Is It Legal to Live In The Wilderness?

I am a former longtime boy scout and outdoor enthusiast so survival would be a challenge but very possible. I have become very upset with the direction society has taken and would like to live in a remote undisturbed wilderness location for 1-3 years to search for the answers of life that I can not answer in such a jaded society. Is there a place where this would legally be possible, thinking maybe east Texas.

Charlie's answer:
I am from NC and lived in the wild many years ago back in the early 80's. I made a crude shelter and only hunted small game and lots of fish. I did love being out there in nature. It takes some getting use to but once you get accustomed to it is fine and a wonderful life.

I only saw a few people while out there, one ranger and one native american. The ranger was pretty upset with me being there and fishing without a license but after a few moments of listening to me he said that he wished he was in my position and out there living without hardly any care. He warned me that the next ranger that found me would and probably run me off.

It was only a few days later that the Native American came by and spent a few days there with me. He told me to move my camp just a little further north and I would be on Indian land and that I could live there and not be bothered by the rangers because they had no jurisdiction there. He said that he and some others had been watching me and that I was living the life of the Native Americans and only taking what I needed to survive in the woods and was welcome to live as long as I wanted there. I moved and stayed for a long time out there. I had no tv, radio or anything but the wilderness and loved it there. I left because of some family problems that kept eating at me and came back to the old world. I am 61 now and think back on those years and wish that I was there again. I am not in good health now but thinking seriously about doing it again. There is no better way to leave this world than being out in the forest and away from all sounds of civilization. Go for it you will never regret it my friend. Godspeed.

Bruce's answer:
Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to live free and natural as you mentioned. I have done just that off and on for many years. National Forests, Wilderness areas one must except if you make yourself known and in the open you will be asked to move after a certain time. However if you know what you are doing you can live with out leaving a trace. My latest adventure was living 6 years in the wilderness of Alaska, yes the Bush.

I took my family deep into the heart of Alaska. My kids flourished and so did I. My now ex-wife did not! She just could not adjust to the solitude as well as the long winters. Yes because of this we came back to civilization. I am now single and my kids are grown. Guess what I wish to do again! I do not know if I could afford to get back to Alaska again. I do know that I will make my way back to the mountains someday. Alone or with someone special that is capable of wilderness living. Just wanted you to know do not give up. It can and is done by more people than you realize.

Steven L.'s answer:
For those of you who are serious about this here are a few tips. You're going to need some tools such as a double axe head (don't bring a handle and instead make one); chisels from 1/2 inch to 3 inch; bow saw; broad axe (not required but helpful); a good scribe and level; a good Peavy tool (log clamp); and a Peeler tool. You're ready to go! Depending on how you want to do your fireplace you can build a cobblestone fireplace for which you'd want to bring a couple bags of Quikrete or a wood burner. I prefer the Quikrete than lugging a heavy woodburner around.

A good gun is a must .45-.50 cal if you intend living where bear are. You can get a book on making your own black powder or you can stock up on a ton of preformed powder pellets. My suggestion is keep the gun for self defense and learn to make snares. You can snare anything from a small bird to a large bear if you do the research. Also here's a quick meal for those who aren't great with snare making. Buy several rat traps. They cost a few bucks at the hardware store. You can anchor these to a tree up high for squirrel or on the ground anchored via a heavy snare wire for other critters such as coons.

If you're serious on making it in the wild these are a few quick tips to get you started. Fishing gear such as line. I'd suggest buying if you don't know how to make your own from ligaments or tendons. Hooks are easy; have a good knife and make them out of bone. Or you can do things the old fashioned way and build your own fishery which you'd want away from your home site if in Alaska or the Appalachians as fish bring in bear.

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  1. How do I unsubscribe from this website. I would really like to remove the messages I posted years ago because I'm getting weird emails from people that must be very high on more than just weed. A lot of down and out homeless people looking for options. I understand that life is getting weird because our society is starting to breakdown, but I don't need this hassle.

    When I posted on this site, my intentions were serious and I did do what I said I would do. Unfortunately the people on this site are not that serious and they are unwilling to do what it takes. Mostly parasites really, looking for a free ride and unwilling to do the work and preparation required for this kind of project.

    I'm sure it must great to get high and fire off a bunch of emails to poor unsuspecting people, but enough already.

    • I found that you had your email in 2 comments. I've edited those comments to remove the email.

  2. I'm a solo female. I want to live without money, traveling by foot as the seasons change looking for food. I'm vegan. I practice intermittent fasting and can go days without food or water. If I'm hungry enough I will eat what's available, fruit is just the preference. I imagine sleeping in a hammock tent or just tent. I'm not experienced. I just really want to do this and have for more than a decade. I don't want to do it alone. I'd love to do it with a friend or a tribe. Someone who is experienced is preferred since I'm not. Sometimes I think we are all going to have to live this way soon anyway.
    posted 9/1/22

    • I've long fallen through the cracks with this employment system America has had since 1983. I am 55 and STILL haven't found myself.

    • Feb 18/23...I'm 61, overweight by 30 lbs and single the last 2 years after 20 years of marriage. After a year and a half, she wants me back. Although she won't bring back the money she took or repair the heart she dashed to pieces... I forgave her and am moving on without her. What I am saying is communication, good or bad, is the ingredient that most are missing. Without this key ingredient, most will not do well. And that includes communication with yourself to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. I too, want to live the Canada, and will. Better to die under free skies than under someone's thumb! Good luck Cat, I hope you find what you are looking for !!

    • 5/25/23
      My name is Alex and I've been posting on here for the better part of five years now with no luck. Unfortunately, a good portion of the posters are dreamers who have never cleaned a fish or pitched a tent. I consider myself in the Alaska/Canada batch of people on where to go. I'm 37, not running from anything or anyone and after so long of trying to find a partner, I'm beyond ready.
      I've followed along with this group and emailed 9/10 with a valid email address to no avail. I have a good portion of what I've needed, sitting in storage. No, I'm not bringing the kitchen sink but I do plan to take what I can. Too many of you want to bring a GPS and gas powered this and that, 50-250 miles into the wilderness... Versus maybe some fishing gear or a nice and reliable .22... It is May 25, 2023 at 3:32pm est... I'm ready to meet and ride...
      My thought process is that this could be a reality for two of us! I check my email twice a day!

  3. I’m 25 M born and raised in Louisiana I’ve always been unhappy with “society” for as long as I can remember honestly. I’ve been trying to find some kind of group or community for a while now no luck unfortunately I’m in great shape I camp fish hunt pretty good with my hands and I think things through which is a blessing and a damn curse. If any community out there can use someone like me I’m ready to talk.

  4. Is this very interesting thread still active ?

    • I was wondering if there are any recent posts on here or if their all old ones. I have some questions to ask someone that is still interested in this lifestyle...

  5. It's been a while since I've posted here, or been here. Life went up for me before and I ended up staying in society. Now since Covid-19 struck, I am having anxiety which leads me to wanting to be back in the woods. Jobs are gone, people are going bat-shit crazy... It has become to much for me.

    I am planning on a trek into the Virginia forests. One specific spot in mind, and have been considering setting up three locations in the woods. It is along the Appalachian Trail, but off the trail(keeping the trail near for when I need to hike into town) into the woods.

    The area I have decided on is several miles from a lake for fishing, which is where I plan to setting up one location.

    Another area is further along the trail where a stream runs through. Been thinking of how to get some of that stream water to come to my other set up, without anyone being able to notice.

    And I haven't decided on a third spot yet. That will be determined once I get up there.

    I have minimal outdoor survival skills, such as building a shelter, fishing(along with a few tricks on catching them), tracking, finding edible foods, and minimum skills on hunting/trapping.

    I am a 51 yo male, came by to check and see if anyone may be interested in joining up with me on this trek.

    Contact me at whisperingwind36@

    • Hi Raymond,

      Thank you for your message. I feel the same way, I've been locked-up for a year in my apartment in Quebec City Canada. I have been following all the government imposed stay at home lock-down. The rate of infection in the province (Quebec), is by far the highest rate of infection in Canada. For the first 6+ months of the Pandemic, the vast majority of Quebecois simply did not believe the virus was real, expressing opinions that included the virus being a hoax propagated by the government, that the virus was nothing more than a typical cold., not believing that the virus was a threat. The virus infections rates were much much higher when compared to the rest of Canada, due mostly to ignorance that the provincial governments and the the way the pandemic was handled (ignored). Our provincial government in Quebec Canada handled the pandemic in a similar fashion of leadership like that of Trump and Bolsenaro. Many people died unnecessarily because our governments did not respond in a responsible manner and quite frankly failed miserable in their responsibility they have toward their constituency. Their handling or lack thereof is down right criminal and the leaders who are directly responsible for the thousands of unnecessary deaths should be charge with manslaughter, and if found guilty, jailed for their offences. I doubt that politicians will ever be held responsible for their actions or lack there of. Our current socioeconomic system values money above human life. There are many examples of people getting away with murders, as long as they can come up with enough money to employ the best layer money can buy.

      While many people throughout the world live in poverty and cannot practice social distancing. So, this gives the opportunity for the virus mutate in other parts of the world, then comes back to us as a new version that may or may not evade the current vaccines. As long as human beings fail to work together on a planetary level to come-up with a global plan to deal with this virus, it will continue to come back to us after it has completed many mutations. The vaccines will not be effective without a global approach. The vaccine companies only care about profits, don't worry about the fact these vaccines have not been tested and that people are dying of blood clots. The pharmaceutical companies don't care about eradicating the virus, but leaving poor countries like India and Africa behind in the process of vaccination, is a huge failure on the part of our society, that's what capitalism does. It is a system that needs to go because it only serves the master (rich) we serve in our daily menial jobs with no future, except to make the rich even richer.

      I'd love to join you Raymond, but I'm in Canada. Thank you for your response. I can understand why you want to leave a completely dysfunctional society that puts human life at the bottom of the priority list.

      I've been looking into communes, but that too is tricky because there could easily be conflicts within these groups. Regardless, I've been looking at many many listing online. Unfortunately some hippy communes have turned their communes into profit making organizations, retreats, courses. One place I saw asked for $3000 to spend 6 months there, working for them for free in order to take a course in aquaculture. Not the hippy communes I remember, lol.

      If I was in the US, I would seriously consider joining you, it sounds interesting. Although going it alone with minimal survival skills, is a serious risk. Regardless, I' would be willing to take that risk if the opportunity presents itself.

      I don't know if you are aware of this website, but they have a listing of communes from all over the world, most are seeking investments, but a few come across as real communes of intentional living and sharing.


    • The email address you posted is bogus.... Not a real email address

      What's up with that????

      • Hi Raymond,

        Thank you for your message. I feel the same way, I've been locked-up for a year in my apartment in Quebec City Canada. I have been following all the government imposed stay at home lock-downs. The rate of infection in the province (Quebec), is by far the highest rate of infection in Canada. For the first 6+ months of the Pandemic, the vast majority of Quebecois simply did not believe the virus was real, expressing opinions that included the virus being a hoax propagated by the government, that the virus was nothing more than a typical common cold., not believing that the virus was a threat. The virus infections rates were much much higher in this are when compared to the rest of Canada, due mostly to ignorance that the provincial governments and the the way the pandemic was handled (ignored). Our provincial government in Quebec Canada handled the pandemic in a similar fashion of leadership like that of Trump and Bolsenaro. Many people died unnecessarily because our governments did not respond in a responsible manner and quite frankly failed miserable in their responsibilities they have to protect their constituency. Their handling or lack thereof is down right criminal and the leaders who are directly responsible for the thousands of unnecessary deaths should be charge with manslaughter, and if found guilty, jailed for their offences. I doubt that politicians will ever be held responsible for their actions or lack there of. Our current socioeconomic system values money above human life. There are many examples of people getting away with murders and getting away with it, as long as they can come up with enough money to employ the best layer money can buy.

        While many people throughout the world live in poverty and cannot practice social distancing. So, this gives the opportunity for the virus to mutate in other parts of the world, then comes back to us as a new version that may or may not evade the immunity from current vaccines. As long as human beings fail to work together on a planetary level to come-up with a global plan to deal with this virus, it will continue to come back to us after it has completed many mutations. The vaccines will not be effective without a global approach.

        The vaccine companies only care about profits, they don't worry about the fact that these vaccines have not been tested and that people are dying of blood clots shortly after injection. The pharmaceutical companies don't care about eradicating the virus, this is obvious when we can see that the poor countries like India and Africa are left behind in the process of vaccination, this is a huge failure on the part of our society, that's what capitalism does. It is a system that encourages selfishness and greed and it needs to go, because it only serves the masters (rich) we serve in our daily menial jobs with no future, to transfer all the wealth produced by our labour to make the rich even richer. Not what I would call a fair system that serves the needs of humanity.

        I'd love to join you Raymond, but I'm in Canada. Thank you for your response. I can understand why you want to leave a completely dysfunctional society that puts human life at the bottom of the priority list.

        I've been looking into communes, but that too is tricky because there could easily be conflicts within these groups. Regardless, I've been looking at many many listings online. Unfortunately some hippy communes have turned their communes into profit making organizations, offering retreats, and courses (permaculture). One place I saw asked for $3000 to spend 6 months there, while working for them for free in order to take a course in permaculture. Not the hippy communes I remember, lol.

        If I was in the US, I would seriously consider joining you, it sounds interesting. Although going it alone with minimal survival skills, is a serious risk. Regardless, I' would be willing to take that risk if the opportunity presents itself.

        I don't know if you are aware of this website, but they have a listing of communes from all over the world, most are seeking investments, but a few come across as real communes of intentional living and sharing.


      • The email address you provided is invalid because there is a space between the '@' and ''

        People, like myself, who copy and paste your email to send you a message will get an error that the address doesn't work.

        You probably won't get much in the way of replies.


      • It is not a bogus email. I read your response in my email before I came here. I did notice I accidentally put a space between @ and Gmail, maybe that was issue?

        • This is an old reply, we talked about this by emailing directly. No, it is not a bogus email address, but a copy and paste of the address will not work, hotmail returned an error that it was an invalid email address, but did not specify why. When I started looking at the email address more closely, I could see that there was a large space in the address.

    • My plans are similar, but in about 4 years when my son is out of school. I spent some time on the AT and was thinking VA myself. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other. I'll be the dirty guy with the beard! 😉

    • Hi Raymond, I've been trying to figure out the best way to start doing this. I recently remodeled a minivan and traveled out west to spend time alone in Colorado and Utah. I reside in Delaware but travel on the east coast all the time. I'm 22 and as long as I have the right tools I feel confident in my abilities. I just fail to see the beauty in society anymore and only find happiness and joy in nature as it was intended. We should get in touch.

  6. Ok so here it is... My name is Mike... I have had to live in the woods for over a year (not by choice initially) when I was back in MD. I sorta grew to really enjoy the solitude.. Now thankfully, I am no longer in said position (or even the same state lol).

    The reason that I am writing this, is because I am seriously considering on moving back into a tent in the woods somewhere and living off grid. I have seen many people post on this site saying that they wanted to live off grid.. I was wondering if there were any others on here that share my same longings....And if so...maybe willing to team up..

    The main reason I am considering on heading back to the woods is largely due to all the mess that is happening here in the U.S.... I am a former Investigative Reporter from Tampa Bay Community Network back in FL.... I released a article regarding martial laws that were to be hitting here in the states back during the Obama administration that reached over 2 mil viewers... Sadly, I can still see the continued breakdown of our society today and don't really want anything to do with it.

    So, I am reaching out to the people on this site, to find out if there are any like minded individuals that desire to go completely off grid. (No technology.... No cell Phones.... No computers....etc)

    There are a lot of things that go into becoming a...well, for lack of a better phrase... a ghost if you will..

    I am more than willing to discuss this in further detail with seriously interested persons only....

    You can reach me via email at:

    Just mention "off grid" in the subject line and I will know what the message is in regards to...

    Thank you

  7. Hello, I am a Nashville resident looking to live in the woods. I have a degree in adventure education and some wilderness training but overall I do not feel equipped yet to live in the woods long term.

    I was thinking about living in the woods in the south, for there are so many. How realistic is this? Is it highly illegal? Can I learn some skills and just start living in the woods?

    I've been inspired by various stories like that couple living in New Zealand for several years, also I have known for a long time that society is awful and a life in nature is worth trying.

    What do you all think? Thanks

  8. Alright, it's come to this now..
    I cannot believe there are literally thousands of people on here in the same position. Well the still-pretty-long tldr-version for me is my name is Matthew, from Alberta Canada.

    I've always been attracted to the wilderness and beauty/understanding of nature itself, and it's connection to self-knowledge. I'm 27 years old, decent shape, addicted to gaming, comic books, movies/tv shows, mastering dexterity skills and hobbies that include puzzles/game etc.
    I've made mistakes in life and I've realized there is very little chance of finding peace in this slave-like society we're in..well the society poor people live in. I've been poor my whole life, grandparents had just enough money to help in the hardest times..technically I've been homeless for most of it (as in basement suites, sharing residence, hotels, guest-rooms, constant moving) but always adapted and never really felt homeless.

    I've been isolating myself from people too much lately and need to focus more on healthy solitude because I've been having this deeper calling to changing my lifestyle. I've battled bullies, cancer, cannabis prohibition/laws, home-invasions, personal anxiety and grief over the years..I've found women I've loved, material possessions, felt highs and the loss of everything.
    Enlightenment and neutrality has been a focus for me over the years, and I realized after I left university studying pure mathematics that I didn't care about money, capitalist success, or a fancy title anymore..I knew I felt alone and still am alone, so my only other main goal in life is to find the first true-love of my life..Someone to go on some crazy adventures with would be pretty cool, but I know I don't want to be alone forever, I may not care the same way about my family as most people but I still love them, I just care more about starting my own family with the woman I love..Definitely a hopeless romantic, and this is turning into a profile so I'll stop lol

    I've been looking into living or taking a lengthy 'vacation' (weeks or months or longer) somewhere in Canada or wherever I can travel. Don't have much money at all, and COVID-19 is currently kicking businesses asses, who knows if this will be the apocalypse.
    But Im looking for somewhere to stay, somewhere beautiful like the forests in B.C. where I once wondered around for hours as a kid feeling so in-tuned with nature and not a doubt of navigational skills.
    I'm not looking to live somewhere that requires hunting by rifles as a source of survival, or vehicular travel as I have never been able to afford a car and saving up all this camping gear gas been hard enough. I wish I could just go off trail somewhere in Waterton National Park but there's just very few places left in this civilization. When you start watching 'I Shouldn't Be Alive' episodes and think about the beautiful experience behind even the darkest moments of being lost in the wild, you know that something is calling you to find yourself.

    So far my only solid plans are to test my survival skills this summer with at least a week of backcountry camping (if I can afford it and if anything is opened by then) in Waterton or the BC/AB area. If anyone has any ideas, information or interest in joining me in this adventure and/or planning the next stage of life, please contact me anytime.. I am not going to take part in any adventure with people I do not trust, so we would definitely have to get to know each other, but I've been lucky in my life developing relationships, I always seem to meet people at the right time.
    Send me a message anytime, thank you for your time.

  9. I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but here Is my bid.

    My name is James, I am 28 y/o male from the Midwest. I am a working white-collar with a stable professional career ready to finally be honest with myself.

    Let me first start by saying nobody ever said following your dreams would be easy. I am not a man with minimal commitments. I have a very loving, structural family that I would never have any reason to leave behind. (not children) I have a career that I've worked on for the past 7 years, and a beautiful house with good acreage. But I have to be honest and true to myself, and this is not where I belong.

    I am done with the concrete zoos, and play ground. I have heard a call my whole life into the wilderness my whole life. Yes; I understand this is not the 1800's and we aren't pioneers anymore, but I know there is some place than this.

    I have been looking at property in ALASKA, Southeast pref.

    I have intentions of living completely off the grid, and hopefully completely (someday) off the land.

    I have skills that could seriously help with both of these goals, but not necessarily enough to achieve both completely. I am going to need help. I am looking for like minded individuals who are not trying to become "homeless" or "bums" together, but to start a new lifestyle and adventures as a group.

    Serious Inquires only.

    I am open to ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.

    • I am a 19 year old male from New York, no not the big apple XD, but for the past decade I have been so interested in wilderness survival, I was a boy scout until I reached second class and realized that scouting was not what I had wanted, yes there was information that was useful such as knots,navigation, etc. but it just didn't satisfy me with the knowledge I wanted to know. for example camp outs were in tents, I didn't want tents i wanted a bush craft shelter built with my own hands along with food prepared from the wilderness not packing snacks.

      after leaving scouts i have done some short term survival camp outs in the woods of my stepfathers house, spending just under a week alone. granted that isnt a long excursion but i have family that is interested in my well being along with schooling so i didnt go away long for their sake and my own.

      this year ill be twenty and dont find an interest in living in cities or in towns filled with addicts(not to offend any past addicts) or living in a society filled with fake news, i just want to live off the land with others who have the same interest, so i was thinking with how connective the internet is and find maybe 10 or so people who have the same interests in wilderness survival and to just live off the land. 10 is a small number of people but small enough to where we wont leave a major footprint or truly damage the wildlife around us if thrived successfully.

      this still may be years ahead for my vision to come true with lots of research to be done, i just thought to share my thoughts

      • Its nice to see another young person interested in this! I'm 19 too, living in England right now but wanting so desperately to move to either Alaska or Canada and live off the grid. I've never liked society much and have wanted to do this since i was quite young. Don't get me wrong, I love people, but looking at the earth and the state she's in right now makes me so sad.

      • Heyo, 18 year-old kid from Massachusetts here seeking the same thing, a small group to potentially establish a subsistence/primitive community with. I intend to do a brief "walkabout" on one of the islands near where I live this summer to get a taste for the lifestyle, and after that I intend on trying college in the fall, but following this, I am looking to begin seriously settling in for a primitive lifestyle somewhere. I am unsure when you left your comment or how/what you are doing in life now, but if still interested, I can be reached at:

        Ah, isn't the internet a beautiful thing?

    • Hey, James. Before wasting any of your time with lengthy descriptions of my own, I wanted to ask if you are set on going to Alaska? I personally aim to establish myself in rural Tennessee, along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Purchasing land in Tennessee or North Carolina can be >relatively< inexpensive, and from my understanding would be a good state to some day start an off - grid homestead on. If you would like to discuss any further details or exchange ideas, feel free to contact me at . Otherwise, I wish you the best with your move to Alaska!

      • James has a bad back and cannot move forward until he undergoes serious surgery. I hope he gets to live his dream in Alaska, but getting surgery without medical coverage during a pandemic when medical procedures are being cancelled, is not likely to happen anytime soon. I've talked to many dozens of people and they all have reasons to delay and not move forward. People like to dream, but most if not all do not act on their dreams of living in the wilderness. Soon, we won't have a choice, lol...

  10. To begin with I am completely surprised with all the comments here.

    I am 27 (28 this summer) and looking to start a life off of the grid, in the wilderness within the next five years if not sooner. Me and modern civilisation does not work, I gave it more than enough chances. I want to escape this prison rather than waste another chunk of my life here. Materialism I want to leave it all!!. I am in the UK, so a lot less wilderness than the likes of Canada and the USA and no bears :) but less food :(

    I am happy to do this alone, but would be fine with another person, two or three. I am honest, tough, caring, loyal and reserved. I am completely serious about this and will be working on the skills necessary to survive in the meantime. I have some raw skills that I can further develop which may be useful in addition. Have always been physically fit and have an adventurous spirit. Slept outside in the frosty UK winter for days before, with nothing but a sleeping bag and a poncho. I am a Christian which means more to me than anything else in the world.

    Interested in ideas, advice or if anyone would like to one day be a team. My email is

  11. Lived it many years ago. The only thing stopping me now is an unwilling spouse. Those were the most carefree days of my life and I miss them, but I too am aged and in bad health having been through cancer. But I would go back in a heartbeat. After all going dying in the wilderness wouldn't be a bad thing.

  12. Hello all, me and my wife have been talking and doing alot of research recently, and have thought for several years about actually going out and living off the land. I can't wait anymore. We are going to start honing our survival skills over this summer through next spring when we plan to leave. We have not yet chosen a destination, and are very interested in finding other like minded individuals who either want to join us on our lifelong journey into freedom and respect for our land, or have any suggestions as to locations. We don't plan to come back any time soon. I work 15 hours a day sometimes and too often 7days a week. I would like to put that energy into creating a life of substance from here going forward. Please contact me if you just want to chat, or have any suggestions and so on.

    • Like you, I'm also looking to leave the madness. I need someone to encourage me. I'm willing to go anywhere except extreme cold. I'll deal with anything except below zero. From whatever I come from they taught me an expression "One hand can not clap". What I'm trying to say if you go with your wife and I go with my wife we help you guys and you help us. In every way. With respect and dignity. Drop me a line if you're interested. Thank you!

      • Sounds like we're in the same boat haha I came here for answers and research but are finding people that have the same idea. I love it!! Me and my partner are down but hopefully not to late. I have tons of ideas maybe we can trade off at the very least.

  13. Are any of you actually planning on doing these things or are these pipe dreams? I would like to contact those of you who are serious, to learn and build connections with awesome likeminded wild people. I like to live off the land every few years and it just so happens this year is my next window of opportunity. I grew up in the high country of Wyoming and have learned so many valuable things, though there is so much more to learn it's sometimes unfathomable. I'm not looking to tag along with anyone's plans, just would like to stay connected as I document my own journey through these rugged Rockies. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind someone tagging along on my plans to make awesome things to sell while wandering freely in the backcountry. you actually don't even have to make stuff, but it's entertainment while the fish aren't biting. Anyway, message me if this is of interest to you.

    • I dont think most people want to do this but rather need too. Like me for instance im homeless with 1500 to my name but I dont want to live in a shelter and have society tell me how to get back on track. Im older now. When I wad on the army I was young and stupid but I do remember most wildnerness skills. I want to go live in the wild for a summer to have calm in my life amd maybe ill find answers out there as well.

      • I've done it..spent my 46th year of life in the woods...had taken all I could take and went native...since I came back I've done nothing but study on how to make my next trip better..not much of a hunter but real good with plants and shelter and not bad at fishing... learned basic skills for pottery ...when I came out the woods I spent the lext year traveling with a a bunch of people. Covered 10000 miles ..then came back to "home"... I foresee me going it alone again...

    • I am planning to leave next spring. I tried the conventional way and had planned on buying property and all of that. But it was always just out of my reach and I see now that it's all a big game anyway. And why own 10 acres when there is a whole world out there that doesn't belong to anyone (in my stubborn opinion).
      I guess my main concern are the winters. I was thinking that it would make sense to find a migration route that perhaps starts in Washington and ends in Arizona. I wonder if people manage to live along the pacific crest trail, or perhaps just off it. At least then you get to socialize every once in a while with other hikers.
      I do realize this way of life would require that I own virtually nothing, or just what I can carry. I am working on transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle but it is hard! Luckily I am helping to support myself by selling all my stuff. Why I never realized I didn't need it is beyond me. When in the Matrix you don't think, you just go along with everything.
      I could go on but as of now I am just ranting to myself. Still, it feels good.

  14. I realize the chance of find anyone on here that is authentic and actually wants to live in the woods is slim to none.
    Over the years, I have read and kept up with postings, replied to a few(but not recently).
    The current situation in our country and around the world is shameful and out right hard to swallow.
    This is something I have prepared for since a child. I am a true survivalist, mentally, medically, fundamentally and know my abilities, as well as the area within the Appalachian Mountains where I consider home.
    Without going into extreme detail, my plan is to have multiple sites to rest my head, traveling between them to hunt, fish, forage, and grow.
    It is a remote setting that offers every advantage and necessity needed to sustain life.
    If you need a phone to survive, truly get lost!
    It would be an advantage to have someone to assist with daily life and to be there in case of emergency. But in no way is it a requirement if you have to have someone to do it for you or if you need modern life.
    I have the tools, supplies, and locations. What you need is an absolute desire to live freely, without taxes, modern conveniences, and some ability to provide.
    I beg you, please do not reply if you are truly not in the same mindset and same desires.
    Wishing you all the best on your journey through life.

    • I have done what I can to do the same but have had problems with finding an area that is far enough away from society. I am currently in the Oshawa Ontario area and would love advice and/or help connecting with others and perhaps find someone with land I can use.

  15. Serious inquiries only.....
    Living on the land is not a dream. It is a respectful balance and partnership between man and the land. Both have the ability to take advantage in harmony and hurt.
    My idea is to share what I have with a few who realize that life is what you make it.
    Aware of my abilities and faults, I extend a genuine desire to help those who can help preserve a way of life not known to many and fantasized by others. A life filled with ethically balanced practices that enrich the soul and soil.
    Water flows from the soil that provides sustanace for life to exist.
    A remoteness that is unequivocally beautiful in every way.
    And four seasons to align the brain.

    With that in mind, please keep in mind that what I offer is not offered by others posting on here. I am not a dreamer, but a man of 42 with great integrity, a solid skill set, a personality, and property that I own.
    If you are a person of integrity and passionate about life, no matter your skill set, reach out.
    Please be honest in intention and who you truly are.
    You can contact me at;

  16. Hi Everyone My name is Sebastian Oatman, i Served 2 Years Canadian Armed Force's, My Group Consisting of My 2 Sisters an my Wife are planing on leaving society an moving to the wilderness in Yukon Canada We are looking for anyone Else who can Hunt Fish help Build a Cabin. please contact me at 613 206 4164 or my Email we would love to have more people.

    Thank you for reading this i know it is small but let me know if you are interested

    • Hi Sebastian my name is Glenn Williams I live in Florida. Originally from West Virginia. The idea of living off grid has always appealed to me. I know how to hunt and fish, along with hard work is all about. I don't know the date you posted but read your comments. Would like to speak to you concerning this lifestyle. Please feel free to reach out to me as well my email address is or you could also reach me on my cellphone at 304-549-2622. Thank you God Bless.

  17. Hello, my name is Dylan and I am 22 years old. I feel the same as each and everyone of you on here, I can not stand society as a whole and feel as if I live and am stuck in a world that isn't and was never meant to be for me. I have once before left society to go and live off the land high up in the Sierras for quite some time, I eventually came back and was thrown back into corporate America and worked sales for a corporate job. I can not do this anymore, for I am afraid I will lose my mind and every last bit of sense of who I am and what I stand for entirely. I am looking to join someone or a group of someones who is as/are like minded as me and wants to truly live off grid somewhere and not just talk but make it a reality. Please feel free to text me at 928-308-5249 or email me at
    Thank you

  18. So, after thinking it over Alaska wasn't a smart idea cause we would be out there during winter and no real shelter from the cold. We put money down on a Texas ranch that's 20 Ac of land. We are still looking for people to join us and yes, we are not kidding.. so before you E-mail me asking if this is a joke.. know now we are very real. Please read my post below and see what we are looking for. Thanks.

    • Count me in. Former Army soldier who spent 3 years stationed in Fairbanks Alaska. Also did yours in Iraq. I recieve checks from the VA monthly so there will always be money for emergencies if needed.

      • Dear William,
        I keep getting notifications of this thread of wilderness living. Michele and her husband left on Sept. 26 to travel to their 20 acres in the west Texas mountains. I don't know if they have time to check this thread right now.
        We are the ones having our truck repaired so we can move to a Texas coastal wilderness. Our truck is getting a new engine.
        Michele asked us to join them in the mountains, but where we are going 1 acre feeds 1 horse or 6 goats or sheep . Where they are going it takes 100 acres to feed 1 horse or cow or 6 goats or sheep. That part of Texas is gorgeous but only gets 9 to 10 " of precip. a year.
        We have been doing homesteading/ wilderness living for about 25 years now.
        Have a blessed day, Katy

    • Hi Michelle, I read your story on this site and think it’s wonderful that you’re trying to live off in wilderness. My dream for many years is to go live in the woods, but may be too late for me. I’m by myself and have been for about 17 years. I am a retired nurse. I’m 73 now, but I still strive to learn all I can about living off the land and sustaining myself. I’ve been an avid gardener for years and used all natural means I could. Have followed Creek Steward for awhile now and have learned a lot. He is a naturalist and has a school in Indiana. Well anyway, my kids are grown and they help me a lot, but think it’s funny when I say, just give me a forest and that’s where I’ll live. Well so interested in reading what you wrote down and following your dream, if you don’t mind. I wish you the very best with your quest and God bless you . Gloria

  19. So, we found land to fit our needs...
    It's in Alaska it's 8.69ac near beautiful lake's and private!
    We are planning to go in September and we are looking for like minded people to join us.
    We need people who are good at the following:
    • hunting
    • building
    • gathering
    • farming
    • fishing
    • survival
    • first-aid
    We don't care if you know one or all of those skills.. but you must know the least one of those.
    From now until we head over there we will be calling, texting and e-mailing with applicant's to make sure we all can get along..
    Each person will be asked to help in some way, shape or form..
    Some thing as simple as bringing water, dry food, blankets and such....
    We are wanting to fly out to Alaska then take a air taxi to our land.
    Please keep in mind that this is not going to be a walk in the park and the animals won't be behind a gate looking all cute...
    They are as real as you are and they won't be looking for a back scratch!
    So, bring your ball's... You'll need them.
    Email me if you want to be considered.

    Thanks for your time

    • Hi , my name is ray and I'm too tired of the rat race,I'm 57 years old.I've had open heart surgery but I'm fine.there is things I should not do but I do it anyway too help in anyway I can.I would love too live out the rest of my life out there.I'm also a veteran(navy).all my kids are grow. It's been a year that I had the surgery I feel fine.I'm not running from any,just wanted too get away from the stress . I'm a farm boy too,17 years.I can cook,clean,hunt, wash.I get along with people,I help all people that trying their best,I have my days.

    • Hi Michelle, I am 62 and get around like a 25 year old. Lol I have been thinking about moving to Alaska but don’t know where to start. I am going to start drawing my social security in Kanuary but won’t have any insurance. That’s the only reason I’m working now. I am an EMT and have been one for 15 years. So I know first aid. I know how to hunt and fish. I would appreciate it if u would stay in contact with me and let me know what I need to do. Thanks

    • I don't know how old this part of the thread is but Im 21, prior infantry, been in mountains, desert, swamps, and the arctic circle. As well as have been through trade school for carpentry

  20. We like many of you on here are tired of the rat race and shit from the world..
    Limited income, sky-high rental payment's, unbelievable amount of bullshit thrown at you from everywhere... Kinda gets old fast!
    I'm in a loving and committed relationship and we want out of the maze!
    I am going to be very honest and blunt when I say I don't know anything about making a fire, shooting a gun or killing anything that wasn't already with a price tag on it... But I can cook, wash, fold, plant, care for and be "nurturing" so I guess I am kinda useful...
    (I did say I'm being honest)
    Now, we aren't Angel's and I am not a saint but we aren't running from anyone, anything or anywhere... We just want to make a "safe" place... "Home" with like minded people.
    I don't care about your job, money, status or past..
    I care about how you treat "yourself and the one's you call your own"
    Can we all just get a LIFE!?

    We are in New Jersey...
    Paying to be harassed day to day by a landlord who want's more and more money and loves walking into our home unannounced...
    (Yea, that's not a typo)
    We are saving up some money and looking for a few people with the same vision and mission..
    To cohabitate and thrive together...
    Without the "I'm better then you" mentally so many have now a day's.
    So, if you have a small spot... An open plot... Hell, if you have any space in your community for two mature adults who just want to make a difference not only in "our" lives but maybe help make a difference in yours.. say hi.
    Or send smoke signals...
    Be safe guy's


    • I'm looking for people who want to live in the woods in Oregon. I'm currently living in the woods and have been on and off for the last several. I'm a 52 year old female and it's getting harder for me to live alone. It's a lot of work for one person. I have lots of ideas and things I want to do. It would be nice to have another person or 2 sharing the same view and willing to live in the woods and enjoy the beauty. Email me at

      • I'm a 52 year old man, and have never really fit in with the "norm" and always wanted to just escape the world and live in the wilderness. My health isn't the greatest, but I believe much of it would be remedied just by being away from it all. I'm an old Country boy from Mississippi, so I know the woods and what it takes to live in solitude with Nature. I am seriously considering finding somewhere to just melt away from society. I envy you for already living that life.

        • What part of MS? I ask as I'm semifamiliar with MS. It isn't much different than N.La. or Ala.
          Seems like these feelings are running wild in society. As there's the fellowship for Intentional Communities that only list some, which is very many, Intentional Communities. Where there's others which includes Catholics who dove off the map.
          I don't trust the digital world myself, but it's nice. So many, probably the majority wouldn't be able to do anything without a computer. Just like being a cashier used to be a skill. Called running a cash register. It's been very simplified.
          But there's plenty of arrogance in the world, where everything is readily abundant, for some.
          Then values have severely eroded!
          Not to mention nature and agriculture are taking a beating and few are even aware of it. As long as grocery stores have plenty, they're fat, dumb and happy. Is it a blessing or an effort to show ones' arrogance setting up for a fall?
          The woods get boring, but if you have others that like you and you like them,vthere's something that can be gotten into.
          Need some old time tools though and spares as they're not readily available. Get plenty of seed. Including plants like white yarrow to ward off mosquitoes.

      • I’m looking to try the whole outdoor escape from society too! I think a lot more people are feeling the squeeze that everyone with minimum low incomes are feeling and I know I’m sick of it too! I have been wanting to do this for a long time now but I’d need another person with me! I have a ton of skills and wisdom and am a natural and authentic person with no frills. I can build design and make whatever we may need and I have a history of natural plant based medicine with essential oils and poultices. I am great at first aide and can weave and crochet any kind of fiber.. not only yarn. I do require help with heavy lifting and I don’t move as fast as some. I also am a very spiritually inclined person. Not religious but accept all people and their beliefs. I’m 50 yrs young and raised all my kids . So I’m a solo gal who just needs a friend and teammate.. I’m in Oregon too! -take care.. Shawn

    • I think joining an already established group, or inviting others to live with ya'll is a bad idea. The more people involved the more problems you will have, and it will soon become what you wanted to leave behind.

      Read some books, practice the skills, and just go do it. Be advised though that most people fail at this type of thing, your hunting, and fishing activities will be impacted by seasons, and then there is the problem of being found, and unless you take extraordinary steps to stay hidden, you will be.

      And there is a very good chance you will be arrested if found hunting and fishing without permits, and outside of normal seasons. Someone will know where you are, and will turn you in simply because they can.

      I have thought about this scenario many times, the best idea I could come up with was just to live my life hiking the Appalachian Trail. However, it seems others have had that same idea as well, and things are somewhat crowded these days.

      If I were you I would consider northern Maine.

      Good luck, and God bless

      • I can't say from personal experience, but I think it's hard to just live alone for long periods. Have you seen the "Alone" series on Amazon Prime? Those people start going kind of crazy within a couple months, the loneliness takes them out.
        Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs shows a level of social needs, and it appears that they're not just nice to have, they're as real a need as air and water. After you have the basic needs taken care of, then the social needs start to surface, and people literally starve for companionship.

  21. Highly want to so this. Ive been doing alot of research and lookimg up possibilities for the best applicable area and it seems as if in the US your gunna need to purchase some land or go on an indian reserve. And in other countries i cant really find much about it. I have survival kits and seeds that ive been accumulating, along with the knowledge to make premative tools, wells, brick, hunt and fish. Though ive never really ecperienved much with it. Ive live outside many times the longest period was 7 months in southern California, im currently in IL lookimg at possible land in TN. Only thing would be to figure out if we could get outta land tax. My business closes next summer, im 27. I realizer i was done with this life when i freaked out about my paint chipping on my car. Then i realized this is not the life i want. Ill be planning more and accumulating more supplies and more information on a solid location, if anyone already has lushish land with water and dense forrest. That would be prime.
    You can reach me by email, instagram or cell. Why not. Not like anyone calls or texts me anyway..
    [Yes id give up my brand new car to do this]

    Sincerly: Mr Granger

  22. I have 10 acres in Alaska that I’m looking to live off of very soon. I’m looking for likeminded people to join who already have experience in extreme climates and can hold their own. Hoping to get out before winter settles.

    • Hi I would like to know what your idea of like minded people would be. I’m 27 and sick of society I just want to live off the land. Email is

    • My name is Abby and. I spent the entire summer camping and I can say I've been in every forest in the state of oregon. I've never been to Alaska and my favorite seasons are fall/winter. I'm ready for a new adventure.

  23. Hello my name is Russell, I've set out on this journey and am a few days in. I've been around the national forest in California. I've have plenty of gear and most likely will need to down size it as well. Much like everyone here I'm fed up with things and want to go a more simpler way of life. However I also wouldn't mind joining someone's group or someone tagging along with me. I don't care about age, gender, religions or beliefs, but the will to succeed and be trustworthy. I do have experience with the outdoors and love nature, it's a passion of mine I want to take to the next level.

    Feel free to email me directly at tolbertrussellt. If I don't reply I've most likely ventured out.

    • Hey, names Hayden. Truly set on finding a remote location to settle, and flourish living the simple life. I currently live in Colorado and I’m saving 5g right now to purchase necessary equipment along with solar powered equipment so I can listen to music, and still touch base with friends, and loved fully committed, and plan to leave around the end of June. I have a dog, and a good friend who will join me, and I’m looking for one other person who would be interested. I’m 20 years old, very athletic, and have survived in the wilderness many times before. I’m layed back, and full of good vibes.
      You can reach me at:

      • Hello Hayden, my name is Nathan. I too live in Colorado and no joke just turned 20. I am looking for a place to live off grid and would be happy to join you. I have a lot of wilderness experience and survival skills. I am also looking to soon live off the land and survive. I know how to start a fire with just sticks and maybe some twine. I have built multiple survival shelters and know how to make permanent/Semi-permanent ones. If I have to I can make tools out of stone/bone. I know how to filter water. I have lots of other survival skills that I can provide when needed. I also have been doing parkour for over 8 years so I'm very athletic. I have probably most of the tools that I need already I just need a good saw, mostly food supplies and maybe another good fixed blade knife. I am easy to get along with. Wilderness survival is something that has been calling me for a long time. I am looking for a person to go with or a good place to go live off the grid.

