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Sometimes you get really nice letters from people that don't know you, but have happened on to your website. Here's one that I got that was just too flattering to not post. Please excuse this indulgence.


Given your work in SEO, I shouldn't be surprised that your site was returned in Google's top 20 responses to my search of “Project management methodologies”, but I'm very glad that it did.

I studied IT at college (or Uni as us Brits call it) at the same time as you and have followed a similar career though I am more a business analyst than a project manager.

However, following a nice break from contracting I am back and looking for my next contract here in London and would like to tell you that your site has inspired me!

I was similarly inspired six years ago by a colleague and now good friend of mine who had his CV on the web and told me I should do the same. I duly did and their it has sat gathering electronic dust between infrequent updates.

Seeing your site has been a wake up call. As I, in a way, represent the IT industry, I could do a lot more to both keep my skills up-to-date and promote myself. While my MS Word html file might not become the swish, professional looking website that you have, your standard is a good one to aim for.

You've got a great site (I presume you built it) and one I hope that I can learn from.



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