Business Continuity Manager Job Description

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Catastrophes are a fact of life for business owners and it's the Business Continuity Manager's job to prepare for recovery. Natural disasters, terrorism, crime, and computer or human error can all keep a business from functioning. Extended downtime could mean a significant enough loss in revenue that can ruin a business.

Business Continuity Manager Skills

Consulting skills often provide a solid foundation. Such skills will be needed when it comes to assessing a business's processes and identifying the necessary steps to keep things running in the face of disaster. The ability to sell an idea will also go a long way with getting buy-in from everyone — it's hard to make a case for business continuity when everything is going well.

How To Find a Business Continuity Manager

Internal resources may be the best choice for this role. They come with an understanding of the business and have already established connections with various managers throughout the organization. Those that were previously in a project management role are a good place to start especially those that have coordinated work across many teams.

A good qualifying question is to ask candidates how they would balance the needs of a comprehensive plan and one that is unmanageable. Obviously that question is open ended, but it is the analysis put into the response that will be revealing.

Salary Range – $75,000 to $125,000

Always take salary ranges with a grain of salt. Aside from often being very wide, there are often mitigating factors that can push an individual's salary below or above the range. A lot will depend on the hiring company as well as with your abilities to negotiate.

CIO Magazine, July 15, 2008

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