10 Barriers to Job Effectiveness

In the “State of the CIO 2006” survey conducted by CIO Magazine, CIO's identified the 10 biggest barriers to job effectiveness. Here's what they said (bolded) and my comments about each one (not bolded).

  1. Overwhelming backlog of requests and projects. Sounds a lot like what a project manager has to deal with.
  2. Inadequate budgets. Typical of just about every project I work on. Can you do these 10,000 things for $100?
  3. Shortage of time for strategic thinking and planning. While PMs aren't often called upon for big picture type thinking, they are often in position to contribute since they have their hands in so many things. Of course there's little time to do so.
  4. Unrealistic expectations from the business. Fortunately for project managers, this is something they can influence. If done correctly, the business will get exactly what they expect from every project. More realistically, they get something that is close enough.
  5. Lack of key technical skill sets within the IT department. This seems like an odd one coming from CIOs. Don't they have enough influence to hire the right IT people? If they don't, who does?
  6. Overwhelming pace of technology change. Borderline whining if you ask me. A well thought out architecture and business plan will delivery results regardless of how much technology has changed over the course of a year or two. Very few companies, in my opinion, need the latest and greatest. It's better and easier to aim for good enough.
  7. Lack of business knowledge within the IT department. This is another one I can relate to. Fortunately, I don't run in to that too often these days, but I have in the past.
  8. Lack of alignment between business goals and IT efforts. Another common problem. And not one that has an easy fix. I think part of the solution is to have a quasi-technical contact for the business to have on their side and who can influence the direction of IT.
  9. Difficulty proving the value of IT. I think this one is a symptom of other problems. In particular, item 9 above.
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  1. 1)Can you define what is Job Effectiveness?
    2)Any reference to refer for the definition?
    3)Any relationship between leadership competencies with job effectiveness (eg.managing change, developing human capital, strategic planning, building relationship and business acumen)?
    4)Can I say the relationship is not so significant? I mean,that competencies mentioned do not contribute significantly to our job effectiveness. Is it true?

    TQ very much, Hope can assist.

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