IT Security Manager Job Description

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The IT Security Manager is responsible for such tasks securing networks, both wireless and hardwired; handling offsite storage; and putting plans in place to deal with stolen laptops. While the role may seem simple in concept, the work itself is quite daunting and increasingly difficult. Because of the IT Security Manager's responsibility of ensuring that employees follow the sometimes restrictive rules, the role is often a thankless one.

IT Security Manager Skills

While a college degree won't hurt, many employers are looking for more relevant skills and certifications. There are few other fields that change as quickly as information technology making knowledge obsolete almost as quickly as it is learned.

Awareness of internal security threats is as critical as external ones. In addition being able to identify areas of risk, having the knowledge to react to security breaches will certainly prove useful someday. Communication skills especially in areas where diplomacy is needed will help ensure that new policies and procedures gain the support they need to be adopted by the enterprise.

How To Find an IT Security Manager

Look for candidates with experience working in large corporate environments. It's those individuals that will have practical experience and not just the theoretical. Be wary of candidates that are moving from small networks into your large network as the planning required can easily overwhelm someone that has been able to keep everything in his head.

Salary Range – $125,000 to $150,000

Always take salary ranges with a grain of salt. Aside from often being very wide, there are often mitigating factors that can push an individual's salary below or above the range. A lot will depend on the hiring company as well as with your abilities to negotiate.

CIO Magazine, September 15, 2008

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