Jefferson, Texas: Once the Largest Inland Port in the US

    6/27/16 •

    …is a classic example of how determined residents can resurrect small towns. Visit this Texas treasure for yourself and see what a small garden club can “grow”! Fast Facts Jefferson is in East Texas, roughly 55 miles northwest of Shreveport, Louisiana at the junction of State Highway 49 and U.S. Highway 59, and about 20…

    See Prehistoric Dinosaur Tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas

    7/31/17 •

    You can go wild when you make tracks for these central-Texas attractions. Glen rose, Texas is the only place I know where you can look at prehistoric dinosaur tracks, then drive a few miles to a wildlife park filled with rare and endangered animals. Located in the central part of the state, Glen Rose is…

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: Full of Secrets Waiting To Be Uncovered

    8/19/19 •

    …Pratt, who donated much of the park’s land. He often called this canyon “the most beautiful spot in Texas,” especially in fall, when the brilliant foliage rivals anything in New England. But I found the early-spring wildflowers equally breathtaking. Serious hikers won’t want to miss Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. It’s a 3,000-foot…

    Red River Steakhouse in McLean, Texas: For the Meat and Potatoes Lover

    9/17/20 •

    We made a great discovery this summer — the Red River Steakhouse in McLean, Texas. Texas is known for its steaks, and this eatery follows that tradition. Owners Gabe and Cozy Parson, who also run a local cattle ranch, serve up an 8-ounce aged rib eye steak, salad, potato or rice plus cobbler for dessert…

    The Comfortable and Charming Historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas

    11/23/16 •

    After roughing it in Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, I especially enjoyed the comfortable and charming Gage Hotel in tiny Marathon. In 1927, businessman Alfred Gage built the elegant adobe hotel. But he died the same year, and the hotel fell into disrepair. In the late 1970s, Houston couple J.P. and Mary Jon…

    Spinach Festival in Crystal City, Texas (1)

    12/03/21 •

    Remember Popeye’s source of superhuman strength? So does Crystal City, Texas, which calls itself the “Spinach Capital of the World.” The town honors the feisty cartoon character with a statue outside City Hall, erected in 1937, and it also throws a rollicking Spinach Festival every November. The lineup includes a spectacular parade… the crowning of…

    The Oldest Dr Pepper Bottling Plant Is In Fredericksburg, Texas

    1/15/20 •

    While heading home from a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, my husband and I stopped in Dublin and quenched our thirst at the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the United States. Entering through Old Doc’s Soda Shop, which serves fountain drinks, sandwiches and ice cream, I felt like we’d stepped back in time. And our…

    Stonehenge II: A Replica of England's Stonehedge in Texas

    12/14/18 •

    Like many travelers, I came to a screeching halt when I first saw the half-size replica of England’s mysterious Stonehenge while driving through Texas Hill Country near Hunt. Known as Stonehenge II, the country curiosity stands on private land. But visitors are invited to park their cars in a free lot across the street and…

    Benini Foundation Gallery and Sculpture Ranch Near Johnson City, Texas

    7/04/17 •

    During a recent trip through Texas Hill Country, my husband and I took a side trip to the Benini Foundation Galleries and Sculpture Ranch near Johnson City. We were delighted to find more than 30 contemporary sculptures scattered on a lovely 140-acre ranch owned by Benini, a well-known Italian painter. Driving along the sometimes rough…

    Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    10/19/20 •

    …reviews online, Gatlinburg doesn’t get a particular good overall rating for the restaurant options. Which isn’t to say that the food is bad, but it’s just not all that different than any other touristy place. I learned from hotel staff that the Texas Roadhouse has the best BBQ in town despite it being a chain…

    Oil ETF: Will Increasing Consumption Lift These Funds?

