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  1. Advanced page Manager works great. But how can I activate the translation. I need the German version and I found the appropriate files "" and ".po" in the lang directory. But despite having activated DE as wordpress language and despite copying the mo and po file in the languages / plugins directory the backend is still in English. So, what did I miss?

  2. Page Manager has worked great for several years, but this past week it stopped. Just stopped. I reinstalled, emptied cache. When I click on 'pages' it now just spins. Uninstalled all other plugins, but nothing's changed. Any ideas? It seems to have happened with this last upgrade? I really liked it - help.

    • Strange. The latest update was just a change to the readme.txt file which couldn't have any impact on the functionality.

      • Thanks for replying. Wow, a real person. So, this is a large site of almost 4000 pages and I've found your Page Manager about the only way to deal with such a mass of pages in an easy way. Sure is missed. At the same time this happened, I also lost the writing menus on pages and posts, the visual and text menus. Cleaning out the cache and restarting brought it back, but not your app. I'm running the current versions of WP and Page Manager. Any ideas?

        • I just double-checked the dates on all of the files and I haven't made a code change since January. So I'm not sure why it would've stopped working unless there's now a conflict with the latest version of WordPress. No one else has mentioned anything and I'm not seeing any issues with my local copy. So without some error messages I'm not sure what's gone wrong recently with your set up.

        • Just passing this along. You plugin still works in Foxfire, not in Chrome or IE - all are on a Windows 10 PC. Hummmm.

  3. Hello, I have been using APM for some time now (obviously I love it). How can I duplicate Pages with it installed?

    • The plugin doesn't have this functionality built into it. However, there are duplicate page plugins that add the functionality to the Post Edit page.

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