. To me it sounds like what you're describing is what this plugin does. I could be misunderstanding and so I recommend trying the free version first. Testing, as you said, would mean waiting.

        • Just been watching it over the weekend I like it a lot, works perfectly well - Only issue is the parameters - Idearlly I want to recycle a post 1 x each 24 hours taking the oldest post within say 4 days old (hard to explain why but thats what I need)

          I have no issue in paying for it if it can do this Marios as I can see it works perfectly.

        • I don't have a 4 day interval option at this time.

        • Thank you - I will most likely use this as a premium version, I just need to calculate the volume of posts needed to but I would guess four days will more than ok for about 30 entries - But having tested the product I am pleased with the performance and how it actually does what I need

  205. I think the plugin is not good. When install start republishing it uses most resources of the server and server got down. Totally destroyed my server.

    • The plugin doesn't use much in the way of resources as far as I can tell. Do you have it set to republish frequently?

  206. Hi, I have purchased your plugin and trying to test it. I think it needs a feature that will show republish button in edit post or page of dashboard, that meant when user want to edit post there can be republish {right now button}. I hope you can consider that update asap. I need that button so please do this. It can help me.


    • You can achieve this just by changing the post/page date and time to the current date and time.

  207. Can you set the cache to refresh more often or to not cache feeds at all?

  208. Is the PRO version of this plugin "Republish Old Posts" a one time-purchase or is it monthly?

  209. Is it waterproof and how deep?
    When I installed the plugin it worked for approx 30mins than it stopped.

    • How often were you republishing posts? And did any of the posts qualify based on the age criteria you specified?

  210. I really need the functionality of this plug and am willing to pay for it, but so far my testing of the free version shows it not working for me at all.

    I do not use categories and instead have a custom post structure for real estate listings where instead of "posts" I have "properties" but they do not seem to rotate as expected..

    Can you help?

    • If the free version doesn't work it's not likely the pro version will either. The core functionality is the same between the two, but the pro version gives you much more control over what qualifies for republishing and over the republishing schedule.

      • so do I understand correctly that the pro version will allow me to republish my custom post types?
        I need them to rotate, and ideally every 24 hours or so.

        • No the pro version won't republish your custom post types since the free one doesn't. If the free one doesn't do it, the pro won't either.

        • Do you think that is a feature we could get added... I have 600 'posts' under a custom post type and need to refresh the date. Any chance? I would go PRO in a heartbeat if I could do this.

        • At some point I'll probably add this feature, but I don't have a timeline for it.

  211. I'm using your pro version of Republish Post. I installed it on August 9th, 2016.

    When it reposts things, it always republishes the date on 8-9-16. Why?

    • That's not the way it should be working. The republished date should be whatever the current date is at the time of republishing. Does this happen on both of your sites?

  212. I have a site for a daily pinch of motivation and would like to post the contribution posted 365 days ago, now newly. Always min. 2 post are newly posted at my settings.

    For the future is that I have also gaps during the daily posts. How do I this?
    Somehow I do not understand the Zufallsinterval also.

    • Set the minimum age to match that age of the posts you want to republish. If the posts are all in a single category you can exclude all other categories from republishing.

      • I use only one category, however, post the plugin 2 old posts at the same time.

      • The plugin published still 2 posts per day. There is also only one category. What am I doing wrong?

        • Can you email me a screenshot of your settings? Or, would you be willing to let me log into your WordPress admin? You can email me directly at

  213. How can I set a maximum age. I'm blogging since 2006 and don't want to repost articles from 2006 - 2014 only 12/18 months old posts. Is there a way to do this?

    Thx a lot.

    • I don't have that feature yet in the plugin, but it's a good idea. I can see a lot of folks being in that position. Or even some users setting the date specifically to keep something from republishing.

  214. Just a note on a conflict I found with another plugin...

    The plugin "404 Redirection" by causes Republish Old Posts Pro to stop re-publishing posts.

    I noticed this yesterday after installing the 404 Redirection plugin on my site. Nothing had re-posted for several hours. I have it set to re-post every 15 minutes. Once I disabled the 404 Redirection plugin, the re-posting began again without any problem.