    9/30/18 •

    …in natural gas, United States Oil Fund (USO) — dealing in West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil, United States Gasoline Fund (UGA) — dealing in gasoline, Power Shares DB Oil Fund (DBO) — dealing in West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil and United States Heating Oil Fund (UHN) — dealing in heating oil. There are also some…

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    10/19/19 •

    …Asia Thailand Didiplis diandra Moderate Medium Not Specific Stem Lythraceae Didiplis Individual stem width: 2-4cm (1-1.5in) Fast North America United States Diodia virginiana Moderate Medium Not Specific Stem Rubiaceae Diodia Stem width 2.5 inches Moderate North America United States: Connecticut to Texas Diodia cf. kuntzei Moderate High Not Specific Stem Rubiaceae Diodia stem width 6…

    Fire Ant Bites: First Aid When Bitten

    4/12/18 •

    Imported red fire ants overrun the majority of Southern United States, from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Each year, they expand farther north. Nearly 40 percent of people in fire ant-infested areas get stung each year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Fire ants are extremely territorial insects and…

    Is It Legal to Live In The Wilderness? (1,588)

    8/31/20 •

    …answer in such a jaded society. Is there a place where this would legally be possible, thinking maybe east Texas. Charlie’s answer: I am from NC and lived in the wild many years ago back in the early 80’s. I made a crude shelter and only hunted small game and lots of fish. I did…

    Chinchilla Breeders (33)

    12/12/20 •

    …competition with you. Thanks! US-Based Chinchilla Breeders Arizona AZ Chins Delaware Angel’s Chins Florida Chinchilla Rampage Winmar Farms Illinois ABC Chinchillas Chocolate Chins Indiana NWI Chinchillas Louisiana Sunset Chinchillas New York Paul Kubasiewicz North Carolina Tiffany’s Chinchillas Pennsylvania Susan J. Lamb Texas Heavenly Stars ChinZ Lone Star Chinchilla Non-US-Based Chinchilla Breeders Ontario, Canada Burgess Chinchillas…

    Everything is Bigger in New Brunswick

    1/07/19 •

    Everything is bigger in Texas, it’s said. But on a recent 6-week camping trip in New Brunswick, we found the Lone Star State has nothing on this scenic Maritime Province. We first got the big idea when a gigantic stainless steel salmon welcomed us in Campbellton, located on Highway 134 along New Brunswick’s northern coast….

    Cosmosphere and Space Museum in Kansas. Yes, Really!

    10/03/21 •

    …then the head of the Noble Planetarium in Ft. Worth, Texas and a noted expert on American space artifacts and space exploration history. Ironically, Max had worked at the Hutchinson Planetarium while in college, and at the time was serving on a Smithsonian committee trying to find a home for tens of thousands of space…

    Stroll Through Dwight D. Eisenhower's Hometown of Abilene in Kansas (1)

    5/28/21 •

    …the Eisenhower Center, it preserves Abilene’s colorful cattle-town roots, including the wild days that tested lawman Wild Bill Hickock. You see, in the mid-1800s, Abilene became a booming cow town at the end of the historic Chisholm Trail, and the railhead for shipping cattle east. Between 1867 and 1872, more than 3 million Texas longhorn…

    Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies (4)

    11/11/20 •

    …longer to answer than I’ve spent in some interviews. Could it be that he really didn’t realize just how much time would be needed and that he can’t expect such an effort in return for nothing? This is the student’s note to me. My snarky, pre-morning-coffee appears in italics. I am a student at Texas

    A Detailed Guide to Pet Iguanas (Iguanidae)

    7/15/20 •

    …you install a direct water line and drainage system. Note: The following spiny lizards have no distinguishing English names. Spiny lizards Sceloporus poinsetti (Baird and Girard, 1852) Total length: 10 inches (26 cm). Head-torso length: 5 inches (12 cm). Distribution and Description: From southwestern North America (Texas and New Mexico) southward to central Mexico. Habitat:…

    Wedding Themes for Unique Couples

    2/01/22 •

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre are popular films that you can take inspiration from but other more modern and subdued horrors like that of Midsommar, A Quiet Place, and The Babadook are all viable options. You can also put your own spin on these inspirations by combining them with glam decorations to tone down oddities that can…