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Show and Hide Author Plugin

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  1. Hi good day.

    I was wondering if you will add the ability to hide the author's name by role.

    Because that would help me a lot.

    Thanks for the help and patience.

    • I have no plans to do that.

      • Those are bad news, still thanks for such a great plugin

  2. I've used the plugin "Show/hide author".
    The author's name is to be hidden indeed.
    However the word "by" is still shown in the page's heading: "by" .
    So instead of "January 14, 2017 by Admin" we see: "January 14, 2017 by".
    This makes the plugin less useful.

    • The plugin doesn't work with all themes as there different ways to display the author information. If there was one standard way, it would be a lot easier to adjust the output.

      • I am having the same problem in the Estella theme, but there is coding information for how to correct it given. Problem is, I don't understand enough about the code to effectively apply the instructions. Can you help with that, Marios? Thank you!

        • Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the Estella theme.

  3. I have an author box on my site, how would I make this work for that as well?

    • You can't "make" the plugin do what you're asking. It's got a specific purpose and that's all it does. Sorry.

  4. Hello, Plugin works great thankyou...I would like to also remove date/timestamp as there something I could add to the code to make that happen??

    thanks, John

    • The plugin doesn't have any functionality related to hiding dates and/or timestamps.

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