        • I'm in Maine. I have no way of travelling but we could find a spot in Maine. I can fish and gather, but a lot of things I would need a teacher for. You seem to have the right skills. Im down if you guys will except me. I need out of this crazy world. I'm a nice guy who has been taken advantage of, and now im paranoid. So as long as I don't get taken advantage of I'm cool. I'm always on the lookout for signs of it. My baby mama taught me well. She ruined my life. But I have wanted to live off the land for a long time. Im not a coward, and i can live with no comforts. I was homeless by myself at 14 and again at 18. I'm 24 now. I'm a nice guy who gets a long well with kind people. I do not believe in judging or stereotyping. I have met people from all walks of life. I want to hunt, fish, build, learn to make a fire with only materials used by the land. If you want to ask me any more questions to see if you would welcome me to join let me know

      • Reflecting after living 4 years off-grid in beautiful waipio valley (jungle/rainforest) I lived off grid there for 4 years. It changed my life and I highly recommend it. It's takes a while to adjust but eventually you become addicted to the peace and quiet and you have all the space in the world to work on yourself. It's extremely enlightening and you will be a better person coming out of it if that what you decide. Everyone should do this as some point. It helped me to figure myself out and to find out what I want it also helps you to master self control. It will pretty much certify you as an anti codependent person which is rare these days. You'll be 100% happy/content with just being by yourself after a need for anyones affection/attention/approval/assistance. and you'll have aquired survival skills that you can take back with you. I was originally gonna go to Alaska with a guy I met here but he bailed so I did my time in the jungle. Hope u can find someone trustworthy to go with, and definitely don't flake these past 4 years were 1000 times more beneficial/intellectual than all my time in school. Hmu if you have questions🥸

    • Hey, names Hayden. Truly set on finding a remote location to settle, and flourish living the simple life. I currently live in Colorado and I’m saving 5g right now to purchase necessary equipment along with solar powered equipment so I can listen to music, and still touch base with friends, and loved fully committed, and plan to leave around the end of June. I have a dog, and a good friend who will join me, and I’m looking for one other person who would be interested. I’m 20 years old, very athletic, and have survived in the wilderness many times before. I’m layed back, and full of good vibes.
      You can reach me at:

      • So I'm like the rest of you in the fact that I too would like to follow my dream. No half assers or flakes. I'm in Florida and looking to find a legit partner with some outdoor experience. I'm quite good with a gun and fishing pole as well as sewing, trapping, gardening etc. Looking for an Ed Wardle/Dick Pronekie quiet life. I'm 32, fit and legal. Wanna go to AK, I'D, or Canada. IF SERIOUS AND CAN BE OF YOUR WORD EMAIL ME ASAP

  24. Im Brian age 34 originally from oregon, im leaving to idaho in 2 or 3 months depending on wether i get this job in seattle for a month. Ill be in northern idaho by july 2018, i think i may leave to the woods then. Or possibly wait till following spring due to maybe a harsh winter but i doubt it will be last 4 years have been minimal snow. Ok about me ive been an avid survivalist since i was 7. I learned hunting fishing tracking just all around survival from many sources including family. Ive lived all over washington oregon and idaho i love the bountiful pacific northwest and am very accustomed to its nature. Im tired of this life toiling for someone else to get rich society is bullshit and all social media is a virus eating away at the populous. Im an easy going thoughtful man and need better than a remedial life. So if anyone wants the chance to better themselves live free and desire the best life has to offer hit me up. thanks you all are a great inspiration.

    • Ok wel plans have changed slightly my friend billy has an aunt with thousands of acres in oregon. Amd we are setting out next spring to live our dream of freedom. Ive already drawn up plans for our defensible cabin and will begin work on it when we get there. This is being built for a community of like thinkers amd survivalist all will be welcome we also have a cabin to start with but will be leaving this as soon as the basic structure is built. It will have 2 large gardens 1 big cattle chicken pen and the front will have a forge woodworking table etc. We are near cherry orchards amd lots to hunt and scavenge. Hit me up if you want to help.

  25. Hello. I have already made a post in the past here, now I just came by to share my experience. In the last year I went 'off the land' in a public forest, few kilometers away from a Natural Park in the Carpathian Mountains (Europe) as a simulation for when I will leave permanently (once in the autumn almost winter->stayed 1 month and something in the woods; the other one I stayed about 3 weeks at the end of summer). I really wanted to go at least once in the winter, because if I could handle it in the cold season I know I can do it on long term too. First trial, at the end of the summer, I didn't bring any food, all I ate are the things I gathered/hunted. It is true I did bring food when I went to the 2nd trial in the winter, but what I brought were dried wild plants, dried acorns, conifer seeds and others that I personally picked from the local flora->same things I would store for the winter if I would have went off grid before fall.

    There are many things to say, so if you have any questions or want details about the diet I had during those periods, predators or anything else, you can ask me in an email:

    I didn't manage to find a partener, guess it was to be expected since most of the people from here are from UK or US. The latest I can leave is june, but I am pressed by the domestic violence so I might leave permanently before summer, so if more than 1 week passed and I didn't replied to the email it means I already left. But I want to leave as late as possible because one just can't be prepared enough.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that if you want to do this, then with enough skill and knowledge, you can. It's not easy, it's true, but at least in my case, this lifestyle really gives my life a new meaning and I think it's totally worth it. You are completely free, independent and your happiness depends only on you. I wish you luck!

    • I want to go and live off the land but I do not want to do it alone I am 49 and would like to find that female companion to do it with. I am a mechanic, I have many survival skills to boot. I live around the Houston area and I am frankly tired of this hectic life. Getting to know the person for a bit is what would be nice

  26. I've followed this thread for some time, and have read some interesting posts and responses. I've thought several times about posting, and never have in the past because I'm not sure if everyone on here is just "all talk." I'm taking the chance though, and hoping to find someone that is as real and serious as I am to partner up with on a new adventure and a new life.

    Some of the basics about myself... I am 38, white, athletic. I don't smoke or drink or do any drugs (not opposed to alcohol or medicinal plant use), and I am an omnivore (successfully doing this is much easier if you eat anything). I have 2 advanced science degrees and have been in the professional world for many years, and have a great job. I am a combat veteran, and was in the Army for 11 years. I do not have any family or kids that I will be sad about and start missing after 3 weeks in the woods. I have what I would consider above-average primitive survival skills, and have been hunting, fishing, trapping, etc my whole life. I currently live just outside Nashville, TN, but am open to where we would do this (Carolinas, Georgia, Arkansas, W. Virginia, etc).

    Despite having a great education and great job, material goods, and all the things people typically consider the make-up of a "good" life, I feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. After my second deployment, I spent 6 months with an Army buddy hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. We had nothing except what we could carry. Hiked, purified water, slept in hammocks, fished and trapped, etc. I have never felt happier in my life than while doing that, and I want that feeling back permanently.

    I could throw in how disenfranchised I am with society as a whole, because I really am, but I feel most people here probably are. I've been called conspiracy theorist, anti-American (always great to call a combat vet that), crazy, etc - all because I do not trust the governments of the world, and think that the majority of people have lost their mind. They would not know where to start if fast food and grocery stores were taken away. I want to get as far away from society, masses of people, heavy-handed overwatch, etc, as I possible can.

    So - who I am looking for... I am looking for a female companion that is around my age or younger. You must be physically fit, as living off grid and in the wilderness is not for those that are overweight, have medical problems, need daily medications, etc. You should be wanting to do this soon (leave this Spring/Summer), and wanting to do this permanently. I am not looking to come back to "normal" society once I set out. If you've ever seen "Live Free or Die" or the show with Mick Dodge - that's what I mean. It would obviously be great if you have experience with hunting, fishing, starting fire, and all that good stuff - but that is not a must as it is something I can teach, and we will of course learn things together.

    If you are very serious, fit what I am looking for, and interested in chatting please send me an email directly to:
    I have noticed that folks on here (by folks I mean guys) will bombard any female with replies if she posts a response to another guy on here. So to avoid that and to make sure I actually get your message, as I do not come to this site all the time, please just email me directly. Hope to hear from someone soon!

    • It's all talk on here , I have replied to many people on here . When push comes to shove , people just either don't reply or they back out. I Have a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness , I don't need anything . I have offered people to come stay at my cabin free of charge , to get the feel of being in the wilderness. Have lots of skills when it comes to hunting , fishing and trapping. I have been doing this since I was 18 , I am in my 40's now. The only advice I can give you is, if you don't enjoy your own company , and you need the company of a woman to get you through, then this life is not for you.

      • Trapper, I’ve responded to a lot of people on here too and so far it’s all talk and feels like a pseudo dating forum. Why does a man need a woman to survive in the wilderness? I am personally not looking for a romantic partner but I am a woman and I don’t know much about survival, I just don’t want to be in this rat race society. But what I also don’t want is a man to take that as permission to abuse me or expect me to serve him. I want to work together with someone as equals but bringing different skills to the table. I can build and nest very well but I can’t hunt. I am a minimalist. All I care about is surviving and being with the people I love as much as I can before I die but it seems everyone has forgotten the village mentality and opted for personal success here.

        • Thats exactly what i kind of get from this site. Its almost like a dating forum. Its not an easy life. I live on the land , and ill probably die on it as well. I think its a fantasy for most people. They really dont know whats involved. I would suggest to people , turn your phone off for a week, your computer , t.v. anything else that runs off of power. Go through that first. First test. If you cant handle that then wilderness living is not for you. Stick to reading about it. I would'nt want a woman with me unless she has skills. I dont mean the cooking and cleaning kind either. Not looking for someone to take care of me , thats for sure. Both a man and a woman need a lot of skills. Equals , each a helper to the other. Somehow thats lost to most people. Im rambling on now , sorry about that.

      • Trapper, im highly interested in going off grid sometime soon very soon im currently looking for the best location to do so in which case you mentioned your remote cabin in the canadian wilderness and i think that would be amazing so perhaps we could start chatting and make this simple idea a simple reality please get back to me as soon as possible you can reach me anywhere from instagram @usplugcity209 or email i look forward to hearing from you or maybe from anyone else looking to live off the grid

      • Hey Trapper,
        I have been attempting wilderness survival with my fiance now and would like to see if you have that offer still available. I would like to learn more about this and possibly have someone who can teach me the ways of the wilderness since learning on my own is a little more difficult. I am surviving slowly and am currently building my "Shelter". I am 26 and have worked many construction jobs so that is helping when building things around camp but my hunting and fishing are lacking a little. Let me know if you are still offering to help or at least give people advice. Have a wonderful time

      • My boyfriend and I would like to be out of the rat race too. I mean as soon as we can. We certainly would like to join others who are either established or ready to be heading out somewhere. We just don't know how to do this legally and safely.

      • I'm currently living just outside Vancouver, Canada.
        My dog and I have travelled deep into the woods with whatever I could carry in my pockets and pack and whatever she could carry in her pouches.
        Usually I'd sleep in a hammock as so I am off the ground.

        The climate up here can be very wet and in the months outside of summer it usually rains, a lot! Sometimes we even get snow!

        I've also got a 8 person cabin with 4 double beds, 2 couches and a wood burner.
        It has a generator powered by the wood burner (typically to charge my thermal gear, my lithium batterys and any other electric things I may need).
        We also have a gas powered ATV incase we need to haul out an elk or other big game!
        I usually hunt on Native Land (with the chiefs blessing) as so I won't need any tags or license. Same goes for fishing.

        After I sell my condo (probably in early next spring), I'm also going to sell off my belongings and vehicles. I'm only planning on purchasing a larger ATV, some better thermal gear and better rifle with a ton of ammunitions!

        After that's all done, I'll debate purchasing a truck to travel with my gear or I'll just take my gear up deep in the woods.

        If y'all wanna come with, be my guest. However I won't be carrying you along the way, you'd need your own quad and gear/ firearms.
        I won't mind sharing a camp with you or whatever big game I catch.
        I also have no attachments so it wouldn't be hard for me to pack up and go it in alone.

        Best of luck!

  27. Hello there,

    My name is Jesse (but I go by my birth name Ian). I would like to get 100% off the grid, for the rest of my life. I am 40 now, and have been an artist most of my life. It has been increasingly difficult for me to deal with society, government, and social structures. I spend most of my time alone, unless I am dealing with a client for art, or paying bills. I just want to live off the land in nature and experience what it means to really be alive. I have done extensive traveling and always felt a gravitation toward all things primitive and basic. I would like too hunt or fish, and farm, building everything by hand and living off the land the way it was intended to be before we lost our path. I am willing to go anywhere inside of the U.S. I currently live in Wisconsin. If anyone knows the best place to go to get back to nature please let me know. Thank you all!

    • The best places to find
      That i have read about are
      I truly hope you find somewhere beautiful and full of views!
      I'm also looking fora great place to live too my friend so goodluck😊

    • Hi im an ex sniper from the british army and my feild skils are second to none ,im sick of society and need to go back to my comfort zone the land , i have the tools and knowledge to live comfy for a long time and building a safe erea to live , and live off the land , i would love to be with some1 like minded to go bk to what we humans are best at SURVIVAL , IM PROPER DEDICATED AND DEFFINATLY DOING IT JUST WANT 1 OR 2 LIKE MINDED PEOPLE TO JOIN ME AND CREATE A team / family of great freinds for life

      • Dear Wesley,
        We are in Texas. I used to work in law enforcement, but just ranch organically now. Our truck is almost done being repaired so soon we shall be moving to a Gulf coast wilderness in Texas. I am into fishing and raising food naturally. My husband was a foundry manager and can build or repair most anything. We do need someone or a way to get a barge or a boat as a friend who was joining us who had boats is now leaving the country. We do not use drugs or smoke or use marijuana- legal or not.
        We do have a boat motor. Have a great day.

        • Hey Katy here are y’all headed exactly? I live 30 miles north of Houston. If you need any insight or input on what is to be expected here (weather, people, food) please ask.) why Texas coast? Heck, why Texas? I could understand the piney woods of east Texas, or perhaps somewhere between Austin and San Antonio, but our coast is nasty. Gulf Stream is too far out.

  28. Im a 20 year old male from Denmark with no family. Im looking to go off-grid permanent, im sick and tired of this society and i want to live my life free and the way its supposed to be.
    I can get citizenship in the US. (already checked)
    I have funds to buy land and more, and im only in need of someone to share this way of life with, be it male or female.
    I dont mind smoking, but i wont tolerate hard drugs, a still is also fine as long as you dont blow us up.

    If this has gotten your attention, please send me a email at

    • Dear Ian/Jesse,
      I think one of the best places to go is a peninsula off Texas about 61 miles long. There is fresh water fishing and salt water fishing within walking distance of each other. Good rich sandy loam grows most anything.
      Off-grid make your own electric or live like the Amish. Deer, ducks, geese and in some parts of the peninsula wild hogs.
      We are going this spring.
      If a coastal wilderness does not suit, there are some good places in west Texas very off grid near the Rocky Mountains.
      We do not smoke nor drug nor use marijuana. Expect the same. We do think some wine, beer or spirits is OK.
      You can write at

      • Seriously!
        You wrote me awhile back and have been saying the same things for quite sometime. Going back and reading your post are nearly word for word the same. Stop filling people’s head with false promises. No one knows if your are real. Your claims are talk. Action speaks louder than words. I’m not fake or going to fill others heads with falsehoods and just plain old talk.
        I’m actually living the dream, on my land, freely.
        I still have the email you sent me. You never replied after asking if you could come here. You claim to be on the Texas peninsula in one message and the next it’s a dream....
        Reality is life exists. Dreams are only dreams. Be true to your word. Stop living a dream and messing up others.
        Why lie when the truth is bad enough.

        • Dear Forest,
          I never said we were already on the peninsula. We hope to be moving there in about 8 weeks.
          Are you the person who sent me a photo of a cabin in the southern US that you were thinking of buying? That cabin was on one or two acres of land.
          We are in Texas on 50 acres right now. We have 4 horses, 20 dairy goats and about 50 chickens. There is no way that those animals are going to survive on one or two acres.
          We are moving to around 6000 acres of wild land.
          Didn't I give you my phone number? You never called.
          I am not lying or pretending to be going to the peninsula. My husband and I have been homesteading since 1992. We have experience and can teach others.
          Please read my posts again and get your facts straight. My email is
          For anyone who is serious about living free and working toward sustainability, raising and processing your own food and doesn't smoke or do drugs, here is my ph number (512)234-2500. Please don't call after 11 PM CST. I need to sleep sometime.
          We also need help fixing the oil pump in our truck before we can go. Thanks and good luck to all.

    • Dear Matthias,
      We would be happy for you to join us. We have horses and horse farming equipment, dairy goats and chickens. We are going off-grid to be living someplace healthier and closer to nature.
      I think you wrote an incorrect email address, but I will try that, too.
      You will find other posts from us on this thread.
      Have a blessed day, Katy from Texas

      • Kathy, this is Craig Jenkins I had emailed you before have you left yet, My wife and I are also interested in an odd grid life, and we are into texas, I would prefer bears moose and other wildlife as in the Alaskan area, however my wife says no snow, LOL so Texas is probably a good fit, I love Elk hunting, Deer hunting, ducks chickens horses the whole thing, I think we may have to settle for no Elk hunting if we wind up in a Texas coastal town, When are you going off grid, I am a Mechanic, have been for 32 years at my own shop so oil pumps in trucks and any other bush fix is something that is right up my alley

        • Born and raised in Texas. Live in Houston. Never seen elk here except at wild game ranches. And for about $2500 you can shoot one. The coast is about an hour from me. Now, I’ve never driven the coastline, but from Winnie, to Galveston, to corpus...nothing but civilized world. By the Mexican border...also fact it’s a hot destination for high school graduation parties and field trips. Where are y’all talking about?

  29. Hi everyone. I want out. Like most of you do. Id prefer to tag along with someone or even a couple is ok. Your free to check me out as id probably do the same. Im no idk, weirdo, freak or anything bad. Not running from anyone but this ignorant damn world. I dont drink and dont care if you do. I do smoke weed which I wont stop as I do it medically for a reason and is better any day than a pill. Im 51 im married 32 years and ive raised my kids. This place just isnt for me and rather just be let be and free. I plan on leaving at the end of April. I need to finish a few things and make sure I dont leave anything behind. I will be going lite. Just a backpack, tent etc to get going. I can carry my own weight and of course prefer you would do same. I do have knowledge and im sure I can learn as much from another as you can from me.

    • I'd like to live off the land in Tennessee. I'm 53, widowed and kids grown. Like to spend my golden years with someone who loves the outdoors as much as me.

  30. My wife Rose and I became recently homeless in Glendale Arizona, we're looking to go off grid for a while just to reconnect with who we are in each other and the world. We need a place to go to a way to get there, by plane, bus, however, as well as a way to make money while there. We are both young, but over 18, we would greatly appreciate getting to know people and maybe, if able, getting a ride to that area. Thank you. To continue talking and more info, email me at

  31. Matavenero - Spain,

    This is the place to go and live off the wilderness and these people welocme you with open arms, have a look online at some articules.

    Im a 28 year old man from UK. As soon as i find someone willing to join me adventure then im off there, sick of the rat race. want to live mylife with a female outthere and live and start enjoying life without the struggle.

  32. Hi I am a 54 yr old male, looking to go off grid with a couple with the same like thoughts, I am married to a gal for 30 plus years, have ran a shop of my own and ready to leave it all and live in the wilderness, I am needing advice and help with it, I know I do not know everything there is to know, I will probably fail fast without the right preparations, you need more than th edeisre and a rifle to make it, I have been reading and planning this for a few years, I think that with another couple the best chances are helping each other, I am not into drugs of any kind, however making a little moonshine to use and barter with is ok by me, I want to build or buy a cabin in the wilderness, prefer to build, I can hunt fish trap, have great skills and endurance, I think a garden and animals like chickens and maybe goats are nit a bad idea, I love taking are of livestock, I love horses, if we have them great if not well first maybe lets learn to feed ourselves, leaving society is a dream however going to town to trade and barter and re supply is going to happen lets face it if you build a cabin you need things you cannot get in the wilderness, if there is a couple out there that is interested in the same type of life lets talk

    • Hello Craig still waiting for you to call.
      Thanks, Katy and Paul

  33. Hello, my name is Kade J MacGillivray I live in Oregon, for myself I’ve come to a point of realization and seeing/forming the my own depiction of my surrounding environment. From the founding essence of this land to where we are at with a over populated society. Something inside my soul drives myself towards grasping the connection with the authentic life forms and elements that surround me. My soul knows what is right so I will fallow. I’m 22, I live off of the Columbia River near Mount Hood, in Portland. I’ve hiked/camped around the base back country always with purpose of fishing, mostly would always be to a high range run off lake. All I’m seeking, is more of connection, a endeavor of memories and growth, times of struggle and times of undescovered happiness. I want to hike into the mountain range of Idaho and Montana putting myself in a setting where I could set base and be content and explore the land anc gain my vision. This spring I plan on going out driving up the Columbia River basin into the back crountry of Idaho and Montana. If this may sound interesting to you and you’re looking for an endeavor/adventure in your near future a parter would always be nice. Email if interested in joining my quest.

    • Greetings Kade, I am looking to live off the land. I a 37 years old. I am U.S. Air Force Veteran and looking to partner up with someone to blend in with the landscape. I am simply sick to my core with the direction society is moving andI literally cannot keep up with it anymore and then to top it off the social structures presume to make me feel is If I have the problem. I am a Christian man who loves God, but I do not in any way brow beat people with my faith. I am 37 but I look operate energeticly as though I am a 24 year old which means that I Love hiking, climbing, fishing, backpaking and being outdoors. I would love to make it out in your neck of the woods and will take a bus out there no problem. Currently, I am living in Maine. You can email me at

  34. I would also sooooooo love to get away from the crammed, overpopulated world we now live in. Back, way back, closer to nature. Snag is, I'm in Zimbabwe and all the rest of you are in USA/Canada. Wouldn't it be great to find someone who enjoys the idea this way of life as much as I do and to help each other.

  35. I became jobless, homeless and carless February 2017. I have been living with my animals in a small 1972 RV since then. Only have propane heat and limited electric hooked to a family members home. Kinda tired of the slack I get for being in the yard. Have to come in to cook my vegan meals and get jugs of water. Father just passed away. Left with my mother in the house with her son who is a 57 year old alcoholic. I wish to try to get high up in the NC mountains to garden and live a peaceful life. I am 54 years old and love animals and Christ. I am a fun person, and just want to change my situation. If anyone knows of a place for a small group of like minded people to live I am interested. I would have to tow the RV due to it being left to sit and rot away. I can deal with it, just want to be in peace.

    • Dear Dawn,
      We are not vegan, but have total sympathy for anyone loyal to their animals. We live in Texas and have been organic gardening since 1992 together. Our animals are kindred souls, even our chickens who follow us around speaking in "chickenese" of course.
      Don't smoke, no illegal drugs and no marijuana- legal or not. We have lots of heirloom seeds and fruit trees.
      We plan on moving to a coastal wilderness but have Texas hill country land as well.
      We have posted on this thread before as Paul and Katy.
      Have a blessed day. 😌

    • Dawn I am interested what your doing and how your feeling is in me too, I am a 54 yr old guy, I have ran a small auto shop for 30 yrs, I want to wander into the mountains and live a peaceful life, fish hunt trap and learn to live without the hustle and bustle of the rat race, hope to find someone to do this with, who can we get in touch and talk about this and share ideas, Craig

  36. Hello everyone! I am very serious about this concept, and I've been thinking about it for awhile now. I hate the society we live in and i just need to get away for awhile. I have been thinking about making a trip out west on foot (I currently live in Wisconsin) but there are a few things stopping me. I really don't have any outdoor survival skills. I want to learn how to eat wild plants and how to snare and bow hunt and just live of the land for a few years but don't know where to get started. If there is anyone out there that has any tips, or even better is willing to teach me or go with me that would be amazing!!

    • Dear Hunter Lisk,
      We are willing to teach what we know, which would include homesteading skills. We live in central Texas.
      We don't smoke or do illegal drugs or marijuana. If someone wants to do that they don't need to be around us. Making your own beer, wine, tinctures or other alcohol units is OK.
      We will be moving soon to a coastal wilderness. Fresh and salt water fishing in walking distance. Easy to get food.
      Have a great day.

  37. Hello, i am very interested in living off the land with a few other individuals. Also so very impressed to see so many posts here. There`s hope in the world! Interested in permaculuture/gardening,bushcraft,natrual building. Feel free to email me id love to talk. I live in south dakota in the black hills. Thinking how could i live in the national forest without havnt the park rangers hassle me/us? Ideas please?

    • I have commented many times on this thread. We live on a ranch in central Texas. We will be moving to a coastal wilderness in a couple of months. Already have tools, heirloom seeds, poultry, livestock and horses. Non-smokers, no drugs. If interested email is . I noticed, Kyle that you did not list your email yet.

      • Hello. I'm Paul and I'm interested in living off the grid long term. No drugs but would like to make a small still. Lol I don't know when y'all are leaving but I'm interested in helping with animals and the garden. I'm 53 and ready to live the life God intended. or better to text 214-664-8851. Thanks

      • Hey Katy
        My name is John Ive been slowly stocking up with supplies getting ready to head out to the wild and live my life away from the world of gov. I just happened to come across your entry and and willing to join you in your journey i believe that we can learn from each other if you are still looking for someone you can email me.

    • There are many places that forestry service game wardens and so on dont go im in nm but im going back to idaho in a few months. There are places we have been and never saw a soul.

      • I grew up in Idaho. Be very careful in whatever area your going to. Idaho fish and game are always around. They have horse back agents that stay in the back country. If you don't believe me...... look up Claude Dallas. Just an fyi.

  38. North West Arkansas 38 male been thinking of doing primitive living in the mountains, looking for a partner for life to start a new life with, build a small home from the land together, gather food, fish with maybe raise a small family, society today is no good it to fast, ppl don't care about others or nature, and there has to be a better , simpler more enjoyable way to life, if anyone feels the same and looking to get away and start a new please get a hold of me, wiseron32@hotmail

  39. Hey everyone I'm John and I'm 26. I've always been close to nature and love to be outdoors. I'm an eagle scout and have military experience. I have had this calling for a very long time. Like the only thing that matters is having the essentials. I never knew what it was really until I got older and started looking. I want to expand my knowledge and expertise so I can travel the world on foot in the woods and not need to "go to town" or go shopping. People lived in the woods long before us and I want to know how. If there is anyone who would like to take on teaching me and maybe joining me on my journey please email me.

    • My daughter is very knowledgeable about survival skills. She has found it very difficult to find people with a same mind. She wants to go on a trek but has no one to go with. I'm not sure she will approve of me searching the net on her behalf but she's having meltdowns, feeling so trapped in our society. She's been off grid for many years now but something has changed and I'm concerned.
      Where do you hail from?

      • I live out here in Round Rock near Austin Texas. If y'all are close enough hell I'd be glad to tag along with her on a adventure. I love hiking and camping with my dog. I to am alone 99% of the time and would love to have a partner tag along on my adventures. I go hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and many other things. If you want me, you, and your daughter to meet up some time, that be great to get to know each other. Im David, 22yr old by the way.

        • I've been on here a couple times and have posted. Traveled with fellow friends I have met from this site multiple times. I'm soon to be heading out again, I'm in bend Oregon now, thinking southish this time around. 27 y.o. male, originally from indiana solo traveller majority of the time. Don't know it all but know enough to learn from and enough to survive. waiting to start my next adventure and continue on some time in Feb if anyone is interested.

      • I hail from Florida, but I'm fed up with society and our government. People weren't meant to live this way. I'm serious about going off the grid, I am a survivalist and a lifetime hunter and fisherman. I'm going to make this happen, and I'm considering going all the way to Alaska to see this through.

        • I have similar interest in moving to Alaska. I live in Tennessee at the moment. Lived all over the US. Want to give it a go living wild. Building a home. Learning to live with nature and not rely on societal norms. You ever consider a partner or group? I think I could do a partner or small group type situation. Each individual builds their own home. Face it if you cannot do that perhaps wilderness life is not appropriate. I have my own finances, a vehicle, skill sets, tools. Figure out a place. Draw up a plan. Collect specific supplies. Figure out trek into bush. Locate homesite(s). Etc.... I am 42. Never married, no kids. College grad. Decent job. Adventurer. This would be one epic adventure.

        • Why Alaska? Would you consider somewhere topical ?I'd love to spend my life like that and have been looking for a partner to join

      • Hey i'm in the same boat, only pass through cities when needed / for travel, Can't stand em, Grew up out side of town and recently moved back into the woods.( I hate money as well :P ) I have a young black wolf hybrid as well. Just curious, where about y'all talking here. I'm currently in BC Canada.

      • I would like to go off grid with you if you are serious. I am so let down by society. I have the skills and tools and feel like this is what I am supposed to do at this point in my life. Jerry

        I would like to have a partner to go off grid with, maybe it could be your daughter. I am so disgusted with society.

  40. Hey, I'm wondering are any of you near Denver? I would like to come out and visit. See how it is, talk to you and see how you enjoy, and get an idea on if this is my route. I have a lot of decisions I would have to make it get to the point to leave. So I want to get my toes wet first. Maybe stay for a few days. I have gear and experience

    • I am in Denver now but I am temporarily doing the society thing.
      I've lived out in the woods but not in the Denver mountains.
      I know more about Colorado Springs but I do know some about Denver.

      So, there is a hierarchy of homeless people in these mountains. If it is that way in the springs then I am sure that it extends into the Denver area.
      I've ran in to a few people who were randomly walking in to the middle of no where in the mountains, totally off trail.
      Some people seem to be doing their own thing.
      Some people seem to be up to no good.
      but I haven't encountered problems.

      One homeless guy did tell me how he picked up a job off of Craigslist and the ad was for one day of living for every hour of work on a community in the mountains.

      They came and picked him up and took him about 20 minutes into the Colorado Springs mountains.
      They were nice to him until reaching the "community", which is when he realized that it was a satanic cult.
      He had to back out of their holding his knife behind his back and had to walk back to Colorado Springs in the snow.

      So..... always be careful.

      When I was set up in the woods, I left once into the city (this was in Virginia) and came back no longer than 30 minutes later and my tent had been stolen from, spit on, dirt thrown inside, door left open and they tried to quickly destroy my tent but it was pretty durable.

      Any way, to everyone who reads this,
      items are too heavy
      water is too heavy
      items are there to be stolen from you
      winter can become frigid cold
      but you do become used to the cold, especially if you are out there through the seasons

      and if any of you find a clean water supply that is not tainted by ANY THING
      please tell me, because that would be a miracle
      ESPECIALLY if it is in Colorado near Denver

      Good luck!

      • I play in the woods north of you in the Sierra Madres right along the Continental Divide. There are so many fresh springs pouring out of the side of the mountain here that it's insane, and many people I know have built up a tolerance for lower water supplies as well. I don't risk any of the lower water, so I carry a water purifier. Boiling is a great option too, but if the water is real shady you would want to filter then boil to keep as much bigger gunk out.


    Just purchased 50.5 acres in Arizona. Elevation of 6,200’. Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and other game on the property. Year round water supply! 27 miles outside of town. I’m two miles from New Mexico, surrounded by unused State and untouched Federal land. Once into New Mexico, it’s 41 miles to the nearest road.
    Small cabin currently being erected on the property as well as other improvements.

    Extreme amount of potential exists for the right person or persons.
    Honestly, you have to be serious and have your “crap” together. Not looking for anyone evading the law or other responsibilities! If you lie to your mom or grandma, don’t reply!!!! You want find an individual more honest than me, so please be genuine.
    What can you bring and offer?
    Lots of land to cultivate and nurture to provide a happy life. This land is remote!
    Ideally, a lady looking to lead a life of self fulfilling sustainability would be greatly appreciated.
    The email provided will be posted a short time and then discarded.

    • With that size of land i would suggest making a small community of people willing to work together as a group for the greater good. My girl and i have been wanting to live a good life away from cell phones and electronics and larhe groups of rude people with no concept of what its really like to live life. You only get one you know lol.

      If youd like to confer is my email

  42. Just became homeless, have a job but i doubt itll last when showers are difficult to get. I have some money and have to pick a direction. tired of the city life with no future. will be heading west soon. im in the philadelphia area. looking for anyone whod be interested in teaming up. i have some money...not much but enough to last me a little while if i budget fairly. may be able to sell some of my belongings for a little more. I have some skills. less of the hunter and gatherer more of the settle and biuld type. but i can adapt easy. anyone interested let me know

  43. Having spent the majority of my life outdoors, I am very familiar with life and what it takes to survive. Knowing it would be possible to survive in the wild, it would also require an extreme amount of preparation and also require occasional contact with society.
    With current administrations around the world and at home, it is a scary world we live in.
    I’ve considered buying a piece of property and have found some exceptionally unique places that could sustain self sufficiency.
    I also know an area that can easily provide life, but as mentioned, occasional(yearly if that) contact would be needed.
    Having a companion would make life simpler.
    I have the ability to do either, but would seriously like to find a like minded individual. It would require someone who can work on many levels.
    Perfectly sane, healthy, humble, heterosexual and without a criminal past.
    The email provided will only be used a limited time.

  44. I’ve already messaged a couple of you, but decided to comment instead of talking directly. In two years me and another person are going to go to a soon to be chosen state (with desireable attributes, like a good ecosystem and an area with no population as well as no hunting, and stuff like types of trees, fish, insects, etc) to live entirely off the land (in likely non public land, because we’d be too young to buy land.) but recently I’ve been thinking about joining a community where people come to live permanently and work and hunt and gather, away from civilization. I have a well about of knowledge regarding survival and living off the land, but I still have a lot to learn.

    • What community is that, I have been looking for somewhere like that but I just can't find anything or anywhere like that and i'd much rather to live with them, I have a large experience with the outdoors and would love to know the name and area if that would be possibly for you to tell me

    • Hi, my name is David and im 22. Does anyone know anyone out here in Austin Texas that is up to do this? I'm a great fishermen and hunter and love learning about survival out in the wilderness. Long story short, crap just ain't going like how i want it to go. I can't get anything done for the goals i want to achieve and thats become a Navy Seal soon. I was think if i did this kind of stuff I'd have plenty of time to train, learn, discover more of myself than i ever could in this city, and most importantly, find my inner piece. I have all the gear to do this. I have my compact rifle for protect only and a small bow for hunting if needed. All my gear is all set and ready to go. The biggest challenge i face right now is lack of money and a vehicle. I recently lost my job and trying to find one right now. Also another challenge is my dog. I dont even know if i should take her with me or find someone suitable to take care of her. She's my baby and I've had her for about 8 1/2 years now and she's still kickin strong. My head feels like blender in this city or any city i go to. So many things are always on my mind and i can never clear my head. We all die some day but I'd rather die actually free than get hit by a bus in a city. If anyone knows someone that could help me out, I'd owe them my life. My email is

  45. Hello, I am Aizal. I have already posted here, but my message doesn't seem to have shown up so I guess it was rejected by the moderator. I apologize if it gets double-posted.
    I want to go living in the Carpathian Mountain (Europe) this year. Can't leave later than 10 June. For now I am saving up some money and it will take about 7 months to get all the gear I need. I am interested in finding a companion because there are a lot of bears and wolves and I would be too vulnerable alone. Even if you don't have experience, it's okay, humans live and learn, I will help you with anything I can.

    Even if you are not interested in becoming companions, it would make me happy if you would contact me, to exchange tips or anything. It's always nice finding persons with similar interests as yours.
    My email is

  46. Hi all, much as the general populace it would seem i as well have grown more than tired of the direction the world; or at the very least the US has taken over the last 10 years specifically, it's an absolute tragedy what this country has become.

    I'm a 27 y/o straight white male, prior military (active army 3 years, non combat vet) with about $800 in gear, but every bit of what I would need to more than thrive going it solo.

    Looking for a or multiple like minded individual(s), and I would like to put boots on the ground as soon as early-mid April.

    I live in Northeast Maine, more east than north, near Eastport / Machias.

    Email me if you'd like to talk further, I'm not going to post anything but a burner email, but if I hear from you I will reply from my real account.. thank you!

    • Hello...I go by Yana...I am a 30 yr old female who has been doing primitive camping on and off for almost 2 years with my friend Ocama who is 25 years old and our dog...the main areas we camped at long term were High Island, Texas and New Mexico...alot happened during this time...learned alot...saw the Storm brewing before Hurricane Harvey dropped so we moved to Florida a month prior...too much to explain here, but I will say We are in tune with Mother Earth and we are very much at ease in Nature...we are interested in beginning the journey again as we had to take a civilized pit stop to get, hit me up if ur interested in Tribal vibes and enjoying Nature ...

      • Hi I'm Sam I have 3.3 Acres in Northern Wisconsin. I have 6 dogs I have to find homes for then I want to find somewhere I can live off the land in winters. Summers and fall here are beautiful but not winter. I am unhappy with my current life despite having plenty of everything. I am 45 former Army Combat m.o.s and get a monthly income from injuries sustained , am not paralyzed but am starting to become sick from the lethargic winters. Unhappy with society. Plan on renting home out but not the 3 acres so I'll have water and electric at the back of property. Also be careful of some of these adds they seem a little off. My garden will be huge. Also I have fishing boat. It's not living off the grid but it not town life either. Possibly what you would call a hippy commune someday.

  47. Names Mitch. Ex mil and tired of the life we have constructed. I want to get back to nature, find solice with God and live the rest of my life in appreciation of the real world that was given us. I want to see a spectacular new sun every day until the day I can no longer open my eyes to see it. Im 6 months from executing and prepared as best as possible. Im strait, a bit of a poet, a biblical historical scholars, but not in the traditional sense. Combat weapons instructor. Blade and firearm. There seems to be some great adventure types out ther and you may find favor in any one of some very qualified folks but be careful. If you would like to chat further, please feel free to respond. Love to hear your planning and location options. Best regards.

  48. Anyone SERIOUS about going and may want/need help. .. My name is Alex Tyre i'm looking to go off grid just for simplicity of it. I am a 46 year old 1/2 Native American. I was raised by my maternal grandparents on the Creek Indian Reservation. I can hunt (gun, archery, trap), skin and tan hides, fish & fish traps, bird trap, and taught living off the land by my Grandfather "Billy Red-Feather Burkett". I can craft my own bows, cut, fletch, and straighten my own arrows. Smoke meats, and handy around a forge. I'm looking to do this within the next year. Contact me if you have space available. Also I refuse to mess with drugs or alcohol except as antiseptic. Just FYI.. I'm 100% heterosexual just if it matters.. Thanks

    • Email me at I'm a 42yr old heterosexual (hah) that is planning on hitting the mountains soon and leave everything behind to go all in with making it out in the wild. I'm in physical shape, a couple of grand in gear, and a desire to escape what society has become. Probably hit the Appalachian Trail here in Tennessee and head a little south because winter's coming on. Was planning on doing it alone but man it's be better with a couple or few like minded people to be able to work together. Either way good luck to ya with whatever you decide. I'm laid back, no drugs no alcohol

      • I live in Smyrna. We should meet up. I am 43 love the outdoors. Similar goal to live off grid. I am a college graduate. I have a decent job, but my real passion is nature and self sustainability. I have gear, transportation and an unquenchable desire to go wild. I too feel like partner or small group would be advantageous.

        • Jack, I’ve posted on here a few times but I notice that you actually live where I’m about to move. I’m currently in Savannah but moving to chamblee to be near family and finish raising my 8 year old. I’m about 10 years away from being allowed to go off the grid because my ex is all about this society and will fight me for custody if I try to raise our son out of it. So city life it must be for now unfortunately. But I want to start to prepare a place in the smokies now that I can live on with my mom and brother one day. Would love a friend who also shares my passion for nature and understands what we have up when we stopped focusing on sustainability and started obsessing over “progress” ugh. Maybe we could organize some group meet ups where we take excursions or something. Btw I’m 38, love Jesus, no drugs, no alcohol,

    • Dear Alex,
      We plan to go off-grid to a peninsula off the Texas coast in a couple of months or less. The land has good fishing salt and freshwater fishing. Whitetail deer and some feral hogs, possibly an occasional alligator. We will be making our own electric with a windmill that is my husband's invention. We use horses and hope to farm with them. We have about 20+ yr. homesteading experience, organic gardening/ farming/ ranching. I am always starting trees, native, medicinal, fruit and nuts. We have Swiss breed dairy goats, chickens and ducks.
      The peninsula is in a trust. One can buy a quarter acre but have use of the entire 51 miles of land. Rich brown sandy loam grows anything.
      Hope to get some sheep for spinning wool and weaving, also meat and milk.
      Our email is
      Cheers Katy Behr

      • i would be interested in buying a 1/4 acre with the ability use the land to go off the grid. Can you tell me where I might find this opertunity. I’m 52 and looking to just live in nature.

    • Alex,
      My name is Mary. I am 27 and want to know how to survive off the land. I grew up mostly in TN. I've always felt at home in nature with no tv . But, right now I'm living in a city, in an apartment.
      I'm interested in learning how to live off the grid.
      You can contact me by this email if you want to help:

  49. Greetings!

    Just looking to see if anyone enjoys hiking.

    I, like all of you, want to get out of the rat race, and the horrible society we are in.

    With winter fast approaching, I have decided that I am going to head to North Florida and use some free campgrounds up until March. From there, I will head north to Maryland and hike or bike 120 or so miles of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to Harper's Ferry WV, then hike south on the Appalachian Trail to southwestern Virginia to find an area to homestead. There is a mast quantity of forest there, with plenty of place to do some off the grid living.

    Looking for 1 or 2 people who would like to join up with me on this. If interested, let me know.

    • Just be careful here in North Florida. I live here outside Ponce de Leon and to be honest, I know of no free campgrounds anywhere around. Remember, this is Florida. I'm surprised Florida doesn't charge people to just breathe. It's horrible and when winter is warm the venomous snakes, and alligators are still moving and feeding.

      • There is a listing that tells you all the campgrounds across the country. The ones I found in Florida are along the i10 corridor east of Lake City. There are also other numerous campgrounds across the state, but I wasn't looking to go further south.

        Most of them are small and don't provide amenities, except maybe a bathroom, fire ring and a table.

