Spinach Festival in Crystal City, Texas

Remember Popeye's source of superhuman strength? So does Crystal City, Texas, which calls itself the “Spinach Capital of the World.”

The town honors the feisty cartoon character with a statue outside City Hall, erected in 1937, and it also throws a rollicking Spinach Festival every November.

The lineup includes a spectacular parade… the crowning of the Spinach Queen… a ball… lots of live Tejano music… and a spinach cook-off that allows you to taste the leafy vegetable in everything from traditional appetizers to desserts. If you don't like spinach, this celebration might just make you turn over a new leaf!

Crystal City is on U.S. Highway 83 in South Texas, 19 miles south of where it meets U.S. Highway 57, 12 miles north of where it meets U.S. Highway 277 and about 116 miles southwest of San Antonio. The festival is held during the second weekend in November (that's November 10-13 in 2005).

For more information, call the festival office at 1-830-374-3161.

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