Wedding Themes for Unique Couples

Weddings are big events that take time to organize and a lot of energy to execute properly. Many will be caught up in the process of selecting a theme for their wedding because they don't want it to feel like the classic white wedding ceremony inside a church. Some will go slightly off-track with themes like Bohemian, barnyard, beach, or winter wedding but you can definitely take it up a notch and stray further from tradition.

Here are some fun ideas that you can explore if you want that unique wedding that will be remembered by everyone long after the celebration:

Geek Culture

If you consider yourself a geek at heart, you may be longing for a wedding inspired by your favorite shows, books, or video games. This kind of wedding will surely leave a mark in your guests' memories if you decide to go all out and fill your venue with your chosen theme. Some couples may use a Star Wars-themed engagement ring, the Deathly Hallows symbol on invites, DND party favors, and even Poké Balls everywhere.

But you can choose to go big with the lightsabers, owls, dice, and dragon scales if you are that committed to your theme. Just remember to get everything right by doing your research beforehand (no matter how big of a fan you are). You wouldn't want to misquote or misuse certain details that will show inaccuracies on your part.

Some have gotten over the galaxy trend but it will always be a classic theme that lets us imagine the beauty and mystery of outer space. Galaxy themes are big on blacks, pinks, purples, and various shades and tones of blue (with a smattering of white dots and speckles for stars). This theme can also include constellations and Zodiac signs, blending astronomy and astrology into one aesthetic.

This works best for a night wedding where you can feel the powers of the moon taking over the darkness of the venue. Decorations can involve hundreds of tiny fairy lights dangling from above and dainty tealight candles that will light the tables down below.

Pride-themed weddings are just like any other wedding except they are seven times more colorful than your usual wedding ceremony. LGBTQ+ weddings are lovely events celebrating the love that was not widely accepted by society for many generations. To show how proud they are to be free to love in this day and age, LGBTQ+ couples can fill their wedding ceremony with the rainbow colors of the pride flag.

It can be subtle by using a more pastel rainbow or as proud as can be with the most intense and vibrant rainbow colors. The clothes and flowers are the obvious items to be overloaded with all seven colors but you can try creating your own rainbow road using the carpet down the aisle that you will be walking on.

Disney themes are not so unique anymore because so many people grew up watching and loving their magical movies. But we can't blame you for wanting the theme for your wedding, especially if you love the fantasy and magic portrayed in these films. Of course, you can choose a theme from one of the Disney princess movies and wear something similar to or inspired by their iconic gowns.

Cinderella is probably the most classic and popular choice as she embodies the desire of brides (and/or grooms) to feel like a real princess. But other films such as Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, and even The Lion King are good options to explore if they made an impact on you and your childhood.

Horror fans are everywhere. Some will say that the blood and gore seen in horror movies are not appropriate for a wedding. But it is your day of celebration, so you can do what you want and incorporate those themes from your favorite horror film. Classic horror movies like The Shining, Carrie, The Exorcist, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are popular films that you can take inspiration from but other more modern and subdued horrors like that of Midsommar, A Quiet Place, and The Babadook are all viable options. You can also put your own spin on these inspirations by combining them with glam decorations to tone down oddities that can be too unsettling for your guests.

These ideas will require some dedication if you want to make them work well. Only commit to the idea if you think it is appropriate and somehow related to your celebration of love. People may also think that some of these themes are taking it too but if it makes you happy, no one should be able to stop you. Enjoy your day and keep nurturing the love between you and your partner throughout this marriage.

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