PRINCE2 is project management methodology that takes a process-based approach. It consists of the following 8 high-level processes:

  1. Directing a Project:
    This process defines the responsibilities of the Project Board for the project. The project manager keeps the Project Board informed with regular reports. The board otherwise leave the day-to day-management of the project to the Project Manager.
  2. Planning:
    Planning is a process involved throughout the project's life-cycle.
  3. Starting up a Project:
    The purpose of this process is to ensure that project is set up correctly. It is a pre-project process that which determines if the project would be worthwhile and viable. If it is, then it makes sense to seek commitment of resources.
  4. Initiating a Project:
    In order for a project to be approved it must be carefully planned to show how it will meet its goals. Once planned, the project must be approved by the Project Board before implementation can commence.
  5. Controlling a Stage:
    PRINCE2 projects are divided into stages so a project can be more easily managed and controlled. This process covers the day-to-day management of the project by the Project Manager.
  6. Managing Product Delivery:
    PRINCE2 is a product based system. In this context, a product can be a physical item like a book or it can be an intangible such as a service agreement. This process creates the products of the project and is where most of its resources are used.
  7. Managing Stage Boundaries:
    According to PRINCE2 principles, each stage must be completed and approved by the project board before the go ahead is given to proceed to the next stage.
  8. Closing a Project:
    Another principle of PRINCE2 is that projects must be closed down in a controlled and orderly way. This involves evaluating the project's results. Any lessons learned are recorded, a handover document is created if necessary, and a post implementation review is planned.

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