    • I just tested this plugin and republishing continued as expected. The 404 Redirection plugin is just 7 lines of code so there isn't much to conflict with. My error logs were clear of any entries as well. Do you have a development site where I could log in and look around?

      • Nevermind.... I think I found the problem.... I only have 114 active posts on the site currently. The rest are scheduled posts. And I had ROPP set to re-post every 5 minutes with the age set to 1-day, so in calculation, it would have re-posted all of the posts over the past 13 hours. There are simply no more posts left over a day old for it to re-post, so it has stopped for now.

        I guess I just wasn't expecting that.

        Your plugin just works too well. :-)

        • Phew! I was getting worried that I couldn't reproduce the issues you were having. Thanks for letting me know.

  215. Hello,

    Are you able to have another new criteria?

    Like keyword in article title that will force republishing.

    For example, say I were to type apple. Any existing articles with the keyword 'apple' in the article title will be republished.

    If you could do that, I will definitely purchase 5 more copies!

    • That's an interesting idea. A few questions for you...

      1. Will you choose just one word/phrase?
      2. When a keyword/phrase is specified, does it meant that no other articles are considered for republishing?
      3. Do the category exclusions still apply?

      • Hello, thank you for the prompt reply.

        1) just 1 word.
        2) yeah no other articles will be republished.
        3) it will be good if the category exclusion can go together. However, it's optional.

        Thanks! :)

        • Check out version 1.8 that I released today. I believe it does what you've described. Thanks for the good idea!

  216. Hi, just wondering why the republished posts are not showing up in the RSS feed. The first one did but every other post has not. Any suggestions to make this happen?


    • Your feed should automatically pick-up any post that has a recent date. Are you using anything to cache your feeds? Or are you using a third-party service like Feedburner?

      • Yes I am using Feedburner...

        • One thing I've seen with Feedburner is that it doesn't update frequently. Try going to a category page where a post has been recently republished and append /feed/ to the end of the URL. Look for a republished post.

  217. What about different intervals for different custom field values?

    • That could get tricky quickly since each setting could be customized for each custom post type. Not a bad idea though.

      • This is very important for classified ads promotion.
        I'm ready to pay.

        • You're ready to pay for a license or for custom development?

        • What's the difference?
          I need advanced plugin for 3 domains, inter alia 1 multisite

        • Three licenses is just $30 which isn't much for custom development. I'll add your request to my list, but I probably won't get to it for some time.

      • Let me know when it's done

        • You'll get a notification in your WordPress admin when there's a new version of the plugin. But please don't wait for this update. It could easily be months.

        • OK. I now pay for one license, with hope for the desired update.

        • Just to be clear... Your purchase of a license won't have any impact on my implementing the feature you're looking for. I work on my plugins when time permits as they are not how I earn a living.

  218. This is my website ( and this is my facebook page -

    Kindly tell me during this re-publishing of my old posts, whether it will look like as it was originally posted with the featured images, short description, etc. as it is being published for new-posts by WordPress?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • The republished post will look the same as if you updated the date to the current date. It'll reappear on your home page and at the top of archives.

      This plugin doesn't interact with Facebook.

  219. This is a great idea to rewrite your old posts ,as a result it will make your posts SEO friendly and will keep your blog/domain away from Google Panda update Penalty. I do this once in awhile, I thought about going through some of the older ones that I believe would be helpful and plan to reschedule them or post them as newer blog entries. You should change the date to latest date..but don’t dig and bring the oldest article because the user may think you are lagging behind better to update the previous date.

    Also, Interlinking old posts within the new articles will play a major role in proper indexing of those articles. It works most of the time. These old posts have good page rank, so we can share the page rank to other new posts. This will increase the SERP ranking also. I think Related posts and putting them on the sidebar is the best option to get them noticed.

    Really this post will be of great help to make the blog look and behave like a website so that the good content remained evergreen. Thanks!

  220. If it actually changes the published date to appear like a new post then why doesn't it trigger my social auto poster as if it's a new post? It ignores it.

