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There's a good chance that when you buy a CD burner, you'll get free CD burning software with it. However, this bundled software may not be as intuitive to use or as feature-rich as you would like. At least, that's what motivated me to try out some of the freeware available for download on the Internet.

DeepBurner from AstonSoft

This program create data and audio CDs from files on your computer. Once launched, DeepBurner asks whether you want to create an audio or data CD or burn an ISO image. The user interface seems to be strongly influenced by the look and feel of Windows Explorer. You can browse your computer in the right pane to find files, then drag and drop them into the left pane to queue for burning. The burning process is pretty fast, although the lack of burn-proof and data-verification actions means you might want to use re-recordable disks in case the program doesn't work for your setup. Although a little rough around the edges, DeepBurner works fine for most uses, especially considering that this cd burning software is free.

Download DeepBurner by AstonSoft.

Click ‘N Burn CD & DVD

Although it has a relatively small feature set and less-than-desirable design, this free CD burning software successfully burns CDs and DVDs. Like DeepBurner, you can create both audio and data CDs, as well as DVDs. It supports multiple file formats and lets you erase discs, but don't expect extras such as a player, a CD ripper, or a converter. We didn't experience any notable performance glitches in our tests, and Click ‘N Burn CD & DVD takes a minimal toll on system resources. More experienced users seeking a functional and free burning application should put this one on their to-test lists.

Download Click ‘N Burn CD & DVD by MP3 Hit Machine.

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  1. I'm recording in cool edit pro software and it won't save in mp3 format. It says it is, but it isn't. It's mpeg and it won't upload to myspace, which only takes mp3. So that's one problem.

    I bought a cd-burner and I need burning software apparently. It's a PLEXWRITER 24/10/40A. So that's another problem.

    It's all so very complicated.


  2. Avatar photo


    The link works for me. Maybe the server was down just as you were trying it out.

  3. The link to Click 'N Burn CD & DVD seems to be broken.

  4. Burning music to a CD is not illegal if you already paid for the music and if the CD is for your own personal use.

    Both of the programs I describe above can be used to burn music to a CD. And since they're free, you can't really go wrong with giving them a try.

  5. I'm buying a cd burner and I'm really new to computers, but would like to burn my own music to a cd legally. is that this site does?

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