District Of Columbia

    Columbia Glacier, Alaska

    9/21/17 •

    Columbia Glacier. We boarded shortly after breakfast, and the next few hours flew by as we watched for sea lions, whales, eagles and waterfalls along south-central Alaska’s beautiful shoreline. But we weren’t prepared for the immense icebergs. They suddenly made our comfortable boat seem much smaller! As we approached the Columbia Glacier — a 6-mile-wide…

    Historic Grist Mill and Gardens in Keremeos, British Columbia

    7/18/19 •

    We spent a fun-filled, educational and interesting day at the Grist Mill and Gardens in Keremeos, British Columbia. The historic flour mill was built in 1877 by Barrington Price and was restored in the 1980s. It now serves as a living-history museum–it’s the only mill in British Columbia that still has its original grinding machinery!…

    Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park in Southern British Columbia

    12/07/20 •

    Last summer, my girlfriend and I ran across Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park in southern British Columbia — a perfect place to take a break. Spectacular Bridal Veil Falls, the sixth-highest waterfall in Canada, tumbles 197 feet over the smooth rock face of Mount Cheam. We enjoyed a 15-minute walk through lush greenery to the…

    Kimberley, Canadian Rocky Mountains: A Cozy Little Bavarian Town

    2/15/19 •

    As my girlfriend and I drove through the Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia, each turn in the road brought a breathtaking view more spectacular than the last. We thought it couldn’t get any better — until we pulled our fifth-wheel into Kimberley, a cozy little Bavarian town. Sidewalk cafes… whimsical wooden carvings… unique specialty…

    Latourell Falls, Oregon: A Spectacular Falls With Few Rivals

    7/19/17 •

    …state parks along the Columbia Gorge, once was the Talbot family’s summer estate. It’s a wonderful place to picnic. The entrance to the park is about 4-1/2 miles south of I-84 (Exit 22) on the Historic Columbia River Highway, roughly 25 miles east of downtown Portland. To learn more, call Oregon State Parks at 1-800-551-6949….

    Othello Tunnels, British Columbia: Carved From Granite for a Railroad Line

    7/02/21 •

    …Hope is where Trans-Canada Highway 1 meets Highways 3 and 5, roughly 35 miles northeast of Chilliwack. The day-use park, open from April through mid-November, is just east of Hope, off Highway 5 (take Exit 183 north). Parking costs about $2.50 (in U.S. dollars) per vehicle. To learn more, telephone Tourism British Columbia at 1-800-435-5622….

    Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park, British Columbia: An Amazing Engineering Achievement

    5/13/21 •

    Late fall or early spring is a great time to drive through spectacular Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park of Canada, located in east-central British Columbia. My girlfriend and I find that the park’s traffic greatly diminishes during these seasons. This magnificent stretch of road winds through the heart of the Selkirk and Monashee ranges….

    Gunderson's Cannery Cafe, Oregon: Dining With a Panoramic View of the Columbia River (1)

    9/12/17 •

    As a military family, my husband and I have lived and traveled all over. But we’ve never eaten anywhere like Gunderson’s Cannery Cafe on the waterfront in Astoria, Oregon. Housed in a former fishing cannery built in 1879, the pleasant bistro offers a panoramic view of the Columbia River. Naturally, we ordered seafood for lunch…

    Aquarium Plant Sellers in Canada

    7/05/17 •

    …eye on. Aquatic Plant Man Ontario Long-time seller of plants, but until recently didn't have a web site. Fish Addicts British Columbia Has a solid selection of aquarium plants. Nick's Aquatics British Columbia A relatively new discovery for me. Plants sold are grown submerged vs. the typical emersed (out of water). Phi Aquatics Ontario Added…

    Making the Most of Your Trip to Tokyo

    2/26/21 •

    …and marketplace. The kitchen goods district (close to the motorcycle district). The perfect place to buy some plastic sushi for that special someone. Shinjuku station and the surrounding neon – just make sure you don’t get lost in the station (which is pretty big!) The Imperial Palace Gardens – about the only spot of greenery…

    Manistee Michigan's Victorian Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend

    11/11/18 •

    …other city in America! Manistee still looks much like it did during those lumber baron’s heyday. Its entire downtown district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and many graceful “painted lady” Victorian homes dot its cozy neighborhoods. The heart of the historic district is River Street, which follows the Manistee River. The…

    Georgetown on the South Carolina Coast: A Peaceful Town With Plenty to See

    3/29/15 •

    …32-square-block downtown district that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places (keep an eye out for the light-blue markers that identify historic structures) and love the friendly hometown atmosphere. Georgetown is still an active seaport; you can watch shrimp trawlers unload their catch daily. The streets, lit at night with old-fashioned lanterns, were never…