    • I want to leave society and civilization all behind me, go back to nature and live in the wild, the rest of my life. Humanity and this life is just too much for me and I don’t want to live like this. I love nature and animals, hiking, climbing & swimming. I just love being out in the wild and to be one with nature. I want to be wild and free.
      My name’s Noel, I’m 18 years old & I’m from Sweden. I want to live in the wild, stay there forever and never go back to society.
      Mail -

  50. Hello, im a 24 year old male in great shape and a avid outdoorsmen. Im not surprised to see so many people feel this way. I also plan on living off the grid very soon. I feel the only thing ill miss will be music but itll be worth it. For those of you thinking about doing the same id suggest going to northern Az. No humidity and is cool year round. Az also has nice guns laws that allow you to carry and defend against big predators. Ive got my gear and a car to drive up there. Ill be leaving once ive settled my affairs. Good luck to all of you!

    • I'm trying to get my affairs in order as well. Truck was stolen with all my gear. Back to square one. Trying to go by end of April. Got room for another. My girl wants to go but she can join me later.

  51. My name is Anders. I live in philadelphia and have been moving between cities of the last couple years..and everywhere it is the same ugly mess. any city and even outside of the city the crap trickles to ya. I have some experience. i wouldnt say im expert. there is no such thing as an expert in wilderness survival...there is only being prepared and using what skills and knowledge you can to pass the challenge. I have experience in cold and arid regions. both a desert(the almighty atacama at an oasis area literally. A spring in the middle of the desert. Of course on someones land), and in certain zones of patagonia. i know basic survival. ie growing some crops, fishing, cooking, and i have some experience with biulding shelters...not just stick huts but actual houses with doors, a roof, walls, an even a floor. It is not easy but it is a rewarding life style because it never ceases to challenge you. I am looking for a group but more so any information on areas that would be good to work with. ive even considered slabcity. but who knows how that would work. it doesnt have an oasis like i had access to so i dont know. Any ideas and perhaps folks would be awesome. Email me at Im tired of this 9-9 life style and barely getting by. ive made decisions that knocked me outta the college and millionaire but i have one dream and that is to live off of the land and truely face the challenge of survival but to not just survive but live a happy wholesome lifestyle.

    • I think the true challenge of this endeavor is to do it alone or with a gf/bf whatever your choice may be. There is an uknown dynamic to embarking on a journey like this and also having to be fully committed to building a positive relationship with a stranger based on one life dream, it's a rush. It's been experienced for better and worse. Doing this solo and walking along a path and meeting someone also doing it still, that is the reward for walking the path.

      Aside from that the best way to make it last it to move to Alaska, get a job, and learn the land and invest in being their for a lifetime rather than a sweet 6 year nursing home story.

      • I agree. I am 32 and have lived mainly outdoors for the last 3 years hiking the Appalachian trail. Biking across the US and attempting to canoe the Mississippi (got 500 miles) hiked 550 miles of florida trail and other various long distance hiking and biking trips. I did this all on a very low budget and used craigslist to find construction work as I travelled. I have emersed myself in the wild while using society for supplies and engaging in survival when necessary. It has been fun picking up tips, tricks on outdoor living and survival skills experiencially and by meeting other travelers in different regions throughout the US. For young people wanting to escape...I would suggest to maintain access to society as you train yourself until you are ready to go deeper into the unknown. Sharpen your skills and gain confidence otherwise you will be back in the same situation in society, wishing you were in the wild. To me there is a compromise. National forests in some states, while we still have them, allow you to Free disperse camp but require you to move your camp after 1 or 2 weeks. Of you don't have a steady food or water source be prepared to pack gallons of water and food in. Pack small. The few items you bring are your world. Protect them, learn how to repair them. Learn how to sew. Bring rope, knife, compass, maps, water filter, proper clothing. Your best asset is your brain. I never travelled with a fun and feel safer in the wild than in a city. Animals only want food, most won't attack you. Protect your food. Fire keeps animals away. I have stealth camped in over half of the lower 48 states and have never had a problem except in florida when I got lazy. Leaving no trace, being out of sight, out of mind and understanding that actions like starting a fire or firing a gun will draw attention. I try to obey all laws and live humbly and gently on the land where I am. Water, heat, food, shelter are the necessities, take care of your mind, body, spirit. Companionship is nice. Most things outside of that are a luxury. I am in between adventures and a little lost for inspiration at the moment but happy to have found this blog. Safe travels and happy trails. I am creating a series of recordings of my adventures if you are interested or have questions you can contact me.

        • Chris, you sound like you have your head together. I agree with
          your comments and advice. I am 65 yrs. (young) and long for
          the day that I can awake every morning to a new sunrise. My wife is not in good I have to stay close to home.
          I still am able to camp, hike, and fly fish, but only for a couple of
          days at a time. Anyway, good luck with your travels.
          Les (

    • Hi Andrew,

      My name is Lauren and I'm in my early 30's. I just typed this entire blurb about myself, the importance of nature to me, where I'm at in my current life, and how the last year has brought on so many bad things. As of late, things got even worse and in more ways than one. I want to live in the wild. I want to get away and start fresh. When I'm in the wilderness, it's therapy. I feel a great sense of belonging, serenity, and spirituality. I'd choose Colorado as my first wilderness life adventure. I went into detail about many things in my previous response to your comment, but when I adjusted my seating position, I deleted everything I had said. I don't feel like attempting to type it all again right now, but thought I'd leave you with this...

      I too want out. I want to start anew. I want to be where I'm most comfortable at all times. I want to be free. But most of all, I want to be happy.

      • Awesome choice. I'm in Arizona and am fed up with what has happen to society. I have been living on a farm slash ranch setting for the past 3 years and I'm ready to take that leap. In a few weeks I'm packing up and heading to Colorado. I know it will be getting cold but I feel it's now or never for me.. I hope to see you all on the trail one day. My email is

      • All of you are so inspiring!

        So a couple months have gone by since I typed that message. After I pay my December rent I'll be broke. I've been trying to sell much of my belongings for the past two months on a couple different sites. My lease is up at the end of January. Honestly, I'm pretty terrified not knowing what to do. I would rather not lose it all, but I need to do something. I'd get a job if I could, but there are a few reasons as to why I can't right now. If anyone is interested in going on an adventure with me, let's talk. I fish, but haven't had the opportunity to learn how to hunt. Over the course of this whole year I've been stocking up on outdoor essentials. I simply love the outdoors. So much so, that I'd live in it! My email is Feel free to message me anytime!

        • Hello. I am Dion. I am planning to move to Alaska and live off the grid, doing the subsistence way of living, hunting, fishing and trapping. I am tired of everything here in lower 48 people like, cheat,steal. Working for others to get richer as they treat you like a slave. So I am going to do what I love and am passionate about. I am willing to teach what I know. If anyone is interested
          Is my email.

      • Lauren-- your post was so spot on for me. I feel like I could have written every word that was in your post. It's going to take a lot of sacrifice, but I too am at a crossroads and I have to make this happen. I'm 37, and I feel like I'm in my prime, I have strong survival skills, but this world is smothering me and its time to cut ties.. hit me up if you'd like.


    • I am extremely moved by all the people on this thread, I had thought that only a select few wanted to live this way. I am also looking to getaway and have a great love for the woods. I've been camping all my life and I have a lot of survival skills. I'm 22, male, from new jersey, and will basically go anywhere. If anyone wants to team up email me at Am looking to go somewhere anytime before January 2018.

      • I am 33, I live in Florida and I am interested in living in the wilderness. My email is I have always loved the outdoors, not sure if a group or alone is the way I want to go about it. But I certainly would like to talk with some folks about it. Definitely a more rewarding way to live....and live free.

        • My name is Joe. I'm from Africa. I have always lived in the big city; even when i was in Africa but during the civil war in my country I moved to the village and although I was just a child during that time; I have become fascinated by the woods. I always see the woods as a sanctuary for me. I'm not quite sure how I would feel living in the woods but my heart keeps telling me that's where i need to be right now. I would love to try it out. email me.

        • I'm 21 and willing to do the same, I've done a few wilderness attempts before just to see how it went. But I was near cities jus in case anything crazy happened. But I want to go off the grid for a while. I live in Pennsylvania.

    • Hi Anders,

      I don't know if this is still an active thread or not but I was so happy to read what you wrote and see that others have responded with interest too! I have been plotting my "escape" since childhood when I would spend hours in the woods making houses out of bushes. I could hardly tolerate society as a child and as I've gotten older it seems its gone further and further off of the rails. I live in Savannah, GA right now but I wish to move closer to family which is in the Atlanta area and start cultivating some land in the mountains of North Carolina to eventually move to and live off the land. I would go ahead and do it now but I share custody of my son with my ex. So I am tied happily to that commitment until he is grown. I tried marriage, I tried living the high life, but I believe the solo life off of the grid and in the woods is what my heart has always craved and it's just great to hear others are on board. No matter the outcome I hope you will keep me in the loop, I'd love to hear about how it goes and share ideas for our future homes in nature. I'll email you.

      • Hi I read your post and it touched me deeply. We live in the meadows and woods of central Texas hill country.
        We raise as much of our own organic food as possible. I am always planting trees and everything else.
        I always felt at home in the woods and countryside even though I was born and reared in a. large city.
        Blessings from Texas,

  52. I'm 61, out of shape, have virtually no outdoor skills - though I used to go camping a lot when I was in my 20s. But I'm a year away (as soon as I can get early Social Security at 62 and a half) from driving up to a remote mountain camp site and walking into the wilderness, hopefully, never to be heard of again. I'll have as good of equipment as I can afford - not North Face quality but mid quality, and as much equipment as I can carry - hopefully have the right set of stuff for the space and weight I have, I'll have watched a lot of youtube - hey, I learned computers that way and make a good living at it :).

    Assuming I don't freeze to death the first winter, I'll trek to town as seldom as absolutely possible for supplies and head back up. Thinking about a mule to carry but that will make it much harder to remain out of site.

    I expect to be cold and miserable but not to die or starve. After 10 years in the Navy and 34 years in the corporate world, I've had all the stress I want to ever have - at least all the people stress. I like myself and I'm comfortable with my own thoughts and won't miss a soul - well, maybe the grandkids a bit but I almost never see them anyway.

    • My name is Brett, I'm a 26 yo male that has posted on here multiple times looking for others like minded about going to the woods living off the grid/bush survival/ mountain man living/ travel life. It doesn't matter how you wish to live in the woods! Your style is your style. I'm looking for ppl who just want to get away and make it happen. This is my third time out and fourth time I have met with fellow friends off this site. I'm heading to Denver Colorado to meet up with another, then gonna go join the mountains/woods life. Anyone interested, close, wanting to get away.... Drop me an email and i will reply by end of the day. I will be in Colorado on the 30th and not much longer after that to the mountains we go. Hope to find some good ppl with like thoughts to make this the best one yet. Goal is south for the winter for now. Thank you all,safe journeys.

      • My name is andrew im 26 male. Im a avid hunter and fisherman ive been looking for a few good people to join me or i join them im planning very soon to go to the Ozarks outside the state or national forests or southeast Oklahoma. Im planning on living completely of the land no modern civilization. Thanks for reading

        • Hi my name is Jamie I'm 50 I've also been wanting to leave society for a long time I've been going on survival trips for a few years and have some experience and equipment I'm looking for a small group of good honest people to work together and live the way we here born to live my email is thanks for reading this

      • Hey Brett, we messaged about a year ago when i was in virginia. I had brought up that forum but i didnt have the time to upkeep it.

        But im in colorado springs right now. Travelling in a van until i know exactly what i want to do.

        Cant leave into the wilderness at this exact moment but if theres a way we could meet and talk that would be awesome.

        • Matthew email me at I'll be in Colorado later today.

        • I'm a fit, straight, black, 29yr old male, that stay in colorado and have lived off the grid with my pup. I finally came back to civilization 2 months ago to give my pup to someone who could take care of him because one person feeding two people is hard work.

          I'm a 4yr electrician and before that was a carpenter for 7yrs so I'm good with my hands. I'm an avid fisherman. Passionate hiker. Mediocre hunter and gatherer.

          I'm planning to leave soon to return to my love (wilderness). There's nothing like it. Company is always welcomed. I love and get along with everyone. If interested or just want some tips about wilderness survival email me at

          If not hopefully our paths may cross one day, it's always good to at least have one companion. I wish all my brothers and sisters well on their journeys.

          Wilderness survival= Living

      • This sounds wonderful! I have been wanting to go off the grid for some time now and live off the land. Just didn't want to do it alone. I would love to join your group in the Colorado mountains!

        • Vikki, email me at and I will be there. just tell me when and where to go. I'm an avid HUNTER, fish and have plenty of gear for all seasons and weather conditions. I am in Montana now and looking for people to go with.

    • I'm a 60 year old man, never been married, never had a driver's license and never had a car. I've thought about disappearing into the wilderness never to be heard of again and instead of going to a shopping mall, go to the beach and the beach would be my fancy trip instead of a mall or Las Vegas. my email address is I'd look for an abandoned junkyard that nobody cares about and I'd collect pieces of pipe to make a muzzle loader rifle and hunt with black powder.

  53. Living in upstate NY and having spent many years going into deep wilderness like the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania, Adirondacks and Catskills in NY for only 2 to 3 days at a stretch, I will tell you it is not but for a skilled few. Long term wilderness living requires owning a minimum of around .25 acres for a permanent shelter and areas to grow edibles which are no guarantee depending on the soil. You can't stay on public land in one location for more than 14 days in most places. Try moving your shelter in the dead of winter in the northeast or northwest. Biggest risk in all scenarios are lack of drinkable water, hypothermia and lest we forget mosquitoes which will drive you to the brink of madness. Infection and mechanical injury are also huge risks. Bears and mountain lions will be the least of your concerns. Daily tasks will require huge amounts of protein, try about 5000 calories a day minimum. And get ready to chop wood even desert nights can kill. I have considered this lifestyle extensively and still hope to achieve even some level of "off-grid." I urge anyone considering this to turn off your breakers and water for a couple of days and find a natural source of water and way to preserve meat. Best suggestion for serious folks is to purchase a small amount of land that borders state land and make sure you have access directly from your property. Many of these cheap parcels of land are near state forest but require crossing on private property to get to it. West Texas is famous for their cheap land but do your research. You will want to visit any property to evaluate access to resources as in many states much of the land is privately owned. I have miles of forest behind my house and water sources as well as game. Only problem, a hundred feet of neighbors property preventing access. Okay so all this sounds discouraging. If not you are probably one of few who will have success. Good luck to all and maybe someday I can join you!

  54. Living in upstate NY and having spent many years going into deep wilderness like the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania, Adirondacks and Catskills in NY for only 2 to 3 days at a stretch, I will tell you it is not but for a skilled few. Long term wilderness living requires owning a minimum of around .25 acres for a permanent shelter and areas to grow edibles which are no guarantee depending on the soil. You can't stay on public land in one location for more than 14 days in most places. Try moving your shelter in the dead of winter in the northeast or northwest. Biggest risk in all scenarios are lack of drinkable water, hypothermia and lest we forget mosquitoes which will drive you to the brink of madness. Infection and mechanical injury are also huge risks. Bears and mountain lions will be the least of your concerns. Daily tasks will require huge amounts of protein, try about 50000 calories a day minimum. And get ready to chop wood even desert nights can kill. I have considered this lifestyle extensively and still hope to achieve even some level of "off-grid." I urge anyone considering this to turn off your breakers and water for a couple of days and find a natural source of water and way to preserve meat. Best suggestion for serious folks is to purchase a small amount of land that borders state land and make sure you have access directly from your property. Many of these cheap parcels of land are near state forest but require crossing on private property to get to it. West Texas is famous for their cheap land but do your research. You will want to visit any property to evaluate access to resources as in many states much of the land is privately owned. I have miles of forest behind my house and water sources as well as game. Only problem, a hundred feet of neighbors property preventing access. Okay so all this sounds discouraging. If not you are probably one of few who will have success. Good luck to all and maybe someday I can join you!

  55. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but sort of with a different approach. I'm sure others are, or have done it, but I wanted to give it a try and see how it goes.

    I am wanting to do something like an outdoor video of living in the woods, like the tv show The Mountain Men(because I'm watching the show now!).

    I am considering going deep into the woods on the eastern side of the country(USA), such as Virginia or Tennessee, for maybe a month or two, and see how it plays out.

    I am not looking to buy any property as of yet, but just to go out and do some hiking and scouting. If all goes well, then next year, it will become a permanent thing.

    I was wondering if anyone or 2 would like to join up with me for this month or two trip. I have an idea where we can start, which would be near a water supply(FISH!!). Then we can work from there.

    My general idea is to work together on multiple tasks(such as shelter building),, and making a video while doing it. Which can then be used to show people how we started from scratch, and worked our way up.

    I am a 47 yo wm, with some outdoor experience(wish I could say I'm a pro, but I'm not).
    I am looking to start this around the end of August, and as i said, making it a month or two trip.

    Age and gender doesn't matter to me, just someone with a determination to make(or at least try) this work.

    Let me know if you're interested and we can work out details and determine what to bring, and who will bring what. I am planning on having a few days of food supply(freeze dried), so we aren't starving while getting started.

    rv1970@protonmail dot com

    • in the late winter of 2018 I hope to escape and live in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. I plan to bring lots of pemmican and water for the most part, because I would like to live naturally and not pre-prepared. this modern world is nothing I want to live in, so I am ready for this to be my new life.

      • I am also planning to make the jump. I'm a 44 year old wf. Avid camper and hiker. I have a ton of gear and a 4x4. I live in San Diego currently, and have travelled up and down the West Coast, so I'm very familiar with the Cascades. I've even considered the San Juan Islands. The thought of going it alone is the only thing holding me back. I'm not on a strict time limit. I suppose when the time is right, I'm ready to go. If anyone is seriously interested, my email is
        We can chat a bit and see what we come up with. My name is Sheryl.

        • Hi Sheryl, and all off griders
          I have been wanting to go off grid for sometime now. I have been in the rat wheel making money for a owner with little appreciation. No longer will i be a tool for thier life style. Im in great shape, i have the desire and will, the patience and mental capacity to live safe and free. I will never give up on myself or on you.
          I have a great work ethic and a comedic sarcasim that is invaluable to off grid living. Im not looking to be someones worker bee for free space, i have some funds to purchase a small lot off someone, however i would rather travel about. My age is 50, look and feel like 40. Im a straight guy, not that it matters, just getting that out there, not that it matters. Currently living in Michigan, ready to go.
          If you want to see if we are compatable, drop me a line.

        • It warms my heart to stumble upon this thread and to hear my thoughts echoed back to me. Nature has always been my cathedral and the older I get the less tolerant I am of City living. My frequent camping trips and daily hikes simply take the edge off of my ever present unease. Disease? I do fell that our society has become less authentic and loving and virtual. I need visceral, the sensory cleansing of the wilderness is unmistakable.

          Been researching land that is a stones throw from the Rocky Mountain National Park. And even a few tiny cabins built by people who knew how to live off of the land. While I’ve hiked many miles in Colorado, I am a KY bred boy and not accustomed to long winters.

          Not a stranger to hard work and gardening. I am happy and comfortable with solitude and I think people speak loudly with their actions. Integrity has a way of announcing itself in quiet and humble ways.

          I don’t mind being alone, yet I believe there is merit and practicality in having more hands. And friendship is a good thing. Any companion would need to love dogs. I have a black lab and a coonhound. They’re family. And very well behaved.

          If I buy land, I have flirted with the idea of buying a tiny home built from a shipping container. There are some elegant examples out there. I do not have the carpentry skills to build a permanent home. My needs are modest, on purpose. And a small,dry, (solar/wind)?home near clean water is my current dream. On beautiful land bordered by miles of untouched forest and clean air....

          Wishing everyone peace and productivity. My move could be as early as Summer 2018.


      • Hey Reid i also want to live in the wild but fully primitivley, so make all things naturally and take no man made material such as knifes, cooking things, tents. And also we can find our own food and water we dont need to take it. But thats your choice, if your interested in going with me then email me ( and we can go into more detail

  56. Hello My name is Jeremiah.
    I'm just looking for a few people to gather and find a spot out in the wilderness to live for a year or so. i am currently grabbing supplies and would like to journey out in a month or 2. doesn't matter what gender or race. just looking for some people to do this with and who can become helpful. I am also still learning some survival skills so anyone is welcome to email me. and work everything out.

    • The problem is not the lack of desire - leaving, we only leave behind the lousy jobs, financial slavery, infection and stress. The question is - go where exactly? All the land in this US of A is either private property or national parks - and even in the parks you will have to keep playing hide and seek with the rangers and police. You have to keep moving all the time. Although, years ago I called California state rangers, and they said - just attend lecture on fire safety in the woods, sign papers and stay all you want. The other thing: you cannot go any place nice - too populated, or too inhospitable - for obvious reasons.
      There is another possibility, which I mulled for some time - American island territories, like American Samoa or Northern Marianas. You are both legally home and out of the picture, at the same time.

      • Alaska, if you can survive -60 for 2 months -30 for 4 months and then develop a diet for mosquitoes and flies mmmmmmm taste like freedom feels like my .460 s&w is breaking my assbone sitting down but bear don't care. Last frontier is no joke. If you want it it's here to take you.

      • You are mistaken. The city life has people In A delusion. There is so much open land that is untouched by humans it makes me sick just typing this. To say all the land is private property disgust me. Where I live and the open land around the city is what they call a preserve or state trust land. Well I trust that they will preserve it untill they Wana build some shit on it. Because that's what always happens. Were I go people do not go. Ever! Rangers hikers or anyone. No one goes there EVER. These places are abundant.

    • Hi Jeremaiah,
      I'm Kyle. I'm 20 years old and like everyone else on this site it seems I crave a different way of living. Sooner or later (I hope sooner) I will be living off the land in some forgotten region of the world. I'm bored of having things handed to me... the western level of survival has turned into sitting on our backsides and wearing uncomfortable suits. We are an advanced primate species with advanced survival skills but it seems the world would rather live as an advanced bee species with the biggest challenges we face being monetary.
      If you or anyone else is interested in talking about alternate ways of living an authentic human life then let me know.

      • I understand what you are feeling. It is a pressing issue these days. People are so confused about life. Not that you're confused but people just keep wanting more and more. Nobody is ever satisfied.We live in fear and we worry overs the stupidest stuff. What's real is not what you're getting. The western World is a victim of its own cunning and manipulating greed. Lewis and Clark don't exist anymore. The days of exploration have passed us by. We are the seekers but there's nothing else to seek. I suppose you just have to get lost somewhere. Once lost out in the wilderness you will probably find who you really need to be not who you want to be or worse think you need to be.i'm in my fifties. Still in great shape but not as young as you are. Do it! Sell your crap. Buy a couple black powder pistols and a 22 and get out of my this hell realm existence we live in. Do it while you're young.

      • It would seem that you're right in the way that many people seem to want to live differently, in fact it's given me the idea that we could all actually just go somewhere and start a sort of colony, it'd probably work like a small village or something but it actually sounds kinda nice with everyone having their own jobs to do etc. Not sure where we could do this but i'm sure that we can.

      • Hey Kyle. Email me.
        I'm heading out August 22nd. I'll be paying for my own supply and transportation there. So if you can find a way to meet me there that would work out just fine. Once I arrive I will probably head to the market to get any other supplies I could not get or bring on my way to my destination. But if you would like to join me on my journey. Email me. And we can meet up. My email account will be deleted the same day I head out. To cease any emails.

      • I have always been interested in living off the land and the last year I've realized I need to do it or I will never do it. Please shoot me an email and we can share ideas and places. I am very good out in the woods, I have always fished and hunted and I have spent a lot of times in the woods as a boy scout. Hope to hear from people soon, would like to get started on this journey b4 spring time

    • We are 3 guys who are homeless in las Vegas and need to get out of our situatiation. Want to get to the wilderness to find a place to live off the grid. Will get supply's and just need a little guidance on where to go.

    • Jeremiah, I know of some land that is on a lake near a river close to the ocean in Alaska and have been fighting tooth and toenail to get the money for it just under 6 acres of heaven on earth for 18 grand in the nicest part of Alaska I am a 35 year old man that knows survival I know how to smoke meat and set snare traps as well as a lot of other things I would certainly be willing to make the payments on the land if we could get enough people to make the down payment of $4000 we could all build fish hunt and live as we were intended

      • Linzie, I have been absolutely obsessed with living off of the land for over 4 years now. I have done extensive research and would absolutely love to join you if you have any more slots left! I hope you do and I would love to hear back from you. Thank you.

      • You sound like you understand the one thing people don't on here.. you need start up cash for tuand land and supplies to do it for real long term..

        That said I'm half way there and looking for like minded people

        I can hunt fish trap build farm have supplies

        What about further in the interior? I am there now and the summers are better for growing and the winters can be managed.

    • Hello I never knew a site like this existed otherwise I would have done this a long time ago. I alway wanted to leave society behind and just go into an outdoor adventure. And just live life my way. I am truly interested in venturing into nature with a companion of course. Message me in return and we can discuss this in more detail.

    • Just out of interest, don't know how I stumbled across this but, any of you going for it? Did you get a group together? I'm sitting here at my desk in UK thinking..WOW!! Polly.... best of luck to you!!

    • Good day to everyone, I am hoping to run into someone who has a reliable RV and would like to hook up and head out to some wilderness sites and spend some time gold prospecting on some beautiful rivers. I have experience with
      gold prospecting and some equipment as well a membership to 100's of gold prospecting properties.

      If interested please feel free to contact me here or at

      Thanks, God bless,


  57. Heya!
    My names Natalia and im 18 from New Zealand and im super keen to live out in the wilderness! I love nature and am not liking the idea of being stuck in a job forever and want to experience living in the wild :) I also want to travel in general. So yea if you wanna have a cool time traveling the world and living in the wild with yours truly then chuck us an email :)

    • Hi Natalia!
      I'm 18, from Iowa, USA, looking to get into the wild, to travel, to live in my two feet, and primarily looking forward to seeing the world before it deteriorates any further. I've looked into living in the Nevada/New Mexico/Arizona desert regions, and just recently discovered the Australian bush as a viable option for getting out into nowhere. Though I wouldn't want to settle down and live for years on end: there's too much out there to see. Too much to do. I've been a traveler since I was young, mostly around the US, Europe on three separate occasions, and once into Israel. Send me an email if you're interested in getting out there: Thanks, and good luck to ya!

    • Hello, I'm Noel!
      Also 18, from Sweden. I feel exactly the same. I'm so sick of school and I really don't like the idea of being stuck with a depressing job, spending every day at the same boring place for the rest of my life. I just want to escape from civilization and wander off into the wilderness. Be wild and free.
      I'm a big fan of mother nature, very educated in that category. I love hiking, climbing, swimming and all that. I also like to travel, see new things, different places.
      I just want my life to be a great adventure. Here's my if you find me interesting :) Good luck!

    • I know it's possible, cause nothing is impossible if you really try.
      But how hard would it be to survive in the wild, as a vegan? Anyone who has an answer?

      I've been a vegetarian as long as I can remember and vegan since a few years back. So it's very natural to me.
      I can be with non vegans of course. It's just that I don't wanna be a part of all that, I won't change.

      And, is it easier to survive in the tropics or in the north?

      Thanks / Noel

      • Hey noel. I am also a vegetarian and am transitioning to vegan.
        Much easier to survive as a vegan than a meat eater and, it is the true way, to eat what God provides in abundance which replenishes it's self,unlike the body of an animal which does not replenish it's self.
        I have asked about the tropics and have been told and have seen through random videos that most tropical areas are privately owned, but, who really cares. It is God's, not man's by dollar.
        I have also read that fruits in the tropics are not as abundant as you would think but, i am not sure anyway.
        The most difficult part is to learn of random and wild edible foods, especially vegetables.
        For me, it seems way easier to find fruits and flowers than to find vegetables or just a food leaf for a good daily salad.
        Two people do learn far more than just one person. There are so many people who are done with endlessness and the only problem is lack of pesonal communication and separation by distances.

  58. Hi everyone!
    So I sort of stumbled across this website and topic after trying to find a website for single people interested in finding someone to share a life with in the bush. I really haven't had any luck finding a site like that so I'm leaving a comment here in hopes of replies.

    I am tired of society and the 9-5 system and debt system of life that were just supposed to blindly follow and live. I am recently divorced (one year now), have had a calling to Alaska and the bush inside of me since a child and have decided to answer it. My plan is to move there next spring/summer, possibly work for another year if need be to get accustomed, figure out where I want to settle down, and get my cash level where I want to be so I can purchase some of the larger ticket items I want to bring into the bush. In the following text I will tell you about me, all the skills I have currently, my basic plan, and what I am looking for by posting here.

    About me, I am a 34 year old white male who currently lives in Connecticut in the US. I joined the US Army at 17 and spent almost 10 years in the infantry and did multiple deployments to the Middle East and South America. I went through airborne and ranger training, rappelling, shooting courses, survival and arctic survival training, etc. I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY with the 10th Mountain Division for most of my career. I got out in 2010 after a very successful and distinguished career because I wanted to start a family. I was already married but wanted kids. We moved back to CT, I went to UConn for 3 years and we had a daughter who is now 4. Decided I wanted a trade, not college, so I became an electrician which is my current occupation. I work for a large commercial/industrial contractor and have worked on schools, hospitals, massive commercial solar installations, governments buildings, etc. I had been unhappy in my marriage for a long time and was divorced last year. I have been an outdoorsman all my life, and between that and my military training and current job field, feel I possess most of the necessary skills to go out in the bush and live a more natural life in harmony with the earth. I am actually a very social person, intelligent, funny, a kid at heart and very very adventurous. I just have my reservations with people and have seen how cruel and disgusting man can be and as I said before I've become tired of the system that has been constructed of how we are supposed to live our life to be accepted by society.

    I have hunted and fished my whole life, camped and hiked, so I spend a lot of time outdoors. Being stationed in upstate NY while in the Army I learned a lot about arctic survival and have slept in the snow more times than I can count. I am an electrician by trade and understand and know how to build and install sustainable energy systems such as solar, wind, and hydro....safely and correctly. Being in the trade has also given me experience in seeing other trades as well such as plumbing. I have been a carpenter and wood worker since I was about 9 years old. It's a hobby and passion of mine, I can create a plan in my head and then make it out of wood. I know framing and home building. I am a back yard mechanic and learned welding and metal working in high school. I worked on a dairy farm as well in high school and understand the basics of farm management, crop cycles and planning, composting and have been vegetable gardening at home for a few years now. And lastly I grew up burning firewood as the main heat source and currently burn firewood as my main heat source in my own home. So I have realized my entire life I have been building almost every skill necessary to live the life I actually want to live.

    My basic plan is as I described above being up there next year, working for a little while will depend on the cash level I have when I arrive. I want to enter the bush with a backhoe tractor to assist in working the land and building projects, a boat because I would like to be close to a major water way, and a snowmobile and UTV. I already own a garage full of tools and outdoor power equipment so I have most of that, a canvas tent to live in until a cabin is complete, and a couple years of bought food to supplement hunting and fishing and as a safety net while adjusting to hunting and fishing an unfamiliar area. Once in the bush I want to build a log cabin, nothing super huge, but I do want it to be nice and take the time down the road to build nice furniture for it, cabinets, shelving, etc. I want to still have a comfortable home even though I'm in the middle of nowhere. Install a sustainable off grid electrical system and begin building garden beds and a greenhouse. Once the basics are installed and the cabin is built, begin milling lumber and constructed a post and beam barn to act as a workshop and storage area. Don't get me wrong, my plan in my head will take a few years or more to completely build, but my thought is to build build build so that I create permanent and comfortable structures that can be lived in comfortably for decades.

    I am posting here in hopes to find a woman who is interested in taking this journey with me, getting to know each other, hopefully falling into a relationship and building a life and family in the bush. I always saw myself having a whole bunch of kids and really hope that opportunity has not passed. I'm looking for someone under 30, preferably 25, for the reason of lots of time left to have children. Skills aren't necessary, but obviously a benefit. Preferably athletic and in shape, if you've never played sports or lived a very active lifestyle and you think you can go live this sort of life, you really need to think upon that and prepare your body better. Obviously a good person, warm hearted, sane!, team player, and independent, this lifestyle would require that there would be times we would be apart and you need to be comfortable with that, open to firearms (I can train you if you've never used them) and okay with butchering and preserving meat. Hopefully good looking, I'll just be honest, I'd like a physical attraction. I am 6 foot 1, 210 pounds, very in shape and currently weight lift, dark hair dark eyes light beard, most people I think would consider me handsome, I'm not a 10, but I'm not a 3 either lol.

    So anyway I really hope to hear from some people and am excited to see what comes from this post! Please feel free to email me at, all I ask is that if you are not truly serious about taking this adverture and living this life, please, please don't waste either of our times. Not trying to be rude, but I do know there are a lot of lonely people on the internet just looking for someone to talk to.

    Thanks for reading!

  59. Hi everyone. I said some things on here about a year ago.
    Ive moved into the woods and have learned many things but more to learn.

    So, is anyone done with running away and ready to set your foot down?

    Build a home, grow food, clean the water ways, help each other and go from there.
    The world was given to all, not to some.
    Ahhhh the separation from what is endless and belligerent.

    Ready to be the side whom the lost conform to?

    Was in virginia. Am now in colorado.
    Need minds who know gardening, wild foods, confidence and patience.

    27 years old

    Not the easiest to do alone.
    That is the divinity of companions, friends, humanity, partners!

    The hardest part now is the distance that separates each of us.
    The best part is knowing that we all want what is RIGHT.

    Let those who are filthy be filthy, in all ways.

    I am in colorado springs at the moment.
    If anyone wants to talk before jumping into the fire, lets meet.

    • i am ready ha ha but seriously ive had two summers of guiding experience in the san juan mountain range of colorado and am headed out west recently with my girl and am possiby convinicing her to go off grid

    • My husband and i am ready to live off grid but don't know where we can do this. We currently live in Arizona. My husband was in construction most of his life- very handy n can build anything. Would love to talk to you. Please contact via email if u can and share your knowledge with us. Dean & Kim

    • I'm a guy from the UK looking to get away from the daily commute, i don't know anything about growing or surviving but i would love to learn and i can buy gear when i get there like lines, a survival knife and a hand axe. I have a basic army tent. I would also bring a strong wooden reinforced shield for i run into bears

      • Hey tom my name is Cargo im 15 male and from the uk. I am also wanting to live in the wild but not uk, me and possibly 2 others are planning to go to Vancouver Island. So if you would be up for that please get back to me. Thanks

        • Hey Cargo, yeah i'm interested yeah my email is '' just send me an email and we can arrange something.

      • Not sure if this thread is still active but...

        Hey my name is Billy. I am 21 years old, male (if it matters) from the uk and I am looking for like minded people in the uk to go live in the wilderness with. I dont mind doing it alone but I have no experience. I hate what society has become I hate our government and how the rich will always be rich if the poor stay poor. I have no job, I come from a pretty broke family and I am about to be homeless (end of November 2017) so if theres anyone out there in the wild or anyone who has land and are willing to let me camp there then please contact me asap at

    • Im chris.
      Shoot me an email

      Or txt

      Looking to get a small community going off grid need help with a location that you can claim land and have reliable resources

    • Hopefully each person gets this reply.

      Money to do anything.
      There is no such thing as human law. There is only to do right and wrong.

      It is never about permission or hiding.

      But so much more to be said.

      I prefer to be with my self.
      But would work as a guiding figure with others who are confident in their own lives, with their own flesh.
      Guiding those who are not wise to be a guiding figure for others.

      It seems that too many people want a wood cut house and weapons and plastic and tools.

      To leave is only for natural energy, such as utilizing wind and water mills.

      Food and clean water are THE most important things for most who desire comfort.
      Sleep when tired. Clean water. Healthy meals.
      Patience. Willingness.

      Each person here needs to understand that there is no such thing as the united states unless you believe in it.

      Too much pride in a name whos history is not ones own. Have more faith in good will and what is right and in each other and only ever in what is God!

      Again, divided by distances.
      I am in the colorado springs area at the moment.

      And always, patience before any thing.

      • It's refreshing to see vegetarians/vegans on here. I am looking to do the same. Hopefully in the tropics. I'm from New Orleans, LA , and trying to learn how to do this. Right now I'm thinking of VanLife, but would love to set up camp in different places for a while. Like maybe Yosemite. I hear there are many wild plants that people often call "weeds" which are edible, and very good for you. I hear we can also get energy from grounding and sun gazing.

    • Hello Matthew,

      My name is Jeremiah I want to set out around this coming up August. I'm 23 years old. Was also planning on going to Colorado Springs as well. I'm not a vegetarian if that's okay. But I can work my way to it. I'm gathering supplies and trying to learn a few things before I head out. If we were to meet that would be awesome. Just a few days/weeks/or a month is all I ask for. If you feel like you would rather not have me around that would be fine. I can bring a few extra items for you in exchange for your guidance. If you can, contact me back at I hope to hear back from you.

    • Hey my name is brandon if you can email me!
      I’m planning on going out to Colorado to live off the land I was planning on going later on in the year but would love to have people to go with or be with if your open to new comers or have any advice pls email me I’m always open for a new adventure

  60. June 16, 2017
    I'm nick , 20 year old and have been a outdoorsman my whole life
    When I was 17 I wanted a bow so I decided to make one I started doing everything like the native Americans did and it just felt right or natural
    I do not know what I'm capable of in the wilderness alone right now
    I am a very proficient flintknapper
    I've made friction fires
    I have not quit on my primitive survival skills
    I wanted to know how to make everything from nothing
    I'm looking for like minded people to continue this path I'm on email me at let's stop talking about it and LETS DO IT!!

  61. I so want to go live off the land in Alaska, I just don't want to live like I am anymore. Im 54 and want to go in 5 years when my last child leave the nest. I will miss my family as in my kids and grandkids, but I need to do me. I love solitude here in the city I do not, just last night someone got shot 2 blocks away from my home as we were out in our yard enjoying a BBQ. If I'm going to hear gun shots, I want it to be because someone just shot their winter foods.
    I'm an avid fisherman I'm a gun Collector and I garden and can and dehydrated my own foods. I have mad skills and just want to live the rest of my life living wild.
    I have blueprints of cabins and greenhouses i drew up. I have a seed bank I just want to go. So far I have 2 others that wants to go with my. My ex brother in law, who is an owner operator of a roofing company and can dress all animals. The other is my cousin who can do anything with simple directions.
    I just don't know if 60 yrs old is too old to live in the wild. I have a broken back but I still do all I have to do to live I don't let it hold me down too much, just hope I say or get better in strength.
    Feel free to contact me with advice

    • Well I'm in the same boat as you Dee - looking sixty square in the face and thinking it's now or never. Better ten years in the bush than twenty-five in a nursing home. I'm sure we all have good reasons for wanting to leave society behind - I'm more interested in discussing destinations (Alaska or ?) and sustainability.
      Most of the forums I've looked at have posts dating back years but no recent activity. What say you?

      • Are there any other people in England looking to walk away and live free. I really like the thoughts of it. I am in fact packed and ready to go out on my own to do it but I'm nervous about doing it alone!

        I'm a member on I've contacted the admin because he is out doing it alone at the moment but I've had no reply. If there is anyone looking to go wild in the UK then i would love to hear from you.

        I am 33 year old male.

        My user name on their site is mick

      • Hello cj I never knew a site like this existed otherwise I would have done this a long time ago. I alway wanted to leave society behind and just go into an outdoor adventure. And just live life my way. I am truly interested in venturing into nature with a companion of course. Message me in return if you are truly interested and we can discuss this in more detail.

  62. Hello. My name is Bianca and I am from Eastern Europe. I am actually really surprised how many people share this dream of living off the grid and it makes me so happy. I think people forgot their priorities and now life just feels... so empty. From the moment you are born, you can't choose the way you want to live because you grow up with the idea that you have to go to a university, get as many money as possible, get a job because if you don't, you will be considered a freak, an outcast. And yeah, that's all the modern life has to offer. Like.. You need money to be able to live. But now in most of the cases we live to make money and I really don t wanna be a part of this society.

    People don't seem to care about environment or anything and it feels like there is a wall between us and everything else. Just some time ago I have seen an interview with a woman who was talking about a friend of hers who was killed by the White Shark. She said it could be better to exterminate them if they are that dangerous, without thinking how many WE kill or that we keep animals alive from the day they are born just to kill them like the millions chickens, pigs we grow and how much we destroyed.
    Sorry, that was a little off topic, just thought I would state my opinion and the reason I will leave society xD

    In the autumn of 2019, meaning 2 years from now on, I am planning to go living in the wilderness. Unfortunately I cannot go earlier because I still am underage so I cannot leave the country. I wouldn't mind companions so if you want to go together it would be great. I have not yet decided on a location, I have some ideas tho' so if you want we can choose one together, no matter what state or country. When it comes to hunting I lack experience, but since i spent much time in the mountains I can fish, I know pretty much about edible bugs/mushrooms/plants. You can contact me
    Your age, gender doesn't matter so just feel free to contact me, the nature is enough to bring us together ^.^

    • Hello Bianca, my name is Tara ^^ I agree with you whole heartedly and have been looking to do something like this for a few years now (though as of now I too am underage and would have to wait 5 years to be able to go on my own) and maybe I could go with you? I learn many things in survival books from making primitive shelters, to fleshing tanning soaking etc. buckskin and making buckskin clothing. I was thinking about going with my cousin (almost 13 too) as we have talked about this for years, but If she doesn't go, or maybe we could all go together, I think that this could be a life changing and wonderful experience for us ^^ I will try and contact you via email, so heres mine (it is my old one but I use it to this day)-

  63. I've seen this post and it is wonderful, but more than the post itself, everyone who posted here is wonderful! Unluckily I've been very busy and I'm still busy so I haven't contacted who has put email here but I'll do as soon as possible, I want to share opinions and talk about that.
    I'll introduce myself briefly, I'm 19 years old male who (needless to say) loves nature, but before seeing this, I'd never though there would be plenty of persons who share my passions and thoughts.
    I'm very young and I need to gather experience, the first thing I'll do is start traveling. I though to start solo but if someone wants to come with me is well accepted(only females).
    I'll start by WWOOFing*, the goal is gather experience, grow up as well as know people. Don't be afraid to contact me for any info:
    * going to very isolated area too
    Starting location I think will be Europe

    Important: I'll start on half June or July and I need to know quickly if there is someone who wants to come with me, please contact me as soon as possible. It's been a pity I haven't seen this post earlier but better late than never

  64. I am so sick of society, money, martieralistic ****. I want to live off the land here in Canada. I am in southern alberta looking for someone to come live in the moutains with me. I just can't do society anymore. Anyone from alberta want to come with me? I'm 38 year old male.

