First Link Priority with Images

It's SEO experiment time. This one is inspired by a recent webinar from the Marketers Braintrust folks and, of course, something I saw on a client's site. In the webinar, Leslie Rhode reminded me of discussions way back when regarding first link priority. The topic isn't new as many before this webinar, including Matt Cutts, have commented on it. But what I've yet to see is anyone test how image links are handled (Michael VanDeMar makes a recommendation though). So that's what I'm doing here today… Basically repeating previous tests except the first link is an image.

First Link:


Second Link:


I'll put the results into an amendment to this post so stay tuned.

Update 2009-12-29
Just checked the SERPs. Neither link appears to be having any effect. I'll check again in a week or so.

Update 2010-01-07
Checked the SERPs again. No change i.e. neither link is having any effect. I didn't expect results to take this long. Oh well.

Update 2010-01-12
Thanks to Zoe and Andy for pointing out that the SERPs are now including additional results. It looks like the text link (second) is passing anchor text while the image link (first) isn't. I think I'll wait for another week to see if things “stick”.

Update 2015-01-04
A search for either text doesn't show any results for However, both bring up this site.

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  1. Any final/recent conclusions?

  2. I think Dan's suggestion is a good idea. A third link (using very distinctive/unique text) would help clarify the whole picture concerning 'first link priority'.
    The result you have already acquired has made me realise I need to look at the way I construct websites.

  3. VERY interesting Marios! Are you continuing with the experiment? Or is it completed?

    • Ian,

      The experiment is technically running as long as the page is live :-) Not sure what the next steps will be though...

  4. Testing is fun, ain't it? Now stick a third link on there, text, with Marios Alexandrou in it.

    • Dan,

      What effect are you expecting the third link to have? The second link (text) is still passing the anchor text while the alt of the first link (image) isn't being passed. The impact of the third link, with my name as the anchor text, will be difficult to measure since the destination site already ranks for my name. The only result I can think of that would be easily measurable is if the third link negated the second. Testing is good, but speculating beforehand is fun :-)

      • "The only result I can think of that would be easily measurable is if the third link negated the second."

        Wouldn't that be interesting?

      • You would have to then introduce other factors such as whether the text is "unique" enough to the internet or contains real words.

  5. I'm waiting for your result. and can you tell when will you get the result?

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