    Red Wing, Minnesota: Shop Antiques and Watch the Boats

    11/05/21 •

    …to browse in antique shops and watch the boats from Levee Park behind the hotel. Red Wing is known for its salt-glazed pottery and Red Wing shoes, so we enjoyed visiting the Red Wing Shoe Museum and the Historic Pottery District. You’ll also want to see the renovated Sheldon Theater, at the corner of Third…

    Safari Clothing and Gear

    11/20/16 •

    …or memory cards. I picked up the Columbia Silver Ridge Vest which I bought from REI for $65. Safari Hat I hate wearing hats. They make my head itch. And with pretty thick hair I usually don’t worry about getting a sunburn on my head. However, it seemed foolish to not take a hat with…

    Mountain Survival: Les Stroud Shows How to Get Out Alive

    8/24/18 •

    This time around Survivorman, Les Stroud, shows us some tactics for surviving 7 days in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia — home to high winds, snow, and bitter cold temperatures. In addition, the weather can change without notice in the mountains as storms are hidden until they are upon you. And the combination of…

    Experience the Fury of An Avalanche: Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, Crownsnest Pass, Alberta

    1/28/18 •

    …big as houses. Crowsnest Pass is on Highway 3 in southwestern Alberta, about 14 miles east of the Alberta/British Columbia border and about 89 miles west of Lethbridge. The Frank Slide center is about a mile north of Highway 3. It’s open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (open later in summer). National admission…

    Delicious Dinner at the Northern Lights Saloon, Montana

    1/05/19 •

    …we got there at 5:30 p.m. and an hour later, the place was full. Polebridge is roughly 35 miles north of Columbia Falls on County Highway 486 (also called Outside North Fork Road), a mile west of the park’s Camas Creek entrance. (The drive is not recommended for RVs.) From Memorial Day weekend through Labor…

    Falls Mill, Tennessee: A Still-Working Historic Mill

    11/12/22 •

    …in Cowan, about 18 miles east of Falls Mill on U.S. Highway 41. The museum showcases a rare full-size Columbia-type locomotive, a 1920 Porter steam locomotive and a caboose plus other railroad memorabilia. It’s open Thursday through Sunday from May through October. For more information about the museum and other area attractions, call the Franklin…

    Take a Scenic Side Trip to Polebridge Mercantile, Montana (1)

    10/02/21 •

    …park, you’ll find mirror-like Bowman and Kintla Lakes, two of the most beautiful crystal-clear lakes I’ve ever seen. While you’re there, be sure to take a hike on the surrounding backcountry trails; public campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Polebridge is just outside the park’s western border, about 35 miles north of Columbia

    How to Become a Life Guard

    6/21/20 •

    …and more effective rescues. In this course there are physical skills they must complete, knowledge they must show they possess, and various rescues they must prove they can perform. This course is about 40 hours in length. For more information on the Life Saving Society refer to: Ontario Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Quebec…

    20 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Happiness

    11/15/20 •

    …cable package for a while, you’re probably not near as excited about it as when you first signed up. Couldn’t you save $20 or $30 by downgrading and still have plenty of movies, sports and other channels available? Have you signed up for Columbia House DVD/CD memberships, magazines, websites, or any other services that will…

    Best Places to Retire in the World (19)

    9/16/16 •

    …no interest in Brazil or Venezuela (sometimes you just have to go with your gut). Columbia is obviously out for a gringo. Uruguay got plenty of mention in my research, but I wasn’t impressed with the weather — still it may be that some areas could be good. Chile sounded promising in part because of…

    Things To Do in Gothenburg

    2/04/17 •

    …you will also find the Universeum, which is highly recommended. This is a science center with a strong emphasis on the environment, including its very own miniature rain forest. Going north from the Avenyn, you cross over the canal which marks the entrance into the town centre proper. This is mostly the shopping district but…

    Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska

    11/14/16 •

    …faces! The action here is continuous. Even as one plane takes off, water streaming from its pontoons, you can hear another revving up down the line. Lake Hood is part of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on South Frontage Road, 3 miles southwest of the city’s central business district. To learn more, call the Anchorage…

    Bonaire Activities and Attractions

    9/24/19 •

    …MARKETS, ART GALLERIES & CRAFTS Meander through the art galleries and markets, and pick up a unique souvenir while supporting the island’s local artists. Bonaire Mart This store sells a nice collection of local crafts. They are located at the Bonaire District Shopping Center, Tel: 717-3020, more info online. Jan Art Gallery This gallery presents…