    • Hey im 15 male and i would be interested in living in Vancouver island in Canada if you would like that then please respond, i have a few survival skills but im mainly doing it because i know i will enjoy that style of life better because it will be fun, scary, hard exciting and thrilling all at the same time.

    • I am ready and willing to quit my job, sell everything i own and leave Toronto for good. A deeply sick city, full of lost heartless people. I want nothing more to do with society i am not materialistic at all. I believe we are meant to live our lives working for ourselves and trading with others. Money is evil. Everyone should have their own piece of land. The world is plenty big for everyone. I am no longer interested in being a slave. I want to live in the wilderness and do my own thing.

    • I'm in Ontario Canada and have been planning to go live in the wilderness for a few years. I always wanted to since i was.younger. I basicly have everything i need. Made a cargo trailer for my bike and leaving early next year (2018). Taking a few old train beds turned nature trails out of the city. I know lots about wild foods. Ppl would be amazed how many weeds on your lawn you can eat. Also have hunting/fishing trapping skills. I'm planning on staying in Ontario for now due to all the small lakes and wildlife. And i do not know much about wild foods in other parts of Canada. So this works for me.

  65. I want to get away from it all, just leave my current life behind and live somewhere far away from civilization. I have started planning my ``escape´´ about a month ago and have even bought a few items to be able to go through with it.
    I'm male, 21, German and have no survival skills besides having fished and spearfished before. I have read some books about survival and read and watched helpful things on the internet, tho. I would't go through with this if I wasn't sure I could handle it, but I know I can do it. It won't be easy I know that but I'm determined.
    I need 3 or 4 people that want to go live somewhere off the grid, I don't care if it's a tropical Island or Alaska, I just need some company. I also don't care if you're male or female, where you're from or what you look like. I just need companions or friends that share my dream of a life away from society and civilization.

    If you're interested we can start planning together contact me at

  66. Hello people, I am a 55 year old man who is very much wanting to live somewhere isolated from all the hustle and bustle of the city. However, unlike must of the posting I have seen here I am interested in residing on or around a mountainous area where the is a river and or old ghost town where I can prospect for gold antique artifacts. I have a friend who has a gold prospecting claim on a river and is able to live free and produce produce a consistent income.

    If there is anyone out there who has a small camper to hold basic supplies and likes the idea of gold prospecting in the wilderness please feel free to respond. I have several prospects on gold claims in some beautiful spots up in the mountains.

    Anyway, it is a blessing to see that there are so many as my self just wanting to get away from this upside down society and just enjoy nature.

    God bless, Gene Murphy

    • Hello Gene,

      My family lived in the gold country in Norther California. We lived off the grid.No electricity. We own our land in the forest. Very quiet. We are looking for people/person who s looking a place to stay in the forest .We lived 10 miles away from a small town. My husband was tired from the hustle and bustle in the city and moved here,away from people. I still go to the small town to work.

      If you are interested and whoever are interested please reply.

      • I am very interested. I am 47, live in central Montana. I am skilled in construction, farming, operating a variety of equipment. Plus hunting fishing, and a variety of other skills.

      • Hi Anna, my name is Tony. Each new morning I wake up and sink my head into my hands and sigh. I'm not being challenged by what society offers. Dead end jobs, lack of enlightened employers, meaningless duties, all leading me to feel unfulfilled. I live in a dreadful town. ( Winnemucca Nevada ) I live in a nice 4 bedroom house. I'm a musician and I spend my time composing and recording music. Lately I've become dis-satisfied with the way that I've been living my life. There is no beauty in winnemucca. No trees, no flowers, just ugly everywhere. I escape to Lake Tahoe as often as I can but that is just a Band-aid on the cut. I have an RV and I can travel. I need streams and trees and flowers.

      • Hi my name is Emily do you still live in your own land in the forest? How much you will charge me to stay I wanna leave ny going thru some problems and all I want is to go far away I'm 28 years old I'll look for work I'm very funny friendly like to b happy I just wanna experience something new far away from my miserable life right now

        • Dear Emily,
          Would you consider central or south Texas or is that too far away. I have great sympathy for anyone stuck in New York.
          Some questions- Do you smoke or do illegal drugs? We can't handle that. We have 2 acres off Lake Buchanan. The fishing is good and our place has top soil for a garden.
          We hope to move soon to some wild land on the coast.
          We have seeds and experience to raise our own vegetables and fruits. Have chickens, dairy goats and horses for plowing. Have a windmill to pump water and make electricity off grid. I am a Texas master gardener and we know how to build our own sheds and house, etc.
          We can help anyone who sincerely wants to learn self-sufficiency and living on one's own.

      • Hello Anna,

        21 yr old Female, I am very interested. My main focus is off the and grid overseas but am open to California. I'm buying my tent and other gear now and planning to leave the Windy City in September or October. I'll return in 6 months to a year and would love to have a quiet place to come back to!

      • I'm very interested. I currently live in Sacramento. I've been trying to figure out where I could live off grid without having to move every couple of weeks. I'd be interested in hearing about what you're looking for. My name is Tom (54yrs old). I've spent the last few years getting my supplies together and have the skills to feed myself. I'm fortunate to have a small steady income and only need to go to Sacramento once per month. Hope to hear back from you or any others that have found places in Northern California to live off grid in the State Parks or National Forrests without having to relocate too often. Thanks, Tom. Email:

  67. am fed up with the rat race, the urban environment, the food, the lack of nature, the materialism and the values our urban society lived by. i want to escape from this,
    who are ready to go into the wild build a permaculture , to disconnect from cruel world and re connect to the positive energy. A place where our mind is free. bless

    • Born January 6, 2002, 15 yrs old male, looking for a female to join with me to live in the wilderness. I'm planning to study till the age of 20 or so, save up money and go. People think I'm crazy when I tell them about it but I don't understand society like all you do is work. But when I see wilderness I see something different.

      • Don't give it up man. Once you make roots it's hard to pull them up and you'll regret not trying it

      • Folks reading this looking for a partner to leave MAY 2017... I am in desperate want not need of a partner. Scroll through to this time last year and the year before and youll find that this is my rhird and may i add FINAL year looking for a partner. Come may 17 im gone. What i bring to the table... 31year old normal man, did 4 weeks alone in the bob Marshall, 3 weeks in the francis marion along with numerous weekend and overnights in MI and TN and NC. Strong areas are gonna be hunting, fishing, plant life, shelters, trapping and general survival. I fully intend to bring my single shot key stone .22 along with my 12 gauge bolt action. The latter being only for winter big game or warm weather bear repellent as 12 gauge ammo has some heft. Along a small get me by tent, fishing tackle no rod or reel, snare line, binos, first aid kit, small and quality camping pots n pan, sewing kit, etc. I put my two weeks in three days ago and gave my house up for release. If you are at all serious email me at (just random name generated) im going into AK or canada, off grid and under radar soo to speak.

        • As much as i would be interested in joining, i still have things and money i need to stock up on. once i have a good cushion i will be following suite. I myself am more experienced in cold yet, wet areas, so cold that rain freezes on contact. and i also have experience with arid dry environments. i literally lived in both atacama desert and the foothills of patagonia for about 4 months each and thrived. only thing is i got homesick but getting ready to return to the life. hope all goes well.

        • I am in Montana now and if you are serious about Alaska let me know. I hunt, fish, know carpentry, and know how to survive in the weather extremes.

    • Evi,
      My name is Ben. I live in MD.
      I am an experienced backpacker, 45 years old. Thousands of miles logged.
      Been preparing for 3 seasons in the Appalachian mountains. This will be in an effort to make base, return for four seasons and pehaps forever.
      What do you have cooking, on YOUR mind?
      I am done with the saturation of stressed out foks and Babylon~
      AT bound

  68. Hi, I always dreamed about living in wilderness and for a long time I'm preparing to this wonderful freedom. My plan is simply, gather some people and go on a tropical type deserted island. There build our village and just live :)
    If there is someone who're thinking the same please send me a message to my email: or matiserbi@gmail,com
    I'm 20 y.o. man from Poland.
    Best Regards for all people who want to feel and be realy free :)

  69. We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful responses to our offer. There are obviously many, many people out there wanting to live in the wilderness, each with their own motivations, ideas, plans, and destinations. We sincerely wish all of them the best of luck, and hope they find peace, prosperity, and abundance. We also want to thank those who have sent replies that have caused us to re-examine our beliefs, and explore different points of view. That’s always a good thing.
    Our intern program is essentially full at this point. We do have room for a couple of people later in the season, and we are also developing a backup list to replace anyone who doesn’t show up. So the offer is still open, however, for those wanting to join us, please contact us directly As the beginning of our season draws near, we will need to turn our attention, and time toward the actual task of preparing, training, learning and teaching in the field. This will limit the time that we can spend online. As such, this will likely be our last post on Infolific until perhaps next season, if we decide to extend the offer again next year. Also, for those interested in our project, rather than sending emails asking for “more information”, please send us a short paragraph about yourself, and what you are looking for, along with specific questions. We first posted on December 2, 2016, and feel that we have given a lot of info in our other posts. We want to encourage everyone to inquire, and promise to try to reply to every email. The re-wilding movement is small, but growing exponentially, and we encourage everyone to get involved and follow your dreams. In the end, we usually regret the things we didn’t do, rather than the things we did. Good luck to you all!
    Sally Oaks

    • Hey Sally, read your post from April 22nd 2017 at 10:00am. You mention some things very much of interest to me, show an openness to have people like me reply, respond. You mention reading all your other posts before simply replying to ask for more information. I would love to but I don't know where to find them nor where to look to find them. If you can please guide me to your web site or Facebook page or whatever you have I would love to read more. Then we can go from there. But from what I've read, as well as an inner voice, I feel compelled to contact you. I too am thinking deeply on leaving society and living free, its now a matter of when, where, and who with. But I feel the window is closing and the world is vastly moving toward chaos, war, and devastation. To which I want no parts of.

  70. There seems to be a paradigm shift of sorts into 'simple living', 'primitive skills', 'homesteading', etc. that has really taken off the past 5 to 10 years or so. Perhaps as we look into societal living and the increase of war, famine, crime, etc. the pull becomes more and more out of necessity.

    For me, It all began with nature. From the very beginning of time itself, there were no cities, and no urban life. As time progressed and mankind began stripping away nature from it's life to build large concrete prisons (which we work 50+ hours a week to pay for, therefore hardly there to enjoy them), all the while subjecting ourselves to some sort of alpha dog (the boss), and becoming 'sheeple' - thus embracing the herd mentality - doing what society says to 'fit in' the herd. All the while stripping this sacred Earth bone dry of what they call "resources" to collect as much "money" (a social construct we all buy into) as possible.
    We have been programmed from childhood to accept the illusion that the paper (made from the 'resource' of trees) and metal (also extracted from the Earth) has value and because of this, we can get stuff for that value.

    Yet, before this illusion, bartering was what made the world go round in communities! It bonded people in various communities, and even us loners. We could count on one another. We would meet each other's needs. It forges friendships. "Money" forges greed.

    I want to get back to nature. Back to the way the world was intended for us to live. Simply, with an honest days work, reaping what we sow. Building communities and friendships, educating one another by sharing our skills and talents with those we meet - and those in need.

    Respecting the Earth and Her wisdom, thriving on what she provides naturally. A real give and take system as intended.

    I myself am a 40 yr old married man in Eastern NC. I am from New England. I have spent many days in the woods of New England prior to my marriage. I spend as many as I can in the National Forests here. I long for the simple life. I am in the process of figuring out how to make the transition when I am married.

    In any case, feel free to email me if you wish to discuss this further. I would be honored to talk with other like minded individuals who are interested in the simple life. BlackfootBlakeman [@] or BlackfootBlakeman on FB (feel free to add me)

  71. WOW, i cant believe there is so many people currently wanting to escape to the wild. I was just looking for stories of anyone who has done it before. This is very cool. Im 22 almost 23 and have always loved being in the woods or nature more than anything. I was a boyscyott and love primitive camping. Has anyone actually went and lived off the land with just what they can carry? Did you bring a dog for a companion? Im from mn. email me if you want to chat. Oh yeah, and what do you think about WW3 happening soon? lol. GODSPEED

  72. I am 62 years now.
    At the age of 14 went out to the wilderness and lived for the first time was there four years, took a hatchet, knife, fishing line and hooks, Built a shelter out of cider branches, bark dirt and moss, a 6 foot by 10 foot shelter 15 feet from a year round creek that had up to 12 inch trout, killed one deer a year and also eat berries and dandelions.
    Went back to what is called civilization got married and raised a family, my youngest now is 40 my wife of 44 years is ready and we will be moving out into the wilderness in three months. (2 months 2 weeks and 4 day’s) but who’s counting.
    Over the years I have built destination shelters in the wilderness in the cascades and in true wilderness in Idaho and Montana, and have learned quite a bit.
    If you are not in a bug out situation you have no excuse for not being prepared,
    Seven years ago I started looking for a location to build a secluded location to prepare for a long term camp. We found the perfect location about four years ago.
    It is located in a valley witch you have to clime 800 feet to get in it, the valley runs for 7.75 miles and is a box canyon the clime at the other in is about 380 feet, the closes trails is about 8 miles away from any point of the valley, it is like a lost section of earth. The valley has elk deer and from what I have seen the occasional grizzly, mountain lion and typical small game.
    Location for shelter in in timber with large boulders around and a cave about 16 feet wide and 20 feet deep and a celling height of about 10 feet, we have dug back another 10 feet packed in logs and lumber to build walls a floor and support for the celling, even packed in glass and made a couple windows for front wall and built good thick door with heavy thick hinges to help keep the bears out.
    Over all the toughest part of taking off and living in the wilderness is food in the winter. In winter this can turn in to a quick life and death situation,
    First if you do not want to be found how you are going to prepare any meat you may acquirer and how are you going to keep from freezing are two good things to have figured out and in place.
    Over the last two years we have packed in supplies like food, clothing and supplies that we normally use and would run out of like toilet paper and such. We have stored enough pemmican to last 20 years along with dried fruits and vegetables, even broke down and purchased some freeze dried ice-cream. Dandelion is a great source of vitamins and minerals, over the last several years we have picked the flowers and leafs and dried them we have also dug dandelion root dried it and chopped it in to small pieces and ground some to use for tea and in soups, for sugar we have freeze dried honey.
    For heat and a cooking source we have installed a rocket mass heater absolutely no smoke the only way it can be traced is by heat seeking devises, and it gives up plenty of heat and a great cooking platform, and works with small branches instead of large piles of cut and split fire wood setting around for others to see a large pile of broken branches can be used. (a lot less work also)
    We have also stored away first add supplies; band ads aspirin and such, we also have games like u-no, skip boo, chess, playing cards and dice.
    And if you have any women with you, you should consider taking a few nick knacks with you small photos or such to hang or set around for her, it will give her comfort having them during the transition period.
    The thing is you can go live in the wilderness and get away from ways of the city life, and you can do it without all the uncertainty and vulnerability of just getting up and leaving one day.
    If you don’t want to be found, learn how to communicate quietly learn how to not leave a trail behind you, and learn to be content in silence.
    When we leave in three months we will have no need to come back to the city aging. We will drive out to end of dirt road put our packs on and take a three day hike to the valley clime the 800 feet and take another day to get to our camp, next day start catching and drying fish, in September October get an Elk and proses it to take us through the first winter, And from there just live.
    Hope this may help anyone looking to live in the wilderness for an extended time. Good luck to you all.

    • Hi everyone, I have been so surprised to discover on this sight how may people of all ages have had there eyes opened to how this world is operating upside down and desire not to be apart of it.

      I am interested in purchasing a gold mining claim up in the beautiful hills of California or Colorado where I can live isolated from this wicked society while at the same time having something to keep me busy mining gold and gem stones from the shallow streams.

      There are many claims for sale for under $ 3000.00 and once your purchase one you can can park your small camper or tent along side the river in the forest and live of the land a provisions you keep stored in the camper.

      If anyone feels like they would like to get away from society for a while and join me prospecting and enjoying nature at the same time feel free to drop me a line.

      God bless you and your family,


      • my husband and I are very interested. We have metal detected for many years in upstate NY, we love treasure hunting. We are ready to live off grid and would love to speak with you. My name is Kim and I am a nurse, my husbands name is Dean and he has been in construction/ roofer all his life. We currently live outside of Phoenix . AZ. Anxious to hear from you.

  73. I'm really astounded at how many people are planning or at least talking about doing this. And all comments are recent (2017). I, myself, am planning to take the leap next week, hopefully leave early morning Tuesday or Wednesday in the wee hours so i can start trekking by sunrise.

    I'm in the Colorado area and getting really tired of the way society is taking a turn for the worst. I'm tired of the stress of living ina society that cares and does nothing for itself but destroys itself.

    I'm not saying that there will not be stresses of living in the backcountry because it most definitely will but those stresses I'm welcoming. Tired of working hard for nothing not to have anything to show for it. I want my efforts to mean something.

    I don't quite know where I'm going I just know that I'm going wherever my expenses and fate lead me. I don't have a lot just enough to get there wherever there is. I'm a 29yr old male, straight, built like an ox, construction/handyman oriented, fisherman, with mediocre skills in hunting and gathering. But I am well prepared with axes, machete, knife, bow, tent until permenant shelter is built, and an emergency stash of food just incase food goes scare at any point in time.

    If there is anybody out there that think they could use someone with my set of skills and add on to it or learn togetheror wander until we find a suitable terrain or someone that already has a location in mind and is ready to escape modern day society as I am, then your companionship is most definitely welcome. We can meet up but my expenses are limited (state wise), depending where your located or trying to meet up.

    Here's my email: Thanks for taking the time to read this long rant and I look forward from hearing from you.

    • I'm a 21 year old female from NC. At the moment I am pregnant with my first child, the father isn't very interested in being involved mainly for opposing views when it comes to raising our child. I want a very natural birth and life for the two of us. I am now with my parents and have to move towards getting a car, a job, a home and all of the other societal standards when it comes to having a baby. It's all money and stress and life ending in my parents eyes. I love my child already and feel deeply connected to the life blooming inside of me. I have a vision of living among the trees and teaching my little one the patience of nature. I am a little concerned being a women & with child out in the woods. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is incredibly interesting, I am from a rural area in Massachusetts, there are hundreds of miles of wilderness to my north in Maine, Vermont, and Neh Hampshire and I have been contemplating possible venturing out for sometime. Of course I am only in high school so this would not be for a few more years but I am very intrigued and also looking to connect to my Native American Heritage and roots by returning to the wilderness, if you have any pointers that would be appreciated

      • Hi Marissa, your fellow freedom seeking survivalist here, just trying to give advice. I dont know how my advice can be taken especially when I haven't lived that life yet, but tomorrow I'll be leaving it all behind (society and all it materialistic things of so called value).

        But most definitely with a baby or without a baby you'll need to know how to build a SHELTER and weatherproof it with mud, moss, etc... YouTube's a big help on that.

        Get a book on WILD EDIBLES native to where you're seeking to live. Learn basic FISHING techniques for all varieties of fish and fishing (whether it be stream, river, lake, or ocean). YouTube's good for that too.

        Also bring WEAPONS(8in pocket knife, 15in knife, bow, crossbow or firearm, axe, and a pocket shovel). Learn how to TRAP game whether it's (deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, etc). Unless you plan to live off just plants and seafood.

        Last but not least learn how to determine drinkable WATER from not drinkable water and learn how to make it drinkable. Also learn how to build and control a FIRE. All can be learned via Youtube.

        Good luck on your journey and I hope that I can be of help.

        P.S. bring a first aid kit. Nothing worse than being in the field without an aid.

        This advice is for you also Brett an anyone else. I wish all my brothers and sisters a prosperous journey.

  74. Can't believe how much people feel this way, I've been wanting to do it for years and have slowly been acquiring supplies that I'll need. I am from Victoria, Australia and looking for people in the same boat. I am 24, I've worked on farms, traveled the east coast for 6 months, well read in bush craft and survival. If your keen email me

  75. I am getting everything in order to head to Alaska soon and start a new chapter in my life, away from all the crazy shit. I plan to create an off the grid lifestyle, and get back in touch with nature. I have a few ideas in mind to begin the journey and get things in motion and I thought It would be nice if I found some like-minded companion(s) that would be interested in doing the same. I am a 34 year old male, with all the skills needed to make it on my own. I made an attempt to meet up with someone I met on here last year, and he had me convinced he was as serious about going as I am. Long story short, he was a big dreamer, and in the end, he had me drive all the way to the Billingham, Washington sea port to meet up with him and he never showed up. It was so late in the year due to waiting on him, that there was no way possible for me to continue on alone, due to the fact that winter comes in fast in Alaska, and I would have never had enough time to prepare for winter. This time, I am heading out by the end of April, with or without a travel companion. If you decide to contact me, make sure this is really something you are passionate about. I don't have time for dreamers this year :) (actually, dreaming is where it all begins, but having the courage to follow your dreams is something else) Anyone looking into the same.. if you would like to share ideas, or talk about anything.. email me at

    • I'm taking supplies and going towards the west side of Montana to find my wilderness..I was just doing some research and say these posts...fantastic.

  76. I graduate high school soon and I've been considering living in the wild for a while and I'm not talking about a hobo lifestyle roaming the sides of highways or some people building a single house and still having traces of modern tech around, but full fledged wilderness living, you know, deep forest with Bow, Sword and axe lifestyle, find your own meals, build your own home type stuff, bring horses maybe idk. I just feel like I would live better out on my own, being I'm an introvert as it is, I rather be to myself, not saying I wouldn't mind having company out there, but the way today's society is set up, you know. I just feel like I could really be myself in a setting like that and not have to fit in and try to please anyone. I could go on for days about this, but who knows? Maybe one of you may actually consider this and tag along, I have no idea where, but I want it to be as isolated as possible, anywhere but west virginia lol. I've heard some things. If you are interested, shoot me an email,

    • I am a 28 male, also interested in moving somewhere was thinking Alaska, since it's a little easier to live up there free with out bother (or owning land) if interested, we can chat and possibly become "bush" roomies , I'm straight and trying to convince my girlfriend to go but she doesn't like the cold.
      I have a few firearms, camping gear, basic construction work, etc.
      reply if interested, I will check back every now and then. I'm also introvert and don't do well around more then 5-10 people, get too anxious.

      • I too am introvert...would love a wilderness exsperirnce. Hubby...I doubt. I didn't get indoor plumbing until age 9, I'm 50 now...

      • 26 years old here in 1 day, been looking for my wilderness way out for exactly 1 year come tomorrow...ended up with a job...supplied up and I'm ready to go further into the wilderness than I've ever gone before

  77. I'm a 51yo white male. I'm going to go live in the wilderness and I'm looking for a female to join me. I'm not running from anything, I don't have problems with drugs or alcohol, just tired of working for stuff that I don't need. I want a simpler life. I know that living in the wilderness will not be easy, but it will be fulfilling.
    Anyway, if there's anyone out there in the Chicagoland area that feels the same way, I would like to hear from you. Some camping experience would be helpful. I have my location picked out and I will pay all travel expenses.
    I'm planning on leaving late 2017 or early 2018.
    That's negotiable too, if you want to leave sooner.
    You you should live around the Chicagoland area so we can work together a little bit before heading out.
    If you're interested please contact me I look forward to hearing from you

    • Hello my name is Trena. I just read your message for S.O.S. ill be 49 in July. I have a bug out back pack ready to go. I hear people talking about the wilderness in my town ; but no one is making efforts to change that. No actions required i guess. Ive checked out other communities on line but would like to be more hidden away than in large numbers. Although im not in Chicago im interested in speaking with you if u are. I live in a small town near Terre Haute Indiana. If u have found someone to leave with just reply back and ill keep searching. I never leave my phone number but i am in this case. Because i too feel like leaving here by this fall no matter if i join up with a community. My number is 812 - 699-0738. Call if interested in speaking

      • Trena my name is Bill and I live in central az and am planning on heading out in the woods in the next week, I am same age as you and have books, gear, weapons and everything I need to survive in the Arizona wilderness plus was born and raised here and have an area all picked out along a river that runs year round filled with game and fish and winter won't be near as brutal as up north. Reply for more info.

  78. Hi my name's Sam and I'm 18. I'm from the U.K and closing in on completing my A-levels for a high end school. However I look around me and see all my peers choosing universities, aspiring to get a job and live the 9-5 lifestyle. I honestly just can't see myself doing this. I have already applied for university but when thinking about the kind if lifestyle I will be living I just dread later life. My wish has always been to move to Texas, specifically Austin, to earn myself a well paid job. However recently I saw the film 'Captain Fantastic' and was completely intrigued by the way their family was raised. I do not have many survival skills, but I have hunted before and enjoyed the experience. I just wanted to know If anyone would recommend trying to live in isolation for a period of time to think about life and living the primitive way. Any advise is welcomed!

    • If you really want to live primitively, look up Primitive Technology. It's a YouTube channel and blog that shows how to make huts, tools, kilns, and he is currently working on smelting. There is a Reddit page about it as well with a very helpful community that can answer more questions than I.

    • Im looking forward to this type of life and would love to share the experience with someone else cause 2 is better than 1 so please email me at if your in need of an companion to share your journeys with.

  79. Hey, i've posted here before but no response. I'm a 19 year old lad from near Manchester, UK. I'm going to live in the scottish highlands soon as a wilderman, and i'm just looking around to see if there is anyone else interested in tagging along, as 2 are better than 1. I'm not desperate for an acquaintance, if no one is interested i'll go alone.

    • Hey man, you've caught my interest when you said you were looking to live in the Scottish highlands, beautiful place. Like you said 2 are better than one and I'm definitely interested in tagging along. Should have an email shortly.

  80. My names Brett, I have posted on here a couple of times in regards too many of you who have contacted me over the years. I'm 26 out of Indiana and in a week I'll be in Washington, my goal for this site is to in hopes find that special someone being female that she's the same views and like-mindedness of wilderness living. It's a long shot I know but if there are any serious ladies out there that wish this kind of life and want to pursue it sooner than later feel free to message me. Upon receiving a message I'll send a pic just to ensure I'm real and you know what I look like from there we can talk however long it takes and see where things go from there. I'll be somewhere in the West Coast for those that are interested and I will always have my phone so staying in contact is not a problem. My life revolves around Wilderness living up to whatever I can carry in my one pack, not an easy life but it's a ful-filling one and peaceful. Skills are not necessarily required cuz I can easily teach that but a understanding and someone practice of what is to come. I don't necessarily need somebody but it makes life a lot happier and more meaningful to share it with somebody special, I'll stop talking now and see where this message goes hopefully I hear from some of you and hopefully this turns out to be a good thing thanks for the read y'all enjoy your day. On another note so u can get a better idea if wanted I have Facebook just ask in email. Thx:)

  81. Hello everyone :) I am very interested in doing this i am 25 living in tx if you have any help, tips or simple encouragement it is more than welcomed please email me. I am willing but i need to learn the skills and i dont know where to go next. thank you so much if you see this post and decide to message me. Patiently waiting <3

    • Hello. I'm Sean and in tx as well. When were you planning on doing this. I leave in just a few weeks. Spring is coming and I need to get ready. You can email me Claudia directly at I'm actually going to be with a very small group of about 5 in Missouri. They have their own land and garden. Let me know

    • I am Creek Indian living just south of the reservation here. The simple life of living in the wild has a strong pull that captures the hearts of many people but few can survive the danger that hangs over every moment and every decision of every day. There's no freedom, no rest, no escape from worry..There is only the fight. The fight of every waking moment just to survive. A infection, broken bone, wrong bite of the wrong plant, the heat , the cold, the humidity, bad water, good Water yesterday turned bad today due to dead animals or insects, animals that are good to eat in winter that are not good during warm months due to parasites (like rabbits or squirrels), evening​ something as simple as a thorn that gets infected or mosquito bite..All of it..ALL OF IT can kill you. Especially when your off the grid with no emergency contact. Most people who have survived even one year will tell you "if they are honest" that it was only luck that they survived at all. Now knowing all this, if you are still interested..By all means.. I wish you well. Any questions please email and I will help anyway I can. I just want people to go into it with their eyes open. Feel free to repost or share

      • i agree with you K-Fer from experience i know how easily an infection can start. all it takes is a little moisture in a boot and a scrape. thats the worst. i of course was lucky enough to have access to good treatment. aka drying out the infection. but not everyone is so lucky. you cant count on luck. you have to count on knowledge. you wont learn everything but research ahead of time can save your life. i was lucky because i knew where to go and how to get there. i cured then infection without so much as a pill or creme. no medication. just pure dry arid weather. and cleaning it keeping it dry.

      • Thank you so much for being honest here. Me and my husband are on our late 30th and we have been talking about living in the wilderness. We just wanted to live a simple life without worrying about bills and taxes. But after reading your comment, we are thinking of sticking to our camping trips for now instead of living out in the wild. Thanks again!

        • Ni luh kadek ari astiti Harris,

          You are very welcome. Most feel the pull but in reality most either are to rushed or worse, never take the time to do enough or any study to prepare themselves and they wind up in a bad spot. I was raised on the reservation (Red Porch Creek Indian here) and even after being taught by my grandfather for all my life, I still would pause over staying in the wild for any long period of time. When people say all you need is shelter, water, and food..that so simplified that it's actually stupid. It would be like after hearing you say that you like the moon, me replying that all you need is a Saturn Rocket. Simple things in the wild kill..water that was good yesterday being bad today..or protein poison from trying to live off rabbits..or the large worm parasites that is epidemic in small mammals cat size to squirrel size but only during warm summer months..infections. ..mosquitos with diseases like malaria abd typhus. .oh and I can only imagine the special problems that come with the female physique. .I have been taught and have survived in the wild before but even I have to admit there were days even I went hungry and gotten sick..I actually refuse to even call it the wilderness as that nomenclature like some mental mirage causes people to see the adventure absent the full its not a wilderness that awaits to embrace you, it's ALWAYS the WILD that cautiously and is relentlessly trying to kill you. If my rantings help keep just one person from a death then it's worth any ridicule anyone here can dish out. Please keep enjoying your camping trips and I am as close as email for any questions or even advice to those determined to go anyway. Thank you and I hope everyone a wonderful and safe evening.

      • Damn skippy there buddy! When I was a little younger, I got conned into moving to Key West for a job. They said there was a place for me I'd make a lot of money...yada. NONE of it was true. I literally had to buy a small used sailboat and live on that till I saved enough money to get out of there. It is a whole lot like living out in the woods except there is water everywhere, and it's HOT. Something was ALWAYS trying to kill me too. I read these posts and notice there are a lot of them saying they are going..99.99% will not be out there long.

      • I agree with everything you have said. No matter how much you tube you watch it will always be a grind just to survive. I mean look at all the woodsmen that are on Alone and don't make it. Go on Alone see if you can make the nite will give you an idea.
        At least get a satellite phone.

        Although you mentioned 99% would be back in a year I think up to 10% might lose their lives. Thanks

      • I agree 100% K-fer. Professional hunters, trappers and many other experts with vast experience sometimes barely survive. But to those who dream of it, educate yourself from experts and people who have lived it , prepare as much as possible for your particular plan and GO FOR IT ! Get it out of your system ! Endless people have actually made it happen and more than not will be quick to admit, it eventually turned out to be almost the opposite from what they expected, myself included. I am more of a loner than a people person and love nature but learned from experience that long term zeo contact with other humans by itself can evolve into serious psychological problems. With group expeditions, no better, no one stayed and people left on a fairly regular basis. PLEASE! Keep one thing in mind, Mother Nature has no mercy whatsoever on the naive or unprepared. Too many learn this the hard way. The ones who live to learn from it that is. I only encourage trying it. I assure you it will not take months and months to realize if it is not for you, solo, pair, group or whatever. Some (very few) thrive yet will quickly admit the hardship. Unfortunately, most do not thrive and when reality sets in, they don't as much give up but more accurately they realize it's something they just fantasized about and thought they wanted. Living it and daydreaming about it is as different as night and day.

    • Claudia, We still have a couple of openings for our intern/volunteer program this season. we definitely support your desire to live a primitive life. We think its very important to learn the skills before venturing out though. email us if you're interested in learning more. Also, anyone else interested in learning skills with us, please contact us!
      Age, gender, race, unimportant.

      • Hi my name is Nathan. I live in rural North Georgia and have my whole life. I'm mentally and physically tough. I have the survival tools, the will, determination, skills, and most importantly the heart, to do this. I've been in the HVAC business for over 20 years, I'm currently a service technician but I'm sick as hell of the rat race! Tired of bring a corporate slave...I wanna find myself, and God, and the meaning of life. I love the outdoors...hunting, fishing, and sleeping under the stars, I know all the constellations...if this is a real deal please send me some info...I grew up on 40 acres in Waleska Ga, and I once spent time living in a tent near Ellijay, Carters Lake, Doll Mountain area, at the time it was due to unfortunate events and circumstances, but many years ago me and a friend of mine survived there for 6 months, now I miss those days, that at the time I thought was a low point in my life...I'm a Libra and very intuitive, s good judge of character, and an old soul, i play guitar, and just wanna get away from the grind, I'm tired of killing myself just to pay back into our corrupt system...

      • What kind of volunteer program have you got going Sally? and where might it be located? Curious :)

    • Hello Claudia,

      Where would you want to live? What part of the country?

    • Claudia, I live in North Texas. I've been practicing primitive skills for years. I'm looking for someone that has similar interest. Contact me at

    • Hello Claudia, My name is Tony. Without going into to much of the past life, that I hate so much, I just want to say, that I want out of this society. I just want to see the beauty that I know is out there in this world that God has created. I want to smell the freshness of the air. I need to breath un-disturbed air. I need the stillness of the earth, the way it was, before all peace was taken from the earth.I wish for a season of happiness and naturalness. I wish for a peace that I am un- able to find in this rotten society. If it could be, even only for a few years, then I believe that I could really know what it is like to live a life in harmony with God and nature. I don't need a sex buddy. I'm so done with that. If you are a true seeker of peace and harmony, well, I would like to be a part of your journey. Even if you team up with another person I could be there to help you guys in many ways.

    • Claudia call five,one,eight,six,zero,five,six,one,four,six where we can talk about off grid living,

    • Dear Claudia,
      If you are still in Texas and interested in learning how to raise organic food and be more self-sufficient we can help.
      My email is .
      As my email implies, we have and plan on raising food with horses.
      We are non-smokers and don't do marijuana or other drugs.
      Blessings in your search,
      Katy in Texas

  82. Hi,

    I am 25 going on 26 Indian female.

    I want to live in the wilderness.

    However I am worried I am too weak to protect myself from animals. I live in UK we are not allowed guns.

    We cannot live anywhere without paying council tax.

    It is illegal to kill animals or create fire in UK.

    How can I get off the grid?

    I know few skills such as sewing, herbal medicine, I know how to cook majority of foods, I have some knowledge how to grow plants.

    • Hi Jas, please contact us at We know of a few places in UK that offer off grid living situations and even some training. We think training is important before attempting to live in the wilderness. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

      • Big question from me , where can you go and live off the grid without being bothered by Law , or run off

        • Ed, We mentioned this before, and Sean also said it recently, that there are "intentional communities", similar to ours, that allow people to live on the land. They are usually off-grid, grow organically and provide for themselves sustainably.
          Look up "intentional communities" online, there are lots of them.
          Good luck!

        • There's nowhere to go... you have to become a guerrilla survivalist. It can be done. I have done it and still doing it in the deep woods of the western US.

        • It can be done, I have a place to go just waiting for the right female from the Chicagoland area to contact me. All travel expenses will be paid and no real experience is necessary, just a true desire to live in the wilderness. I'm looking to leave late 2017 or early 2018. Feel free to contact me.

    • Hi Jas-

      37 year old male, live in the U.S. Feel free to contact me at if you want to chat about tips/ideas.

    • Hi Jas

      I have been googling a lot about off grid living lately I'm also in England 27yr old female. I live with my partner of 9yrs and I'd love to live in the wild but I don't think he would cope doing it full time although we both have a lot of useful skills I think in the UK we'd need a bit of money behind us to but some land with a dense woodland border and set up home in the middle so that nobody can see what's going on from the outside. I think it'd be hard to live full on wild in England but living off grid on your own land could definitely be possible. As for protecting yourself from animals that's not exactly a problem in England as we have no large predators. You'd easily get away with fire (I've wild camped over England and Wales and never had an issue with a small fire). You can also find food by following country roads and collecting road kill. Maybe we should team up and start a tiny wild community? My only main issue wod be collecting enough to feed my animals as I keep a lot of interesting creatures. I'd love to hear from you. Give me an email , Emma

      • So it's a no-go on hunting rifles in the UK??

    • Hey Jas

      The UK isn't really home to any big predators, in fact the biggest predator we have is badgers, so that shouldn't really be a problem, although i would recommend making sure you have protected our food from foxes or deer.

      As for getting yourself "off the grid" will be a bit harder, seeing as the UK isn't really he to huge forest like in other places such as north america and Europe. The biggest forest i the UK is Galloway Forest Park in Scotland. But what i would recommend is to go to a forest or any place where there aren't that many people and just walk until you are surrounded by trees and see no sign of any humans.

      Not getting found is key,as you may end up in prison for not paying taxes. Being able to cook meats and having a knowledge of what plants are edible an whats not will also be essential, having the right gear will be too, you would need an axe and a knife.

      But the most important thing is to do your research, needing to know what clothes you need to stay warm as well and a knowledge of how to build shelters and protect yourself from the rain and cold weather. Remember, out in the wild its just you looking after yourself.

      reasearch is key to survival

      hope this goes well for you jas

    • We are musicians in our 20s in cali going to live in the wild to record an album for a couple months, we are all about community living and learning, feel free to join us if you so wish! :) 8123229920

    • Jas, call me. My name is Tony. I live in Nevada. In the United States. 775-304-5592

    • Hey Jas,

      I live in the UK too and have often thought of selling up and moving to somewhere remote.

      The whole idea needs planning & training to survive comfortably.

      I think most people would want a companion to go do it with too and finding someone who's willing and able is probably the hardest thing, and this can be what puts most people off.

      If you're serious about it, drop me a message to discuss further.
      I think a lot of people go into these things with rose tinted glasses..
      It takes planning, training and total commitment.


  83. 37 year old white guy here, looking to genuinely disappear into the wilderness. I currently live in central Florida. I have been an avid outdoorsman my whole life. I spend 9 years in the Army, and was lucky enough to take several of the survival and tracking military courses. I am able to hunt, trap, fish, build primitive shelters, start fire, etc. I also have 2 advanced science degrees and a good job, but it doesn't provide true fulfillment. I have looked into different areas to do this, and unfortunately the number of places around the country to actually do this continues to decrease. There are a few places in the Carolinas and West Virginia where it is still possible and can work with climate, hunting, wild edibles, etc. I have all the gear I would want to get started, which I can go into detail on later. But basically I am looking for a female partner that would be interested in deciding on a location, driving there together, and heading out to the wilderness with only what we can carry on us. From there it would just be living truly and completely off the land. I don't have any family or ties that I need to break from. I'm looking to honestly disappear, away from prying eyes of government, taxes, tracking of any type. If you are interested, serious, and wanting to do this soon (not just curious or thinking about doing it in a year or two), please reach out to me! My email is

    • Ladies this guy is lying, stringing people along, and not serious about leaving. Dudes, I'm sure he won't even talk to you. He doesn't want to help. He wants to just get people's hopes up.

  84. Hi all,

    I last visited here last year with plans to leave and head into the woods, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was put on hold. Now I'm back to try this again.

    I am 46 yo wm, single, and have decided I would like to find an area in the sw corner of VA, NC, and TN border. Somewhere in that area. I'm not looking to buy land, just go from point to point every month or so. And when winter time is closing in, that's when I build a shelter for those months, then in spring, do it all over. I figure somewhere down the line, I will find a suitable spot to stop and build.

    Now, before you wonder.... No, I am not homeless, I am employed full time, and have everything I need to live day to day. Buuuuut, I'm not happy. I know deep inside, I belong in the woods. It's a calling that I get from the forest(those of you that have been there, know the calling).

    I dread getting up each day, and having to trudge into work, just to make the money to pay the bills. I think it is stupid, working 40 or more hours a week, just to have to pay to have light, water, and so forth. And then wondering if I'm going to survive on what I got left until next payday.

    So, as I said, the woods have been calling out to me, and I am prepared to answer the call. My plan is to head to the area I listed above around April 1st, but I am thinking of hiking along the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to that location. Its about a 300 or so mile hike(give or take), and it would take about a month to reach that area.

    I have a good bit of woods experience(wont say I am a pro, cause I'm not). Navigation, fishing, building a shelter, hunting small game, and other minor things. I am always open to learning new things.

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 people who might be interested in joining me. Male or female, any age(legal), any experience level(you'll learn as you go), and no one who is wanted, or have any issues with law enforcement.

    If you're interested, drop me a line,

    Please put "off the grid" in the header, so I know you're not spam. Thanks

    • I am ready to go off the god I'm 39 a veteran full of love of nature and life. I simply have a calling to do this as a young boy I literally lived in the woods as long as my parents allowed, I have much to offer and would love to join a group or build a small or large community. Nothing but love here I'm a good man with skills and love of nature have some tools a 50 cal rifle and ready to go. Email me at ?????

    • I'm from the Chicago area, 51yo male. I will be heading into a warm area for my journey into the wilderness. I am looking for a FEMALE around my age to join me. I will pay all expenses to get us out there. We will need meet and do some wilderness camping this summer to prepare and to make sure we are compatible. I'm planning on leaving mid 2018. I will also be flying out to my final destination once or twice before hand just to check it out. If you're interested you can email me directly

    • So I was seriously going to go off grid and just move into the wild. Every day would be a genuine struggle. Watch naked and afraid. Pretty accurate at what you would be looking at. Add some clothes and a tent. Food isn't as easy to get as just picking herring or fishing. When was the last time you found enough berries or plants to survive off of when you went camping. Bring a gun you will be found. Can you make a bow by hand? Bc the one you buy at the store won't last long in the elements. Can you make straight arrows? A good spear? Hunt a deer on foot? Make your own fishing line? Thing is. Just before I left and I mean just before I looked up communities. People living off grid using solar power and wind. They catch rain water from their roofs. Grow their own food. They are established. Look some up. They are called intentional communities. Find one that will accept you. You will live of grid. Work for your food because most share meals and work. You will have friends. Make new family. And survive. Think hippies except hard working and extremely smart people who just didn't want to live in main stream society. Intentional communities. Look it up. There are more then you thing.

