Railroad Heritage at Altoona: Once the Hub of the Mighty Pennsylvania Railroad (1)

    4/08/21 •

    I love trains. And believe me, there’s no better place to enjoy railroad history than Altoona, a city in south-central Pennsylvania with a rich railroad heritage. My husband and I live just a few miles from Altoona. Around here, Altoona is known as “Railroad City” because it once was the hub of the mighty Pennsylvania

    Enjoy the Fall Colors in the Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania (1)

    8/29/19 •

    Here in the Northeast, we’re accustomed to magnificent color shows every autumn. But a day trip through the Appalachian Mountains on the northern edge of Pennsylvania outdid even my wildest expectations. We began by heading north out of Reading on U.S. Highway 61, which we followed for many miles. The colors were brilliant, and the…

    Old Sled Works Antique and Craft Market, Pennsylvania (10)

    12/19/14 •

    Remember that old wooden sled you loved as a child? Well, if it was a Lightning Guider, it was built in Duncannon, the small Pennsylvania town where I grew up. The Standard Novelty Works factory produced millions of these beauties until it closed in 1990. But as I found out during a recent trip in…

    Middle Ridge United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania: Tiny Yet Picturesque (5)

    5/15/20 •

    If you’re driving on scenic U.S. Highway 6 through north-central Pennsylvania, I recommend a short side trip from Wellsboro to see the tiny and picturesque Middle Ridge United Methodist Church. Built of hemlock blocks and painted bright red, the house of worship looks like an early New England church. It originally stood a few miles…

    Old Waterworks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: One of America's First Municipal Pumping Systems

    11/01/20 •

    We take municipal water for granted, but it was an amazing innovation when the Old Waterworks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania started providing water in 1754. One of America’s first municipal pumping systems, the waterworks moved spring water to a Moravian settlement above it. Moved to a stone pumphouse 6 years later, the system forced water to…

    Wellsboro, Pennsylvania: Have a Dickens of a Christmas (7)

    5/30/21 •

    …Wellsboro Diner, a 1930s-style eatery. The banter between the short-order cooks and the customers is as good as the food! There’s no end of things to do. And no, I don’t work at the Chamber of Commerce — I just love this town! If You Visit… Wellsboro is in north-central Pennsylvania at the junction of…

    Model Railroaders will Love the Thomas T. Taber Museum, Pennsylvania

    8/20/16 •

    Anyone who fondly remembers a Lionel train running under the family Christmas tree will love the Shempp train exhibit at the Thomas T. Taber Museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Many model railroaders think this collection, founded by the late LaRue Shempp, is the finest in America — and I agree. It features more than 300 trains,…

    Old Lackawanna Coal Mine, Pennsylvania: Head 300 Feet Underground

    7/01/21 •

    Traveling 300 feet underground into a labyrinth of tunnels and shafts at the old Lackawanna Coal Mine in Scranton, Pennsylvania felt a bit like heading backward down a steep, dark and noisy roller coaster. During the fascinating hour-long walking tour, our guides–former miners and mining experts–described the techniques and equipment of one of the nation’s…

    Northwestern Pennsylvania's Elk Herd

    8/19/13 •

    Did you know there’s an elk herd in northwest Pennsylvania? It’s true — from 1913 to 1926, state officials brought in 177 elk from Yellowstone National Park to replace native elk wiped out by hunting. Today, an estimated 550 elk roam freely around Benezett in Elk County. In fact, it’s not unusual to encounter them…

    All-Out Celebration at the Mushroom Festival, Pennsylvania

    2/22/21 •

    Where I live, the places where wild morel mushrooms grow remain closely guarded secrets. But at the annual Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, located in far southeastern Pennsylvania, no one keeps you in the dark. This fest is an all-out celebration of all things mushroom in the “Mushroom Capital of the World”! My husband and…

    Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, Pennsylvania: 6,000 Elephant Curios on Parade

    9/26/12 •

    As we drove through southeastern Pennsylvania on our way to Gettysburg National Military Park, a 10-foot-tall white elephant and a sign that read “Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum” attracted our attention. We quickly agreed it was time for an unscheduled stop! After a “greeting” from the white pachyderm, “Miss Ellie Phunt”, we went inside and were…

