Feedback from Fellow Project Managers

I sometimes get e-mails from those in or trying to get in to the field of project management. Here are a couple of the recent ones with the names changed in respect of their privacy. Aside from the kind words, I think it could re-assuring to others that all is not roses in the world of project management and that struggles and challenges are part of the profession.

The first e-mail came from a newbie PM who wrote:

First let me start by saying your write up on project management is by far the most useful to me than any other I've seen. I was recently promoted to project manager on a project that was failing miserably. Unfortunately I was not able to turn things around before the customer decided to go in another direction. I was the PM for a team of 3. The customer decided to keep only 1 person. Needless to say… I felt like a great big failure even though I had no control over what happened. My company knew that this particular client was risky but they took the contract anyway. I guess what I am trying to ask is… Where should I start now? I want to make sure that I am fully prepared for my next go-round as project manager. I want to be ready! Any suggestions? I know this isn't probably what you expected as a comment or question, but you are obviously very successful at what you do. Can you help this very “Green” project manager out from Maryland. Thank you in advance for your advice…

Next up is PM struggling with the challenge of finding work:

I've been surfin to get some ideas on how to get my resume noticed as a project management professional and I ran across your website. I am quite impressed to say the least. I have been searching for so long for permanent work in my field that unfortunately depression has set in. The information you provided, tools and techniques as well as your thoughts and suggestions have lifted my spirits. It's the little humour that makes it easier at the moment.

I truly wish you the best of luck for your future. Who knows I might end up creating my own web page with my accomplishments and expertise and I'll have you to thank.

Best Regards.

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