    • Wow i read this a while back. and now i see the posts. i thought i was insane for dreaming of this. but this is the lifestyle i dream of. i am constantly searching for legal ways to live off of such land that i can biuld myself a shelter that doesnt have to be what the state or city requires. as often times there are better structural designs. but any recommendations on the legal standpoint. i know how to live off the land. not to trap or hunt. but to fish no problem. as well as preping the fish. i know how to grow crops naturally and of course i have biult wood structures before. i am an unsuccessful dreamer. only 22 but i hate my current lifestyle as it seems to be pointless and not even for my own benefit but just a life style of busting my butt to pay bills i dont need. i volunteered on a homestead abroad breifly before health condition popped up. (apparently gashes should be taken more seriously in wet areas. ) i dream of living off the land and living life to the fullest. this isnt our parents world any more living the dream is not possible with a 9-5 job. youll just live wanting more. i also have a gaming addiction. of course i hate it...but when i was living on the homestead i was never happier then that time. no need for the internet. or games. i was so happy and every day i do more and more research to find a solution to my dream. any advice.

    • Raymond,
      My name is Chris, I am 48 and thinking of doing something similar in 4 years, when my youngest daughter is out of highschool. I was thinking of hiking the A T South from Pennsylvania and living in the open parts of the country from there on out.

  85. Hello. I have been in the wilderness for the last 9 months.
    Living on only things I have gotten from the earth. I didnt go
    to any stores and I never got sick or hungry. The only thing
    you will regret is not having a companion.......

    I have spent my live living with nature living primitively.
    Is anyone wanting to go back with me?........
    I will teach you Everything you need to know and much more.

    Also I have a couple of properties
    to do something on that are very remote and paid for.....
    If you are serious and want to leave the all mighty dollar now not
    later then reply with your email and I will write you back
    immediately. All you need to bring is your Will and Desire
    to leave social (crookitivity) and political (crookedness)......

    I just Love nature, im not running from anything. (So dont respond
    if your wanted by the law or want to grow drugs). You would
    be surprised the people wanting me to take them to the
    forest and hide them. I want someone with no issues please....

    You will be under my wing until you have the knowledge that I
    do and then you can chime in on big decisions.......

    Who is sitting in the city wanting to drop everything and go?...

    • I am thinking about living in the wild. I am retiring from the Army in 4 months and with all the problems with my marriages, my finance sucks along with my credit scores. I know I wont be approved for a house or even get a good job so I just want to retire and live off of my retirement pay. Do you have any property in washington state that
      you want to rent out?

      • Hey Richard I was thinking about trying to start a place. Just wanted to get a group together pool all our resources and maybe buy a place or just some land and live off it

        • It's just me ,my husband and my dog . I'm 19, he's 21 , and my dog is a small daschund puppy . We desperately want to go off grid and get out of the rat race . My husband has carpentry skills as we'll as hunting and fishing .an I would love to have a garden and grow food and help wherever I can . The only thing stopping us is that we can't afford land , but we can pay rent on a small peice of land we only need enough space to make a small shelter /house and garden . We live In muskogee , Oklahoma.

      • I'm in Oregon and 51 Yr. Female I have built a tiny house on wheels and want to live off grid looking for somewhere away from the city now to just be able to live. I have camped alone (with my dog) in the woods for several weeks at a time. Couple months was the longest. I love being in the woods and can't stand the city anymore. I'm also interested in finding some land to form a small community eventually. Any suggestions on where I can go and not be bothered for a while? Somewhere in Oregon or switch Washington?

    • This something I have seriously considered but I have my wife would that be a problem. we also have an income in the case of needing some supplies. It is my monthly income. but I know you said we would need nothing but I am always in a place to do extra.

      • Jeffery Higginbotham, We'd like to chat with you. Please contact us at

    • I have always dreamed of just getting out. I feel my life is more than just sitting in a cubical and paying bills. I would love the chance to just walk off into the sunset.

    • I would like to talk with you more about this . I am ready for this please get back to me as soon as you can thank you .

    • Hey, have you found anyone to go with you?

    • I'm ready to go to the woods. 51 year old woman with a tinyhouse I have built in Oregon. I've spent a lot of time in the woods alone the last few years in a tent and spent most of my childhood camping, hunting and fishing in Oregon and Washington. I just need somewhere remote to go with my off grid tiny house. Can't take the city anymore. Please help I just want to live simple away from society.

      • Hi Carolyn ! Could you email me about some more of your experience? I think it's awesome. I'm a Jeweler and beekeeper among other things. I want. To do this with my girl for a year or two all throughout the u.s.. I love oregon !

        • Wow i never knew there where so many people who wanted to live off the grid. Makes me feel more comfortable about my decision to live off the grid. Im a male from NC looinking for a partner or group to explore, travel, and live of the grid with. No im not in any trouble with the law just a man who want to have freedom and live in peace

    • Very interested, so tired of corporate America. Spent 20 years in the Army believing I was defending democracy when in reality I was serving the whims of contractors and politicians. I have to get out, I have always loved being in the woods and spend as much time as I can there. I also admire and envy those who have made a break. I am not in any trouble or ever have been just cannot stand the noise anymore. If nothing else I would love to at least talk with someone who feels the same way I do. Thank you.

      Todd J. Miller

      • Dear Last Chance to Get Out,
        I answered you last night but my post was eliminated. I just emailed you and your email is no longer valid. I guess you may have gone to the wilderness already.
        I am a Texas master gardener. My hubby and I have farmed and ranched organically since 1992. We have Alpine and Saanen dairy goats, chickens, horse farming equipment and horses.
        We know of available land without restrictions by the Texas coast good for fishing, hunting and growing vegetables, herbs and fruit.
        We don't want to grow drugs and have no legal issues.
        To the moderator, I am typing this on an Iphone? 1 letter at a time. If you plan on eliminating my post again, please let me know why since I do not use any foul language or insult anyone. I don't know your community rules but surely they are like every other website's rules.
        Thank you, each and every one.

      • Dear Todd J. Miller,
        I noticed you said you cannot stand the noise any more. Would the sounds made by goats, chickens, ducks , sheep, horses and wild birds bother you?
        We live in central Texas on a friend's ranch and have some acreage of our own by a large lake. However, we are thinking about buying some land in a trust on a 51 mile ranch on Matagorda peninsula.
        No restrictions on what you can build (or not build) . There are about 50 families or individuals there already. Most people buy there for fishing and hunting.
        I am a Texas master gardener. We hope to raise organic food for those who are there and market any extra.
        We are non-smokers and do not want to grow drugs. We have horse-farming equipment and horses. My husband can design and build almost anything.
        If this interests you at all , my personal email is .

    • Hi!
      We are not living in the city but are living on a friend's ranch, taking care of their animals. We have dairy goats, chickens, horse-farming equipment and horses. We are in central Texas but are thinking of getting land on the Matagorda Peninsula. There is 51 miles of ranch there with no property restrictions. The land is in a family trust. They run cows 6 months a year to keep the tax exemption.Mostly hunters and fishermen have bought there, maybe 50 families in 51 miles.

    • Dear Last Chance to Get Out,
      I answered you last night but my post was eliminated. I just emailed you and your email is no longer valid. I guess you may have gone to the wilderness already.
      I am a Texas master gardener. My hubby and I have farmed and ranched organically since 1992. We have Alpine and Saanen dairy goats, chickens, horse farming equipment and horses.
      We know of available land without restrictions by the Texas coast good for fishing, hunting and growing vegetables, herbs and fruit.
      We don't want to grow drugs and have no legal issues.
      To the moderator, I am typing this on an Iphone? 1 letter at a time. If you plan on eliminating my post again, please let me know why since I do not use any foul language or insult anyone. I don't know your community rules but surely they are like every other website's rules.
      Thank you, each and every one.

    • This way of life has been my dream since a teen. I used to study survival and travel to the Rockies frequently. I gave up that dream to marry and have a child. I am now 45, and my child is grown. I have always assumed my dream would not become reality. But time does tell all. I am looking for someone who can teach me how to live self sufficiently. I am not looking to be a free roamer forever but if that is the best way to begin then I will do what's needed. I am not running from anything including the law. No addictions. No political or end of the world adgendas. Just my dream. If you feel this might work and are interested then please contact me.

      • Hi Christine H, We may be able to help you. please contact us at we still have a couple of openings here in our program. look forward to chatting with you!

  86. Hi I'm a 57 y.o. male preping for wilderness living. If there are any like minded females around my age who wish to talk about this and perhaps plan together I'm ready to listen to what you have to say. I'm open to discussion from anyone on this subject.


  87. Hello ^_^ I'm a 22 year old male, musician, living in a golden cage. I'm currently acquiring all of the gear/equipment I'll need for my journey. The call of the wild is too loud to ignore any longer. I work in a casino and all I see 5 days out of the week is pure greed, gluttony. It saddens me so.. We are not meant to live our lives working for the benefits of others to stay one step ahead of you at all times. Working the most pristine years of your life just to get that big check of yours when it's already practically too late for you to do all that you'd aspired. However, there's only one issue that roots me..WHERE?! (I live in Iowa) but of course wouldn't mind going ANYWHERE, I need to wake up and go to bed admiring the beauty and comfort of everything around me. I just want to lay in a hammock, walk through the creek, be at peace with everything, especially myself. If you're reading this far though, there's one thing to know about me. I will NOT kill another being for my own survival, I believe that it's a load of bullshit and I CAN and WILL prove that it will suffice for me. I think the Stegosaurus set a rather fine example. That's only one of many though. If by some incredible chance, you happen to own a plot of land, and are willing to let me survive and coexist, please feel free to get a hold of me so we could talk more. I'm immensely laid back, respectful, and would never do anything to cause anger or harm to anything. I just want to be truly happy. I plan to bring a huge assortment of seeds to start a beautiful garden to help me out substantially with food. My lease is up at the end of May (a few days after my Birthday) and it's either renew it for another year (required minimum here) or I do something that has been in my soul since I was a child. Please don't make me renew my lease :'( Hahah, but honestly, thank you for reading this. I'm so surprised to have stumbled upon this page to see others actually reaching out and gaining that extra help that they needed. So here I am! I figure it must be worth a shot! =D I'll be here ^^

  88. I'm 52 male and I'm from Ohio. I'm leaving for southeast Alaska in July on my cabin boat and I need a lady to share this life with. Easier said than done. Interested? . Message me. Robb.allen.56 on face book

  89. Hi, I'm Robb, 52, finishing a cabin boat and leaving in july for southeast Alaska. Im looking for a like minded lady to fall in love with and share the adventure. On Facebook I'm robb.allen.56
    Let's get to know each other!!

  90. Recap/update;
    We wanted to recap/update everyone on this site regarding our ongoing offer for a few select people to join us at our homestead this season. We are still interested in hearing from those who are frustrated with modern civilization and truly want to work toward a more natural, simple, non domesticated lifestyle. This intern/volunteer offer involves staying for a predetermined period of time, to learn all aspects of the sustainable homesteading lifestyle, including farming, gardening, perma-culture food forests, raising livestock, hunting, fishing, skinning, tanning, primitive fire starting skills, herbal tradition, off grid, building construction, pottery, composting, food processing and preservation, and so much more. There is also a possibility of involvement with a small primitive, non-hierarchical, egalitarian tribe, located in the area. We are open to talking with anyone who might be interested regardless of age, race, gender, etc.
    We are located in the PNW at 4500-4800 feet elevation. We have 100 acres of land to work with, and other acreage nearby, as well as thousands of acres of public land. There are fruit orchards, gardens, fishing/swimming ponds, greenhouses, open land and wooded areas, with abundant resources.
    There are normally a lot of rules, lawyers, and contracts involved in this kind of project. We may be sticking our necks out, but still feel that we should be able to work with people without those things. You would not be paid, or charged for your involvement here. We try to practice unconditional gifting whenever possible, and money doesn’t play a big role in our daily lives. As an intern you could come here and stay for a pre-determined time. If it worked out, you could be invited to stay longer, and eventually become a permanent member here. You may leave at any time, for any reason, or no reason, likewise, you could also be asked to leave for any reason. If you are one of those special people that really wants a primitive tribal life, then that is also a future possiblity.
    We are non-religious, non-political, non-judgmental, respectful, and open minded. We do have spiritual beliefs, but they center around celebration, rather than worship, and are not necessarily part of the project.
    UPDATE; We have had a tremendous response to our offer, and we would like to thank everyone who has contacted us. We are still open to anyone that is interested in joining us. For your information, the responses so far, have been 80% male, 15% female, and 5% couples. We would like our team to be as balanced as possible, and would like to encourage women of all ages to contact us. This is a safe place to get away from modern society and re-establish a connection with nature. If you are feeling that you don’t belong in this industrial based civilization, are somewhat out of place or time, and want to explore the possibility of a simple, natural, powerful lifestyle, then please contact us privately at its going to be a great season here and we are looking forward to getting to know everyone! If you have any questions please contact us!

    • If I wanted to do this how and where would I go about this?

    • hey y'all I'm Dean male 57 and I want to get off the grid real bad. I have no legal problems to hide from. just an overwhelming desire to live free like my native american ancestors. learning the land learning myself putting my skills to the test. I have hunted,fished,camped and made my way through the woods most of my life. I would love to be in your group for as long as you will have me. my one question for now would be can my dog come with me.She is my only companion and must go where I go. Finding a like minded woman to shear this life with has failed me miserably. But for what ever the reason I still hope for that special someone.

      • Where are you located Dean? I'm in Oregon trying to find somewhere in Oregon to live that is away from the city and not regulated or whatever you want to call it by the forest service. I'm just done with the rat race and just want to live.

  91. .....making my brain ache, please stop planning........actually DO.......
    No planning is available, as it won't matter....just......DO!

    • yes found my people but i would like to go to alaska but open to any where. i too a sick of this bullshit usa and am ready to go away i want someone else to go because that would double the survival rate 1=50% 2+100% lol i can be an asset to someone. not a lot om money but i got some skills

    • I have been in and out of this site just reading others like minded and experiences. I just want the simple life. NOT easy, but simple. I have no planns, No set destination, one other in the group. Live free. Not buying land, don't have any excuses or regrets. I am simply packing my bag(one) and going for it again long term this time. This is the way out and it's now! Once I find two or three more like minded, interested, easy going and friendly ppl, is when I leave. I am simply just building up money for the trip out and emergency money.... cuz u never no and it weights nothing. But if ur interested I would love to hear from you. I'm a 26 y.o. male from Indiana. Going back west, traversing back and forth to locations according to seasons or game. I'm not going to rant about how much I know, in shape I am, or the best gear.... I am a average person looking to change my life to how I wish and go back to loving it again. There r probably way more skilled or well off ppl out there then me but I no I have the drive to see this through and thats all it really requires and in time, time will teach you the rest.

      • I am from Utah and after the same dreams and goals. If you would like I'd want to go on your wilderness adventure. I know the perfect place go. Look up boulder mountains in UTAH.

      • Hi Brett,

        I am very interested in joining you on this adventure. Like you I wan't out of this society, to live a free and simple life. I've been on the fence about this for a while now and just didn't know how to get started on my own. I'm a 28 y.o. male currently living in Kansas. Email me at if interested of me joining your group.

      • Hi Brett,

        I have wanting to do this for a while now. I kinda did this when I was a child going out for weeks at a time but haven't done it in many years and forgot many trapping ways. I am a 26 y.o. male living in Ohio and wanting to be part of your group. I am looking to leave sooner than later.

        • Hi Brett,

          I have wanting to do this for a while now. I kinda did this when I was a child going out for weeks at a time but haven't done it in many years and forgot many trapping ways. I am a 26 y.o. male living in Ohio and wanting to be part of your group. I am looking to leave sooner than later. My email is

      • Heyy!
        I'm the same age as you and we definitely think alike! I thought I was the only spiritual one out there who's this young but I guess I was wrong. I too wanna just leave and go somewhere but I don't think I'm ready just yet. But it would be nice to connect with u and follow your journey!


        • Sure, love to update and show others the life to an extent that are curious. Anyway I can help ppl understand and see that it's not impossible.

      • Yo im a 23 year old male in the same situation man. Been camping and fishing my entire life. Comfortable with firearms. Skilled and intelligent. I have a pretty solid plan as to where i am going. Like you said it will consist of a few different travel locations following growing seasons and game. As of now i am going on my own. Like you i have been on this site off and on reading peoples storys, a group clearly has its advantages. If you would like to talk you can email me at

    • Hi I am 19 male I live in MI want a life in the woods. I don't want to be alone forever just live a good life with some good people girls and guys. I know how to hunt and survive I would like to bring guns and tools to survive would like to here from people!! Txt me 5172959541

    • I'm a 20 year old male looking for people who want to drop everything and leave society and move to the mountains maybe Alaska. Any size group, any gender, any race. Looking at leaving in March or April time frame depending on group. Let me know

      • I be really interested. Would be down to do this. Still wanna gather some supplies and learn a few more thing too. If you haven't left yet

    • Hey Everyone,

      I'm 27-M in the Pacific Southwest, Although I've lived in the Midwest and the Mountainous areas

      I've been studying wilderness survival with true preparations to go full wild pretty much ASAP

      The main thing I'm looking for right now is: Where is the best place to do it here in the USA?!!

      There are so many National Parks and Forests and everything everywhere

      I have a car and will travel, and I'm looking for the right place with plenty of lush vegetation, water that is clean and will stay that way, hopefully a place that doesn't get too cold in the winter (humans are naturally tropical creatures, and without cold weather your pack can be lighter), and with plenty of game and fish to catch as well!

      There's gotta be some place that's just "The Best" Place to do this

      I've been traveling all around the country, and it's time to get to the right place and live self-sufficiently

      There's gotta be a place that's excellent for this sort of lifestyle!

      Also open to groups - females included

      Email me at

  92. Hello
    My name is Christian (23 years old) and living in Denmark.
    I always wanted to live in the nature because modern society is too materialistic and too stressful.
    USA and Canada have some of the most beautiful nature in the world and my dream is to live in this beautiful area.
    It would be nice to live with some other like minded people.

    My email is:

    Christian T.S

  93. Hello, i'm a 20 year old male from England. I am going to reinvent my life in the wild. I am looking for tips, tricks, information and even companions. Please help, any information or advice is greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.

  94. Who wants to go to the Wilderness Now? Right now. I have been doing this all of my life, it is time to go for good now. Who is with me? We have skills and human instincts. All we need now is to do it. No dreamers only Do'ers. Grab a bag and lets meet in the Southwest. If getting away from society and getting into nature and adventure is what you want I will take you all now. Contact me if your ready to go.

    • Hey guy! That's my email address you posted there! Please fix your shit so I stop getting emails from all these lost souls who's wish is to run as far and fast away from society as possible. That's not my bag bro!
      I'm the real person with this email address ( I would appreciate it if the emails stopped. Thank you!

      • You can unsubscribe at any time there is an option in every email.

        • Hello Izebo. I'm looking to leave very soon. Please email me at shansen782020@gmail if you are interested in going or know of any place to go. I'm thinking Idaho River of no Return area.

  95. I have posted a few times on here. Some post are awesome and heartfelt. Some are chasing a dream. I am just being honest as I am. So I am posting a little update. I am seeking a person like minded that is a female that would love to join in on this kind of life. Your more than welcome to email me at the email below. I'll be ready to go soon. Thanks.

    • In about 2 weeks I will be leaving Texas and taking off for the great unknown. Found out gf was cheating, work is a joke, as I am a underwater welder and due to BP oil spill and the moretorem, there is no work! I am around the age of 35 and since age 5 - the " justice" system has been anything but just, I have no reason to stay anymore. As well as everything else crapping on me- I simply am fed up! I will be tossing my ID,cell phone, laptop, etc into the nearest creek after smashing it with a hammer. No contact with the outside world, do not recusitate me, . I have everything I need and if I don't- god will provide..If interested in joining me you can reach me at but hurry as I will be deleting that soon as well! Unless a miracle from god happens this is my plan.Id leave my cell number but that was stolen and I refuse to even get a SIM card for an old phone as that's a waste of my limited funds.

      • Good luck. But there is no god. What you accomplish will be your own.

  96. I'm a 20 year old male in Southwest Missouri. I'm considering leaving society not because I utterly dislike it but I'm about out of options and don't really have much of a reason to stay where I am. I intend to rough it for several months to several years depending on my adjustment. I grew up on a farm and out in the woods and all of my family is very familiar with hunting/survival but I admit it's been quite some time since I have been in the outdoors. So in short, I want to sell some things off and try living outside for the time being to break free from the modern weights I find myself carrying. If anyone wants to meet up in the Ozarks or in Missouri in the next couple months I'd be happy to buddy up over the winter; possibly through 2017. And of course it doesn't matter if you're male or female or older but I will probably be relying on you for information at the start.

    Message me at and we'll see if we can work something out.

  97. Hello Everyone, I'm a 26 year old female and I have been preparing to leave civilization and live a self sufficient wilderness lifestyle for the last two years-ish. The preparations and training has been quite a joy. If you want to chat about preparations/tips and tricks on anything just email me! I would love to expand my horizons with some stimulating conversations/discussions!

    • Hello to you, I'm interested in the levels of training that you do. You said you have been doing so for about 2 years. I am a 54 year old man, I have spent 18 years in the military and will retire in 2 years. I plan on taking to the wild myself. I do a high level of physical training, long distance running, hiking,climbing etc.... I work a lot so taking off to the woods for any length of time is almost impossible. I do know how to set snares, track, various hunting techniques. Just would like to know what things you have done or learned. To me there is always something to learn, whether by trial and error, or by another person. Have you made a list of supplies that you might need, and the weight you'll be carrying. Is it a long term plan for you ? Would like to hear you're thoughts and experiences.

      • Hello Rex,

        If you are interested in talking you can always send me an email! at For when you are training for such a task as wilderness living there are many things to talk about! we would fill the entire forum with our conversations! But here are a few things that I have been training myself on, Primitive shelter building, gardening of all types, on the types of animals in the United states and how to identify scat of animals as well as territorial markers, hunting, trapping and I have also taken care of farm animals like cows, horses, goats, chickens, I have taught myself to work pretty well with wood, and making some primitive tools.. the list goes on and on! I actually have a huge binder filled with tips and tricks I have used and tried if you would like to get into anything specific you have my email!

    • Izebo, We'd love to chat with you.

      • I sincerely do not intend for this comment to be considered hostile, but for someone who claims that their community accepts all sexes, you seem very zealous in your recruitment (for lack of a better term) of females. Maybe it's nothing, or perhaps I've missed something, but it gives me (a 42 year old male) a feeling of trepidation concerning your project.
        You certainly don't owe me any sort of explanation, but I would love to hear it if you were willing to offer one. I apologize for my bluntness. I am currently outfitting myself for departure to the wilderness in 2-3 weeks. I had no idea until coming to this page that there were this many people in the same ideological boat as myself. Pretty damn cool. I wish everyone here the very best of luck.

        • Travis, Yes We would say you missed something. We have had literally hundreds of replies from males just wanting to run away from society. no training, no plan, no preparation, no idea of what to do, no place to go. We have told them all that we support their attempts to resist civilization, and re-wild, and we do. But we cannot take in that many people. We have to choose between people that are just "running away" and those who want to be a part of something more meaningful. In doing that, we would like a balance of genders. Did you even read any of our earlier posts? Even in our last post we said we are still interested in hearing from "ANYONE" interested in our program, and we still are! Its interesting that you didn't bother to apply for a spot on our team but instead just posted your comment here, about your "feelings of trepidation". really? seriously? As a woman I have to say...Thank you girls for stepping up. We now have a great balanced group and we are really looking forward to working with all of you this season. its going to be a lot of fun! Don't worry, Travis won't be joining us, but we wish him the best of luck too. We fully support anyone who wants to get out in to the wilderness and be free.
          good luck to you all. We will be posting again soon with another update. We still have a spot or two open(for anyone!) :)
          Thanks to everyone!!! "resist, re-wild, never give up"

        • Travis, you're starting a debate from nothing, the person posting for time2goferal is a woman herself, she owns the property in which is being advertised

        • Hello Travis,

          I understand where you are coming from in regards to how the groups selection method works. Unfortunately the sad fact is that if you were to look through this simple forum you would see that a high percentage of the posters are men. So you can only imagine the volume of men trying to participate in such a project. But if the project were to work they need a balance of men and women and even some couples. If you have looked deeper into this thread there is a message(near the top) on here in which Sally breaks down the percentage of men, women and couples trying to attend the project. And if you haven't guessed it yet the highest percentage on that list is men at 80% and women at a mere 15%. In my opinion they are aiming for a good balance between all sections so that way there is a great deal of comfort for the people who will be attending the internship. Although I can't help you with figuring out how they select people, I hope that the information above helps you to at least understand a little better!

    • Hello! I have to ask, what state do you live in? I live in Ohio, so leaving now would be a tad risky for me. Also, there is no open land for me to live upon. I would actually only need my knife. Other things such as rope and fire and shelter, I can easily make by hand.

      • If you are planning on doing any type of primitive living on any scale I would suggest maybe you start out with doing a little backpacking! it's a great way to learn and hone some skills you will need for wilderness living. In order to go out and live in the wild you should be very confident in your abilities that way you can try to avoid any very dangerous situations. My email is if you would like to chat about anything feel free to send me an email anytime.

    • Im a 26 year old female so detached from this world as well. I have been wanting to leave and survive in the wild as well.

    • Hello there, im a 20 year old male living in east united kingdom. i have just started my planning my preparations to take a leap of faith and survive a self sustained life in the heart of the wilderness. the stresses of modern day are not for me and i need a simple yet meaningful life. any information would be greatly appreciated and would love a few tips and tricks. hope to hear from you.

      • Hey Cameron, i'm 19 and from the north west of the uk, i was wondering if you know of any places in the uk that aren't 'patrolled' as such, i'm on facebook if you want to chat about some tips i've gathered and learnt. Thanks, Marky

    • How much close do you pack for a year in the woods.
      I go out behind the house in the woods for 5 days every aether week I got to have about 3 souts of close

    • Hey Izebo, im close to your age and have been practicing a lot of the same skills. If you would like to chat, trade tips and ideas let me know. Hope to hear from you.

  98. We have been asked to share more details about our project and “who we are.”
    So, we are a couple, F-58 and M-61. We have been together for about 10 years. M- has owned the property here that we live on for a long time and has homesteaded here for most of his life. We have 100 acres here, all paid for with a small cabin that we live in, as well as lots of other improvements. We also own other acreage nearby. We live a simple life, eat mostly homegrown foods, and have clean water from our artesian springs. We have greenhouses, gardens, fruit trees, farmed land, and lots of forested area. Our place has 3 ponds all stocked with game fish, and an abundance of other resources upon which to live and thrive. We are all set, and don’t need anything from anyone.
    In a way, we feel that we have an “embarrassment of riches”, and would like to provide an opportunity to others to enjoy this type of lifestyle, through hands on learning. We also have a deep connection with the rewilding/feralculture/paleo movement, and would like to eventually offer an opportunity for a few people to go totally primitive here, with full immersion into the tribal hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Our idea is to have some interns/volunteers come and stay/work, and help to establish permaculture food forests, fruit orchards, small wildlife plots, riparian water projects and permanent shelters for both the interns themselves, and the primitive tribe. We would hope to find those select few who truly want to go primitive by getting to know, and working with interns or volunteers. We have had a few of them come already and one has stayed and been working with us for several years now. Most of the rest could not tolerate the lack of internet signal, cold/hot weather, boredom, loneliness, silence, etc. Most of them were unable to calm down, slow down, be comfortable in their own skin, and just listen to nature.
    There are normally a lot of rules, lawyers, contracts and enforcers involved in this kind of project. We may be sticking our necks out, but still feel that we should be able to work with people without those things. You would not be paid, or charged for your involvement here. We try to practice unconditional gifting whenever possible, and money doesn’t play a big role in our daily lives. By modern American standards we are poor, but we see ourselves as rich. As an intern you could come here and stay for a pre-determined time. If it worked out, you could be invited to stay longer, and eventually become a permanent member here. You may leave at any time, for any reason, or no reason, likewise, you could also be asked to leave for any reason, or no reason. If you are one of those special people that really wants a primitive tribal life, then that is also possible.
    We are non-religious, non-political, non-judgmental, respectful, and open minded. We do have strong spiritual beliefs, but they center around celebration, rather than worship, and are not necessarily part of the project.
    We hope this helps to answer some of your questions. Let us know if you have more. We have been a little overwhelmed at the responses here, and doing our best to reply to everyone. If you are interested in our project please keep the dialog open, or contact us privately at;

    • I'm M60 and so enjoyed your comments on infolific. Your life sounds like heaven. I've wished to live off grid my whole life but never have. I still get a vicarious thrill reading about others experience with it.

      • Willie Boy Williamson, Thank you so much for your comment. We are really enjoying the conversation here, and have had a lot of inquiries into our program. We think it is a great lifestyle and wouldn't want to change a thing. It is a lot of work, but also satisfying, and keeps us young and healthy. Best of luck to you!!!

    • Im a naturalist and I have never felt at home living in society. Too many rules and regulations. Everyone forcing their political views down your throat. When did the U.S. become the land of the weak, home of the afraid? Seems like every January there is a slough of new laws designed to keep us safe, so they say.
      I never asked for more safety and I dont need help surviving so the idea of living off the land, cutting down trees and building my own cabin, hunting for food, using my brain to make all the creature comforts I want, its very appealing to me. However, Im under the impression that it is illegal to live like this. You said that you own your land but how do you pay taxes? Is there still a place in America where I can thrive in nature without winding up in jail? Am I gonna have to accept the hard fact that Im not allowed to live off the land and that it takes money, not skill, to survive in the U.S.?

    • Me and my husband are wanting exactly that kinda life.. I love how u said u feel rich same way we feel it would b. My question is we want to buy about 10 acres but been looking and we like nothing nor in our price range. Any suggestion's? We are also thinking solar energy for sum simple pleasure's like a hot shower lol

      • Charlotte Tritch, That's really the problem these days. if you purchase property, then you'll have to comply with building codes, health and safety regulations, pay taxes and follow the "program" that is set out for everyone. if your goal is to live a homestead lifestyle, then that's fine. but you'll have to go through what we have done (lots of money, time, and hard work) to get through it all. its definitely worth it, but not as easy as it seems. if you can purchase property first, and then take it in small steps, you'll eventually be able to make the jump to full time homesteading. for those wanting to go totally primitive, its even harder, because all of society's hurdles mean getting a job to earn money to pay for those things and you end up in a catch 22, no better off than you were before. living on public land is not the best solution, but lots of people do it. we support any attempts at getting out of society and living a more natural lifestyle.
        We do have a suggestion; check out intentional communities forums online such as they have lots of people with the same idea looking for folks to join them. you might find what you are looking for by joining forces with other like minded people. if you goal is a totally primitive lifestyle, then you might look at or or contact us privately about our opportunities.
        hope this helps...good luck you guys!

    • sally oaks, im a 20 years old male from england, i must say you are living the dream. i would very much love to be apart of this and become an intern. i would like nothing more than to learn how to live off of nature and to be at peace with it. i understand you get many inquiries about this so no matter of i do not hear from you, but if you would give me the chance i would love to come and spend even just a small amount of time learning from you and experience the dream lifestyle. please email me if not too much trouble kind regards cameron.

    • Hi, I tried to email you but the address was not working. I'm a 24 year old female and I want to live a feral life.

      • River,
        If you were trying to reach us please try again; or post your email info here and we'll contact you! Hope to hear from you soon!

    • I am interested in learning more about what you have to offer. I am 38 years old. Love the outdoors and dislike what this world is/has become.

    • Hi, my name is Julie, my husband is Scott. We are 51&52. And have been together for 30 yrs. We've raised the kids while dreaming about going off grid since we were young. We both grew up camping and hunting working hard even as kids. We both grew up in the country but close to cities for our professional jobs. We are actually looking forward to the wilderness. We've done our time in society now we're ready to make this idea a permanent life in the Forests. Let me know if you have room and would like company. We have alot of knowledge, will power and yes still stamina.

      • Dear Julie and Scott,
        Good to see your comment. We hope to be moving in a month or two to a peninsula in Texas. We presently live in central Texas with dairy goats, poultry and horses. I am a Texas master gardener, specializing in organic companion planting. I also do a lot of tree starting and planting.
        The peninsula has fresh water ponds and salt water fishing available. It has deer and some feral hogs, lots of migratory birds. There are no restrictions on what dwelling you have.
        Horses and cows are OK. The deal is you purchase 1/4 to 10 acres and get a deed, but it is open rangeland. The family keeps it in a trust and runs cattle Jan.-June so the whole peninsula is ag-exempt on taxes.
        It is considered one of the healthiest places on the planet to live. It is also bring your own electricity.
        I worked in med research for ~ 15 yrs. and developed EI (environmental illness) . I have to be where there is clean air and am very allergic to cigarette smoke and so this opportunity is only for non-smokers.
        We hope to raise heirloom vegetables and fruits, nuts and heritage animals for the residents on the peninsula and nearby town.
        If interested, please email us at .
        Katy and Paul

  99. I stumbled across this site and have to say I love the idea being country raised myself. I currently truly live off the grid, own property own mini cabin, but not away from mainstream society.
    What intrigues me is how many seem to be looking for groups. I'm split on the idea of groups. A group is a type of society and if someone is trying to break away from society, grouping is not it. Even Indians have a society. As a human no matter how good intentions are or how happy off into the wilderness a group goes, fact remains a hierarchy will most certainly happen, its called being human. Now people will of course disagree because they are not being truthful or have such high hopes and happiness to try it.

    I've been in the military so hierarchy doesn't really bother me. And as a human most are in need of being social. What does disturb me is the lack of females. Yes there is a few posting here but the majority is men. I'm a man and as a HUMAN there are natural needs, again being truthful with ones self would agree. To simply tromp off and live in the wilderness with majority of men, having a few women and more men absolutely will create tensions, unless there are a lot of gays or monogamy isn't required.

    I believe Greg is actually on the right road, self reliance but realistic and true to being a human, he is actually looking for a female to share life with.
    I'm looking for a group but one with a balanced ratio of men and women. As one already completely off the grid, I am also looking for a the other option. I'm looking for a woman who would like to share my off grid life but still connected to mainstream society.

    Feel free to email me at

  100. Hi, I am a wilderness man. I am not a prepper. I am a woodsman and mountain man. I am looking for a Female that wants to leave society for nature and all of its bounty. I am going back into the woods to live, I came out after 9 months and decided the only thing I am missing is a partner. If you want to leave everything and walk into the remote wilderness with me then saddle up, I will teach you everything you need to know and everything I know from being in the remote wilds of America for 25 years. You need nothing just the "Will" to learn. I am clean, respectful, and I dont talk alot, however I love to listen and teach. Thanks I will send pics and info when you write. God bless our lands

    • Hi I just stumbled across you're message on this website I wish I'd seen a message from you like this as I would have loved to do something like this for so long & now I've got 2 lovely little girls but its still my dream to live out in the wilderness Happy Christmas ? to you xxx

  101. Hi:) My name is Mark and i'm from Manchester, UK. I'm 19, average build and about 6ft 1in. I've left school and don't currently have a job, i do still have a family so i'll have to work out a way to leave them, but i want to start fresh as i'm sick of this so called society we live in. I'm what you would consider working class, i'm good with my hands and have basic knowledge with crafting and building, i'm good with tools and can do any job if asked to. I'm looking to travel with a small group and settle somewhere, and make a community,. I've spoken to someone above who has an opportunity but i'm looking for a few people who may want to travel as a group, any age, race, gender, location, anyone. I am willing to leave the UK as i, *hate*, it here. I'm good with data management and have got a Distinction in Business and I.T.

  102. Hello Everyone,

    I am a 41 year old straight healthy male living in Utah. I am planning on leaving society in the early Spring 2017. I am looking for 1-5 (More with the right group) like minded individuals, male or female that are tired of society and want to live a better way in nature. I do not plan on returning to society, and thus this adventure I hope will be permanent. So please, if you are only wanting to experiment, or are not in for the long haul, please do not contact me.

    I am an avid hiker, and I grew up in the Utah mountains, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking etc. I am very well versed in hunting, fishing, shelter building, medicinal and edible plants (Utah areas) a.k.a foraging, water collection, fire building methods, navigation, tool making, food preservation, cooking, natural/primitive hygiene, the list goes on and on. My main weakness's, are that I have not had a lot of experience in tanning furs or trapping.

    That said, I have spent a lot of time living in the mountains, the longest stretch was a full year back in 2013 in the high Uintas. The summers here are mild and the winters can be brutal if you are not prepared. I had minimal contact with other people, just the occasional hiker or camper, and they were none the wiser that I was living there. My footprint was very minimal, and I always had a game plan that allowed me to not raise suspicion.

    I have a few areas that I am considering returning to, but it would be a group decision in the end. Also, with the right individual(s) I would consider relocating to another state if the area was preferable. All of the areas I am considering are very secluded, are very close to lakes, streams, shelter materials, caves, etc. Not to mention, wildlife is abundant. Basically everything we would need to make a serious go at it, and not just survive, but live happy and productive lives is all there. And when I say secluded, I mean that the closest town is 50 + miles away, and the closest campground is 5-10 + miles away. These areas I feel are some of the last mostly untouched places left not only in Utah, but in the US.

    I have all the gear required for myself and possibly one other person, but I would prefer that you have your own. I do not take firearms as they are high maintenance, noisy, and bullets run out, but I do have a couple of caches should SHTF. That said, I am not against you bringing firearms, but I strongly suggest reconsidering if you do as they will prove to not be as valuable as other means for stealth, general hunting, and protection.

    If this interests you, or you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line : Please only contact me if you are serious.

    • Shaun, I came across your blog recently and sounded like we are traveling the same trails. I have spent the last two years high in the wilderness of the units but that is becoming to crowded for me.
      I am mid 60s and have been a trapper most of my life. The laws in Utah is becoming to restrictive for me. I am old enough to not need any money income. My SS is plenty. I am considering moving to greener pastures where I can live and do what I want.
      I was considering teaming up with like minded people, like the brigade of old only smaller.
      I have no desire to over winter in any climate other than the hospitable desert of the breaks. Hope to hear from you.

  103. Looks like I've found my people! I'm 19, female, grew up in Florida but moved to Utah a few years ago. I've always had a deep connection to the earth and just feel stifled and overwhelmed in the city. There are too many rules and regulations, and too many pharmaceuticals being shoved down people's throats.

    I grew up camping a lot and exploring the woods, so I'm fairly good with navigation/orienteering, and I've done a lot of wood and natural construction over the years. Other skills include cleaning, skinning, and tanning animal hides, basket weaving, foraging and cooking, and sewing/clothing making. I'm also very inventive. If there's any possible way to solve a problem, I'll probably find it, and I have some background in engineering and architectural planning. I'm currently studying herbs and natural medicine and healing, currently I only know basic common herbs that mostly grow in the northwest.

    I wouldn't be able to leave just yet, I have jaw surgery scheduled for March but by early May I'd be free and clear to go. I also have a chronic illness which I will be trying to find a natural treatment alternative for. A lot of people I know who have Crohn's disease have tried CBD oil and been able to stop pharmaceuticals all together, so I'm going to try that. Even though I'm done with modern society and all its BS, I recognize that in case of severe emergencies there are times when you need to get to a hospital, so I'd want to be within at least 120 miles of a town with a hospital. If that's fine by you, feel free to email me! I'm hoping to find a smaller group that I can call family.

    • Also, I want to go to Alaska. I like the lower 48, but no where else compares to the rugged beauty of Alaska and the wide open wilderness.

      • The seafood processing companies, fishing boats, all related industries are hiring in Alaska, and Seattle, Icicle Seafoods for one. Many of the processing facilities are remote, great place to get started. You'll meet many people that live on their own, come down for the season...

      • I am heading to Alaska same as you. I have been on and off living off grid and just in the wilderness for several years after leaving a white collar job in L.A. I have done it all and been in the woods livinig for 6 months at a time.
        This time is for good.. I love Utah and have Land in Arizona near the Grand canyon. I am going back into the wilderness I cannot live in the city, its just not for me. I will send pics and more just let me know if you want to go. =)

  104. To live in the wilderness you can't talk to much about what you are going to do cause every day will be an obstacle, yes you can prepare for it with tools for survival and yes you can make it out there, but your going to have to adjust to making your Owen tools if your going to really be one with nature. I know nothing about living in the wilderness but I would love to see what I am made off and give it a try. 25 years old male.

  105. We actually have an opportunity available for a select few people to drop out of society and live a primitive hunter/gatherer lifestyle. we are proposing a small non-hierarchical, egalitarian tribe that can wipe the cultural slate clean and find out what it is to really be a part of nature. We also have a small adjacent homestead which is open for interns and volunteers to come and learn about permaculture, gardening, off grid systems and so much more. We are open to talking with anyone who might be interested regardless of age, race, gender, etc. We are located in PNW with over 100 acres of land to work with. If you feel that you don't belong in this industrial based society and want to truly get free, then please contact us with some info about yourself and some of your thoughts on what you are looking for.

    • Sally Oaks, that sounds real interesting to a man getting ready to retire. I'm tired of life and the rat race and have looked for places where one could just disappear. Anything else you could share here?

      • Soon, (and everyone else asking for more) Thanks for the replies. Yes we would love to share a little more at this time. Our project is basically a two step program consisting of an initial stay at the homestead, followed by additional involvement with the primitive group after some experience and interaction. We realize that most people have been living in society and absorbing a lot of cultural programming without even knowing it. Most of the programming is there to keep us in a controllable, domesticated state. We expect the transition to the wild to take some time and effort, and that there will be those who think they want to take the journey to a primitive life, but will find the halfway point of off-grid homesteading to be satisfying enough.
        Initially we will be offering an opportunity to join us and learn about all aspects of sustainable living. Interns/volunteers would learn by a hands-on approach, all of the skills associated with homesteading, off grid living, Perma-culture, gardening, raising domestic animals, herbal medicine, canning, preserving, alternative construction, etc. There will also be opportunities to build primitive skills such as hunting, fishing, skinning, tanning, fire-starting, flint-knapping, archery, pottery, plant identification, etc. We hope to attract sincere, honest, determined people with a strong desire to get out of society and leave civilization behind. We have done this already ourselves and can honestly say that there is no better way to live. There are so many more details, let’s keep this discussion going and please contact us if this resonates with you.

