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Show and Hide Author Plugin

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  1. Iv asked for help multiple times here, and tried posting code to show that I am using all the suggested regex values etc, But whomever is moderating these posts apparently is deleting my questions, because none of them ever show up here and I am not receiving any responses. Can someone please help?

    The Author name is being removed, but the "By" and time is remaining visible.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Can you tell me where in the following code the RegEx is found?

    February 7, 2018February 15, 2018 - by

    • I don't understand your question.

  3. I have just installed this on WP 4.9.1 and Flatsome theme, and it works perfectly. Other plugins just use css to hide the author but this removes it from the source code, thereby not exposing the author's id to malicious activity.
    Thank you for a superb solution.

  4. Hi good day.

    I was wondering if you will add the ability to hide the author's name by role.

    Because that would help me a lot.

    Thanks for the help and patience.

    • I have no plans to do that.

      • Those are bad news, still thanks for such a great plugin

  5. I've used the plugin "Show/hide author".
    The author's name is to be hidden indeed.
    However the word "by" is still shown in the page's heading: "by" .
    So instead of "January 14, 2017 by Admin" we see: "January 14, 2017 by".
    This makes the plugin less useful.

    • The plugin doesn't work with all themes as there different ways to display the author information. If there was one standard way, it would be a lot easier to adjust the output.

      • I am having the same problem in the Estella theme, but there is coding information for how to correct it given. Problem is, I don't understand enough about the code to effectively apply the instructions. Can you help with that, Marios? Thank you!

        • Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the Estella theme.

  6. I have an author box on my site, how would I make this work for that as well?

    • You can't "make" the plugin do what you're asking. It's got a specific purpose and that's all it does. Sorry.

  7. Hello, Plugin works great thankyou...I would like to also remove date/timestamp as there something I could add to the code to make that happen??

    thanks, John

    • The plugin doesn't have any functionality related to hiding dates and/or timestamps.

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