Project Manager Duties

A project manager's primary role is to be a facilitator with the goal being to ensure that a project is completed on time, within budget, and according to the requirements. As you might guess, being a facilitator can mean wearing many hats.

Typical project management duties include:

  • setting up meetings; running meetings; writing and distributing meeting minutes
  • determining resources required, interviewing candidates, vetting vendors, and assigning tasks
  • creating a plan, executing a plan, and adjusting the plan as necessary
  • preparing status reports and presenting to upper management

From the above, it should be obvious that being a project manager means communicating all the time and in many forms. But a project manager should also be thinking and not just doing. For example, challenging the status quo and forcing other people to justify their opinions is important. Also, asking questions even when the answer may be obvious is critical because often the answer isn't what was expected.

A project manager should always be learning something new. This includes becoming familiar with new technology from internal or external resources; understanding the weaknesses and motivations of a team member; and identifying more efficient ways to perform an existing process. The learning should never stop. If it does, it likely means you're not doing your job properly or your employer doesn't want you around.

There's a lot to project management and some companies expect a lot from their project managers. Of course, for me, that's what makes the job so interesting.

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  1. I am interested in Project Mangement because of the inter-dicipline position of the profession, and the numerious challenges associated with project Management and continous learning of new things makes it more interesting to me, please provide me with any updates or imformation that will be useful for me in learning more about project management.

  2. I believed you were too excited with the offer to the extend that you failed to study the project to understand the scope. This would have as well given you the details to enable you make proper plannig for the job. You did mentioned that the job was a small extension , If it was so why does it took you 6 weeks to complete? At the court, your competency will be brought to light more than the reason for delay.

  3. I have been a Project manager for 17years and earned people many millions. I Project Managed a small extension for £2,500 fees job done in 6weeks in 2004. In 2007 I was served a summons for 20,000.00 because the person who was abroad came back and said the small extension took to long and I was suposed to finish another job I new nothing about. It goes to Court next month the paperwork is about 1000 pages legal costs 20,000.00 time in dealing with this 100hrs time in and out of Court 1 year. How can a Project Manager be sued for something he never did. The Judge has allowed this to go to Court will take about 3days hearing. Do you realy want to be a Project Manager. Where did I go wrong.

  4. i m seeking job in renowned university of our province,they need a project manager along with law degree , i meet all their requirements, now i want to know what duties would be confered to a project manager in a university having law degree?

  5. what would you want a project manager to do for you as architect in your firm

  6. Recently I have gianed some interest in Project Management, I am quite interested in receiving updates from you. My question is if you can provide me with examples of a few projects associated with project management.

  7. Whilst considering the legal, motivational and business effects?

  8. A long-standing project leader, who is a good worker and popular with colleagues, is elected to the City Council. As a result he is entitled to time off work for Council duties. His absences from work on Council business grow increasingly numerous, and the projects he is controlling begin to be affected. What options are open to me, as his manager?

  9. I do agree that project manager is part of human resource because,a project manager conduct interviews,project managers need to employ experienced people and people with skill such as to get the best goals and objectives and get the work done,i studied Business Administration.I intend studing project management because i discover many organisations lack project managers,that is why most project fails

  10. Avatar photo


    I don't think there's an easy answer to your situation. However, I've found that by explaining why I need information and what the repercussions are if I don't get information that people are more inclined to provide me the information.

  11. I had to work on several IT projects. As a client I had to deal with contracting officers who blatantly refused to give budgetary info. As a contactor I was only allowed to receive low level info such as a task order.

    How do I go about getting critical info?

  12. Hi
    I am the wife of a builder we are mooving up to the next level in our career path
    We are going fron building small contract homes to Building very up market homes in the Airlie Beach
    As these are not contract homes we are forced to borrow a lot if money When appliying for the constructuion finance i was asked for a resume from the lender outlinning my Project management experiance

    My concern is that i am not a project manager as such but i have a very strong buisness head and are very capible of managing this project

    I fully understand the roll of a project manager or i would not be atempting to build houses @ 1 mil construct

    my delama is that how do i convince the lender that i am confident and capible of acheiving all targets along with my husband

  13. Tim,

    Exactly what info are you seeking in project management for construction. I am a project manager in the construction field. Any thing I can do to assist?

  14. Marios, Tolu,

    I disagree. Human resources is a very strong part of project management. For example. a project comes up and you as the PM have to put it together. Wouldn't human resources be required to get the job done? Of course it would. However, depending on what the job/project is, would determine the level of human resource required.

  15. Gary,

    There is no normal number. It depends on the company. If the project manager is involved with a large, multi-year project then it is likely that he will have just one project.

    If instead the project manager is working on web related projects, he will probably have many since web projects are typically smaller. I know this from my own experience where I once counted 17 active projects on my plate.

  16. What is the normal number of active projects at one time for a Project Manager?

  17. TOLU,

    In answer to your questions...

    1. Human resources is not part of project management. In fact, project managers often don't have anyone reporting to them directly. Their primary responsibility is to get the project done and not to manage people's careers and development.

    2. This page already lists the duties of a project manager.

  18. Question 1: Is human resources part of project management.
    Que. 2: What are the duties of a project manager. I'll like to update my C.V. and make it appealing.

  19. Tim,

    Sorry, but I have no experience in the construction field. So other than general suggestions that you probably already know, I don't have any tips for a construction project manager resume.

  20. Seeking resume' tips for a job as a project manager in construction. Specific experience is limited but have numerous qualifications.

  21. ngozi,

    There's no way to be certain that your employer no longer wants you unless he or she tells you so. However, you can look for clues such as a change in behavior. For instance, if your manager starts to ask you for more frequent status updates then you may have a trust issue that you'll never be able to resolve. If you've been with your current employer for a long period of time and have not received a promotion while others have, that could be a sign that you're not wanted.

  22. How do You know when your employer doesn't want you around.

  23. What are your top 4 goals as a project manager?
    please respond
    Thank You!

  24. I am very interested in getting up to date information in this subject area as it is very enlightening and information is fantastic.

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