Enhanced Plugin Admin for WordPress

Enhanced Plugin Admin

It's a reality that plugin developers quietly drop support for their plugins when they become busy with other things or just lose interest. Given that they've contributed their work for free, we can't complain all that much.

However, this support sometimes drops off without any indication except if you happen to visit the plugin's page in the WordPress repository and notice that there haven't been updates in a while.


The Enhanced Plugin Admin plugin aims to save you time and warn you about potential problems by displaying the:

  1. Last update date below every plugin description on your site's plugin page. This will be colored red after 24 months.
  2. Ratings and the number of votes. This will be colored red when the rating drops below 75 out of 100.
  3. WordPress version compatibility range.
  4. WordPress plugin repository status i.e. in repository, removed from repository, never in repository.

You can also hide individual plugin update notifications for when you don't want to upgrade. These can be unhidden at any time.

Note: This info is available only for plugins that are hosted in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository.


Alerts on plugin page shown in red. Line wrapping exaggerated due to screenshot size.
Plugin update notification is visible with option to hide it.
Plugin update notification is hidden with option to unhide it. Note that notifications elsewhere in interface are hidden too.
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  1. Can I use this plugin to get a list of all the active plugins in my site?

    • Getting a list of active plugins on a site is already part of WordPress. Just click on the Active link when viewing the Plugins page.

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