Junior Business Analyst Job Description

Note: This is NOT a job posting. This is just a sample job description. If you use it, please attribute this site.

This is a real-world description for a junior business analyst. The description itself is several years old, but 95% of it is still appropriate for today.

Analysis and Solution Definition

  • Documents client organization's direction, structure, business processes and requirements.
  • Researches client organization's industry and competitive position.
  • Assists in the collection and consolidation of required information and data.

Technical Recommendation and Testing

  • Accurately and efficiently executes test plans.
  • Assembles and documents all test results.
  • Retests as necessary.

Project Execution

  • Understands project plans and is able to clearly articulate roles, project goals, and timelines.
  • Takes input from supervisor and appropriately and accurately applies comments/feedback.
  • Adheres to project standards defined by project management.
  • Accurately employs our methodology and documentation tools.
  • Proactively carries out project support /administrative functions.
  • Establishes responsible deadlines and personal work plans and manages time effectively.



  • Listens to others and accepts input from team members.
  • Clearly articulate ideas and thoughts verbally.
  • Accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional.

Technical Understanding

  • Understands basic Internet and client/server architectures.
  • Possesses basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite.

Problem Solving

  • Proposes solutions to problems and considers timeliness, effectiveness, and practicality in addressing client needs.
  • Generates innovative solutions by approaching problems with curiosity and open mindedness, using existing information to its fullest potential.



  • Displays a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in day-to-day work.
  • Sets high standards of performance for oneself.


  • Establishes harmonious working relationships with team members.
  • Appreciates each team member's contributions and values each individual member.

Client Management

  • Values internal and external clients and responds to their needs as they arise.
  • Establishes effective working relationship with clients.
  • Follows established communication guidelines.
  • Uses good judgment in what and how to communicate with clients.


Innovator Development

  • Understands the professional development process and becomes actively involved by setting challenging goals and meeting them through continuous learning.
  • Seeks input from mentors and supervisors.
  • Actively applies feedback received to day-to-day work and strives to improve performance.

Internal Operations

  • Accurately completes and submits time and expense reports in a timely manner
  • Accurately completes and submits status reports in a timely manner
  • Complies with all our policies and procedures

The description itself is several years old, but 95% of it is still appropriate for today. You can find out more information on myhomeworkdone in case you need some help with writing.

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