    Bumper Bob's Seafood House, Pennsylvania: Possibly the Best

    11/15/12 •

    While camping with friends outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we relished some of the best seafood I’ve ever eaten, at Bumper Bob’s Seafood House in Etters. The cream of crab soup was especially delicious. Enormous portions and excellent service made the meal even more memorable. Don’t pass up the creamy peanut butter pie; friendly owner Bob Conley…

    Mascot Roller Mills and Homestead, Pennsylvania: Incredibly Well-Preserved

    5/10/19 •

    In the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish countryside, I visited an incredibly well-preserved historic site — the Mascot Roller Mills and Homestead, outside Lancaster. Three generations of the Ressler family ran this mill from 1864 to 1977. It’s a rare example of a still-operable mill that was converted from millstones to iron roller mills. A tour…

    Johnstown Flood Museum, Pennsylvania: Memories of a Man-Made Disaster

    4/11/20 •

    The Johnstown Flood Museum brings to life one of the worst man-made disasters in U.S. history — the tragic flood that devastated this industrial town on May 31, 1889. After the South Fork Dam 14 miles north of town failed during an intense rainstorm, a 35-foot-high wall of water killed over 2,200 of the area’s…

    Project Management Institute (PMI) Definition

    6/02/13 •

    Established in 1969 and situated outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was founded by five volunteers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA issued Articles of Incorporation for PMI which signified the official inception of the organization. During that same year, the first PMI symposium was held in Atlanta, Georgia USA and had an…

    Frank Lloyd Wright Tour in Taliesin, Wisconsin

    11/23/20 •

    …wealthy Pittsburgh businessman with not only floor plans, but an eloquent description of the house’s every facet. The Pennsylvania home, called Fallingwater because it straddles a waterfall, became one of Wright’s most famous designs — and it followed the plans to a “T”. When staffers later expressed astonishment, Wright tapped his head and said, “It…

    A Tour Through American History in Philadelphia

    5/15/21 •

    …able to purchase tickets to the surrounding attractions without waiting in line and wasting valuable visiting time. Independence Hall Located at the center of Independence National Historical Park, the famous Independence Hall (formerly titled that Pennsylvania State House) is listed as a World Heritage Site. It is listed as such because The Declaration of Independence…

    Scuba Diving Class – Day 3

    4/03/16 •

    …to look at your guages — I’m afraid to ask how much it costs. We’re now done with the in-class and confined water diving. Up next, in two weeks, is a weekend of open water diving. For that we’re heading out to Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. As a training location it sounds pretty cool —…

    Millbrook Village, New Jersey: A Quiet Place to Explore

    1/04/21 •

    …Skylands. From I-80, take the Flatbrookville exit–the last exit before you cross the toll bridge into Pennsylvania–and drive 12 miles north to Millbrook. You’ll be on Old Mine Road, which is unmarked, in Worthington State Forest. The village is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day weekend through mid-October. To learn more, phone 1-908-841-9531….

    Chinchilla Breeders (33)

    12/12/20 •

    …competition with you. Thanks! US-Based Chinchilla Breeders Arizona AZ Chins Delaware Angel’s Chins Florida Chinchilla Rampage Winmar Farms Illinois ABC Chinchillas Chocolate Chins Indiana NWI Chinchillas Louisiana Sunset Chinchillas New York Paul Kubasiewicz North Carolina Tiffany’s Chinchillas Pennsylvania Susan J. Lamb Texas Heavenly Stars ChinZ Lone Star Chinchilla Non-US-Based Chinchilla Breeders Ontario, Canada Burgess Chinchillas…

    Civil War History at the Carter House Museum of Nashville, Tennessee

    7/11/17 •

    We’re big Civil War buffs, so we wanted our grandchildren, Jessica, 10, and Mikey, 8, to experience some Civil War history. But we didn’t want to overwhelm them with a big and crowded historic site like Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. So we looked around and found a true treasure just 15 miles south…

    Americans Spend One Day per Week Online: Here’s Where Those Hours are Spent

    4/28/21 •

    …play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, slots, video poker, and live games online, with reviewed and licensed legal betting sites presenting welcome offers like no-deposit bonuses to newcomers. Online betting has been a hit where states have legalised it, as has online casino gaming in New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, with more states…

    Why You Should Never Take Business Calls While Driving

    11/27/19 •

    …the changing economy and the increase in business-related and commercial truck accidents. The expert legal and investigative team recently won a $227 million settlement, the largest In Pennsylvania history. That’s the kind of team that you can put to work on your case to prove driver negligence and negotiate a fair settlement or win in…