Add Any Extension to Pages for WordPress

Add Any Extension to Pages Plugin

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  1. Thank you for this really needed plugin!

    It is so useful as I converted an old HTML site to Wordpress and by using your plugin I am able to keep the URLs of the pages, which many people have bookmarked, exactly the same as on the old site.

    My best regards to you!


  2. Hi,

    This plugin is work fine for my parent pages but not for children pages. It's return Page Not Found when I walked through children pages, any suggestion?

    Thank you,

    • Sub-pages are supported and should work fine. Do you have any other errors? From what you've described I can't tell what the issue might be.

      • Hi,

        I got only "Page not found" error. My setting as below:
        Permalink: Custom -> %category%/%pagename%.html
        Plugin: .html

        Do I need to change any thing on .htaccess file?

        Thank you,

        • WordPress needs access to make modifications to your .htaccess file, but you don't need to make any changes yourself. Other than saving settings, you shouldn't have to do anything.

      • Do my setting correct?

        • Yes they look fine.

  3. Hi,

    Due to various glitches the URLs of my 1,300 pages site end in .html (except for the homepage) BUT all the page links to those pages (15,000 or so) have lost their .html suffix, so they're all broken. Can I use your plugin to fix them?

    Thanks (hoping for positivity/creativity!)

    • It sounds like you need some sort of redirection plugin to handle incoming links.

      • And your arsenal of IT weapons doesn't include one of those I guess Marios?

        • I haven't created a redirected plugin. I think the space is well-handled by others. I'm sure something already in the WordPress repository will help.

  4. This plug-in seems to work just fine. My only issue is with Wordpress I think.

    I have added .html to the end of all my pages which is fine.

    Wordpress removes this extension when someone visits the homepage of the site. That is OK but when people navigate around the site and then return to the homepage the html extension is removed once more.

    Is there any way of showing the extension?

    I have tried cloning the homepage and calling it index.html but wordpress keeps adding -2 to the permalink so I get index-2.html

    Any idea how I can fix this?

    • I believe you could accomplish this in 2 steps. The first step would be to add a rule to your .htaccess file that would translate requests for index.html to the URL normally used for the homepage. I don't have the rule for this off the top of my head.

      The second step would be to replace all occurrences of the homepage (/) to /index.html. There are a couple of ways to do this including editing your theme files.

  5. This plug in is not what I was looking for and now it will NOT DELETE

    • I'm not sure what you mean by it won't delete. There's nothing in the plugin that prevents it from being deactivated and then deleted.

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