        • I know enough, that I'm willing to try it alone, but, with other like-minded people, may, or may not make it not so lonely.....

        • Lynn Campbell, Please email us or leave some contact info. We would love to talk with you.

        • Hi, my name is rex, I've spent 23 years in the military. I'm ready to live a more meaningful life with purpose. I no longer want to conform to what this society has to offer. For some time now I have been looking at different locations to start this venture. Having other people with the same mind set would be even better.

        • Hey Sally,

          I've been studying edible wild plants for a while, living on the society's leavings and the freely given kindness of strangers, and preparing to live in the wild for some time now.

          I was learning about permaculture a few years back too.

          In my preparation to go full wild, I found your post, and I'd like to know more.

          I'm 27-M in PSW, and willing to travel at a moment's notice if the opportunity arises.

          I would love to learn more, contact me at

    • I'd like to know more about the project you're working on, mine is ''. I'm on a quest which has so far proven unsuccessful

    • Hey i have a question. I am seriously considering this in the near future, and want to know how exactly i am supposed to do so with everything that has me tied down. For example, my car payment, credit card, lease on my house, pretty much my debt (not serious debt, just typical car loan and one credit card) is whats keeping me from doing this. Also i am relatively young for this a lot of people would say. But as far as knowledge of living with nothing, i have a plethora of knowledge, its just getting there thats my problem.

    • I am 14 it's sad because I am forced to go to school don't get me wrong I like to learn but I just feel I'm not living how my ancestors have told me too and how I am supposed to and I'm also looking for adventure that would shake up my boring life in society I know I'm not old enough but one day please contact me .

      • Aidan,
        At 14, do everything you can now to prepare for the future you want. Read books, take classes if you can, go camping whenever you're able to.
        It won't be long before you are able to put those years of learning to good use.
        Chin up, kid!

      • If you don't go to school living primitively will be a lot harder. You learn a lot more than maths and english at school.

    • Just found your message I'm a 61 year old male tired of it all all I have is my fishing year a nice tent a 2007 car and good shape and about $700 a month coming in I just want a place to put my tent fish and live out the rest of my life which I don't know how long that's going to be I've just been put on disability I'm sort of an old hippie at the end of my road can you offer me a place to put my tent will help all I or you can call 919 6 96 6802 my name is Frankie

      • Frankie, We tried to email you but it didn't go through. please contact us at

  106. I don't know anything about survival and have lived my entire life in a manipulated & corrupt society. Every day I see it falling deeper and deeper into a nightmare. If there are any little villages or something I could retreat to and live a simple life please let me know @ I just want to live a peaceful life and am willing to work and learn for it.

  107. Im a 21 yr old male from michigan. Im 6'1, 210 pounds. I've always dreamed of living a self sufficient lifestyle away from the citys and the rest of society. I have a pretty sufficient knowledge of hunting and gathering, as well as a sufficient set of survival skills (shelters, snares, plant life, fishing, etc.) only problem i have is truly being alone on my journey to honest and total freedom. I would much rather travel with a small group.! I am not one of these guys who does not understand the seriousness of taking on the lifestyle which im pursuing. I want this more then i want anything and i am going to acheive total self sufficiency. I would like to embark on this lifelong journey 12/31/17. This will give me and whoever my companions may be an entire year to do any necessary preparation. I am not however an expert.! Or even close.! So i would like my companions to have skills valuable to the group, our lives may depend on it. If you are as serious about living as close with nature as possible as i am, please email email me to talk details (destination, gear prep, etc.)

    • Hello I am a 26 year old female living in upstate New York (Small town outside of Buffalo NY) The thought of living a life away from the restraints of modern society is very attractive. I myself have been training for coming up on two years. living in the wilderness full time is no small feat. But it is far from impossible. With a solid group of people travelling together the possibilities are endless. it seems like this is everyone's desire but yet in all actuality it is a lot harder for people to leave their families for more than a small increment of time. My long term plan is to leave society in the next year. I am also fully aware of what this entails. Training for something like this is quite a task especially with the way modern society spoils us by making everything so easily accessible. If you are interested in corresponding back and forth about survival gear and preparations etc.. feel free to send me an email!!

      • Izebo, Please contact us at We would love to chat with you about your plans, gear, and preparations.

      • I'm also looking to "get away" from social restraint!

        Possibly buying land this year.

        If you're interested in contacting me? here's my info.

    • Hey Dakota,

      I've been studying edible wild plants, subsisting on the leavings of society and the kindness of strangers, and planning to go full wild for some time now.

      Right now I'm studying SAS Survival Manual, among other things. I'm 27-M in the PSW (however, travel at a moment's notice for a worthwhile venture is totally possible - I've done it a million times before)

      I think it would be great to develop a group of people who are serious and prepared to do this, as humans are social creatures and a tribe's strength is multiplied the more people are in it.

      Contact me at

  108. To bad 90 percent of you are not serious about living in the wild, just dreaming and talking out your asses. It's like anything else in life, just do it, if you don't like it go back to wherever you came from, simple as that. For those of you that ARE interested feel free to contact me. Straight 30 year old male who's lived in the wild before and is looking to get back out there. No drug addicts, must pull your weight, it's hard work living in the wild. No bullshit please. Feel free to contact me to seriously chat at

    • You're 30, and you're talking like you're some sort of survival expert. That is extremely arrogant.. I've been living outside for 10 years, why are you trying to recruit people if you know what you're doing and want to "get back out there"... just do it, like you said. Learn some humility while you're at it.

      • Being homeless counts as living outside? Lol well I guess it does...It's nice to see you can get some time at your local library to get on a computer. I'm sure you have a nice, comfy park bench outside huh.

        • He's right. You need to learn humility Daniel. You sound just like all the other pricks in society.Arrogant, prideful, egotistical, selfish, thoughtless, and very immature.

  109. Well you cant just leave, you need to be prepared and that's a big cost... but yes why not just find enough people to start a little commune off the grid and out of the way!! I like people and food just not bills and the psychos in most towns.

    • Its not a big cost. I am sorry I dont want to argue but thats what the gear companies want you to think. I Honestly to God spent almost 10k on survial gear to go live in the wilderness, and over the course of a year I have thrown 99% percent of it away.
      But please dont take offense I am just telling you what happened to me real life. I could have saved the money and time. A commune you may need more things. But not for Wilderness survival I promise. As you stay there you will in your first week ditch 60% of all of that stuff.. My pack was a whopping 80 pounds.. and then I had another pack for my cold weather clothing, Better to save your money for when your boots start coming apart which about 300 miles... God Bless if you want to know anything else get me @

  110. Hey guys! I'm 27 year old Army veteran living in Va, and I am finally getting away, and going to Alaska to find a place to set up and live off the grid / primitive lifestyle. I would love some company on my journey. I have camped all my live, I am fit and in shape, and have experience and knowledge of surviving. If anyone is interested just shoot me an email at we can chat and get to know each other and see how things work, I would love to hear from people. I'm starting around the beginning of January 2017.

    • Hey i have a question. I am seriously considering this in the near future, and want to know how exactly i am supposed to do so with everything that has me tied down. For example, my car payment, credit card, lease on my house, pretty much my debt (not serious debt, just typical car loan and one credit card) is whats keeping me from doing this. Also i am relatively young for this a lot of people would say. But as far as knowledge of living with nothing, i have a plethora of knowledge, its just getting there thats my problem, never been in military however

  111. The older I get the more ready I become. Is there any place in the Appalachians where someone could live in the wilderness without any hassle?

    • Look for some BLM Land maybe???

  112. I didn't know there were so many others, also tired and looking for a way out.
    I am too.

  113. I feel the same as everyone else here. I'm a 23 y/o Male Marine Veteran very fit and very active. Work in High-Tech with background in Inteligence/Cyber-security. I grew up camping, hunting, and fishing. Decent survival skills as well as navigation and mountaineering. I live on the West Coast and am looking for like minded individuals whom would be committed to starting an off-grid/survival community here out West. All backgrounds, sexes, nationalities welcome.
    If interested: (I take precautions)

    Serious inquiries only not planning on leaving right away. Would like to cooperate with all parties involved securing a good location, resources and transportation as well as tying up loose ends.

    Thank you.

    • Email me at

    • I'm interested, I live in Utah.

      I'm a 19 y/o Blacksmith and have the skills and knowledge to smelt and produce Iron and.
      Grew up camping and hunting.

      Email me at

    • Hi my name is billy I've been a civilian contractor off and on for 14 yrs...I grew up in the Appalachian/smokie mountains and I'm lookin for a place to disapear in the forest...I'm finishing d with this societies b.s...I'm ready to live the rest of my life in me at privatecontractor_141@yahoo

    • Living a wilderness survival lifestyle is a lot tougher with a group of people. I live in a remote part of Washington State. Where I live is National Forest land. So it is very important to be hidden and discrete. I do make it out to civilization from time to time. I think you should reconsider putting together a group. I have been doing this for several years. I think You will struggle, unless You are talking about a farming commune or something. Living in the wilderness is true freedom, but it does come with costs. I have to be careful not to create trails, and have to be hidden from roaming hunters. I have 3 different shelters that I rotate through. This way I can travel to the beach, during times when small game is scares. For the most part I try to stay at a location near a beaver pond. Great fishing and other game comes by also.
      For those who are interested in remote wilderness survival living. The books don't tell you everything. If you want to live remote permanently there are things you will run into. Like how do you take a bath, or wash your hair. So you need to provide for your self. If not you will be uncomfortable. I wish I knew about the show ALONE. I do that now. I saw reruns at a friends home. He said they didn't smoke or dry any fish or meat, and no one ate any slugs. They tease Me about the slugs, because I do eat them. Last summer I had His whole family eatting slugs. They are actually pretty good fried, but you need to deslime em first.
      I would really reconsider the group thing. I would struggle with that.

      • I'm in Oregon now I built a tiny house thats off grid and want somewhere to live in the woods away from society. I'm 51 female and have camped alone and with my family as a kid in the mt hood national forest. I'm just fed-up with society and done with the rat race.

    • Hey L.E.A.

      I'm on the West Coast too.


      Learning edible wild plants, game snaring, hunting, fishing, shelter building, everything.

      Planning on heading out soon.

      Email me:

  114. Wow, I found my people! My name is Mike, I'm 20, and I'm fascinated with living my life in the most natural way I can, in the wild, being self-sufficient, and having a small community to share the experience known as life with. I know some basic survival skills such as finishing, setting snares and traps, and shelter making but I'm not that good and I'm not brave enough to go at it alone. I know my short comings, and I'm really to grow stronger and learn so I'm looking for a small community that's already been established that would be willing to take me in, some people who would be willing to start a small community with me, or a teacher who could train me to be competent. I'm ready to carry my own weight and be apart of something truly worth experience over this society constructed by the 1% where they threat life like a luxury item and dangle it in front of you like a dog treat you get if you work in a machine. Email me at and we can talk and get to know each other and maybe we can arrange something that can change lives for the better.

    • same here bro im from VA looking to leave and move to the woods for about a year or two im 18 grow up camping ing the bush the longest iv lived in the woods alone was 2 mouths it was really nice but i dont wanna stay out in the woods that long alone my email is if anyone would like to talk more about doing something like this let me know

  115. I am a 51 year old man. I'm currently living and working in North West Indiana. I am thinking of going to Costa Rica and living off the land out there. What I've been doing to prepare is I've been doing a few wilderness adventures on my own. I would really like to find someone (preferably a female) who would be interested in doing this with me. I think the hardest part would be the isolation so having someone to do this with would be much easier. Anyone interested email me.

  116. Hi everyone,
    Like everyone else on this page, I want out of this madness of conventional society. I'm 27, male, healthy, fit, easy to get along with, intelligent and fun. I have enough equipment for myself and one other person and I have my eye on somewhere in the southern appalachian mountains, NC or Tennessee or so but I'm open to other ideas. I'm ready to go as soon as yesterday, and if anyone else or a few other people would like to join in, or has any valuable information on a good spot, please feel free to email me:

    • We need to start a gofundme or kickstarter page of sorts and everyone start pitching in to acquire some remote property together we can all live free on. Pass it along and maybe we can get something going

      • I have started a gofundme fund. With that if any is interested please let me know. I am seeking just a hand full of people to join me. I have lived this life for 12 years and I AM going back. There is a few things to do first then I am gone.

      • That would be of the land and getting away from this rat race..57 year old female rhat doesnt know a rhing about living off the land but planting a garden but always felt life should be lived as close to nature as possible..stuck in a world I want out of.

        • Goffy, We'd love to chat with you. Please contact us at

          Looking forward to hearing from yo soon!

  117. Gazing into the gorge below felt like I was heralding myself to the world from inside the bell of a trumpet. Like most with an urge to escape the confines of modern society, a path of primal simplicity has been decided and chosen.
    My life started out self-sufficient, but as life progressed I was pulled into the modern world. The modern world no longer has a life for me, so I must return to my mother, Mother Nature. She and her family in the forest is able to provide enough and more.
    I don't have survival skills, I have life skills. Fundamentals for survival and the tools needed to "get the job done."
    In my 40 Summers, I've been a student and a teacher. I am highly skilled medically, having taught medical classes for hospitals, universities, and private organizations. My skills in the woods are plentiful. I have a vast knowledge of edibles, sinew and cording, basket weaving, construction/timber framing, simple shelters, fire building in any form, preserving, gardening, seed saving,hide tanning, and the list goes on. My mental state and skills are solid.
    There's an area I know of about 330,000 acres, teaming with life. This areas offers are limitless. There's plenty of room!
    I have a solid stock pile of tools needed for life in purest. Anyone interested?
    Summer temperatures never exceed 80 degrees. Some snow, but the winters are getting less harsh. Abundant wildlife, streams, rivers, edibles, and opportunities!

    • I'm in NC and would love to talk to you. Email me at

      • very interested too text me if you want 336 689 4547

    • i am interested email me

    • I am interested also. Email me at sarabeth82@yahoo

    • I'm very interested. Please reply at

    • I'm very interested. 26 years old with organic farming and husbandry experience. Married with three young boys. Wife is herbalist. live in Georgia now ready to get into the wild.

    • Names Brett, I'm here in Washington Western area. Just been traveling around bout two months now looking for a spot I deem worthy pre much. Off the grid/travel living looking for others close to the area to team up w and or any others that wish to join me. Email at

      • I am trying to find somewhere to put my tinyhouse I have built and live off-grid and away from society. I'm in Oregon and want out of the city now. Please email me if you have any idea of where I can live.

      • I am interested in living in the woods can u contact me at a in Adam is lower case

      • Hi Brett,

        Washington is nice in the trees. Or over on the Peninsula.

        MGT SAVAGE

    • Hello, I am very interested in living in woods permanently. Can you give me some more details on area you mentioned? Thank you

    • Oh the wilderness calls to me ever so frequently. More so now that my heart yearns for escape from modern binds. There's too much clutter in these concrete jungles. My mind needs to be cleansed and purified by mother nature, to breathe rejuvenation into these lungs of urban smog. There has been a great desire to take that leap of faith and just go for it. Over the last several years I have tested my skills for woodland living going for weeks and at times months of solitude living. I'm always trying to gain more knowledge in this. Any like minded people are welcome to e-mail me at, by the way, my name is Ryan and currently live in maryland but I want and need to leave this urban life behind to live the life I yearn for. THE GRASS IS GREENER...... ?

    • Interested also what's #

    • Im interested in going in the next month or so.

    • I'm not really sure what this website is, I ended up here via a google search but it looks like the right place. I am 27, completely healthy, fit, sane, smart, and capable. I have some crude survival skills and I have some equipment and tools and such, and I adapt and learn quickly. I'm in SC right now but I'm plenty familiar with the NC mountains, and I'm pretty much ready to go right now. Anyone like minded and in the area, please feel free to contact me.

    • Im down!! Tell me where...

    • 32 year old Army vet of 12 years. I have survived on my own for months at a time and am very adept at hunting/fishing/trapping as well as many other survival skills. I could be a valuable asset by way of security, provision and planning. I don't have an ego though and am very interested in furthering this conversation. Look forward to hearing from you

    • I've lived in Alaska for 12 years off the grid. I'm going back soon. If anyone I mean anyone interested email me asap

      • I'm very interested if you could throw me an email mate. I'm a fit and healthy 19 year old from Britain.

      • Hi Doug I'm Dean just an old country boy here in the Carolina's. I've been around farming and gardening, hunting, fishing,gathering all my life. I also have black smith, machining ,construction skills. I also have some gear and tools. if not to late would love to hear from you.

      • Me and some friends are more than interested. Please contact me

        my email isn't available so just message me on facebook! Hope to talk to you soon

      • Hey Doug,

        Send me an email as I'm interested. Way off grid AK is the goal.

    • Guys and girls. I am 44 years old. Most of them years has been spent living in the bush. I am going back. It is nice to have a couple people there with to chat with and all. But I have and can do this alone. If your going to email me and that is all then please dont bother. I feel that if your not able to talk to someone that your going to be hunting and sleeping a 100 ft next to then there is a problem. I am sorry but my trust in man kind is leaving fast. I will be leaving soon. If your interested then please send a msg and we can go from there.

      • Hello I'm scott have you found any one to go to Alaska with you. Are you driving up to Alaska. I'm white male 43 no wife or kids holding me back. Let's talk my friend.

    • Hi, my name is Sam and I am young but interested in this life. I have acquired excellent hunting and construction skills. I am very hopeful in being a part of your community within the next year, please email me. Thank you.

    • I'm in. Done with this unhappy civilization for good and all. Got a pretty fair amount of experience out there too. If youre getting something together, reach me at

    • Definitely ready for the big change, I have many skills and knowledge. Email me

    • All these people wanting to get away is awesome. If we all came together or at least most of us we could start one hell of a community. I am a survivalist, hunter, farmer, forage, trapper, fisherman that would love to go into the wild with a bunch of people. Hit me up if you are interested

    • I very interested if you hwve a spot for me mail me

    • Hello Linville,

      I am an ex nurse in pediatrics and geriatrics. I have been more interested in natural healing (homeopathy and Naturopathy), love my mother nature as well. Contact me at: am interested, or text/call me 408-630-5411

      am from California.

    • Hello Linville,

      I am an ex nurse in pediatrics and geriatrics. I have been more interested in natural healing (homeopathy and Naturopathy), love my mother nature as well. Contact me at: am interested, or text/call me 408-630-5411

      from California.

    • There are so many posts on this site it is hard to know whether all of them are serious or which have run aground. but I thought I would give it a try.
      I am in my fifties and have camped for many summers in the same part of the Appalachians near where you are located. I'm very interested in your project but wonder how it has turned out given the Forest Service and other police who patrol the mountains? In any case I'd love to know where your project stands now and whether it has made progress. With all the people who responded it would seem that it would almost be possible to buy some land and set up some kind of community, have you considered that? But simply squatting, if its actually possible,
      might work in certain circumstances. Please contact me at and let me know how it has worked out so far.


    • Very interested. Young strong intelligent 23year old male. Fed up with the system and modern people. Ready to go asap. Just been looking for the right place and a decent partner.

    • That's what I've been looking for contact me

    • I am very I interested like you I can't stand how modern society treats us like pigs and takes advantage of our primal instincts I am looking to escape someday when I am a little older and I have a basic knowledge of survival I am in Ny and easy to get along with. I also want an adventure that takes me to a place where I can truly thrive untill then contact me at

    • Hi linville
      Would love to jump on your wagon and live this dream!
      Only I married (homemaker 48yrs) to (43yrs working hubby) (kids 3, schooling) living in the uk.
      I feel stressed and frustrated with modern living! Everyone rushing around, like the worlds gonna end in seconds! Everyone constantly thinking about money and materialistic things. No interactions and communications! Nothing left but, a pretty dull existence!
      I need to get out of this hum drum of living, get back to nature and be rewarded with the fruits of the land!
      How on earth can I encourage my family to go for this life?
      When the time comes, (hubby finish work), is he really gonna want, what I'm yearning for?

  118. I am looking to get away from tbe craziness of this world and get back to mother nature. I was born and raised on a farm and can hunt and fish with the best of them. I know all about planting and harvesting and have had tons of medical training. I'm physically fit and love the simpleness of life. If anyone is near NC please email me at I would love to chat with you!

  119. Anyone in NC? I have a magnificent location and plenty of tools. The site has, Great hunting, fishing, abundant wild edibles, fresh water, an area to garden, superb building site, and plenty of land to roam. Having a likeminded individual to share a true natural lifestyle with is the problem. Anyone wanting to get remote and flourish?

    • Hey there I'm in nc, close to Raleigh but I'm looking to get out of the rat race and join nature. Where abouts in nc are you located?

    • I used to be but i am in nj now. Always thought nc/tn was a great area (maggie valley) regardless email me lets touch bass

    • email me at sarabeth82@yahoo. I'm in NC and would love to talk toyou.

    • Hi,
      I'm in NC as well and have been interested in living in the wilderness for years. I'm a veteran, very fit, easy going, and looking to get away from the Orwellian world of today.

      Thanks ,

    • Ready to live remotely and flourish, can't wait to get out of California. I am an ex nurse in pediatrics/geriatrics. Don't mind getting my hands duty and work the land. I have what it takes to live in nature. I have backpack and travel several countries. Call me Linville- let me know what you need or what I can do to accomplish this mission! 408-630-5411 Pearl

  120. Wow scrolling through the comments is inspiring,

    25yr old male musician, moderate survival skills.
    Just wondering if anyone has any good locations of where to start off? I live in the UK but plan to visit Canada or America, alone or with some people,
    Add me on Facebook to get an image of who I am and vice versa, no spam please, hope to hear from you.

    • *Sorry I mean I want to know if anyone has any first hand experienced places they have been too already that's out of the way, has the necessary natural survival fundamentals, thanks!

  121. Hello all. It is only recently that I have become truly serious about taking the leap of fate and plunging into the wild. While unlike most of the people I read about in the comment I don't have a wealth of experience. What I do have is passion and a vision of what the future will look like. That vision begins with removing myself from the hatred and corruption of society. Originally I was going alone for the first two years to learn and train, before finding people to join me. Then I realized one man can survive, two people can thrive, but a tribe of people? A tribe can learn what it truly means to live. I don't expect to start at the last one, but five or six people that is possible. If you are like me and have no experience then we can learn together. I am leaving soon. Before or after the winter has yet to be decided. Please contact me at

  122. My Best friend(20) and I(18) have realized that life is so much more than what the rest of society has come to realize we're so blessed and we are setting out on this life journey into the beautiful wilderness to live we don't know how long we just know we have decided to start our journey in Utah. We want to get away from the world and the corrupted society we want to have complete freedom so we can learn the true meaning of life and grow and learn everyday! Become the fullest self we can become and be HAPPY! We are making this our reality we start our journey next week! And ive realized that connections with people are so important and incredible because if we come together as one it just makes life and the journey so much more extraordinary. Helping each other realize and grow and learn and live it's an incredible thing. So to anyone who has interest I welcome you to contact me through my email at anytime. We are one Family as human beings and coming together is the best thing we can do!

  123. I am a caucasian girl, brown hair, blue eyes, healthy, not overweight or underweight (5'7" and 135 lbs), averagely strong. Still in High School, but mature and sure of my choices. I want to 'drop out' before I turn 20 years old. This is something that I have always thought of. I don't romantisize nature, I know it is a hard and difficult place to live without the modern right-under-your-nose approach, but that's what I love about it as well. I have always been tied to nature, left my house to go to forests. Ive hiked mountains multiple times throughout my life, including hikes that lasted more than a couple of days. I have experience from those times, as well as from several "scout" camps that sent people either alone or in groups into a forest to fend for themselves for a week. I realize a week is not a lifetime, but it is experience. The primitive lifestyle attracts me, I love the idea of working for life, being tied to nature, and having to get whatever I need from all around me, using experience. I am indeed young, but not thoughtless, as I feel most people that decide to live in this twisted society are.
    If you have a similar world-view as me, perhaps also young and would like to 'drop-out' in a team of a couple people, or only us, contact me at:
    If you are older and still would like to share experience or talk, you're also welcome to.
    Today is September 12, 2016.
    This offer will never expire, I am sure.

    • Let's do it. Best to go as a group. Living in the wild can be dangerous and stressful. I am very interested if you wanna hit me up we can chat.

    • Hi there. I grew up living off the land in Ohio. I hate what this world is becoming and I want out! Iv hunted trapped and fished since I was a little boy. I'm 29 now and have been practicing my survival skills over the past 8 years. I'm health, strong, and have a strong will power. Would love to chat with you about your plans on living in the wilderness. Drop me a message I'm Aaron by the way

  124. The only realistic way to survive in the wilderness is a small community as the ancients did. Although modern man will continue to disrupt the balance.. It looks less and less realistic living off the land with this overpopulation....i wonder when the great cataclysm will seems the only escape from dependency on food is alchemy... anyway I too grow tired of giving my life for someone elses benefit. We need each other, we were all guided to this place by thinking alike, so we should try to work something out soon. I have my eyes on Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Arkansas but up for suggestions. I have a arsenal of weapons including firearms and survival gear and food supplies. Life is eternal, and a creator is clear to me through the mind and great diligence in the creation. I seek my freedom (to the greatest degree while in a body) as do we all here. Lets get this planned!!!

    Contact me at

    • Ok so I've read quite a bit of the comments and it seems to me that there is definitely some other people who are "awakened" as they realize that today's society is all based around a false economy which is driven by the working class and ruled by the heartless. I don't want any part of it anymore and neither does my brother. We're in our mid 20's and have 2 dogs we couldn't leave behind. We also think that a small group would be far more successful than 1 or 2 individuals. It also carries more responsibility as there would be more mouths to feed, but with the right team tasks could be managed and divided to make living primitiveley easier. We're located on the east coast (nc) but are looking to get a little more north of here. We would be bringing a few firearms for self defense but would like to use traps/snares as to leave less of a foot print and not have any noise detection. We would like to leave before mid October to get acclimated to the surroundings before winter hits. We've been camping and hunting most of our lives and know how to build a good shelter and a great stove/ kiln to "cook" the mud into bricks. We have metal forging experience as well. Most soil has small amounts of ore and after a while you can have your self a good bit of metal for making tools. I would like to talk with some others about thier ideas and what they have planned. My email is

    • I to have grown sick of this rat race.
      I hadn't thought about a small group.
      Though it does seem to be the best way to go.
      Alaska is where I'm headed asap.
      Walking away from this way of life , will probably be my best bet.
      This isn't the way that God intended...

      • I've lived Alaska for 10 years no home at all. I'm in the lower 48 anyone I mean anyone wanting to join email me soon.

        • hey doug i,m heading to the yukon in march of 2017 i live in ontario canada at the moment but i look forward to getting away from this hole idea of public life .ps Cory is my name ,

    • 25yr male here in the north west states now. I have started my adventures and sofar it's the best decision I could of made. Would be nice to get a couple others on board in the same mind set.... Off grid, less money and more common sence. I'm in Washington now if anyone would like to join me and or get out of all this crap I read about my emails below. I normally respond within two to three days back. Thanks hope to find some of you out there. brettmonroe1029@gmail

      • I'm in Oregon and I have built a tiny house on wheels and want to find somewhere to put it and live. I have survival skills and have spent summers camping alone. I jut don't like being alone for long periods of time. Please email me back in need to get out of the city asap.

  125. I am a mid-30's white male that has just grown tired of "normal' society. I have 2 advanced science degrees, work for a large corporation, make good money, blah...blah..blah. I am a combat vet with 5 years spent in Spec Ops. I have strong primitive survival skills and experience. I have been wanting to disappear from mainstream society for a long time, and live my life for me. I'm tall, physically fit, considered attractive, intelligent, great sense of humor, no bad habits. I am thinking about either just disappearing into the woods right away, or maybe taking on part of the Appalachian Trail and then finding a more permanent spot. Thinking about WV, TN, GA as well as western states like UT, MT. I'm looking for a fit female companion to join me on this adventure and is serious about making it a forever thing. I have all the gear I need and am ready to do this. I do not have any family, children, or other obligations I need to attend to prior to leaving. Thinking about mid-September to set off. If anyone is interested, I would love to hear from you!

    • I've been considering just up and leaving for a while now, I would be interested in looking into possibilities

      • Same here. Army veteran, British guy. Lots of common sense and necessary skills to be successful. Contact me


      • Hi Jenna. Thanks for responding to my post. It's nice to know you're not alone in this, and that there are others that are like-minded. I would love to chat with you and discuss ideas and possibilities. Please contact me at my regular email at

      • Hi Jenna, thanks for responding to my post. Please contact me at my regular email at

    • I'm in Washington already started my journey if u may be looking to team up w another like minded u may email me. 25 male.

  126. I have been struggling for so long now...fighting culture, not content with being directed by another. The only thing I ever by necessity will submit to is the bodies need to steal and kill to survive, for that there is no choice...I experienced the wilderness alone to a small degree it is was very harsh, the bugs and pests are enough as is, adapting to the new life and chasing food all the time is hard to get used to. Even so, it might be a better option that enslaving myself to another, and going to the wilderness with a group would be more manageable and desirable.

    I am a lover of mind and reason and have propelled myself to great conclusions, I should be able to smile through any event...yet I am not satisfied in this culture. I am a 25 year old passionate male, have hordes of weapons including firearms and lots of survival gear. I am not ready this moment but within a year I would definitely assume so. I have good locations in mind, but open and willing to other good plans.

    There is no romance with nature...its a place of suffering at least in this time in this creation on earth. So make sure whatever you seek in this life under the discipline of nature exceeds the suffering you will endure. Please email me at and lets discuss our options....

    • Everything is unreliable in the wild, health, tools, food,weather and fire. I really don't think I can do it for very long. It's like beginning a course, many are enthusiastic at the beginning and gradually drop out. The living isn't that great, food is rather bland, catching meaningful prey is rare, traps are not that successful and animals are not stupid and avoid you, seeds and plants that are edible can cause stomach cramp if eaten to many. To become a naturalist, I need to change my mindset, that will mean tuning into wildlife and getting away from the city. I need to do some course and get some hands on experience. Even that may not be enough.

      • The long story short is that knowledge has been stolen from humanity and it is up those who are willing to bring back true knowledge.
        If you cannot mine or weld or create a gun or ammo then you should not have these things.
        If you cannot catch an animal with your bare hands and kill it within your hands then maybe you shouldn't be killing other things.
        Self reflection.
        How does it feel to be poked in the eyes?
        How do you feel even imagining some hunter shooting you with a gun while you are living in the woods?

        Do you think these animals to be deaf, dumb, blind, without feeling, cannot taste, cannot smell? Are they not here just as you are?
        and what better is a human than seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing? How many humans actually go beyond their perceptions to think? To consider?

        Anyone who wishes to go into nature and into the world but still wants ammunition and metal and things that only money can buy, you just must know that you have a long way to go.

        Some of us want to be alone but many of us need the information, the precious knowledge, that we each individually have.

        A human is the most capable thing on Earth to grow gardens and food.
        Bears, wolves, dogs, cats, they all eat fruits and vegetables. This is truth.

        Any thing that is starving will eventually reside to consuming the meat of another animal, whether it is dead or alive, all unless self reflection is taken into consideration.
        It is a primitive thing that humans continue to do by consuming animal meat, just as an animal might be considered to be "primitive".

        One can either care or not care at all.
        Some of us wish to care because we do care.

        You are each as free as you can be.
        and you each have the ability to do kindness or to do evil with your free will.
        A knife through your hand does not feel good.
        A smile does feel good.
        Delicious and clean water tastes so good.
        Chemicalized and poisoned and water with metal and rust and plastic and garbage, does this taste good?

        Know your truths.

        We can build homes. We can grow food. We can keep water clean. We can change the world without ever seeing the final result, because never will we.
        but at least we did what we knew was good and right and true.
        unlike what disgusting and ignorant ways are being blindly practiced by many today.

        It is not their fault. It is because humanity is standardized through Government education.

        Land cannot be owned.
        All that humans have is the respect of other humans.

        Within free will, we all have the absolute ability to conduct evil onto others.
        It is knowing that allows us to wish to do good onto others.

        Look at how humans respect one another in traffic, for the most part.
        How they respect one another by not breaking into their homes, for the most part.

        There is always the ignorant who has stopped caring, the unguided.

        Be rid of your possessions. Use your money for seeds.
        Be rid of nonsense.
        Be rid of exhaust.
        Be rid of pollutants.
        Be rid of plastic.
        Be rid of screens.

        Food, water, sleep, shelter, warmth, dry, happiness and peace.
        What else do you need?

        We are each beginning from some stone age by leaving society but we must work together to some extent.
        We must respect one another.

        Even if we all moved into the world, planes will still poor exhaust down onto us.
        Rangers will still seek us out.
        Humans will still thieve from us.
        Mines will still leak liquid metals into the water we drink.
        Rust will continue to poison our water.
        Nuclear bombs will still continue.
        We will be shot more often by humans.
        We will face hate.
        Society will become worse by the day, as it does already.

        Running away from the problem is not our salvation.
        Helping to change humanity with the right knowledge is the truth.

        Defining change is the truth.
        Defining good against wrong and evil is truth.

        but there is much more to say.

        Be considerate.
        Knowing nothing and trying and knowing everything and breaking your body are not right ways.

        Knowing yourself and building this life, this planet. These feel good.

        If garlic does repel ticks, then let us find out!!!
        If basil does repel ticks, then let us find out!!!!!
        and let us share this knowledge even with those who are mindless, so that they might find some mind.

        Let us share our wisdom with all others.

        Be not selfish. Take from a plant so that the plant will continue to grow and give fruit.
        Take not from an animal, for you cannot take a leg from a thing and expect it to return.

        Animal meat is NOT required. This is a fact.
        Put away with the weapons you cannot make on your own.

        Be weightless.
        We are all divided by distance and lack of communication right now.
        It will take a bit but, there is more than just one who wants this right now.
        There are thousands if not millions who feel it in them to be rid of industry and pollution and hatred and television and plastic and etc.

        and etc etc etc..

        much more to say.

        Good luck everyone.

        • Ok. Wow. Joel olsteen I guess. Preach on. Not really. You say people should not eat meat. The human body needs protein. Try to grow a garden in the wild. It will become your bait because deer and rabbits will raid it every single night. The reason we have hunting season's is to control the population of animals that will eat all your precious vegtables and fruit. Others are considered pest because the destroy your land and livestock such and wild pigs and wild dogs. Its harder to be a vegetarian in the wild then a carnivore. If you want to live primitive you need to adopt the way people ate. And yes don't bring your guns unless you want to bring attention to yourself and constantly have to go back and get ammo. Leave your cell phones. You won't get a signal. Take a friend or partner so you don't forget language. And if anyone is looking for an able bodied able minded and ready to go person I am looking for the perfect number. 4. Me and 3 others. That way there is no third wheel. And plenty of experience between everyone. thanks

        • Dear Mathew - In the wild, Wolves and Cats don't eat Berries. They eat Meat. Being a Vegan might be cool, but You might starve to death in the wild. To survive You will need to eat both Red Meat and Fish. There is no super market. You don't get to make those decisions.

      • Yes....we live in such an odd time, it doesnt help that the balance of most ecosystems have been disturbed/destroyed making living off the land even more difficult...and overpopulation and government owning all all the land....oh what a time...I am looking forward to the inevitable destruction of this culture but I will probably die with it since I am taught only how to be an efficient slave for this current idea, not a warrior and survivalist by nature

        • Sean, I am not even sure who Joel Olsteen is...
          You say we need protein? Even green grass has protein.
          Fruits and vegetables are loaded with protein.
          Why do you think people are becoming so overweight? Only from sitting around? It is also from consuming too much protein and doing nothing with it, so what good is protein at all for a lazy people?
          Have you ever gone out and eaten acorns or blackberries and clover, among the thousands of wild edible plants that exist?
          All of which contain protein.

          "joel olsteen", "protein", etc etc... for one who wants to leave society, you sound like one who is still too involved with society.

          Some might have to consider not taking guns or cell phones.
          Others never had guns or phones to begin with.

          Some might still have to consider what life is like without animal meat.
          Others are already over the mountain and far away.

          I do want to update that when I first found this thread, I was also seeking others who were like-minded.
          I realize now that any important journey should only be made alone, else there is always some difference in opinion. That is my advice to those who truly need "freedom".

          I have something important to say and to teach but can not listen to guns or meat or leather or marines or army or wanting a woman or bushwacking and these things consistently.

          If you've heard it from someone else or read it online or saw it on the television, assume that everyone else has already heard your spill.

          Work on yourselves before ever working on others.

          Good luck.

  127. Hi, i am Caleb i live in northeast Texas at the moment. I turn 18 in about a year and im planning on dropping out. Walking into the wild and finding myself there.

    For obvious reasons i dont want to go alone. Im physically fit caucasian male, brown eyes and hair... have been teaching and practicing survival skills for a while now and i think in a years time i will be ready. During the next year im going to look for 1 or 2 like-minded tough people who are willing to drop everything and chase the horizon with me. I will have ample funds for initial supplies i havnt decided where i want to go precisely but i have a year to work all the kinks out. Anyway email me at We can discuss possible plans and work things out! And get to know each other a little bit. I want only people who are dedicated and seriously commited. Im a mind over matter sort of person if you meet these conditions let me know im intresting in getting to know you.

    Never stop chasing your dreams - Caleb

    • hi i been thinking about this for awhile ever since i turened 17 and someones been keepng me back from this i just dont wanna live with ppl that can do this tot he world and be all about drama not careng theres nothng left with the society. i would like to get out of this

      • I'm wanting to go and live in some forest. I don't like where we are all heading so I'm going to change what I see. If you want to talk email me.

      • Email me.

    • I'm 19 decent hunter and tracker dropped out of college just not for me i live near Austin now but grew up in Coleman to, brown eyes and hair as well I'm fit could learn some more about plants and medicinals but I want to go with virtually nothing. Well medium gear but no fire arms, electronics or anything made from this century looking to leave late feb, early march

      • Hi my name is Christian I'm 19, I plan on leaving everything behind and moving to the woods this summer. I am looking to start a small group because I'm not brave enough to go alone please email me at for any questions or useful tips.

  128. Morning All;

    I'm a 42 year old STRAIGHT white male. Looking to leave this corrupted and twisted place with a small group of people. I'm not looking for some brokeback mountain adventure nor am I looking for a year long stay then come back.
    I'm not a he-man nor am i ex-military. I can handle my own, but I'm not the ultimate bad ass either. I'm a good guy that's just seen too much in this piece of shit we call the civilized world.
    I've never been hunting but I'm a good shot out to 700 yards (yes I practice benchrest, prone, and standing) and can usually maintain a 3 MOA. I've been working on my out door skills for about the last 3 years and have no issues in my being able to care for myself if I need to go alone, I just prefer not to.
    I dont mind working hard and dont mind learning new skills or a better way of doing things.

    First and foremost you should know.... I WILL NOT LEAVE UNARMED. I will have my rifle. Yes bullets dont last forever but traps dont always work. Cavemen may have hunted with sticks and indians with crossbows, but I'm a good shot and refuse to go hungry because some one wants to pet the black bears or grizzlies. If you dont want to leave a foot print in the wilds and you think you can do that while living out there, then more power to you , I wish you the best. But I simply will not go unarmed. I have my own reasons other then hunting, my mind will not be changed.

    Second; if you are a female that answers...... I'm not looking for a one night stand, or away for you to have a romp in the wilds. I understand that leaving as a set can make things more enjoyable; but friend first.

    If you happen to be a couple looking for another male, thats cool as long as you dont try and drag me into some threeway ordeal. I'd rather have good friends for life in the wilds, then abunch of drama.

    If your a group of males..... thats fine also. Just dont try to get me involved in some Men At Work activity.I'm not anti-gay I just want to make sure you know where my lines are.

    I do believe in God and if thats an issue for you then just dont answer my post. I have no issue you having another belief system or none at all, I'm not here to judge.

    Besides looking to leave a world that I personally see heading down the road of martial law or WWlll, I am looking for someone or group of people that are HONEST. I was raised that a coward can get you hurt but a liar will get you killed. I live and die by that. I might have to one day trust my life to you and yours to me. This is why I'm being so straight forward.

    As for my user name....... when I leave I just want to go. Its no one elses business. If you want to do a back ground check and we have decided to join up. I have no issues providing my name, age, ect ect ect. My current license needed me to have a FBI and State back ground check, I have no issues letting you do a follow up.

    As for where I am willing to go.....
    well I guess if I find people on here I click with, then it would be a group choice. I open to ideas and if your grouping together , then I hope you would be too.

    I would like to leave by next summer. I dont have things to tie up, I just would like to have time to get to know the people I'll be living alone with in the middle of nowhere. I dont think thats a hard request to understand. I think that if aliens are speaking with you, it will be hard for you to not speak of it over time, give me that time to find out. Besides a friend is much more willing to place his life in danger for you, then someone you just left with.

    If anyone took offense at my post , Im sorry. But its better to offend you now then 100's of miles with no return insight.

    For those I dont end up traveling with. I wish you a heart felt best wishes on your travels and truly hope your plans come to life.

