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It seems to me that the performance of Windows-based machines decreases over time. Kind of like a car's engine except you'd think an operating, without any moving parts, wouldn't degrade. This slow-down, as far as I can tell, is due to junk that makes its way on to your machine as part of the many software installs/uninstalls/upgrades/patches that are part of what it means to run Windows. This junk seems to build up to the point where it takes more and more time for applications to load.

One of the prime locations for this junk is the Windows Registry. This is a file that stores thousands of bits of information and links to various files in Windows. Just about every piece of software you use interacts with the registry. When the registry information, and particularly the file references, become invalid, Windows performance decreases.

Fortunately, there are a myriad of registry cleaners out there that help automate much of the registry cleaning process. A new favorite (thanks Scott Hanselman) is CCleaner a.k.a. Crap Cleaner. Running this tool noticeable decreased the load time of Outlook for me. What in particular did it remove to have this affect? I have no idea. It identified hundreds of issues so I threw caution to the wind and let CCleaner take care of everything. Please take note that modifying the registry manually or with a program like CCleaner can result in your machine no longer being usable. I'll leave it up to you to decide if using this registry cleaner is worth the risk.

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  1. You cannot say that all the registry cleaners are lame. There are products that have a better performance, and products that are having little or no, but you cannot say that these kinds of programs and software are lame, as a blog viewer has said before me. I am now recommending you a product, it is called jv16 PowerTools 2009, and it is a great registry cleaner and optimizer launched by Macecraft.

  2. Free Registry Cleaners are lame. you're lucky if they don't mess up your system, much less do any good!

  3. Theres another free reg cleaner available called little registry cleaner. anyone tried it?

  4. I see nothing but appraisals in regard to ccleaner. This tool seems to be well ahead over many commercial registry cleaners, many of which are pure crap. Cleaning the registry is a very delicate operation to perform it with wrong tools!

  5. I think CCleaner gets the job done brilliantly. For many novice, manually cleaning registry seems to much of a job for them.
    As for defrag, you can always do it using the admin tool.

  6. If you want a defrag,get their new defraggler!

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    CCleaner just removes junk files and junk entries from the registry. Like you said, it doesn't defrag.

  8. Isn't CCleaner just a cleaner? As far as I remember it won't defrag nor optimize a Windows registry. It isn't a complete registry cleaner package in my opinion, i.e. like all other free tools we can find online.

  9. CCleaner is great. I strongly recommend everyone to use it, even if you think you have nothing wrong with your computer, the chances are there is and you just don't suspect it.

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    Probably not, but Crap Cleaner has never caused me problems so I think it's worth a try.

  11. I am running Windows XP and want to make some slide shows with music background and my own voice narrating certain sections. The XP has a built in program called Windows Movie Maker which SHOULD allow me to do that. But when I click on "narrate timeline" a box comes up saying "class not registered". Will this cleaner program of yours fix that?

  12. This is the best thing that I ever did for my computer. I use it all of the time. Why didn't Microsoft include something like this with Windows! And, IT'S FREE!!

  13. I just tried the cleaner for the first time. It was fast, efficient, and seemingly foolproof. Thanks! I will be making a donation.


  14. yeah man m computer is about to crash because of this problem

  15. Jimmy,

    The download link is in the last paragraph of my description. Look for the bolded and underlined CCleaner.


  16. Sounds great, and I want it, but WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK!?



  17. Heard about CCleaner from PC world magazine, I have a brand new computer (2 months old) and was reading about the registry and what not, even with a new computer it still identified issues with my registry. I would recommend this tool to anyone wanting to optimize their computer.

  18. Used CCleaner and it's fantastic. Keep up the good work and show these others how to do it properly!

  19. Just want to commend the guys behind CCleaner! Nice work guys! I have been trying to search for a good cleaner to help repair my registry. And, boy I'm glad I found you.

    Keep up the good work! Many thanks!

    Dennis from Manila Philippines

  20. Tried CrapCleaner and worked brilliantly! As you say, just let CC do it's job and it's like your computer is born again! Very impressed! Thanks.

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