Software Projects are Mostly the Same

There's an article over at CNet about outsourcers and their attempts at distinguishing themselves from the rest of the pack. Most of the article is of little interest, but there was one part that got me thinking.

An analyst from IDC and a VP at IBM both agree that 80% of any engagement is the same as any other engagement. Implying then that any given project will differ by only 20% from any other project. That's a pretty small number. And yet I have to agree. Most projects are pretty much the same. Fortunately, that 20% is what makes every project interesting and is what keeps me in the business.

From a more positive point of view you could say that since every project is 80% the same, you've likely got the skills to get it done. And while you're working on that 80%, you've got plenty of time to learn the 20% that's new. Not a bad thing, right?

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