    • I’m turning 40 soon, and relishing a new challenge again. I will be interested in travelling next year, the dates 20th of May through to the 1st of August in Alaska during the height of summer and living in the wilderness with likeminded people and doing my own thing.
      I’m from the UK, and know the visa is 90 days for the USA and 6 months for Canada, so bare this in mind.
      In brief, I’ve done a bit of travelling and spent 14 month in South America 12 -13 and can get by on Spanish and Portuguese. I did a jungle survival course in Peru for 12 days with two guides. With them, participated in survival skills. This was very tough and I nearly wanted to quit. Apart from fainting a few times, being bitten to the point of insanity, hunger and low morale. I managed to pull through.
      During the more pleasant moments when I wasn’t feeling low, I was contempt doing menial tasks such as shelter building, making traps, butchering turtle / wild chicken and washing clothes.
      Since then, I have been studying Horticulture and do gardens on a self-employed basis.
      I would like to meet similar people with this aim in mind; learn new skills; hear stories and occasionally go off and hunt on my own. However, I’m willing to travel with a group of experienced people and explore a more dangerous environment with them. I believe that I’m hard working, but people can judge this when they eventually meet me.
      I’ve been studying the weather in Alaska, Barrow mainly and it’s often very cold during summer. The 24 hours daylight may a problem, but I was okay in Iceland for two weeks living under a tarp.
      I’m in good health and hold a Personal Trainer Qualification and I do lots of land based training without weights.
      I do share the interest with many about the civilized world and its negatives.
      And finally, I’m not scared of dying, but would prefer it to happen doing the unimaginable adventure.
      Enough Rant, and I look forward to a positive reply.

      • Since this was a reply to my post : As I stated I'm not looking to come back. If your doing this as a "fun" trip, then you might be better off going to a campers site or something of that nature. If your worried about you visa then this is not a perm. trip for you and you may not get a reply from others here on site.

        Best of luck

    • I'm 37 a guy very straight and very strong whom is overwhelmingly exhausted with society bills racism judgment lies and just the overall Bullshit. Existing in this has become unbearable...

      I am very straight and sane! I am just done with all this and very use to solitude. I was in the army however never had to survive the wild. I want to thrive not just survive. However after seeing the Chris McCandless story my lack of wild survival skills were concerning.

      I would be walking away from everything including money. I would be bringing a potent array of weaponry as animals that can kill and eat a human freak me out. Also for any inbred crazies out there that wanna cause trouble. I'm pretty skilled and experienced with my mitts but one never knows...

      People claim this is possible perhaps it's time I found out...

      • I'd like to touch base with you. You seem like a level headed guy that knows what he wants. If interested in chatting let me know.

      • Hey folks, I have an old post here and still have yet to find a serious partner. I'm aiming for AK/Canada and permanent. I'm ready to spend this fall and winter WITH my partner really getting ready for the reality. Anyone serious about this, email me at
        I'm aiming to leave spring 2017 with medium gear, .22 Rifle and the knowledge of how to make larger weapons.

        • Its cool your shooting for north would you are more interested in making larger weapons cause 22s aint but for squirrels and coons rabbits and etc I have hunting and tracking experience but not too much for plant knowledge. I too just want to find a committed partner.

    • I'm with you, have two posts up myself stating very much the same. Email me at I'm ready to meet up and start preparing.

    • Hi NoOneImportant,
      I would be very interested in partnering up with you.. 35 yo female.. email me please..

      • I'm leaving in march. Have many years in the woods would love to meet like minded people. When I leave I'm not coming back

    • Well that was the best one I've read all night on this thread. I'm stuck in the UK and would love to join someone like you. I can't see it happening because of where I live now (most of these on here are from USA) which is a shame. All I will say is that I am simply a hobbit at heart. Grew up on a farm, have horses and love travelling and living in the wilds really is all I want to do. Anyway I am probably wrong candidate but I wish you all the luck in this world.

    • Wowie ! Thats some heavy stuff there. That almost made Me feel bad for being Gun Collector. As far as leaving no foot prints. If You want to live in the National Forests or National Parks, You have to leave no trails. If You don't understand that, You will learn it fast. With or without guns. When it isn't hunting season, You would be better off using a Bow or Crossbow. I also have a 3o caliber air rifle that is a lot quieter. In the wild woods there are a lot of us already here. Please don't think bringing an attitude and a arm load of rifles, will give You the right to push other around. The woods are full of people. Spread out over the land. Your best bet is to respect others, and take only what You need. There is no need to be pushy or hateful.
      Walk the Wild in Peace, My Friend.

  129. Is anyone leaving soon? If you are, I will be willing to contribute a good amount of money in building our community. I have some skills since I grew up in northern Minnesota and am a veteran of the US Navy (mostly healthcare skills). It is good to have a good med. person around. Also, I am so tired of the way the work is going and I don't want to be involved any more. Please let me know if I would be useful in your community. Even if you haven't left yet, I can get there before you and start building if needed.

    Reach out to me please:


  130. Hello all,

    I am also looking to get off the grid. I am leaving way sooner, within the next week or so. I am looking to meet someone in Flagstaff Arizona around 09/01. I will then work my way north to an area less occupied and not in reservation land but close to it. I have saved over 10K to get myself off the grid so the structure I build will not be completely useless but will keep us warm in winter months. I am not looking for a sexual partner but would like female and or male company. If I could get a couple people it would be great.

    Email me at

    I was in the military and I grew up in northern Minnesota so I have a lot of experience in the wild.

  131. My name is shawn.
    I am preparing for my move to the alaskan wilderness, I will be leaving around the beginning of 2017. I have already made a mapped out route and living area away from civilization and far away from any ranger stations or any towns within a 60 miles radius all the way around. There is light snow during the summer days and heavier snow during the winter. I have been a hunter and trapper all my life and have spent many days and nights in the wilderness and everytime I leave it makes me sick to come back to governmental america. This time I am not coming back when my time comes I will find me a nice spot under a tree and a good view and to dust I shall return. I'm looking to find atleast 3 other people to join me as I have done alot of planning so far and 4 people seems to be the best number for the tasks involved for survival and also the company of another. Not looking for anyone trying to have a wilderness sex trip or anything of the nature just 3 other people that share the same passion for freedom and the will to survive. Please feel free to email me with questions or arrangements. FYI just because you message me does not mean your added to the list as I have till the beginning of 2017 to make sure the people I leave with are good people and not out to play games. Thanks and God bless everyone.

    • My name is Joey, I have been through a lot in my days, just recently separated I feel like now is the time to live my dream, I was a boy scout during my whole childhood, I have watched many videos and read many books on wilderness survival, I've taken myself into the woods to put my self to the test, I have started fires with different styles and under different conditions, I've made many tools, shelters and traps, out of everything I know the hardest thing I've found is the ability to give up civilization, people and entertainment, you have to drop, I've been looking for a place to go, I'd like to go with you to get my start, please e mail me if you would like to talk.

    • For anyone who wishes to live off the proverbial beaten path, I would just like to say, prepare, prepare, prepare. It is very rewarding and life can be good, hard but good. I am half native American and was raised on the Creek Indian Reservation with my grandmother and I have hunted (bow and gun), trapped, skinned, tanned hides, set lines (fish), bird traps/fish traps, smoked/preserved meats, gathered wild edible plants/nuts, and have most of my life. I was 16 when we first got running water. The reason I say all this is that even though I do have these skills even I prepare before heading into the wild, which I do every few years just to unwind and reconnect. Even I carry a way to contact someone in case of a life or death emergency, I've been lucky enough to never have had to use it, but it's sure better to have than dying in the wilderness because gangrene has set into a broken leg. The other important thing to remember is know your location.. I'm in the Eastern USA and even with my skills, I would be really reluctant to wander off say in Alaska and expect to survive well, especially if I don't know the ecology.. guys/Ladies, just please be careful. Not trying to be a downer, it is hard/rewarding..but it's deathly hard if you are not ready. Thanks. Anyone wanting to get up with me can, if I can help, I will.

      • My name is Carolyn and I am in Oregon. I have built a tiny house on wheels and I'm trying to find somewhere to put my house and live off-grid and away from society. I'm 51 year old and have camped for summers alone. I have spent my childhood camping, hunting and fishing in the woods of Oregon and Washington. I know it will be easier with others. I'm very determined to make a life away from the sick society that exists. Please email me if you know anywhere in can go where the Rangers can't mess with me.

      • I don't know where to go that is what I am trying to find as well as maybe a person or 2 to go with me. I have a tiny house on wheels I've built and just wanted to park it and live. Like I do when I camp only with better shelter and some off grid luxury. I love being in the woods but at 51 year old it gets really hard living in a tent. I was a carpenter for years so I did what I know and want to learn more about just living a simple life with nature. If you can help in any way please contact me 5038854554 thank Carolyn

    • Please contact me.
      US Army veteran with a desire to get off the grid and away from this rat race.
      Looking for spring 2017 to set off into the wild and make it permanent.
      Looking forward to hearing from you

      • Says email address invalid

        • is mine

  132. Hi all, I've posted here before, but things came along and I've had to put my plans on hold.

    My timetable to wander into the wilds is May 2017. This will give me time to gather all I need, and put other affairs in place.

    I am looking into the southwest portion of Virginia. I hiked on the Appalachians Trail in 2014, and have found quite a few places that are out of sight, and would not be bothered. I would be within 1 to 2 miles from the Appalachian Trail, but with proper precautions, you can live it up without your place ever being found.

    The area I have located is within walking distance of a lake, so water will not be an issue. Animals are plentiful, and the views from the top of the mountains, are astounding.

    There is a small town about 10 miles away, but I will not go into it(unless urgently needed).

    I plan on bringing freeze dried food to last a couple of weeks, until I have everything set up and going. Then after that, its on to living the way we were meant to live.

    I'm a white, 46 year old guy, looking for 1 or 2 others interested in joining with me.

    I have knowledge in setting traps(fish traps are my specialty), building shelters, and fire starting.

    Would like someone(at least one person) who has knowledge of skinning animal for food, and/or fur.

    If you're interested, send me a message.

    • My email is, forgot to put it in my above message.

    • Please get a hold of me at 3072147490 I have experience in skinning gutting and cleaning most animals and have mild experience in trapping as well

    • Or email me at

    • I've been a wilderness person my whole life. Going into the wild, and coming back. I've fallen through the ice while checking my traps, while ice fishing, and innocently walking along in the hight of many a white out. Have had my eyelids freeze shut when I blink. Actions on guns frozen.stiff. Eating snow to survive hypothermia. On the flip side, anybody drag a white tail 3 kilometers thru swamps , mosquitoes and 95° with an empty water bottle.. Dehydration brings on lots of nasty problems with probably disorientation being the worst. Miss a crucial turning point on a return hike can put you in harms way quick! Physical training and intestinal fortitude will save your skin, but actually pushing with all your might to a safe haven with your clothing frozen to the point it's cracking at your joints, has to be experienced BEFORE you've put yourself too far out of reach. Go into the wild short term and test your strengths. When you're sound, go for the long term. I wish all of you gods speed, and honestly, am jealous I can't embark on a long term quest for that place that no one has ever layed a track on.

  133. Hi my name is Timothy and I'm a Christian.; I will have my Bible and worshiping God would be evident. There are many military forces building up all around the united states and very soon the wood will be the only option for those who can see clearly. I've love to live in the woods without paying bills, hunting animals and and roasting them for food, I will want a company to build a place and make it home (cozy) and warm, It could be tent, hut or other structures and also I would love a booth for animals like sheep and goat and we can probably grow corn, tomatoes and other useful food items to live on. my email is, Lets start planning now, I'm ready at this very moment.


    • The more culture you show (agriculture, animal husbandry, etc.) the more you need to be sure to be on private property. Grazing and farming on public land is the quickest way to get noticed and then rousted (or arrested). If you'll be on public land you need to go low impact for the most longevity. Of you want to raise animals for peotein, consider mealworms. They are low input and very hardy (they won't take freezing, but they produce a lot of protein and omega 3 oils in a short time). If you want to farm, consider the weedier species, like amaranth, goosefoot, broom corn (Sorghum), etc. Some beans and squash can compete effectively with minimal cultivation, but corn is a high-cultivation crop and the activity will be noticed. Best to read up on foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms, and learn how to set snares and traps (a rat trap will do for most small game). If you've got an in with a sympathetic landowner, though, go to it.

      • Shaun you have no reason being on this site...seen your responses and they are very seem the type that your always right and all knowing... guess what you're not the only one...if you don't have positive remarks stay away from this site...end of story

        • Okay, now you want to talk about negative? That post of yours is it. I give into. Freely. You don't agree with that info, fine. It to attack me for trying to be helpful is certainly not a positive thing. You want to dispute the facts? You want to challeng my opinions? Do so, but do so with facts and opinions, not by attacking me as "negative" or a know-it-all. I'm not. I dont. I'm pretty negative in my outlook for civilization, but that's why we're all here, isn't it. Honestly, I don't know why I even bother responding to troll like you, Mr. "Not Important" (name kinda says it all...woops, was that negative?), but I prefer to give a person a second chance to show they're more than a muckraker.

      • Thanks for leaving a helpful set of tips for people. I'm sure some will find this quite useful. I've checked your replies on this site (since someone was very adamant at making you look bad while providing no evidence) and everything about you so far seems to be up to snuff! Keep being an awesome person!

        And mr/mrs 'Not Important' hiding behind a non-name, shove off! This site does not need people like you talking down on others with no reason.

        • Nice. Thanks for the support. I had to go back and check all my posts to make sure I hadn't said anything less-than-helpful. Best of luck to you, Nodoka. Best of luck to all of us.

  134. Anyone up for going to Montana please email me at

    It will probably be around the beginning of 2017 before I am ready but until then I'll be preparing.

  135. People dream people hope...but to actually go out and do what heart desires like the primitive life ...this what the MOUNTAIN GUERRILLA TRIBE will do...good luck to ya'll world...

    • Is the Mountain Guerilla Tribe a real thing? Or is it still just a concept. It might be a good rallying point for a yearly gathering of disaffected wilderness enthusiasts and hermits. The hobos have their gathering, what not us as well?

      • Sure is a real thing, MGT three founders.


      • As far as a gathering as you put it. Jordan Valley Oregon has a mountain man rendezvous in April every year. Go hang out there.

    • Yes the MOUNTAIN GUERILLA TRIBE is real. There are 3 founders.

    • I'm 18 years old, I'm from the Ozarks in South Central Missouri. I spent quite a bit of my time in the woods and on a black angus farm growing up. I'm not a survival expert by far but I have the capability of living without society's crutches. Ive been homeless for the past six months by my own choice, graduated from high school homeless as well. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything I needed to do to survive on my own. Ive never fit into this society, nor have I wanted to. America is on her knees. I'm ready to leave all of this behind. I have no location in mind but I plan to move to the wild soon. I refuse to work for a system that no longer works for the good of mankind but towards the greed of few.
      The hills of the Ozarks are deep. If anyone is interested in disappearing into the hills then get ahold of me. I'm really outgoing. I'm not looking for any freaky sex in the woods shit Lol. I want someone or several people who's focus is on survival while leaving the land intact. Only taking what we need to survive. I'm tired of hurting our mother. Eden has enough to go around...

  136. I'm a 30 yr old white woman.looking for a partner to go to Montana with in the future.would leave in spring.I'm in northern wv me at
    I'm a prepper survivalist atheist horsewoman mountain woman.I love off grid living and hate society and government and police.I'm strong welled and ready to get the hell out of here.want to live free,like the native Americans before the whites stole and destroyed this land.

    • Hi I'm from ireland a 35 year old man looking for same adventure as you I love the outdoors and hate city life so over populated.Im young physically and love a good challenge if u need more info about me email me at thanks alan

    • Are you still in for it, Im l planning on living off the land, my days in civilization is over, i do want a partner, if you are serious let me know, then we could get together on this.

    • Im ready when you are. Thats my dream to go there.

    • I'll be going to Montana this moth. Maybe stay, maybe not. I'm older than you but that just me a lot of experience in my pocket.

    • Ever think about NC?

      • Im in NC and am looking to escape and get back to nature. Physically fit female who knows how to hunt, grow and harvest. Email me at

  137. I am looking to essentially disappear from mainstream society and live totally off-grid. Not just owning land somewhere with a tiny home, but actually living remotely somewhere with no ties to anything or anywhere. I am not running from the law or anything like that, in fact I don't even have a traffic ticket on my record. I just do not want to be part of the senseless masses anymore, and do not want to be "led" heavy-handed by the government. I have thought about this for a while, and constant news events make me want to do it now. I don't want to be tracked in any way by the government or any other group. Essentially live as a nomad with no land ownership, no paying taxes, no worrying about the government coming and taking my legally-owned weapons. I have lost faith in the government, and honestly, society in general. I am well-educated, have several advanced degrees, and a great corporate job. I am also a Veteran of the Army, with several deployments under my belt. So it's not a matter of being unpatriotic or anything like that, I just want to rely on myself. I don't want to depend on cell phones, Wi-fi, grocery stores, utilities, etc. So when everything goes crashing down, I'm already in a place to survive and thrive, and when FEMA or the NSA comes knocking, my location (and almost existence) is not known. I don't have any family, so disappearing would create zero ripples. Looking to not do this completely alone for numerous obvious reasons. So if anyone is interested in actually doing this, and sooner rather than later, please contact me. I currently live in Florida, but want to go to Oklahoma, Carolina, etc for this permanent change.

    • Email me at I'm from the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. I'm prior military myself and looking to ease into this and making camp somewhere in the mountains. I know of some great areas where even the towns are 20 years behind time....

      • Looking to get out of the crazy rat race . living in oregon. Wanting to travel out of state. Anywhere but here . former boyscout and avid camper. No fire arms I just use bow. And weapons of blade. I'm 28 trying to do something new with my life. Wanting to go into the wilderness and just discover everything i can about myself and stuff mother nature.

        • I'm in OR, and I want to learn wild edible foods. Do you know where I could learn in OR?

      • I am also Prior Service wanting to do the same, Are you all still planning or already gone let me know. email me @

    • Let's go to Montana. Up north.see what we can c. And live free.I'm a 30 yr old woman

      • I'm gathering my gear thru the next week or so. No guns tho. Taking a bow to get started. I'm in Texas. Was raised in Idaho. Hope all get hooked up with whatever it is you are searching for.

      • How about now I'm here already and ready

      • Hey whitewolf, email me at Would love to link up with you for this!

      • Hey have you left yet contact me plz with this climate change mountains are a good call Yukon Canada is free land

      • Is this group still going out I see you got several reply's. I am not wanting a relationship at all just want to go off into and live in nature. I am a Army Veteran 34 Years Old and will be bringing my bow.

        • Cole

          MGT SAVAGE

    • Hi. I'm very interested. Do you have a contact email?

      • I'm pay off a group getting ready to go into the wilderness. We all have bows. And all very knowledgeable in the woods.

      • Hi Tiffany, my contact email is

      • Tiffany - Email me @
        I have some information you may want

      • Tiffany - yes I do. I listed it above, but it is survivalist37075 at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!

      • Tiffany,
        Hope this finds you well. Our plans are coming together quickly. Once we are out tho, i won't have any reason to come back. Group of three so far.


        • Hopefully this finds you in preperation and not gone. Email me if your still going

    • email me 32 year old male

    • Hi Will please I would also like to live off the grid and would be there for a very long time, but I currently live in the state of California and I want us to discuss to see how this would work.

      My email address is

  138. My name is Dustin, 17, I live in the Pacific Northwest. If you are close to my age email me, I'd love to talk to some likeminded people. I'm tired of the mainstream lifestyle. I've deleted my Facebook and Instagram and I'm just done with all of the bullshįt. I've taken survival classes, I hunt, I've trapped some. All my friends tell me where they are going to be in 10 years. They all have huge expectations. My three best friends are going to college to study economy, cardiology and psychology. I am by no means below them, I know I am good enough to be accepted into a college, I was taking high school classes in 7th grade, but I don't see any point? Their passions are unknown to them. They chose the best options they had as they still haven't found themselves. In 10 years when they are buried to their necks in debt. I want to be up in the mountains somewhere. Without a worry in the world other than, damn I better collect more firewood before sundown. I am passionate about watching an osprey splash into the water, for the slightest moment it seems to stop and you wonder if it will sink, but it pushes off the water and rises, prize in hand(talons). I am passionate about the Nighthawks that come out at dusk. I watched, on the 4th of July, as a barn owl flew across the horizon not more than 100 feet from me, I loved the color of the fireworks but for that moment I could only hate them, because that owl was without a doubt terrified. Because men decided to launch explosives into the air, continuously until they had no more. I love seeing a trout strike a fly in a clear shallow river. These pleasures. These simple pleasures are what life should be about. Those are the happiest moments of my life. The worst moments of my life come when i am stuck, alone at home. Nothing o do but either sleep, watch tv, or eat food. Well, atleast what mainstream society considers "food". I hate Pokemon go, all of these kids walking around aimlessly, living in their fraudulent fantasy lives. Games and movies and shows in general. We watch them not only because they are entertaining, but because we wish we could be like them, we have nothing to do with our lives so we watch others live theirs. Which happens to be more interesting than our own.
    " I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and not, when I came to die. Learn that I had not lived."
    -Henry David Thoreau
    If you love that quote as much as me, hit me up.

    • There are so many like you, follow your heart. You will find what you need..not in this society. Not now. Meditate. Go on an adventure if it's what your heart desires. You can always come back and bring your experience with you. Your soul needs replenished and you can feel it, so feed it. ?

    • Hi Dustin,
      My name is Lukas and I think you are right about this stupid society, I'd be happy if you would send me a mail and maybe we can exchange ideas or just talk.
      My emal adress is

      Looking forward to your answer,

    • You are right about the games, for years ive played games just to escape reality because its eating me alive. I to am planning on living completely off the grid. Im thinking Montana because not only is it beautiful but theres plenty of places to disappear. I wish you well and hope u find u a woman. But in the mean time take a dog and train him they are handy. Thompson Falls,MT up there its some of the richest in game. By the way im 24 and am currently stuck in the marines. Blah lol, dont get me wrong i love it but i failed out of some advanced training and figured i could love more than 1 thing in life.

      • Thinking of Montana also buddy.30 yr old woman here.and its all I think about.gotta hoof it from wv but I plan on doing just that asap

        • Montana is wonderful country. Gets mighty cold. I know some of the state but I know Colorado better than the vast majority of the natives. So I plan to hit the high country there and relocate to lower elevation when the weather turns. I'll remain off grid in both locations.

        • Hello,

          There is a group for Montana. Drop an email

    • I'm 17 about to be 18 in a couple months and once that happens I'm gone. It seems like I relate to no one in society. Most the people I've met are fake and disloyal. When I was 16 I got thrown in the loony bin and after I got out I was kicked out of highschool. I had no idea what I was doing with my life and everyone around me was disappointed in me and telling me I'm supposed to do shit so I hitchhiked from PA 10 hours away to Boston MA. I tried making myself a life but you can't exactly put out resumes when the cops are looking for you. Eventually I got home and I've just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs until I can leave again. Sad day for everyone with their nose in my ass that I'm not going to be getting a GED once I turn 18 and I'll actually be going off grid for a while. I never used FB and deleted it 7 months after I got back. I only know it was 7 months cause the cops changed my password and FB told me I was using an old password. I had to change my number and everything people sent me such nasty shit. But fast forward all this time sitting around has driven me near mad. I'm a strong believer in self education so these past two years I've done nothing but watch scientific, philosophical, and religious debates and documentaries, become politically educated (ignorance is bliss don't make my mistake), and mold myself overall as a person. I'm not trying to hide from society because I don't fit in or trying to escape reality. I'm trying to embrace my true nature and live how I need to. Nature has always been my friend. Just Wednesday the rain interrupted me mowing our huge lawn and I backed the mower into the garage and was letting the song I was listening to finish before I went inside. After it did and I pulled off my headphones I just sat there and watched and listened to the rain and it gave me a calm somber no song ever could. I didn't go in until an hour later after it stopped pouring. Long story short I can't wait to turn 18 and catch a ride on a cargo train that runs through my town and leads up into a decent town in NY smack dab in the middle of a valley. I'll go up into one of the many hills and stay there until I bid come down.

      • Email me Gavin
        I can relate

    • Hi dustin, I am 19 and about to turn 20. I am not as experienced as you seem to be with survival methods, however, I still have the same passion. I would like you to contact me and see where things go from there. I do have some things I have to take of before I can depart from civilization. I will eventually do it though. I know that.

        Email me!

    • It is amazing to me how many people there are out there with these same passions. I don't know anyone in my immediate life that is like me. I'm a rare breed, but you look here that's just about all you can find. I found this site because I read a book about Dick Proeneke's cabin in Alaska. I was wondering if I could do exactly what he did. It surprises me how many people from all over the country and even from other countries can come together by chance like this.

      " I went to the woods because I wishe'd to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and not when I came to die, learn that I had not lived. "

      - can anyone guess the brilliant man behind this quote? No cheating!

      Email me!

    • Good to see young people, who are not completely buried in the computer stuff. Outdoor activities make you healthier both physically and mentally. Back when I was a kid, We all played outdoors every chance We got. Building tree houses, sticker bush forts, or just going fishing. Now days it seems that young people spend most of their time on the internet.
      I respect Your interest in the outdoors. Have you ever made a fire with out matches? Be careful that You have a safe place to work, and not cause a wildfire. Then start practicing making fire. Don't build a bonfire. The idea is to learn how to make fire with out matches. So once You have a small flame. a couple twigs on that is enough to call it a win. I start people out with a book of paper matches. Then You go collect tinder and kindling from nature, and start a fire with only one match. You can't use any paper, every thing has to be from the wild. Next step is to do the same thing on a rainy day. You will learn where to find stuff that will burn , even in the rain. Once you have the one match fire down, even on a stormy day. Then you start learning the flint & steel , and friction fire skills. Eventually you will progress to the hand drill primitive (no knife) and you just keep practicing and teaching others. Making fire is a very important skill. Then you can move on to more Bushcraft survival skills.

  139. I'm from the western part of Virginia near WV and have dreamed to live off the grid. I have a wife and pets. I'm thinking about starting something up for the weekends then eventually turn it into full time. Appalachia is perfect for these dreams. It's crazy living in a society where paper buys things another man makes....and it dictates how you live. Absolutely ridiculous. Mankind was better off before this technology. Email me at if you are maybe interested. A good plan would be the best choice before striking.. thanks for reading

  140. Soooooo I'm about 1 week before I go...I have had 4 people drop off from taking the trip...why. ..who knows...I have 1 left and he's heading my way now... reason for me still being in civilization...I know people want to do this but only dream about far as it goes... I'm done dreaming it's reality time....

    • Barnard I have tried to reach you a few times, I am very interested in joining you if there is still space please let me know. I can be reached at

      • I am in kansas but can make it there. Anyone else interested? 39 year old female

        • Yes I am , 40 and have primitive survival skills, can meet anywhere ..

        • Brandie...can you be in troy mt by next July 18th...please reply back if possible to ..

        • Hey. 37 very physical. Ready to leave. I have hear and start up money for tools and dried goods. Let me know. I'm leaving soon

        • 36 year old male, athletic, Army Spec Ops Vet in Florida, can make it there as well. Great hunting, primitive survival, force protection skills.

        • I am ready to leave as well. Lover of mind and reason here, age 24 male. I am ready to immerse my mind under the discipline of nature as always intended.

          Email me @

          Ideally I would be ready around beginning of august but...i can be pushed. Was going to be a hermit but..maybe 1 or 2 others would be nice

        • I'm in Oklahoma and want to live in the Miami chi mountains in southern oklahoma. I have the survival skills and all required gear. You can join me if you like. I was going to go alone but it would be nice to have someone with me.

        • Hi brandi....I was wondering if you would like to join me on this grand adventure. Email me I'm ready to go.

        • My bff and I are wanting to just get away from all the corruption. Been thinking hard about wilderness living. email me at

        • I am from Michigan but at the moment I live in Costa Rica. I think I would like to live off the land here in the country where it does get very cold.

      • Anyone in FL wanna partner up?

        • I'm im Florida still need a bit of time for preparation

  141. Hello, I do not have many survival skills and my outdoor living experiences are limited to a few camping trips in which I didn't practice survival at all. That said, I have always had this knowing that I'm living in the wrong century. Modern society is not for me. I would do anything to escape... I just lack the experience or know-how. I may not be the most skilled outdoorsman, nor the bravest, or strongest- but I would be willing to help in any way asked of me if I could join an experienced group. I believe work should only be a means of sustenance- not to get nice things and impress the Jones'es. Which is why I am not afraid to leave this slave life for good... in fact I'd want nothing more. No matter the cost.

    If any group is willing to take in a member that is willing to learn, adapt, and do whatever is asked of me... please let me join you. I'm a 32 year old male and I have some minimal gear but I'm not looking to go with a million gadgets and years worth of supplies. I just want to take a back pack's worth of what I can as my only belongings and if I die... well, I would rather die than live this life.


  142. Well Robert I guess I'm that person Nodoka talks about! I must be a fool?. I think what you said is right on and you're 100% correct on the electronics. It would completely defeat the purpose. Electronics and social media are part of the reason this world is so messed up. Ok most of the reason. I just want my dogs and my gear. Things are temporary and will not last at all. I've been in process of ordering gear, preparing and selling my things because I do not want to come back. This world is about to become a bigger nightmare than it already is. Society is losing it. My name is Eryn and I love what you said about how a man and woman balance each other out. I get it. I have not been in to this very long at least long term wise but I have short term. I may not have all the skills acquired yet... HOWEVER I'm a fast learner especially hands on. I'm teachable a great listener and a survivor heart and mindset. I can and will do what I set my mind to do. I won't quit or leave because I have nowhere to go at all. I was planning on giving it a shot myself then stumbled upon this group. I may not be the greatest or strongest fastest etc. but I have the will to do what's needed to survive. I have lots of background experience as a first responder, EMT, Paramedic, CNA in the ER and ICU. Also have lots of disaster training i.e. OKC Bombing and surviving the two biggest tornados Oklahoma has ever seen. I currently live in Hot Springs AR just outside the Ouachita National Forest. I currently work for Starbucks and the American Red Cross. My training and love started after my mom suddenly died last January and left me with no reason to stay here in society anymore. I've been gathering gear and anything I can with the goal of the Appalachian trail in sight. But why not make it permanent and that is what I want to do.

    From the foolish woman??

    • You know, if you keep trying to spread trouble, trouble will always find you. Again, it doesn't defeat the purpose because everyone's purpose is different. Why do you have to go around harshly judging everyone, hmm? Do you perhaps see how you only make yourself look bad? Try to judge a little less, and you won't seem like quite a dick. Maybe then you'll get better responses.

      To the foolish person

  143. Everyone is tired of paying for what was given to us freely.. Water, Land, Food, Freedom.. Some of us prefer freedom of nature over the slavery that comes from having modern conveniences...
    I have survived off grid in the mountains of the Rockies and the Sonoran Deserts .. I have spent more time in the remote wilderness than probably all of the big talkers combined..
    Looking for someone with guts and the will to survive in the most remote of wilderness..
    I have several hidden cabins from Canada to almost Mexico out western US.
    Who's going to leave the coffin of civilization and come with me.. All you need is the determination and perseverance.. Several people have not succeeded staying in the remote wilderness with me but I am back again to get someone with grit and a gigantic sense of adventure. Who will travel by handmade raft, horse, foot, canoe etc. and not regret leaving friends and family.. , bring your guts not your guns.

    • I'll be headed for northern az soon but have a few lose ends to sort out email is

    • I'm trying to leave in the next few days. I have some gear and moderate survival skills. Just tired and looking to find adventure. I'm a skilled fisherman and Hunter, a quick learner, intelligent and very open minded. , I'd love to hear from you. I'll be driving to some point and just leaving my vehicle to walk off into the rest of my life

  144. Hello all. I am a 36 year old white male, very athletic, don't smoke, no drug use, rarely drink. I have two college degrees in the natural sciences. I am a 9-year Vet of the Army, 5 in Spec Ops. I have extensive training and experience with primitive survival skills. I work a corporate job and make good money, but it has not fulfilled me in any way. I am wanting to find a female that would love to join me in just disappearing into the woods. It is the right time of year to go. I live in FL, but would like to go to KS, OK, MO or another location for this. I don't like the idea of the cold north, or the risks with coastal areas. I have gear and some money, and am ready to pull the trigger. I don't have any family and work from home, so there are no real ties that I have to cut in order to do this. I'm very serious about this, and not looking to "try" it for a couple months. I plan on this being a permanent life choice for me. If you are serious and ready to do this ASAP, I would love to hear from you. My email is

    • ??very interested! I live just outside the out Ouachita National Forest. I've been planning, buying gear, stocking up on things to just go. I have my 2 dogs and no family anymore. Nothing keeping me here. The more I watch the news the faster I wanna take off!. My names Eryn and I live in Hot Springs National Park.

      • I'm looking to partner up. I have the gear and the skills. I want to go to the kiamichi mountains. Possible into Arkansas. I live in the Tulsa area. I have found several possible places that I could live and live well. If interested please email me at or call me 918 200 3298....I'm ready to leave this world.

  145. July is the month for departure to a new life, going north. Have one person on board,one maybe. Would like another that is definite .man or woman doesn't matter. You have to want this life is the only requirement. Me and my partner have the knowledge. Contact a.s.a.p. I can write a lot of stuff here, Don't need to waste space with that...need serious people who want this...not a dream but me at

    • Hi there barnard I am a 38 year old man with a wife and two very outgoing boys i dream of nothing more than to live off the land in Alaska or some where similar but my wife is quite reluctant about it but my boys like me would do it in a heartbeat and stick it out no matter what I would love to hear from you with some of your experience and pointers you can contact me at thanks in advance Matthew

    • Like most, I want to head north much like the late great Dick Pronekke. I ONLY mention dick as he survived and was in the right mental and physical state. Unlike most commenters, I have met up with two different folks off this board in particular, only to be stood up on one and the other turned out to be a drug addict. Im 30, male, physically fit and mentally prepared. Like you folks I have spent a lifetime researching and putting to use what I have learned in real world scenarios. My skills are strongest in hunting, trapping, building and gardening. I have nothing im running away from, rather heading too. Im not looking to create a large society of nomads, Im looking to either join a party of two, THREE at the most or find a partner. Smaller parties are harder to spot, easier to explain and use alot less resources. I will be emailing a few of the more recent posters as a few of you DO seem genuine on leaving this year. Im currently based in FL but not from FL. Did a 5 week trip in the Bob Marshall in Idaho, 3 weeks in the Francis Marion in SC and another 7 weeks on the northern Michigan peninsula. Not looking to carry the kitchen sink but not looking to go unprepared. YES I do intend to bring one at most two firearms to allow more inital time to get used to surroundings while not worrying about food or protection at first. My name is ALEX, please contact me if you are serious about a 2016 SUMMER leave date. Even if we cant meet previously to departure, we can learn alot in the mean time and see if we would be a good fit. To the future partner of mine reading this, YOUR MY EYES IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD AND VISA VERSA! You encourage me to push through and get back to camp and I'll make sure you dont starve with a sprained ankle. SUBJECT SURVIVAL!

      • Hi Alex. I will be emailing you soon. Mines Thanks for your post?? Hope to talk soon.

        Eryn Mc

      • I'm ready when you are!!! You sound like a great fit to what I'm looking for! my name is Daniel. 35 and ready to get the F out!! email me @ Thanks for your consideration and look forward to talking to you.

      • US Army veteran tired of all the BS too. From England originally. Had enough of Boston and looking to leave. I have some cash and have been collecting gear for some time. Email me at
        Hope to hear back

  146. Looking to head to Alaska soon and begin a new life, away from what the world has become today.. Create an off the grid lifestyle, and get back in touch with the world the way it was made for us, I am looking to transition to permanent off the grid living, I have a few ideas in mind to begin the journey and get things in motion and I thought It would be nice if I found some like-minded companion(s) that would be interested in doing the same. I am a 34 year old male, with all the skills needed to make it on my own. My idea for now, is to get started by getting to Alaska.. taking my vehicle. I have been up commercial fishing in Alaska 3 seasons, so I have met a few people, and I know someone that will allow me to build and live on his land, until the time comes to move along whenever. This time of year, you can camp in a tent all summer off the homer spit and work a cannery job to get you some money for supplies and building a cache of accessories. Anyway.. Anyone looking into the same.. if you would like to share ideas, or talk about anything.. Message here, or email at

  147. I have been backpacking in all 50 states including living in Hawaii and Alaska..
    I have spent 6 months living in alaska on sockeye lake with nothing but a backpack..
    I have spent 4 months living in the wilderness of southern Utah with nothing but my backpack..
    I was born and raised in the Appalachian mountains. I can survive with nothing and eventually thrive..

    I am looking for someone with the heart to leave society and man and convert to wilderness and primitive nature living.....................
    I have also been camping in Canada and Mexico in the copper canyon.
    I can tell you this, you dont want to live in the wilderness where its either too hot or too cold..........
    I have land at the Grand Canyon next to Utah in Northern Arizona in the highlands..
    I want roam the wilderness and live free, bath under waterfalls and wake up to birds chirping and sleep to the howl of coyote...................

    If you agree let me know =) gregzgone@gmail com.................

    About me
    I am 41
    no family
    i want to be gone forever
    I am giving up everything including phones
    good health
    no legal issues
    I dont smoke or have any crutches
    I am a primitive survivalist and can do anything from
    making bread from cattail plants to making fire from ice..
    Looking for a few people that have the Will most of all and
    are serious...............
    ..And if you want to take guns please
    dont write me. You run out of bullets, bullets are heavy to carry
    (you obviously never carried lead in a backpack) ..and you can secure food without them, its just lazy and dumb to think you are better off
    ,we are getting away from mankind but then you take their weapons with you.....
    I dont want to go on a hunting trip like most of you... I want to
    respect nature and live at one with it... Shooting up the universe
    is rediculous and not responsible.... Unless its for protection I
    dont think you should be calling yourself a survivalist, you aren't
    using skills if you have to blow everything up..

    Regards ~

    • Two emails. I know myself and some others have been trying to email you. And non of the email addresses are valid.

    • I'm also a person Greg has contacted and we made plans and we're talking for about a month. All a sudden he quites messaging me, and all a sudden his emails r all in vaild. Iffy if u ask me.

    • Someone please contact me about ideas you all have


    • Guns can in moderation be a great addition to your means for securing food. I have a 20 gauge muzzleloader and I can carry a large amount of powder and shot. I'm not the kind of person that will bring a scoped 30-06 into the woods on a survival trip. But if I brought my smooth bore 20ga, lead shot, powder and my two bullet molds. I can have birdshot, buckshot and roundball all in the same package, it's primitive compared to modern day smokeless powders and semi auto shotguns. But honestly bringing a gun won't hurt anything, it would be a great addition until you run out of powder or shot, and hopefully by then you have established a reliable strategy for acquiring food frequently enough to live.

      • Guns are worthless, in every aspect. For every reason.

  148. Hello,

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    • It s beacause of people like you and Powell Garcia that we whant to leave this slaverying sociaty. Powel Garcia diden t heelp you he just inslaved you my friend

  149. this is something that i want to do and i see so many other people on this site do also. i have been reading up on survival in the wilderness for a few years now, i am pretty well versed with wild edibles, i can fish and hunt, i can grow plants and have a seed supply of non gmo heirloom seeds i could bring with me. i have worked with wood since before high school (i'm 32 now) pretty good at shelter building and love the outdoors. this is something that i have wanted to do as long as i can remember. my contact is or text 8563925749
    i live in nj now but have lived in PA and NC i think the smokeys would be a great place to be but am up for just about anywhere

    • I'm so freaking happy to see so many likeminded people!!!! I too am fed up with society, government, technology, and whoever is watching me get so close to achieving goals and then at the last possible moment shitting all over those goals/dreams! ( i don't actually believe there is somebody doing that... just feels that way) As many of you have already stated, we rule ourselves and no one else! society is a round hole and as this site demonstrates, there are a shitload of square pegs! I'm 35 years old, have some decent survival skills, no real attachments to this soul sucking society we live in, and want, literally, nothing more than to live free in the wilderness. I have tried it alone, but soon came to the realization that as anti social and independent as i am, i simply just can't do it alone. I need others to share this experience with. Otherwise, for me, it would be empty, and i would just be going out in the woods to die! Not at all what i want to do! I am currently living in pinal county AZ and HATE it!!! so i am in no way looking to try and live in a desert environment! I LOVE the woods! So if anyone is looking for a companion to live free in the wilderness, PLEASE consider me as an option. I have plenty of outdoor gear and some to spare. I'm looking to make this my permanent way of life. So i do not want to partner up with anyone who might get cold feet at some point. If interested, please email me @

  150. My name is Lou, and I'm looking for someone to head into the wilderness with. We don't have to buy land or anything that permanent. We can just build a cabin somewhere and say FUCK the Clinton dictators and their "road-less rule". I'm thinking deep in Appalachia where nobody really goes. I'm pretty experienced in outdoor living.

    I'm tired of the government regulating our god >Earth<. They try so hard to be gods themselves. If anyone is interested, email me and we can have some philosophical conversations. Boy do I have a life story to tell you, and I'm nearly 21 only!

    I'm looking for bohemians or nomads preferably around my age with little to nothing to lose. In other words, not a bunch of yuppies with rich parents to run back to if things get "too tough".

    No communists please.

  151. Hi
    my name is Lukas.I'm 16 years old (i'll be 17 in november)and I live in Leipzig,Germany. I currently attend grammar school. I am looking for like minded people who would like to leave this corrupted society,I plan to go to US and live there. I have basic survival skills like building shelter and hunting. I want to be free,away from this society where all is about money. If you also feel like this,send me a mail:

    Looking forward to your mail,

    • Don't look to US to find UNCORRUPTED SOCIETY because it doesn't exist here! It exists nowhere.

      • Tyler, you looking to head out? Im in need of a partner... Let me know..

        • Alex I emailed you I am looking to head out

  152. Cory: Hello all i,m 44 years old been living and exsploring the wilderness most of my life i,m looking for a partner to just get away from it all ive saved and bought most of the servival equipment we will need to get a cabin built and i also have a canoe ready to go ant any moment i,m just waiting its easier if you have a artner to share the chores and work load. I want to start in the Yukon Canada dawson city then take the yukon river towards Alaska if you look on a map of yukon and alaska ive been planing this for a few years now i have all needed matereals , eg: barrel stove,canoe, traps,chainsaws and an alaskan much to say anyways feel free to email me .@
    Your true: Cory

    • Let's go Buddy. I'm so ready to get out of dodge!

  153. There are so many comments here with people who are looking to meet to leave this modern society. We should all, together, come to meet and start this beginning to the new world we all seek.
    This is not a hope but it is the truth.

    • Austin: hello I agree with you all. Im 23 and have contemplated leaving this ridiculous and unfair society for so long. I believe also that we should all join together and build a small community of truly free individuals, without making a tremendously negative impact on the earth. We are humans, and we are animals, this land belongs to all of us, and no part should be claimed by any one individual. Im ready to be free.

