Adaptive Project Framework

The fundamental concept underlying the adaptive project framework (APF) is that scope is variable, and within specified time and cost constraints, APF maximizes business value by adjusting scope at each iteration. It does this by making the client the central figure in deciding what constitutes that maximum business value. At the completion of an iteration, the client has an opportunity to change the direction of the project based on what was learned from all previous iterations. This constant adjustment means that an APF project's course is constantly corrected to ensure the delivery of maximum business value.

The core values of the APF approach are:

  • Client-focused
  • Client-driven
  • Incremental results early and often
  • Continuous question and introspection
  • Change is progress to a better solution
  • Don't speculate on the future

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Robert K. Wysocki, Effective Project Management Third Edition

Other Methodologies

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