    • The updating of the date triggers an update event not a publish event. Your social auto poster plugin is probably listening for publish events only.

      • Thanks for responding, but that sucks! :-)

  221. "More options are available in the pro version (just $5)" Now I access to purchase it and it costs 9,99$. When I purchase it will you make a charge of 15$?

    • Sorry, but I was doing some price testing early on. Your version of the plugin must still have the old documentation. If you were to download the current version or read the documentation on you would see the current price so the messaging is now consistent everywhere.

  222. Hi, Marios! I'm really excited to use this plug-in and have purchased the Pro version but how do I install the info to get it to work? Thanks so much!

    • After your purchase you should've received an email with a license key and a link to download the plugin. Download the plugin, unzip the files, and upload the files to your plugin folder. Once uploaded, activate the plugin and the choose the settings that make sense for your site.

      Note that from this point on upgrades can be done from within your WordPress plugin admin page. It's just the initial version that needs to be "manually" installed. If you run into complications, let me know.

  223. 你好,请问中国用户怎么购买这个插件?

    • All purchases are made through PayPal. There have been buyers from all over the world.

      • 你好,已经购买此插件,请问怎么使用呢?英文说明看不懂啊,谢谢!

        • Once you activate the plugin, go to the settings page and specify the conditions for which you'd like posts to be republished. When a post meets the conditions, the date of the post will be updated to the current date.

  224. Hi,
    Sorry about the confusion.

    Can I change the Eligibility to be Published early. for ex: earlier than 30 days.

    This will help me to republish old post faster weekly or daily.

    Thank you for the quick replay.

    It would be nice, if you guys did this but for social media too. twitter, facebook.

    • As far as I know you can use this plugin for social networks:

    • I'll be adding some more options to the existing drop-downs in the next pro version. Should be available in a day or so.

      As for the social media idea, it's a good one, but I'm trying to keep this plugin focus on particular functionality. Adding social media support is beyond what I'd like to include. And I believe there are plugins that handle publishing to social media already.

      • Dear: Amir Emami, Marios Alexandrou.

        Thank you, for the comments

        Amir Emami:

        I did try that plugin. I don't really like it. It would be nice to have one plugin that can do everything you need. There are no to many plung out there.

        Marios Alexandrou

        Thank you for the update. I hope that someday you would do it.

        • You welcome, Unfortunately there is not a single solution. Another one you can try is:

  225. Hi
    Can you please provide changelog for pro version in admin panel section?

    What is new in 1.6?

    • I'll think about how to do that in a useful way.

      As for 1.6, there is now a new option to randomly select the post to republish when multiple posts meet your criteria. Prior to 1.6, the selection was always the oldest post that met the criteria.

      • Thanks a lot for your super fast reply :)

    • The changelog should now be visible from the plugin admin screen when there's an update available.

      • Thanks Marios, and thanks for sending me the file ;)

  226. Can Postage Before Eligible for Republishing? could be hours or less then 30 days!

    • Sorry I don't understand what you're trying to say. Can you provide some more information?

  227. Dear Marios,
    Is it possible to change the minimum intervals to 5 minutes for example?
    I kindly wait for your response.


    • I can add a 5 minute minimum interval option. Is that the interval you want? Any others?

  228. So does republishing an old post hurt anything as far as placement og Google and search? What if I have an old post that is on first or second page of Google but it is older and I want to republish it? Will this mess up anything related to searches or how google has indexed the post?

    • I don't see how republishing can hurt anything with Google, but of course no one outside of Google can say for certain. Logically Google shouldn't penalize you for putting a post back in front of users if the post is otherwise of high quality. One effect I have witnessed repeatedly is that changing the date bumps the post up in results that are date-based. So if someone does a search for stuff publishing in the last x days, a republished post has a better chance of appearing vs. one that is older. This can result in additional exposure as some people, when deciding what to link to, will favor a post with a recent date.

      Just to be clear, I'm not promising that any of this will happen.

      • I don't see how either, but it's no coincidence that this problem has only affected posts that have been republished with your plugin. Other posts that I've redirected that HAVEN'T been republished by your plugin are working fine.

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