Powerful Workplace Safety Posters: Heed Their Message

Most people don't like to think about just how unsafe their workplace can be which is why various organizations around the world use shocking images to get people's attention. And some of them do an impressive job too… just check out the campaign images below and I'm sure you'll agree.

WARNING: The following images are pretty graphic and may be upsetting.

“… Can Kill You”

by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) of Ontario

Workplace Safety: Distractions Can Kill
Workplace Safety: Ignoring Safety Procedures Can Kill
Workplace Safety: Lack of Training Can Kill

“It Doesn't Hurt to Speak Up”

by Work Safe Victoria

I was new and afraid to ask
I thought I'd look stupid if asked again
I thought I could wing it

“What's Your Job Worth to You?”

by the Worker's Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Injuries to grocery clerks, shelf stockers and cashiers are more common than you think.
Hundreds of cooks, kitchen helpers and counter attendants are injured every year.
More people under 25 are injured in retail than any other industry.
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  1. Really great thought provoking posters. Are they available to buy and, if so, at what price. Are they available to download?

    • Sorry, Robert. We're just sharing someone else's work to spread awareness.

  2. Fantastic posters!

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