TenStep Project Management Process

I used to have a description of the TenStep Project Management Process on this page having found the information I read from a book about the process to be interesting and useful. However, I've since learned that a description of how I used the process was in violation of the licensing terms from TenStep Inc. To be in accordance with the licensing terms I would need to pay a fee (no idea how much).

This to me is an unusual business model as I would've thought that what I learned from a book I paid for would be mine to use as I see fit. But the process and content aren't mine, so I'll let the owners decide what is and isn't fair use.

So I'm retracting my endorsement of the TenStep Project Management Process as it is no longer a good fit for how I prefer to operate. And in compliance with their terms, I will not use the process with any of my projects. Instead, I recommend that you review some of the other methodologies below all of which I believe are open to use by the public (although you may need to buy the vendor's software to get the full benefit).

Other Methodologies

For a high-level look at project management in general, check out my introduction to project management fundamentals.

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