Workplace Accident Videos: For Safety's Sake

Sometimes words just aren't strong enough to get a message across to an audience. Videos, on the other hand, can be both informative and chilling often making them more impactful than an article ever could be.

With than in mind, here is a collection of videos re-enacting or describing workplace accidents with the hope being that people will take heed.

Trench Collapses as Inspector Arrives

Accidents can happen at any time as proven by this video when a trench collapses just moments after a safety inspector arrives at the work site.

Worker Pulled Through Wood Chipper

An investigation finds that a lone worker was likely operating a wood chipper in an unsafe manner. The lack of a panic bar left the worker with no option to stop the machine and save his own life.

Forklift Tips Over and Crushes the Operator

A WorkSafe BC occupational safety officer relates details of his investigation of a deadly forklift accident and provides tips on how to operator forklifts more safely.

Farmer Crushed Under Tractor's Tires

An investigation into how a farmer was crushed by the tires of a tractor. The lack of a barrier and a vehicle braking system could've prevented this accident.

Worker Falls from Third Floor Balcony

An investigation into the death of a worker that dies after falling 18.5 feet from an unguarded balcony. A fall protection plan and proper safety equipment (e.g. fall arrest system) would've prevented this accident.

Electricity Knocks Worker Off Ladder

An investigation into a roof worker's death when is electrocuted and subsequently falls 22 feet from a ladder. the workers took note of the low-voltage lines, but completely missed the high-voltage lines in the area.

Concrete Pump Hose Whips Out of Control

A worker is killed after being knocked over by a concrete pump hose that whips out of control. A hose whipping hazard such as this is created when air gets trapped in the delivery system and pressure builds.

Excavator Rollover

A WorkSafe BC investigation officer investigates an excavator rollover. The operator is seriously injured, but does survive. The second half of this video provides excavator safety tips.

Sawmill Worker Loses Leg in Accident

An 18 year old worker is pulled into a machine while exiting a vehicle. Proper training and safer equipment could've prevented this accident.

Worker Trapped in Collapsed Trench

Despite a promising recovery effort, Juan Oviedo dies after being buried. Reported by WISN TV in the Town of Somers.

Collapsed Trench Buries Worker

A young and inexperienced worker on a golf course construction project is buried when a trench collapses. The weight of the dirt crushes the worker's pelvis.

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