  154. I am 18 and ready to get out of the social norm and just live free in the rockies. Somewhere in Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado but I dont wish to do ao completely alone I have plenty of wilderness survival experience as well as hunting and fishing experience. I am willing to do just about anything to help around as cutting wood or any other chores that need to be done if anybody is interested in living off grid with me contact me at 719-251-5489

    • Not sure if this is old but if ya still wanna go off grid I'm down schyler

    • planning a trip starting in wyoming heading to colorado. will be off grid for 3-5 years.

      • Dan have you left yet?

        • no leaving the 19th or 22nd of July. As it stands I'm a one man army, still looking for a couple people

      • I will join i look to wyoming and colorado as well. But that due date might be pushing me. Have lots of supplies being shipped to me now. A week or two after and im in. Please email me asap at or text 952-693-5322. I am age 24, a lover of mind and reason

  155. I am 26 and was self employed living in Colorado. I gave up all bills to live in my car to then get rid of the last of my inventory to finally leave into the world.
    My fiance took the car into a snow storm and left me stranded and flipped the vehicle over a bridge.
    I drove my belongings to my mother in Virginia with a Budget truck and then to New Jersey with my father but they are wealthy penny pinching pro USA and civil war and voting individuals who do not believe in my choices, so without a car and having given up most of my business, I am stuck lugging around some very valuable items without a penny to my name!
    I am on the border of having to give away my instruments, art, computer, camera and even my tools all away for free! It is a crying shame as I wish I had been able to rid myself of my belongings in Colorado as I was doing so at flea markets and taken the last of that money to save in case of emergencies when I go out into the world.

    I no longer eat conscious life, so I do not even fish. But, I understand that others have a difficult time with this so all I seek is for someone who knows how to forage at least! I know of dandelions and prickly pear cactus and some trametes versicolor mushrooms but that is about it.

    I wonder big time about ticks and how often I will be caught covered with them.

    I no longer cut trees down.
    I had built some half-shelters while in Colorado with what logs had fallen and trees that were downed by man but left.
    I know that with mud and grass, a home can be built that withstands fire and time and with some stones in between, we can all build homes, find clean water and forage for good and healthy food while planting together for better!

    I am truly stuck in New Jersey and when I can rid myself of these items for that extra "cash", for whatever it is worth, I will be heading back west by foot.

    I feel we should all gather together to live on Earth as we already do, to drink from clean water and to eat food when we are hungry and to share our wisdom and talents among one another.

    Whether through this thread or through a forum on can create, we should all work to gather and create a community that is tax and money free. We can all work together as humans already do. This is the TRUTH!

    Let me know if you are interested.

    • Contact me for more info. My family has 113acre land that can be lived off. With two old houses that could be torn down for new shelter and a natural water source mile or 2 away. I would like to get a group together. We would be starting completely fresh. And it would take awhile to be sustained. 4097895951

      • hey all

        I am a 52 year old man who has lived in the country
        most of my life. I can hunt, fish, make snares, and build
        box traps. I have all my own gear plus gear to loan.
        My problem is I have no transportation nor do I have
        funds to travel all I have is me and my gear such as 4 tents
        sleeping bags, rod and reels, and guns. I would love very much to embark on a new life away from this cesspool called real
        life. Please let me know what I need to bring to the table to
        join you all.

        Thanks For Your Time

      • Me and my wife are looking to live like that but can't afford the land

      • Jonathan that sound like a dream would love to my wife and I want to live like that but can't afford land

        • Not about purchasing land. It is about no plastic. No chemicals. Plants sustain life. Grow food. Keep water naturally clean. Teach this wisdom. Help others. Be kind and be honest. If you have children, educate and be there for them. Build home and seek wisdom and seek knowledge. Share what you gain and help others. Help humans. Help animals. Help the planet you call home.
          Earth is home befores homes.
          I have created a forum for people to better organize and meet.

      • where is your property?i really want to do this but would rather have a place that you couldn't be run off as soon as you get everything the way you want it ,

      • Have you started your community?

        I am a 48 year old Army vet that grew up on a farm in rural southern Indiana. I have agricultural, animal, carpentry, and hunting/fishing skills.

        Like most of the replies here, I have grown disgusted with how we are forced to live. My motto is "work to live, not live to work". The fact that you are trying to start a community/village like this is an exiting prospect! I am one of the folks looking to move out of the rat race and into somewhere I can truly be a part of.

        I have a strong back and a work ethic to match. I am ready to leave now if you are.

        Please e-mail me @ if you think I could be of some value.

    • hey i am in nj also, what part are you in?

      • Ringwood at the moment but I am heading to Virginia tomorrow. There are no flea markets here on the border of NYC so I am leaving for Virginia to sleep in the woods and rent a truck to sell at the flea market until I am finally free of the last of my business inventory.
        Only wish to get what money I can from this so that I can have a backup while I research more on what to forage for.
        I contacted Jonathan by cell but no reply so I will try again soon.

        I wish to meet more likeminded people who can teach me personally more about wild foods that are edible.
        Boy I wish I was back in Colorado right now!

        Good luck everyone. I am sure others have gone where we all wish to go but, it is time to grow together and to teach others who need us.

    • Hey man, if your still living the wild life or want to, Contact me. Also if your not anymore because I can use the advice. Thanks

  156. I come across this site hoping to see exactly what i have been looking for.. Im a 42 year old female looking to leave everything behind.. May not be as young as y'all but i however have had a lot of life experiences. Im fit, active , healthy and can bring a lot to the tabe. Grew up in the Alleghany National Forest in PA and spent most of my life in the woods.. Im open to going anywhere i can just to get away from the corrupt world of today...

    • Wendy,
      44 yr old US ARMY VETERAN here. Going into Idaho on a look around over memorial day. I may have access to unlimited use of a trapper cabin next to the Nez Perce national forest. I'm going to see if it's still available for use. I grew up in the area and at that little cabin.


      • Hello, I live in Idaho, I've been considering doing this for years, but can't seem to get over the fear of , I don't even know what.
        Where in Idaho will you be?

        • Frank Church Wilderness


      • 44 year old Army Veteran here also
        (Former Combat Engineer) from Tn.
        Sick and tired of this so called "making a living" lifestyle we've been programmed to accept. To the point that life feels empty.
        That this isn't how life is supposed to be. I make great money , got a wonderful wife that I love more than life (no kids) but I'm coasting along on autopilot.
        Like walking around on the reverse of a mirror. I've been dreaming of doing this for so many years now. Just walking away from everything and living wild.
        I've been retraining myself the skills from my time in service as well as time spent researching survival groups. I drive a truck and always keep my gear on board.
        MANY times I've thought about grabbing it and simply walking into the mountains of Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Washington State, or the Appalachian mountains (close to home ) and not returning.
        I have read so many like minded individuals comments here and it's like rekindling a fire inside. Escape political oppression, monetary idolatry and break free from the brainwashing we have been forced to believe since birth.
        I want to return to the ways of my great grandmother who was full blooded Cherokee.
        Live free or Die
        AND DIE !!

        • Wendie,
          I would be much obliged if you would join me for a cup of coffee some fall morning on Winslow Hill while the Bugling of the Bull Elk serenades us as dawn breaks, the sun illuminates the fog, revealing mountain peaks in the distance.

          Let Me Know!!

          Take Care!!


    • Please contact me soon. We can exchange info if your still interested.

    • Hello I'm Robert I'm about to leave and go live in the forst at the end of July. I have many skills living that way. I been building up my stuff for it. I'm so tired of living this life want to go where there is not no drama. So if you are intended please text me at 9563670609 .hope to hear from you. Have a great day. BTW I'm 48

    • Hello were to start i geuss first off my name is Cory Rathwell i,m 44 years old and have been livingon and off in the wilderness ,down here in the lower 48.Im currently looking for a partner to get away from the hussel and bussel of the city crap that we (meaning those of us who are sick to death of the government berocrasy crap).Ive been looking over maps and stalking up on the equipment a pare would need to settle in the bush ,im currently interested in going to the yukon and thats my starting point then travel by canoe down the yukon river till i get at least 200 mile in to the interier of yukon/Alaska if you look on a map its just before Eagle Alaska.Anyway i really hope to here from you and also look forward to maby hopfully get to know you and who no,s maby run off to the wilderness and beyond. please contact me @ email, or facebook @ or by phone @ 613-218-3122 Attention ....Cory

    • Hi Wendie. My name is Jason. I am 43 physically fit and am looking for the same. I've posted here before just looking for like minded people. I'm in a relationship with a woman and its the only thing keeping me from perusing my dream of living off the land. We've been up and down and moving on might be possible very soon. I moved to Texas with her because she wants to be closer to her daughter's. I've given up a lot to come here and there's no trees or lakes ect. Very depressing. Anyway I'd like to see what you know, skills ect. Feel free to email me directly.

      • Hi Wendie. My name is Jason. I am 43 physically fit and am looking for the same. I've posted here before just looking for like minded people. I'm in a relationship with a woman and its the only thing keeping me from perusing my dream of living off the land. We've been up and down and moving on might be possible very soon. I moved to Texas with her because she wants to be closer to her daughter's. I've given up a lot to come here and there's no trees or lakes ect. Very depressing. Anyway I'd like to see what you know, skills ect. Feel free to email me directly.

    • Hello my name is Jason. I am 43 yrs old looking to relocate in the wild someplace. I have a lot of experience with primitive methods. I'm looking to meet like minds here. Pass on email addresses and help each other out. I'm sure that a large majority of people reading this are only fantasizing about this subject. However I am very serious about it. Anyone here that's interested in trading thoughts, planning an adventure or just has some great ideas to invest please message me at
      I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

    • I read your comment & am trying to gather much info to make this happen for me as sound a lot like me...I grew up in the country and spent most all of my time in the woods growing up...I am 41 am successful by the worlds standards...I am just not fulfilled living like this, in the "Machine" ...I often think of much happier times when I was always surrounded by nature...I am very fit and strong and knowledgeable about the woods and survival...I am going to make a plan and get back to living a life in natures beauty & majesty...I feel it calling me...anyone's thoughts or ideas or experience or if you're looking for a like minded person is very welcomed...260-205-3190

      • We're are you from ?

    • I'm getting ready to make the journey as well but will do a apprenticeship in turtle island to learn some more

    • If you're interested contact me at

    • 970-319-7362

    • You Just Found it! Me! ; ) Male 43 Butler County PA, my daughters and I visit the Elk every Fall up there!! Nothin Better!!!!! I didnt know there were other females besides my daughters that thought about this way of life. The older I get the farther from society I need to be!
      It has always been trapped inside of me to want to live of off what God has provided us with.
      Very Refreshing to see so many others that think this way especially younger people, That is Fantastic!!!

      I will be taking this journey when the time is right!!! and I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wish You All The Best!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hi there I'm Paul a 30 year English man with tons of knowledge on this subject and would be happy to talk more and plan some thing if your still looking to do this.
      Contact me here

  157. I have been backpacking in all 50 states including living in Hawaii and Alaska..
    I have spent 6 months living in alaska on sockeye lake with nothing but a backpack..
    I have spent 4 months living in the wilderness of southern Utah with nothing but my backpack..
    I was born and raised in the Appalachian mountains. I can survive with nothing and eventually thrive..

    I am looking for someone with the heart to leave society and man and convert to wilderness and primitive nature living.....................
    I have also been camping in Canada and Mexico in the copper canyon.
    I can tell you this, you dont want to live in the wilderness where its either too hot or too cold..........
    I have land at the Grand Canyon next to Utah in Northern Arizona in the highlands..
    I want roam the wilderness and live free, bath under waterfalls and wake up to birds chirping and sleep to the howl of coyote...................

    If you agree let me know =) gregzgone@gmail com.................

    About me
    I am 41
    no family
    i want to be gone forever
    I am giving up everything including phones
    good health
    no legal issues
    I dont smoke or have any crutches
    I am a primitive survivalist and can do anything from
    making bread from cattail plants to making fire from ice..
    Looking for a few people that have the Will most of all and
    are serious...............
    ..And if you want to take guns please
    dont write me. You run out of bullets, bullets are heavy to carry
    (you obviously never carried lead in a backpack) ..and you can secure food without them, its just lazy and dumb to think you are better off
    ,we are getting away from mankind but then you take their weapons with you.....
    I dont want to go on a hunting trip like most of you... I want to
    respect nature and live at one with it... Shooting up the universe
    is rediculous and not responsible.... Unless its for protection I
    dont think you should be calling yourself a survivalist, you aren't
    using skills if you have to blow everything up..

    Regards ~

    • I tried emailing you but it says the email does not exist!

      • My email to you:

        Hello! I am 26 and have left all bills.
        I care nothing for guns and I love and appreciate animals, nature and life.
        I know little to nothing though and have been using the internet to try and learn more about wild foods and clean water and a good place to live without freezing to death or waking up covered with ticks.
        The internet, I have found, provides little information to all of this.

        I did wish to teach others what I was seeking to do but have found that many humans will go out of their way to claim how they "prefer the convenience" and etc.
        So I wish to teach by example. By defining that I do live on Earth and I am alive and this is Earth and not "The United States" or "America" or "China" or etc etc.
        I do not wish to go out of my way to teach people these things but I wish only now for peace and happiness, so that others may see, if they wish, what peace may exist.

        I am a vegetarian and would do anything to learn how to grow food and to make bread.
        I am in New Jersey with my father at the moment and have been here for a week, trying to rid myself of the last of my inventory so that I may have some funds as a fallback plan, but I have come to realize that no luggage is good and in fact I have seen many things and many signs in my life and have been "told" recently, in a sense, that I must be rid of this heavy load and do what I have been planning to do.

        My goal now is to head back west, where I only recently returned from living in Colorado, but again I am now in New Jersey so whether by foot or by a one last vehicle ride I could get to where I need to be.

        I am usually not very social at all but I do know how to socialize so sending this email feels strange to me because I have yet to meet anyone who feels the same as I do. I have read of others online but have not directly spoken to others or messaged anyone, mainly due to the fact that everyone does want to hunt and their "survival packs" are built for a week or so and not realistic.
        I have been eating dandelions and I did eat some prickly pear cactus while in Colorado.
        I have also eaten Trametes Versicolor mushroom while in Virginia but that is the extent of knowledge that I do know but, I am looking to learn so much more!!

        Please let me know if you are interested and if others have contacted you and if you have a basic plan to begin with. Thank you for releasing your email for me to contact you!

    • Hey been trying to email you.

  158. Hello, everybody! i'm Nodoka, a 23, nearly 24 year old transgirl who has seen a LOT of life, looking to start living off-grid. i have a fair bit of untested knowledge for this lifestyle.

    i guess the reason behind my decision to try living off-grid is that i am so tired of the never-ending rat-race that so many get stuck in. i want to work to live, not live to work, if you catch my meaning. i have seen money do such terrible things to people, and though i have a good handle on things, money makes me less the person i want to be, with too much greed.

    i am in love with the idea that people can live without money, sustaining themselves and others naturally. Is it hard work? Yes, but work that is meaningful and well spent.

    i know how to build shelters, (in theory) basic tools like axes, bows, baskets, etc. i have been a gardener many times in life, and am good at making things grow. i love hiking, fishing, woodworking, and many other outdoors activities.

    i am looking for someone who has the land to host an active, healthy off grid enthusiast. In addition to my survival skills i am also a good hard worker, and can help with tasks/chores etc, and if i don't know how to do something, am very eager to learn. i would like to offer my services as a worker instead of money, as that is what i am trying to get away from.

    My email is , message me if you are interested in this, have tips, or ideas.

    • A good idea would be to maybe get a few people together, and, much as i hate the money system, pool resources to purchase a tract of land to live on. Then we would have rights to our land and depending on the size of the land we might be able to get a small community going together without the risk of eviction.

      Tribunals can be used to discuss problem people (if we get any). i personally do not need any guns to survive, and have seen many people do so without them. Bow and arrow works just as well, and does not take too much training to use.

      • That is called a commune. You can find that on other sites. That has nothing to do with living in the wilderness.

        • It really does. Narrow-mindedness gets no one anywhere.

      • Hey, I am Jonathan Helton been on here a few times. You can read my comments from earlier or posts because I am not rewritting. My family has land that is tax free and I am hoping to move back there. It is where I lived as a child. I am 24, and looking to create a haven for people like us and so we can go back to the more purer way of living. 4097895951 for more info

        • I am 26 in NJ. Looking to join anyone who wants to start this as it should be. I have little knowledge for edibles but am willing to learn and to help. I do not eat meat (fish included) and I use fallen wood instead of chopping trees down. I prefer stones with mud for building.
          Looking for people who seek the truth to life.

  159. I'm 19, live in utah, athletic, hardworking, team minded.

    I feel I was born in the wrong century, I enjoy the simple and traditional lifestyle and often wish I was back in medieval times.

    I would like to be part of a large group (strength and survivability in numbers) that would start a village located in the US on our own land.

    Essentially my idea is homesteading on a town/village level.

    Looking for like-minded people, and anyone with information if something like this has already happened.

    My email is

    My skills include; blacksmithing, wood working, smelting iron ore, charcoal making, hunting, *learning* making blackpowder, *learning* traditional gun smithing.

    • Hey Cory, do you already have land in mind?

    • I am going to spend a year alone in the woods but when I come out my goal is to establish something like what you're looking for a count type community if you will with more of a woods homestead with a few comerce aspects medical botany hand craft
      Fur etc for guaranteed sustainability keep adding land and people as it grows. A community built on interdependent independance... 2315577756 will loose phone number in a month when I drop out

  160. I live in the las vegas valley and I am done! I'm 24 years old and Iv been prepping to live a self sustainable premitive lifestyle in the wilderness. I am looking for like minded people or person at least. I have a 22. For small game and know a small variety of snares. And I can build a variety of shelters. I'm looking to go out for 6 months and if it is going good, longer, maybe a year. If anyone is interested in trying to survive in the great basin area let me know

    • Give me a call bud, sounds like u have same idea as me starting out. My number is 2192520261 or email me.

    • Kyle, unless you are ready to eat a lot of jack rabbits, Nevada isn't the greatest place to go off grid. I use to live there myself quite a few years ago and it's a place where you will go hungry. My suggestion would be to head for the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

      • I agree with Paul, a jack rabbit is pretty lean. Up in Montana we have some fat rabbits and small game up in the mountains. I am prepping now for a trip into the back country to get away from the corruption and greed.

        • Jim, I too live here in Montana. Contact me at 406-239-7274.


        • I am turning 18 in august and just feel as more people are going bad in our world Jim and Paul feel free to give me a call at 719-251-5489

    • Kyle, id would be interested in hearing a lil more about what it is ur trying to do. Contact if still looking for like minded others.

    • Hey Kyle,

      I am 24 also and interested in primitive living, creating a haven for people like us. My family has 113 acres of land in the smokey mountains. White pine, TN to be exact. Anyways, I have done some reading and soul searching and I can't live my life until I find myself. I feel this is the way. It's been on my mind for years and I attempted it back in 2013 on my family's land but I was alone. I stayed a few days and I loved being there but not being alone. I would like to do this with someone serious and crazy enough to drop everything g and go. I live in Texas right now. Hmu if ya wanna know more and maybe we could do this.

      • Dead serious. Give me a call or txt when can at 2192520261 thx. Hope to hear from u soon.

      • Hey Jon!!!
        I have some good friends that live near Gainsborough, TN and am very familiar with the Smokies as well!! I am ex special forces, and have a lot of valuable survival skills and knowledge. I LOVE the area you speak of and would be very interested in stepping out of this corrupted society that has evolved, and live according to God and nature. I also am quite the avid guitarist, and could even supply a little entertainment! But you absolutely have the right idea. I'm very physically fit, at 6'1", @ about 220lbs, and can hunt and gather with the best! Probably some good trout streams in your area, and fishing is my most loved hobby! The Smokies are great especially since you can get to town now and again to meet or maybe even recruit a lady friend. Kinda think that's essential due to the solitude. Let me know your thoughts!! Email me at Hope to hear from you!

      • I have been ready to do this for some time. I have a military background in survival and hate being part of this corporate machine.

        • US ARMY VETERAN.

          Let's chat Adam.

        • Text me! Looking to leave before July! 4097895951

      • Hello Jonathon,

        I was hoping to run across someone like you! I am a 24 year old girl who has all the energy and grit to up and do something like this! For several years, I have hiked solo on trails like the PCT and AT, and have a fondness of canoeing kayaking. I am looking for land to go off-grid, as well as a companion/someone to lean on. I know, the loneliness got to me too from time to time, and I think doing this for an extended amount of time requires companionship. If you were serious with Kyle, please contact me too. I have plentiful knowledge, am kind, and anxious to get out there!

        • 4097895951 I am very serious, also have Brett on board. We need to get into a group text soon with everyone that wants to embark on this journey. Would love to know more about you! Thanks

        • Chloe, text me 4097895951 wanting to leave by early July or ASAP. Already have another member ready to do this.

        • I guess my comment hasn't been posting. I am glad that you feel the same. We are heading out late June for East Tennessee. I am just having faith but I believe this could be something powerful; mentally, physically, spiritualy! Contact me through email or text. 4097895951 I need to get a head count and get a meeting planned.

        • I'm ready to leave as well

      • Depends how soon if within the month let me know may change curent path of going the first stretch alone but may want to join u in a year from now depending on how things go that my be great we should exchange contact info tho either way sound like kindred spirits.

        • I have a wood stove new because in michigan. 308 hunting rifle also a 308 carbine basically ruger AR 10 12 ga 1500 rds12 ga 6 shot 600 308 200 of wich soft core balistic etc 22 single shot 2000 22 rds a dozen traps granfors bruks felling axe and small forest axe pluss beater axes stihl wood boss 500 ft paracord military compass bunch knives sharpeners etc. A lifetime of fishing supplies foraging wild edible medicinal plant mushroom etc guides and scientific reference pluss about 4 to 6 months of dried beans peas whatnot more too but basically my current plan is driving north a few hours middle woods high ground bu stream fading I n to nice river and have a year to assess and test myself with longterm goals of doing a community of off grid homesteaders types. Like all the beautiful parts of Amish and commune villages without the cult or religious bs lol.

      • My name is Wayne. I'm 42 and loved ALOT... Always been my dream to just go. I have lots of skills from hunting to shelter building and ask the supplies and tools I'd need... My kids are finally grown and out of the house I don't have baby assets to consolidate so if your really interested let me know. I'm a carpenter by trade but a really good mechanic as well and can fix pretty much anything...

      • i have family in tn and nc around that area, i live in nj but i am definitely interested. or shoot me a text 856-392-5749
        been a wood worker for many years, familiar with a lot of wild edibles, can fish and hunt, trap etc.

      • or text 856-392-5749

      • Yes, I've been ready.
        Contact me and let's make it happen.
        That goes for any and all of you who are ready.
        We will be much more successful together.
        636-262-8942 text or call. Be sure to leave a message if I don't answer and I will get right back to you

      • contact me i can leave now.

      • Johnathan less say I'm on board and we go ahead with this plan. Let's say 5 years go by and you find yourself like you say you are searching to do, and you want to go back to civilization what are the rest of us to do pack up and leave what we have built behind. Seeing how it's your families land and all. Just curious cause if I plant myself somewhere I would kinda like to stay there and enjoy life till my last breath. I was thinking of the alaskan wilderness myself cause it's not lived in by many in the wilderness so it's more peaceful. Feel free to message me on facebook. Sincerely, Shawn Johnson.

    • Hey I been planing the same thing. I have already started burying stuff where I'm going so far I have 3 PVC pipes bury . Ill be out of here by next year. Still doing some studying. And getting stuff ready. I been to my spot a few times already got some trees down for next year. Looking for some like minded people that want to join me. Hope to hear back from some. Thanks

      • Would like to know more about your plans...I've been looking for the same. ..I'm ready and willing plus knowledgeable

        • It will be up near the tenn and nc area. I have about 4 months of food all ready up there. I'm looking for someone that know how to survive off the land. There's a great fishing spot about 2 mile from where I'm setting up my camp. Please let me know your skill level. Thank you

      • What area?

        • Up in the tenn nc area

      • hi,im ron ,ive been wanting to ndo this my whole life,ive been taking care of my parents for the last 10 years,they both passed away ,and I have know reason not to do something like this ,where is your place you been wanting to live wild,i live in nc. at the time

        • Its on the tenn, nc area. If you are interested text me at 9563670609

    • Hey Kyle, I think we sync a lot. I'm 22 years old. We should talk about it!
      Mail me @

    • Hi all

      Its time to go now. My father has past away my life is all
      fucked up my wife wants to live with her kids instead of me and
      I have nothing holding me here any longer. My time is
      now its time to take back what I lost and that is my life as I want it.
      I live in the back woods of north east Kansas I can hunt
      fish, trap and build shelter & fire. I would like to start as soon as possible.
      I am looking to buy an old school bus to haul what I will need
      to live also any one that would like to join me. I will post more latter about
      where and when I will be going.


      • All my life I have lived for others, My mother then my husband then just my kids over the past 6 years the urge to go off grid has increased Now is my time, I have only camped in the North Alberta Canada from march to oct, But my motto is now less is more. I am starting to prepare and hope to go off grid in the Rockies next yr and am very interested in all information anyone has to give.
        My email is

        • Hello Tabitha. I'm doing the same thing really soon if you are interested please email me back at hope to hear from you

      • Backwoodsman....



      • this sounds very interesteting,ive just gone threw the same shit and feel the same ,keep me posted on where you might be going

        • Ron

          I am thinking the mountains of northern
          Colorado or northern Idaho. I am having
          a hard time trying to decide. Things are
          getting rough around here and its going
          to get a lot worse. So as soon as people
          let me know they are ready to go we can
          meet up talk weed out the wrong type
          and get the fruck out of the hot zone.

          Back Woodsman

    • Hello! i am Gregory from Romania. I am thinking about doing this since 4 years( i am 18 now) . I want to escape this pain in the ass society asap. Is anyone here from Europe or even People from us are welcome. My country has lqrge wilderness areas Where we could disappear. Send mé an e-mail if interested:

    • Im looking to go out into the wild for some time. would like some others who have experience to go with. im 25 and need to go out of my comfort zone. please let me know if i can tag along. my email is

    • Hi Kyle,
      my Name is James I am also hear in las vegas. I am 28 and have a similar skill base fishing, hunting, shelter building. I am serious interested if you are still planning to go out txt or call me 702-637-5776

    • I live in Vegas as well. Desert climates are definitely not places you wanna live off the land. There is only 4 ideal places in the US to do it Oregon, idaho, north Utah and Montana. I'll be ready to go the start of spring 2017. You definitely don't wanna go in the winter. If you guys are all serious hit me up.

  161. I am still looking for a few people who are serious about living a self sufficient lifestyle in the wilderness. If there is anybody out there who would be ready to leave around June or July, I would like to hear from you to discuss plans. I am 100% committed to this venture and have been preparing for this for the past few years. I am just about all geared up except for a few items left to acquire. So if you are wanting to escape from our corrupt society like I am, don't wait any longer and contact me and let's talk. I can best be reached on my cell phone or you can email me as well. Contact me at 406-239-7274 or at

    • I sent you an email. Glad to have finally found some like mined people.

    • Where is your location? And where are ypu trying to go? I also want to live the way we were meant to, in the wild! I'm looking for a person or small group of 3 to 4 people seeing as each person can rotate daily task of hunting, gathering, and shelter improvements. If you are in the southwest it would be cool to meet up and discuss how we would set off.

      • This sounds like something that needs to happen was going to go alone I guess one good thing the internet does is makes you realize there are more people looking to leave this world overly technology holocost of civilization. Anyone feel like the only way to be more human is to less civilized.

    • Email sent. .. very very interested in this. On the grid has become home to nothing but uncaring and dishonest people

    • Michigan man too trying to go out into the woods happiest I have ever been is hunting camp why not live the life not spend 2 weeks a year recharging the soul to go get it crushed by a job 50weeks a year real email I swear that's my real email while I'm still on the grid that is...
      I have hunted all my life have survival knowledge guns ammo fishing tackle good amount tools knives gear know how drive a 4x4 to get me away from everything and plan to spend 1 to 2 years minimum living the woodsman trapper buch primal Forrest people native pre modernization call it what you want I want to prove to my self I don't need society or die because I don't want to live if I'm wrong about it....

    • I am defiantly like minded . All I want is live off the grid live off the land , finding that there are so many like mined people out there just strengthen that part of me that either wants to go into the Rockies or far north, I have been planning to go it alone but if it is in either close proximity or as a small village That sounds even nicer , off grid and stil have other either 3-10 or 25, .
      I live in Canada
      Edmonton Alberta
      the stress of the big city has caused what the doctors calls stress related illness. Physical ones
      I want be how GOD intend
      work for our food with respect
      gathering what we can ( so many wild edibles can be ground into flour
      and some into coffee substitutes
      medicines growing all around
      plants that when dried can act like salt to help preserve meat and keep flies away.

      I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO HEAR FROM Any like minded person
      Tabitha Valliere (nee) Greff

    • Paul,
      I am doing the same. I am considering the southwest side of the Rockies. There is desert nearby and plenty of water and game and such. Reply to my message if you are still interested. I will get back to you promptly.

  162. My name is Nicholas and I need to leave this life. I am currently 21 years old in the navy waiting on a medical separation due to related injuries. I grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania and need to return to the life I love. I have background experience in firefighting, emergency medical care, navigation, scuba and free diving, hunting and combat training, and fishing and currently live a minimalist life on my sailboat. I don't believe in bringing anything other than a knife, first aid supplies, and limited tools. If there are any guys or gals looking to escape this prison we call the American dream please email me at

    • Where did you have in mind? I have been thinking about this for years. I am from TN smokey mountains area. I grew up on a farm, without electric at times. This world is going to pieces and I believe that people need to be ready but like the Lord had Noah build the arc, we would be building a colony with people already capable of surviving I'm the wild. I don't consider myself a doomsday prepper but I do believe it's coming. I wanna find myself, push myself, and start over. Cleanse my mind and be reborn in a way. I feel crazy but I am just speaking my heart and mind.

      • You're not crazy honey it's true. Christ is sure to return. You're right the world is all corrupt that's why I'm doing my research about living in the wilderness now.

        • Keep doing your research and if you would like to join. I would like a small group 3 or 4 people to join and maybe create a haven and live off the grid. I could be leaving in a couple weeks. 4097895951 and I am not very experienced but I trust that God will provide. And to have another believer would be great. Good luck and prayers

        • Hi keyonda, I'm a born again christian, Pls whats your email address, mine is

    • Hey brother. Name is Ryan. I'm 27. Served 4 years in the Marine Corps, Infantry. I probably don't have to tell you but the service does a good job in teaching the required skills to live off the grid. If you're still interested, I'm down to get away from all this. I also grew up in the country in Pennsylvania. Let me know.

      • I have a travel trailer but don't have to have it. I have thought about military but don't think the Government is the side I wanna be on when shit hits the fan. My cousin just came down in his truck and I have asked him to move me to my family's land. I am down for the company and hopefully you could teach me. I would like to create a haven where people like us could go. It's 113 acre of land in East Tennessee with food source and a lake bout mile away. I am dead serious on this and would like someone to embark on this journey with. 4097895951

        • John is looking for one or two more WOMEN as I and one other man have contacted him with no response yet he keeps seeking people and talking about how perfect it will be. He says Paul is in wants 3 or 4 other people and makes it sound too good to be true beware...

  163. Okay anyone wanting to just walk into the woods in the month of APRIL or First of MAY, live Primitively, and never come back line up here. I will take everyones email and make a mailing list. This page has become anarchy. You need the "Will"and the "courage" to drop everything and board a greyhound and set out for the Southwest. We can
    arrange a day to meet at a specific place and whomever shows, Goes ~ Easy as 123. Lets Roll ~

    • Greg, I would like to talk with you about your posting. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 406-239-7274. Hope to hear from you.

    • How long would this be for?

    • I'm in 100% if u would like another. Contact me through email or cell-2192520261

      • I'm looking for partner or small group that's into lightweight travelling off the grid. I'd like to head southeastish. Anyone that feels like that's a similar path they wish to venture contact me. Just looking for a like minded person or group to enjoy this journey with. I'd like to head out within couple weeks so anyone that is REALLY ready and wanting, I'm already just contact me. PS I lm into lightweight but don't care of others style or travel method but I'd prefer to stick to my bike-peddle! And or feet so I would do alot of paths, trails, and foot hills. Kinda nomadic life style with a lil touch of new age. Can contact me at or txt me at 2192520261.

    • So glad that I was able to find a place with so many like minded individuals. I'm ready to pack up and leave society behind me. I have only a little experience, but the will and determination to learn the way of the outdoors. I want to learn to live off the land. I want to escape from "society" and see the true beauty the world has to offer. I already emailed you but I just wanted to share enthusiasm with the everyone else on this page.

    • Ready to leave as well already sent an email.

    • let me know what the plans are

  164. I am seeking serious-minded individuals who are looking to follow their dreams and who are a part of the fast growing movement of people returning back to nature to a more self sufficient lifestyle in the wilderness. I am looking for a select few of both men and women who have the drive and determination to live in a remote setting far from modern society which is plagued with crime, corruption, drug infestation, and the rapid depletion of our natural resources. I am seeking to escape from the toxic poisons that we subject ourselves to by living in our polluted communities, to reduce my carbon footprint by eliminating the needless luxuries of modern civilization, and to immerse myself in the beauty of nature with what is pure and natural instead of what is fake and poisonous.
    My background consists of a wide range of outdoor skills and experience. I spend most of my free time out in the Montana backcountry camping, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, backpacking and exploring as much as I can. I have previously been employed as a backcountry wilderness guide in several states and I also have obtained my medical training and certification as a Wilderness First Responder. I have lived and worked on various farms and ranches which has provided me with extensive knowledge with gardening, livestock, building skills, and being generally self sufficient off the grid.
    Over the past two years I have been stocking up on outdoor gear and equipment which will be needed for my bush lifestyle. I have also been conducting research into regions where this kind of lifestyle can be best fulfilled, I which I have narrowed things down to just a couple of optimal areas.
    Ever since I was a young boy my dream has always been to live in the bush and I always knew that one day I would be destined to do so. If you are like me, then you already know that we are a rare breed, for not many people understand the need and desire to live amongst Mother Nature on this level. I have always been an adventurous person, but to live in the Bush is a matter of self preservation for my mind and spirit and is something that I have been seriously preparing for. So without further procrastination, I am putting my plans into action and am intending on making the move within the next couple of months.
    So if you are seriously interested in this venture and if you are of the same mindset as I am and have been thinking about or looking for a way to escape the overwhelming pressures of todays modern society and want to live a life more in tune with nature and being self sufficient, then I invite you to contact me at the information provided below so we can discuss this matter further.

    (406) 239-7274

    • Has anybody looked in to ala.

    • I have been thinking about this for years. I am 24. My family has land 116 acres in smokey mountains TN. No property taxes cause my papaw owns it and was in the military!

      • Sounds better and better Jon! Anxious to hear from you! We can get on the "land line" and discuss more in depth. Email me at

      • Hi Jonathan! My husband and I have been looking for something like this. We are currently in Miami and feel like we're stuck. We have been dreaming of this for quite some time now. I would really like for you two to get in touch to see what we can do. His email is

        please reach out to us. We would love to get together!

    • Where at I am from Michigan about to go up north and just live in the woods off land for a while but theres strength in numbers suppose may be worth amount effort if there are like minded basically always been outdoorsman IMO sufficient gear and supply's act within weeks may go on my own within the month want to get set up and have time to prepare for first winter which would be amake or break test on if it would be doable and enough rations that if my hunting and gather/forage yeilds are not sufficient I would still have a good chance. But open to others thoughts plans for seen pitfalls solutions etc.

  165. I am 16 and have a plan to run away to New York state on August 4th of this year, I have a location set, I am meeting a guy I found that does things like this but legally, he technically would be labelled as a "blue collar worker", hopefully I can convince him to take me on and I can work until he dies and then take over his land and business, and yes, I do have back up plans, if you are interested in hearing more or want to be incorporated into my back up plans, shoot me an email @

  166. I live in California but am willing to relocate. I am looking to just buy whatever gear I can get for 250 USD and bring what I have (knife, well a couple of them, a backpack, a sleeping bag, a few sentimental items, survival books for some extra help, seed to grow some food, an Axe, and some other items of the sorts) and just walk into the woods and not come out for 2-3 years I am 17 years old(18 on may 17th) 6' 1" 205 lbs, athletic build, hard working. I can build shelter, decent spear type weapons, and campsite security. I am looking for a natural hunter/gatherer but if have a gun and wish to use that instead, then by all means do bring what you can carry. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to join me or have any questions of concerns will be leaving by December 31, 2016 so you hav time but not too much.

    • I love this lil site. Been talking to lots of ppl on here found a few i think wpuld make a great fit. Any last min takers want to join along give me an email. My lovation is indiana and goal is east. Bike or foot. And whatever u come up w to haul it. Would luke another or two but no biggu. Will always meet more along the way. Thank you

      • What is your email? I'm thinking of leaving my job and just walking off into the woods.

        I'm interested in a wilderness monk lifestyle. I am religious and conservative in my beliefs but not preachy. I can't stand liberal degenerates though.

        I'd be interested in teaming with guys that have the same value system (preferably Christian).

        My email is

        • Hey man my email is

        • I am female. I hope to be leaving in two week for the wilderness. I can shoot. Dress and then naturally tan the hide for bedding and clothing or teepee ing ect. Make pottery ,bowls skillets ect. Build small cabin s of wood and mud w/fireplace and floor heat if desired. Will be taking traps but first time use. .many other knowledges also

        • I am not Christian but would like to search for what the druids may have known about aside from the Christian thing sound like-minded is what I'm saying.

      • I'm down I've been looking into this very thing for years I'm 22 I need to do some soul searching away from society for a long time please feel free to email me at for more info

        • Hey guys and gals, im Austin. Im 23 and have been thinking of this from the age of 18. I cant get it out of my mind and heart. I know to follow my heart, so this is something that has to be done. Living in this life is nothing but excruciating, which sickens me daily. I know living in the wilderness will be tough at first, but im willing to take the challenge. If theres a will to survive, then you will survive. Email me

    • Hi, I am ready to leave now also. I have been off grid and living in the wilderness off and on for years. I have all of the knowledge and the skills. I have the gear and the will to leave now.

    • dude. yes. please email me so we can talk about this. i have been trying to find some people to go with and no one has seemed very serious about doing it. I'm 20 years old, with a 4 year old daughter. we need to get the fuck away from this toxic hell hole people are calling "civilization". We do not belong here.

      • dude. yes. please email me so we can talk about this. i have been trying to find some people to go with and no one has seemed very serious about doing it. I'm 20 years old, with a 4 year old daughter. we need to get the fuck away from this toxic hell hole people are calling "civilization". We do not belong here. my email is

        • ALSO, before you email me about this, my daughter and I are vegan, and intend to stay this way. I know a good amount of information about wild plants and how to find fresh water (like near the base of a mountain) or in springs. I need to educate myself more so that I feel 100% certain about what plants are poisonous etc. If anyone on here is vegan and also wanting to do this, i suggest going to this website to read about this man and what he does.
          He's got an amazing outlook on life, extremely similarly to mine, if you agree with him, you probably agree with me. I also am only interested in traveling with people who are bi or pan sexual and interested in polyamory. I currently have no friends because I refuse to settle for spending time with people who do not also want these things for their life. I am waiting until I find the people I am meant to be with.
          If you feel this way, email me.

        • You do realize taking a 4 year old into the wilderness is extremely dangerous right? There is sickness, hypothermia, lime disease, not to mention her growing, where would you get clothes? You'd have to make them. Anyways, hit me up, I'm almost ready to go. Can give you a lot of advice

      • Hey britny I'm about to go into the wood too. To get away. I have a spot to go and have about 4 months of food up there waiting for me I'm planing on going there about the end of July. If interested please email me back thanks

      • Have you figured out where you are gonna start your off the grid lifestyle?

        • Not yet pretty much where there's water way to fish and woodlands to hunt I'll be good

  167. A big HELLO to everyone :D

    I've spent a few years working as a butcher, have worked my way through scouts from age 8, am a certified rock climber, sailor, scuba diver, first aider and spent a couple years shooting recurve although I'm a little rusty now to be honest

    While no real expert in anything "is anyone?" I do feel like I have a good broad knowledge of a lot of things which could be of benefit to anyone looking for a mate to go traveling with
    I'm one of those people that can spend a long time with someone not having to saying anything and not having it be awkward. If it comes to it, I love to sit down play some chess, read, listen to music, have a few beers, whatever

    Was born in Ireland but am lucky enough to have duel Irish American citizenship.
    Right now I am living in Ireland but just last summer spent 3 months in San Diego

    Anyone that's planning on going on an adventure, sailing, survival or whatever, if you're looking for a buddy to share the experience with I'd love to hear from you. I'm basically excited for something new

    If you want to get a dialogue going you can reach me at

  168. Hey guys. I love that the minute I'm finally fed up with this so called "living" there is a place I can connect with others feeling the same. I'm 26 and relatively healthy and I'm ready to leave everything behind including this damn phone glued to my fingers. I live in Ontario and I don't have much survival exp besides making a fire lol. I'm interested to connect with someone or people who know a bit more and want out as well for at least a couple years. I have a dog that I would want to bring as well, she's only 3 and is easily trained. Please email me if your looking for someone like me

    • Hello my name is ryan.I'm 21 and from Ohio. I'm ready to leave for a year or two and would love to spend it with another like minded human. I was thinking about leaving for n. Carolina to try my luck at primitive living. I wouldn't say i know everything But I know a fair amount of primitive skills. I also have a 3 year old dog named Danny. He's very well trained. If you would be interested I'm talking about this and figuring somethings out please get ahold of me.

      • You do realize u posted on April fool's day right?

        • Is anyone actually interested..?

  169. I am looking to escape from all the pressures of living in society. I want to be completely on my own off the grid. I have had enough of society and everything that goes with it.The day to day bustle and bustle is not for me anymore. I want to know what essentials I will need. I do hunt and fish so finding substanance is not totally at issue. What