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Note: This is NOT a job posting. This is just a sample job description. If you use it, please attribute this site.

This is a real-world description for an IT manager. The description itself is several years old, but 95% of it is still appropriate for today.



  • Assists in the planning and implementation of additions, deletions and major modifications to the supporting regional infrastructure.
  • Implements network security at the regional level as established by corporate Security Director.
  • Oversees the administration and maintenance of the company's infrastructure, and directs more junior Innovators when necessary.
  • Oversees the administration of the company's WAN.


  • Manages and develops upgrades to the company's telephone system at the regional level.
  • Oversees all telephone changes, including routing for seating assignments.

Training & Lab Maintenance

  • Oversees the administration and maintenance of computer stations and software for company training programs and the Learning Studio and provides additional support if necessary.

Internal Systems

  • Oversees troubleshooting, systems backups, archiving, and disaster recovery and provides expert support when necessary.
  • Works with project teams to help implement Internal Systems.

Help Desk Administration

  • Oversees all help desk activities at the regional level.
  • Responds to escalated help desk issues.
  • Oversees the administration and maintenance of our tracking software.
  • Interacts with internal clients on all levels to help resolve IT-related issues and provides answers in a timely manner.

Asset Management

  • Builds and maintains vendor relationships and manages the purchase of hardware and software products.
  • Manages the purchasing of all software, hardware and other IT supplies at the regional level.
  • Ensures that company assets are maintained responsibly.



  • Facilitates team meetings effectively.
  • Holds regular status meetings with team.
  • Keeps team well informed of changes within the organization and general Etensity news.
  • Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to superiors.
  • Delivers engaging, informative, well-organized presentations.
  • Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion.
  • Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.
  • Relays relevant IT-related information to the company in a timely manner.


  • Initiates and implements improvements in all areas of IT responsibility.
  • Serves as main point of contact on all IT-related matters for the office assigned.
  • Responds/acts on upper-management direction .
  • Identifies and provides standards for gathering information for use in trend analysis and reports information to company management.



  • Challenges others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model and mentor.
  • Manages the development of team by ensuring, when possible, that project tasks are in line with each Innovator's career interests.
  • Inspires coworkers to attain goals and pursue excellence.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change .
  • Manages the process of innovative change effectively.
  • Remains on the forefront of emerging industry practices.


  • Consistently acknowledges and appreciates each team member's contributions.
  • Effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential.
  • Motivates team to work together in the most efficient manner.
  • Keeps track of lessons learned and shares those lessons with team members.
  • Mitigates team conflict and communication problems.
  • Plans and facilitates regular team activities outside of the office.

Client Management

  • Manages day-to-day internal client interaction
  • Sets and manages internal client expectations.
  • Communicates effectively with internal clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions.
  • Continually seeks opportunities to increase internal client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.


Innovator Development

  • Conducts effective performance evaluations and mentors those with less experience through formal channels.
  • Helps team execute career development plans.
  • Seeks and participates in development opportunities above and beyond training required by Etensity.
  • Trains other innovators and clients through both formal and informal training programs.
  • Encourages more junior Innovators to take responsibility for their development within the company.
  • Challenges fellow Innovators to progress toward their professional development goals.

Internal Operations

  • Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.
  • Leads internal teams/task forces
  • Approves team member's time and expense reports in a conscientious and timely manner.
  • Reviews the status reports of team members and addresses issues as appropriate.
  • Complies with and helps to enforce standard Etensity policies and procedures.

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  1. A well written job description which will serve all the types of IT Managers. Thanks for the article.

  2. I work with companies to develop job profiles that describe the outputs (deliverables) and competencies.

    What I have found is that they tend to create their own standards for the job and from one company to the next the title will have different meanings. For example an IT manager in one company will have a job that has far more complexity than an IT manager in another company.

    Since we usually describe the job as per the role holder and manager's explanation of the job, The resume's you provide are of interest to me in attempting to compare what the roleholders in my company are doing? Where do these standards come from? Are they internationally benchmarked or are they a generic from your experience?

    I would appreciate some advice on where I could benchmark these jobs to make sure that the jobs I profile are pitched at a comparable international standard. I would appreciate any assistance in directing me to any industry standards.

    Thank you :-)

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