Alaska Marine Ferry

    11/26/17 •

    …and uncountable memories. We also put 12,000 miles on our vehicle–and we couldn’t have done it without the Alaska Marine Ferry! Before You Visit The Alaska Marine Ferry operates nine vessels year-round. For more information, call 1-800-526-6731. For detailed information about the various towns mentioned in this story, use these phone numbers: Ketchikan: 1-800-770-3300 Sitka:…

    Columbia Glacier, Alaska

    9/21/17 •

    Get a close-up look at Alaska’s fast-moving Columbia Glacier. We live in sunny Florida, so it’s only natural that Alaska is our favorite destination–we’ve been there five times. One of our most exciting day trips there began in Valdez, where we boarded the Glacier Spirit for a cruise through Prince William Sound to the mighty…

    Katmai National Park, Alaska (1)

    6/01/21 •

    …Katmai for 2 short days, but we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives. Fast facts Katmai National Park and Preserve is on the Alaska Peninsula in southwestern Alaska; it’s a 290-mile, 1-1/2-hour flight from Anchorage. Admission to the park is $14 per person, but that fee typically is included in lodging and transportation…

    Kennicott Mine in Alaska

    9/17/19 •

    If you’re ever near Valdez in southeastern Alaska, we highly recommend a side trip through vast Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve to the remote Alaska ghost town of Kennicott and its abandoned copper mine. We were fascinated to learn that copper was mined here until 1938, especially considering the hardships of its mountain location….

    Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska

    11/14/16 •

    I’ve seen a lot of airports, but Alaska’s Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage is truly unique. With 800 takeoffs and landings each day, it’s the busiest seaplane airport in the world. Watching the plane traffic here is a popular spectator sport–and it’s free! Two narrow channels link Lake Hood to nearby Lake Spenard, with…

    Williams Reindeer Farm, Alaska

    8/23/20 •

    Near Palmer, Alaska, I discovered a very unique attraction–the Williams Reindeer Farm. I thoroughly enjoyed letting friendly reindeer eat out of my hand–a gooey experience that was an adventure in itself–as well as learning all about these interesting animals. For instance, I found out that reindeer can’t kick their feet backward because of the way…

    Is It Legal to Live In The Wilderness? (1,588)

    8/31/20 •

    …6 years in the wilderness of Alaska, yes the Bush. I took my family deep into the heart of Alaska. My kids flourished and so did I. My now ex-wife did not! She just could not adjust to the solitude as well as the long winters. Yes because of this we came back to civilization….

    Be an Ethical Nature Photographer

    10/08/19 •

    …Because of careless photographers, all photographers have developed a reputation for doing whatever they need to do to get a photo, regardless of the problems they cause. I was on a tour bus in Denali National Park in Alaska one summer and as we passed a photographer making some images the driver announced that we…

    Need a Reason to Travel? How About 54 of Them!

    4/06/21 •

    …the Congo, which runs through several African countries. Dating back as far as 3650 B.C., Gaziantep, Turkey, is considered the world’s oldest city. Weihenstephan Abbey, the oldest brewery in the world, still offers tours three days a week. When having dinner in Argentina, expect to stay late. It’s usually served around 11 p.m. Alaska hosts…